North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Guide to Squirt Tryouts 2014-2015 Season

North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association
Guide to Squirt Tryouts
2014-2015 Season
Revised March 13, 2014
Message from our President
Welcome to the Wildcats!
The 2013-2014 hockey season is winding down, and there is much to be proud of within the North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey
Association (NPYHA). Our travel teams have had much success this season both within our league and at regional tournaments and
the hockey skills of our children improved week over week.
As the current season draws to a close, the NPYHA Board of Directors has been busy planning and preparing for next year. The
board considered many factors when deciding on a road map for 2014-2015. We examined what worked well for the organization
last year, and we looked at what didn’t go so well. We ask questions like: What could have been done better? What are we
missing? What does the competitive landscape look like in the future? Are our kids adequately challenged? Are our kids
adequately prepared?
To that end, we reconciled our findings with our mission, which is to provide our players with a competitive and complete youth
hockey experience. North Pittsburgh will continue to offer hockey programs for children of all ages and skill levels.
Our travel hockey programs will align with USA Hockey’s recommendations for competitive programming, and we will focus on
competing in the upper echelons of the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League (PAHL). For the next season, we will bring forward some
changes. We will introduce birth year teams in some age groups. We will add more practice time for many age groups. We will add
professional goalie training in addition to power skating. We will introduce a new “per-team” fee structure in place of per-player
season fees as the number of players per team varies. Finally, we will introduce a new registration system which will allow online
payments later this spring.
We will also continue to grow our in-house program, as we expect an influx of players with the growth in popularity of hockey in the
Pittsburgh area. Our in-house programs experienced record growth in participation this past year, and we are especially proud of
their success against several PAHL travel teams that came to our holiday tournament last December. Our program features a
competitive on-ice product without the burden of travel. In 2013, we attracted athletes of all skill levels, including participants of
other sports with seasons that sometimes conflict with hockey, such as football, soccer, and basketball.
Due to the growth of the sport and demand for ice time, and due to higher rink operating costs and rink capital improvements, our
season fees will increase. The cost of ice time is by far our largest expense, comprising approximately 75% of the total budget and
prices have increased about 10% over the past two years. Blade Runners has made enhancements at the Galaxy rink by upgrading
the refrigeration units and the kick plates on the boards, and they plan to make similar improvements on the World rink in 2014.
Blade Runners has also replaced the scoreboards in both rinks.
Regarding our travel programs, we conduct a tryout process to identify the best players for our teams. Our tryout system has long
been regarded as one of the fairest in Western Pennsylvania. All players are scored on their fundamental skills and again in game
situations. Each player will receive scores from several different evaluators. It is based on these scores that we choose our teams.
The tryout process runs over a period of several days for each age level to provide a fair and equitable experience for all participants.
All the key information you need to prepare for this year’s tryout process is contained in this document. Please read it entirely
before registering. Thank you for your support. We look forward to another great hockey season in 2014-2015!
Jeff Mitchell, NPYHA President
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Squirt Hockey Programming for 2014-2015
NPYHA adheres to USA Hockey’s age classifications for competitive play. The Squirt level of hockey is for all players born in 2004 and
The following table summarizes the anticipated programming for the Squirt travel teams for 2014-2015.
Estimated fees per player
Estimated goalie fees
All Squirt Travel Teams*
One weekly shared ice practice.
One bi-weekly shared ice practice. (new for 2014-15)
On average, one weekend full or shared ice practice.
On average, one weekend game slot.
One or two road tournaments and one or two local tournaments
20 to 25 games total
$1,950 - $2,200 (fees will vary based on number of players per team)
$1,100 - $1,250 (fees will vary based on number of goalies per team)
* NPYHA will field three or four squirt teams. 4th team may not be fielded. If a player does not make a travel team, the player is
welcome to participate in the Lite Travel Program.
Season fees are approximate and will be finalized over the summer after the final rosters are determined and the annual budget is
approved. Please note: season fees cover each player’s ice time for practices, pre-season games, and league games. Season fees do
not cover equipment, uniforms, tournament or other team costs.
Remarks on Travel Hockey
NPYHA travel teams play in the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League (PAHL) in AA, A Major, and A Minor categories for all
age levels for youth (co-ed). Travel is typically limited to the Western PA region, with some trips as far away as Erie, State
College, and Morgantown WV.
For player development, North Pittsburgh believes our teams are best placed where they have the opportunity to both win
and lose games. NPYHA teams are selected to PAHL divisions via the PAHL placement process (preseason matches).
In 2014-15 NPYHA will continue to provide professional skill development (e.g. power skating) during practices throughout
the majority of the hockey season, which is included in the season fee.
New for 2014-15, NPYHA is planning to provide goalie specific skill development throughout the majority of the hockey
season, which is included in the goalie fee.
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
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Registration Process
Register with USA Hockey
You must have a USA Hockey registration number from the prior hockey season to register for NPYHA tryouts. Locate your
registration number online at
Even though you will try out with your registration number from last year, you will need to re-register with USA Hockey
after tryouts for the upcoming year. Registration for USA Hockey opens on April 1. You may register at
Register for an NPYHA Program
Registration opens online March 17th.
With last season’s USA Hockey registration number handy, go to the NPYHA web site at
and click on the Tryouts Newsletter in the left menu on the home page. Click on the Registration link, and then click on the
appropriate link to register for the NPYHA hockey program of your choice.
New for this year: USA Hockey is now using SportNgin for registrations. Our registration link will take you to the SportNgin
web site. Once there, you must have a SportNgin ID and password to register your child. Since this is a new process, most
families will need to create a new ID with SportNgin on the registration page to register.
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
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The Tryout Process
Tryout Fees
Players trying out for a travel team will need to pay a $150 tryout fee on day 1 of tryouts. NPYHA accepts cash and checks only at
the sign-in table.
Download and fill out the following forms from the registration page or the Tryouts Newsletter section of the website and bring them to the rink:
o Code of Conduct
o Consent to Treat
o Parent Code of Conduct
Preparing for the Ice
Arrive at the rink for your designated tryout in plenty of time to check in and change. Bring two jerseys to every session one dark and one white. These jerseys should be unmarked.
No names and no emblems of PAHL, PIHL or AAA teams are permitted at tryouts. Please also remove pants shells for
You will be given pin-on tryout numbers. You need to keep these for the entire tryout process.
Skaters are grouped alphabetically for the first night of tryouts. Ice slot assignments will be posted on our home page at the night before the first day of tryouts.
After the first night, players are re-grouped each night for the remainder of tryouts. You must check the NPYHA website
each evening during tryouts to determine your next tryout time. Ice slot assignments will be posted by tryout number on
our home page at
Tryout Absences
If a player is going to miss all or part of the tryout process due to injury, illness or a school-related conflict, you must still
register and send your tryout fee.
You must also notify Director of Hockey Operations Dean Whittingham at [email protected] and Registrar John
Mudrany at [email protected] as soon as possible.
We will do our best to accommodate a player’s absence within the tryout process.
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
Page 4
Tryout Dates and Times
Goalie Tryouts:
March 24
March 25. Goalies also attend Day 2 and Day 3 of skater tryouts.
Player Tryouts:
Goalies will be assigned (by tryout number) to attend a specific groups during Day 2 and Day 3.
March 26, 27, 29.
Commitment Fee Deadline:
April 6
Registration Deadline:
Tryout Schedule
March 25
March 26
March 26
March 27
March 27
March 27
March 29
March 29
March 29
5:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
8:00 pm
8:00 am
9:00 am
10:00 am
6:20 pm
6:20 pm
7:50 pm
6:20 pm
7:50 pm
9:20 pm
8:50 am
9:50 am
10:50 am
Each night, player tryout numbers will be posted on the website to let you know which session
your player should attend next.
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
Page 5
POST-TRYOUTS: What Happens Next?
The following day after tryouts, team assignments will be posted to our website at No names will
be posted to the web.
Players will be identified by their tryout number only. Coaches will be in touch shortly after tryouts are completed and teams are
Players making a travel team will be asked to make a decision to accept or decline their roster spot. To accept your roster spot
officially, NPYHA requires the payment of a commitment fee, which is a down payment on next year’s season fee. Players must pay
commitment fee before the deadline or player will be removed from roster.
NEW THIS YEAR: As an option to sending a check to the treasurer, online payments will be offered for commitment fee and season
fees. There will be a 3% convenience fee and a $1.50 transaction fee applied at time of payment for all online payments. Online
payments will not be available for the tryout fee. You must still bring that payment to your tryout.
New players will also receive information on how to order Wildcats uniforms.
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
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Fees, Discounts, and Refunds Policy
Tryout Fee
Players trying out for a travel team will need to pay a $150 tryout fee on day 1 of tryouts. The tryout fee is not applied to your
season fee if you make a team.
Commitment Fee
A $400 commitment fee is due by Sunday, April 6th if the player makes a travel team. Commitment fee will be applied to season
fees should position be accepted. If the commitment fee is not paid by Sunday, April 6th, the player will be removed from the roster
of the respective NPYHA team. Should a player pay the $400 commitment fee and to decide to leave NPYHA after Sunday, April
6th, the $400 will not be refunded.
Season Fee
Anticipated Season Player Fee:
$1,950 - $2,200 (fees will vary based on number of players per team)
Anticipated Season Goalie Fee:
$1,100 - $1,250 (fees will vary based on number of goalies per team)
Season fee is subject to change depending on the number of players per team and the number of teams registered at this level.
Season fee will be finalized over the summer. Season fees can be paid up front or on one of many payment schedules.
Please remember that the season fee does not include the cost of uniforms, warm-ups, equipment, or the “team fee”
(approximately $400 per player for tournaments, extra scrimmages, etc.). Team fees are expected to be paid in full to your team
manager no later than October 1. All prior season balances must be paid in full before a player may be permitted to tryout.
Discounts (full travel teams only)
The following discounts are available to NPYHA players.
 Multi-player families receive the following discounts: $125 for their second player and $150 for each additional player.
 Double-rostered girls are eligible for multi-family discount amount for registering on multiple teams.
 Early payment discount of $75 per full travel team player or $50 for midgets will be applied if your total season fees are paid in
full by July 1.
 Ask your team manager about our fundraising programs that can reduce your season fees! Please note: if families are planning
to use the NPYHA Candy Fundraiser (Christmas or Easter) proceeds to help with your NPYHA player fees, you should not elect to
pay your season fee in full.
If a player makes a travel team and then decides to leave NPYHA, their $400 commitment fee WILL NOT BE refunded, except for the
reasons listed below:
1. If you move from the Pittsburgh region prior to the start of the season, NPYHA will release you from our rosters and refund
your commitment fee.
2. If you move after the start of the season, NPYHA will release you from our rosters and pro-rate your reimbursement based
on your departure date.
3. Injury refund – no refund for the first month of injury, $100 per month thereafter, must have doctors note.
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
Page 7
Key Contacts at NPYHA
For questions on the TRYOUT process:
Dean Whittingham
Director of Hockey Operations
[email protected]
For questions on the REGISTRATION process:
John Mudrany
[email protected]
For questions on the PAYMENT process:
Shane McGoey
[email protected]
Good Luck and Go Wildcats!
2014 - North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association Squirt Tryout Guide
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