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The Basics: Relax and Get Comfortable
Start Massaging: A Crash Course
Steps Leading to a Squirting Orgasm
1. Massage
2. Inside the Vagina
3. Get Her Invested In The Process
4. Build Tension
5. Continue Shaping and Take Relaxation to a New Level
Should You Tell Her What You Are Doing?
Steps During a Squirting Orgasm
Starting Touching the Pussy
Now Go Deeper
Touch Her S-Spot
For women, squirting orgasms are the pinnacle of pleasure. Quite simply when a woman
squirts, her body will shake and produce a large quantity of liquid – all while she is
experiencing the most incredible orgasm of her entire life.
If you are able to achieve this as a guy, you’ll automatically be placed in a very special
place in your woman’s mind. She’ll think of you as a type of sex god and the connection
you two will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
I remember the first time I made my girlfriend squirt. It was unbelievable!
Having your girl squirt orgasms totally changes your relationship. You’ll have extreme
sexual confidence, especially when meeting more women in the future. Women treat
men who can make them squirt very differently. They look up to them, and feel weak and
submissive around them.
I want to warn you that this book will contain very strong sexual themes and language. If
this mature language offends you, please don’t read on. There is simply no other way to
write this book without going into high levels of detail about exactly how to get a woman
to squirt.
What is unique about this guide?
For starters, this guide will work.
Many books out there focus very heavily on the actual touching of the vagina as a primary
focus of getting women to squirt. You’ll soon learn that this is only about 20% of the
process to helping her achieve squirting orgasms.
I’m also going to talk to a lot about the benefits of being able to get women to experience
squirting orgasms. Many medical professionals and women don’t even believe female
ejaculation is possible. I can promise you it certainly is.
Explaining many of the benefits will help you to stick with practicing and improving. It will
take time and patience to master being able to help a woman squirt but once you figure it
out, you’ll be able to do it over and over again with ease.
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the basics
relax and get comfortable
The most important concept in getting a woman to squirt is to make her feel as
comfortable and relaxed as possible. Even if you think she’s comfortable, make sure this is
to an extremely high level. Women cannot squirt unless they are completely 100 percent
relaxed and trusts you enough to get to that point.
Element #1:
She’s comfortable having sex with you
Your woman needs to be absolutely comfortable with the two of you having
sex. You shouldn’t have to use techniques to get her into bed, or be indirect
about it, or have her give you any resistance during the process. Through these
things you might be able to get her to have sex with you, but you won’t get her
to squirt.
Now if she herself initiates sex with you, is open about experimenting sexually,
and orgasms frequently, then that’s great. These are essential ingredients to
making her squirt. If you haven’t reached this level of comfort yet with your
woman, then focus on building it before even attempting to make her squirt.
Element #2:
She’s comfortable with herself during sex
To squirt, your woman needs to feel comfortable being naked around you. If
she’s turning the lights off before sex, you get that feeling she is self-conscious
and constantly worrying about what you think of her body or techniques in bed,
then this is the first thing you need to fix.
You’ve got to lay a foundation of comfort, trust, openness, communication and
no judgmental BS. It’s about much more than touching her vagina and clitoris
the right way. It’s about how you get her to feel emotionally AND physically.
(Note: This is why they can’t get female Viagra to work. They can pump all the
blood they want to her sexual parts but if she’s mentally not feeling it, it doesn’t
matter. Men are obviously different, as we know.)
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Element #3:
Shape for the right things
I want to go into detail about the principle of shaping because it is used many
times in this guide and it’s an essential technique for to get women to squirt.
Shaping is a leadership technique where you encourage someone to live up to
a higher standard. CEOs are very good at shaping because it is in their interest
to bring out the best in their employees. A CEO might “shape” an employee to
be hard working.
So how do you shape? One of the most powerful ways of shaping is to find a
trait in someone and then emphasize it. For example, you might meet a woman
for the first time and she smiles when you say hello. You could say to her “you
seem really warm and friendly”.
Shaping also tends to have a compliment built in. Shaping feels good. Shaping
can be done by noticing something in the other person and magnifying it. By
magnifying it you set an expectation for them to live up to.
Women shape all the time. For example, once I met this woman at a bar and
she said to me “I hate most guys these days, they are so wimpy and feminine.
You seem like a real man”. For starters, I felt really good and proud. However
from then on I also made an effort to be even more masculine, tough and
strong. I knew this quality in me turned women on.
She had shaped me to be a man’s man and I wanted to live up to that. There
was very little way after she complimented me that I was going to act like a soft,
scared and wimpy guy. I wanted to prove her right in a way. She shaped me to
be more masculine; and it worked.
So what are we shaping for here? Relaxation mostly, and also for her letting
go, and living in the moment. You might say things like “I love how relaxed
you are”, “You are so open when talking about sex, it’s so attractive”, “It really
turns me on when you let go and enjoy yourself, like you just really get into the
moment”, and so on.
The moment you see her do anything connected to being relaxed, letting go,
expressing herself and living in the moment, you need to shape around it. So
she does it even more and takes it to an even higher level. It’s when she is
extremely relaxed, when she lets go to an extent she has never before, when
she is comfortable expressing herself with no care in the world, and when she
lives completely in the moment that the magic of squirting orgasms is going to
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Element #4:
She needs to play her part
Having coached thousands of guys, a very common mistake I see is guys taking
too much ownership for women having orgasms or not. Most guys out there
feel it is up to them to make their woman have an orgasm, and they don’t
appreciate that she has a very important role to play in the process.
To put it simply, if she is not able to make herself come by masturbating, you
won’t make her squirt. One reason for this is because the skills she uses while
orgasming by masturbation are critical in having her squirt. During the makingher-squirt process she is more than a passive passenger.
Another reason is because if a woman is sexually liberated and passionate
about sex, she will have masturbated regularly and found a way to have
orgasms. Sometimes through a conservative upbringing, religious influence or
general inexperience, a woman may have never masturbated or had an orgasm
You’ve got to make her feel comfortable both masturbating with you and on
her own. I’m a big fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand sex toy; it can make any
woman come. Don’t see technology as competition, see it as a little assistant.
Just remember that squirting happens in an environment of extreme sexual
openness and experimentation. If there is inhibition of any kind, there won’t be
any squirting.
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start massaging
a crash course
Once a student asked me; what is the single most important element of squirting orgasms?
Without hesitation I answered “learning massage”.
The skill that will help you make her squirt is without a doubt, an incredible full-body
massage. Being able to massage will allow you to relax her body and mind, and begin to
become a master at releasing tension from the body.
I would strongly encourage you at this point to look at taking a course on massage from
a massage college. This will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. You’ll learn
about anatomy, different types of massage, stress and tension and many therapeutic
You’ll gain experience in massaging people, your hands will become stronger and they’ll
begin to develop their own intelligence.
It will take 2-3 weeks of massages on your woman before you even start the
pussy related techniques.
That’s right! It will take 2-3 weeks of massages, regularly four times a week for her body to
be relaxed enough to be close to considering squirting orgasms. This is why guys fail when
they try to do squirting orgasms and they go straight for the vagina.
And when I say 2-3 weeks – this is coming from a guy that is good at giving massages.
Unless her body is extremely relaxed, it isn’t going to happen. The better you get at
massage and relaxing people on demand, the more effective you’ll be at squirting
Now, the central theme of this book is mastering the skill of massage. It truly is the magic
bullet of learning how to get women to relax, feel comfortable, and ultimately squirt.
By learning the basics of massage you’ll become an incredible lover, and will have found
a way to build extremely strong connections with women while growing a real confidence
within yourself. Men that can touch women, connect and influence them through touch
hold a very special power.
Touch Her S-Spot
Right now, however you might be a blank canvas with magic; that’s okay the basics are very
easy to get hold of.
As you’ll soon see, massage plays the most important role in the squirting process because
it helps her become comfortable, relieves tension and begins to turn her on to levels she’s
never experienced before.
Massage Insider Secret #1:
Get Regular Massages
If you attempt to give massages without being massaged first, it’s kind of like a
vegetarian eating steak. The simplest and best first step for mastering massage
in record time is to get massaged.
My recommendation is to experience a wide range of massages. Give massages
such as these a try; Shiatsu, sports massage, Thai massage, deep tissue,
relaxation, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, reflexology, hot stone therapy to
name a few.
If you are short on cash, what I did when I was in college was visit student clinics
at massage schools. People studying massage need people to practice on and
get feedback from – and you get a massage for around $15 in some places.
Pay attention to what you like and don’t like, speak to the masseuse about the
process and theory behind what they do, and notice everything else such as the
room and oil they use.
Also start to really feel what works, and what muscles respond to what.
Massage Insider Secret #2:
Practice on Yourself
When I started developing an interest in massage I noticed how much tension,
and often how sore, my own body was. It was also really helpful to use a tennis
ball or plantar fasciitis massage balls, or foam rollers to release tension from my
I began to really rub my upper back, shoulders and some of my pressure points
(especially after a hard workout at the gym). I found a ton of knots and began to
get them out myself.
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Massage Insider Secret #3:
Learn about the Body’s Meridians & Muscles
In Chinese medicine, they break down the body’s energy centers into a map
of meridians and pressure points. It’s pretty easy to find a map of the body’s
meridians with a Google search, and this is an excellent place to start with an
understanding of how massage helps the body.
The meridians are points on the body that directly affect the flow of energy.
It’s this flow of energy that partly explains the power of massage to make you
feel good, rejuvenate you and to heal the body. A major reason why I like guys
to learn about the meridians first is that it gives you a very powerful and much
deeper perspective of massage than when you simply focus on the more logical
muscle based practice.
A large part of squirting orgasms is about stepping away from being too
scientific with the process and getting a real feel for it. Squirting orgasms simply
won’t work if you start pushing and prodding like a medical student with a
rubber body. It’s a really good idea to get into the alternative side of massage
because it will help you become more intuitive about the process instead of
being too analytical.
The reason why massage represents such an amazing element of growth
for guys is because it will encourage you to enjoy the process and let go of
yourself. A common mistake when guys are trying to get women to squirt is
going straight for the vagina and using their hands like a guy trying to find his
cell phone from under a car seat.
The next step after meridians is to get a basic understanding of anatomy,
in particular the muscles of a human body. I’ll give the common shortened
versions of the muscle names as these are much easier to remember than the
full medical name.
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Back of the Body Basics:
Traps – the upper part of the back connecting with the neck,
those high shoulder muscles – they hold a lot of stress and
tension in them.
Delts – the front, side and back of the shoulders – particularly
sore among people who exercise or use computers a lot.
Lats – the wide part of the back under the armpit and going
down the side of the body on the back side – this makes you
feel good when you run up and down the muscle in long
Middle back – this part is usually sore among people with
back posture or who sit at a desk all day. Often the discs there
can be a little out of place, and they response well to massage
Lower back – a very common area of pain in people, especially
those who don’t exercise often or have good core strength –
another real feel good place to massage – for me personally
being massaged in my lower back is like a drug.
Glutes – this is your butt! A very common place for severe
tension are the glutes. Often people lack strength in the
back of their leg and butt muscles and this causes them to
be especially sore (this is why dead-lifts are so popular in the
gym!). This is even more true among women most of the time.
Hammies – this is the back of the leg between the knee and
butt. An area of weakness for most people out there, especially
those who sit down a lot. Relaxing these usually relaxes the
entire body.
Inner thigh – a sensitive area; usually also very tight. This is an
area where you can feel tension like the lumps in a thick rope,
and it is smooth when relaxed. A common area in moving
towards the more sensitive erotic zones.
Calves – be careful as this is a sensitive area on most women.
Usually there is some difference between inner and outer
calves in tension, and because the calf muscle is much denser
than any other part of the body it responds well to massage.
Light calves mean a light entire body.
Feet – I love foot massages! You seem to feel 20 pounds
lighter after a good one. My recommendation is to just go for a
foot massage on its own and experience the pleasure. You’ll be
hooked, and you’ll have a good idea of what to do.
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Front of the Body Basics
Neck – who doesn’t like a neck massage? A place for
very gentle contact, and the head is a heavy object and
the neck can hold a lot of stress.
Arms – tricep, bicep and forearm – especially among
gym goers this can be a sore area of the body. For me I
really enjoy an arm massage, especially around the joints
like the elbow.
Hands and fingers – this is where the massaging skill
really comes into play. Understanding meridians and
pressure points can really help as different parts of the
hand (like the foot) are related to different areas of the
Pecs – the breasts and just above – these are usually
sore among people, especially those with poor posture.
The slight hunching in people who work on computers is
often caused by tight pec muscles.
Hips – this is the most crucial area for squirting orgasms,
the hips needs to be extremely relaxed. This is a tricky
area, as the joint feels strange and can hold a lot of
Front of the thighs – a very large muscle that has a very
soothing affect on the entire body. Not the fastest to
react to massage but one that will flow onto the rest of
the body when relaxed.
Shins – if she is a runner, these will be sore. Be careful
not to hit the bone too much.
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Massage Insider Secret #4:
Understand the Body’s Erotic Zones
Now the purpose of the massage described in this book is not to offer remedial
massage like you’d get from a physical therapist, it’s to give more the sort of
massage people talk about with a “happy ending”.
The first Erotic (or erogenous zones) areas are the sensitive spots of the mouth
and area around it, the earlobe and surrounds, the nipples, the underarms, the
inner surface of the shoulders and forearms, the area around her pussy, the very
lower back where her triangle area is, on the neck (especially higher up), around
the navel and lower stomach, where the pubic hair begins on all sides, on the
inner surface of the hips, in the joint of the elbows, behind the knees, on the
feet, between the fingers and toes.
During the massage process, you might lightly tough these areas to begin with,
and then increase the frequency and intensity of your touch around them. I’ve
taken many women for the first proper massage at a massage business and
often it’s close to a sexual experience for them even though it was a regular
massage. This is because women are much more sensitive and sensual in
It’s good when you focus on these erotic zones of the body to see her reaction,
sometimes she will squirm like she is turned on, and also to begin feeling what
is getting her to deepen her relaxation.
Other erogenous zones for women include eyelids, eyebrows, temples,
shoulders, hands, arms and hair – and of course the clitoris. With these areas
less is more, you can keep it very gentle and light. Many women vary in their
personal preference so get an idea for what gets your woman turned on – and
focus on it. I had a woman tell me once her “spot” was behind her knees – this
made it much easier for me to build sexual tension with her.
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Massage Insider Secret #5:
Get Stocked Up
Here’s my recommendation for a massage equipment list:
1. Nice towels – consider Egyptian cotton, bamboo or organic fiber
– they need to be really soft, plush and beautiful to touch, and
have a really vibrant white color. These are especially important
for squirting orgasms so you don’t need to throw your bed away
when you start mastering the process.
2. Oil – buy really high quality oils. Almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba
oil, and water dispersible massage oil are some suggestions.
Because your hands will end up inside her make sure that the oil
agrees with her skin, and test a small part of her more sensitive
areas. I’ve also purchased oil that could be doubled as sexual
lubricant – that’s a safe and smart bet. Avoid oils with essential
oils as they may burn in this sexual application.
3. Candles/incense/aromatherapy – great for setting the mood,
arousing her senses and turning her on. Smell is a very powerful
aphrodisiac. I suggest aromatherapy such as ylang ylang,
sandalwood, Patchouli and Neroli Absolute. Very powerful stuff!
4. Dimmed lights, or colored lights – it helps to set the mood and
have her feel comfortable. You don’t want it to be too dark, or
too light – just that perfect slightly dim atmosphere.
5. Music – some of my favorites are the Ministry of Sound Chillout
Mixes, and others similar. Sometimes the rainforest and nature
sounds CDs can be powerful as well.
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steps leading to a squirting orgasm
1. Massage
Start with a massage.
For the first few massages, I wouldn’t even go near her sexually sensitive areas. Keep it as
a real massage. Focus on releasing tension and having her relax.
Make sure the room is warm, maybe have incense burning, put on nice relaxing music and
dim the lights. You aren’t like every other guy rushing for sex, you are enjoying her and
the moment. If you choose to have sex, then make sure that it is kept separate from the
massage. This is important.
See if you can sense in her body the level of tension and stress. Address these areas such
as the upper neck, shoulder blades, butt and inner thigh. Places women tend to hold
tension. Spend a good 10 minutes on relaxing each major body region.
Then make your way toward the pubic region. Her hips, glutes, butt and inner thighs. You
might actually begin to feel tension in the form of bumps on the muscle, much like rope.
The muscle – particularly the inner thighs and hips – if relaxed is smooth. Massage until it is
like that.
Begin use towels, especially laying them on the bed under her. I’ve had to throw many
beds away due to squirting orgasms – you’d truly be amazed at the sheer volume of liquid
that comes out. Prevent this by using towels at all times.
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2. Inside The Vagina
Inside a woman’s vagina there are about 10,000 nerve endings. That should give some
indication of the sensitivity and sensations down there.
When a woman begins to unlock about 5,000-7,000 nerve endings, she is going to have
powerful full body orgasms. If your woman is having her weak orgasms perhaps she is
using only 1,000 or 2,000 currently. Start to develop a feel for this.
Now, to have squirting orgasms, a woman has to begin using the other 40,000 nerve
endings in her body. The 10,000 in her vagina are connected to the 40,000 in her body
and in her central nervous system. This is why it’s so important to have her relaxed,
allowing the energy to flow through each of the nerve endings in her body.
This is why the 2-3 weeks of regular massages before you even go near her vagina are
so important. During this period you are awakening her body, her senses and her nerve
endings. You are bringing them into play. Squirting orgasms are a very holistic full-body
experience than just a vaginal thing.
Squirting orgasms can also vary in strength. At the beginning there might be just a trickle
of liquid. That just means that the other 40,000 nerve endings in the body are not yet full
activated. Most of the time this is not because of you; she probably needs to get better at
relaxing herself.
Touch Her S-Spot
3. Get Her Invested In the Process
If your woman is uptight, easily stressed, and/or overly emotionally sensitive, she may have
trouble squirting. Same as if she is very sexually inhibited. Part of it is really up to her to
see the importance of relaxing and being an active part of the process.
I make sure to make my woman feel sexy about squirting, and not afraid as some women
tend to get nervous at the thought. I let her know how much it turns me on and how
much I love it when she lets go. I continually shape her for being sexually adventurous and
extremely wild.
Keep feeding her compliments. It’s important that she really feels sexy, attractive and
confident. She can’t be a passenger in the process; she really needs to go for it as much as
It’s also very important for you to set the right frame. Even if a woman can easily make
herself squirt, if she thinks the guy is judging or non-accepting she will turn this ability off.
She’ll try not to squirt even though she loves it because he makes her feel uncomfortable.
Touch Her S-Spot
4. Build Tension
With the amount of massaging you are doing by now she should be getting really relaxed
and also very turned on. As part of the massaging process, you’ve been touching all over
her body except for her pussy. Begin to allude to the pussy further into your massages, and
come close to touching it as you rub your hands over her body.
By massaging her butt, thighs, breasts, inner thighs, back, head and feet she will be
feeling amazing and her pussy will be tingling. The key is to begin sensing this tension and
dramatically increasing it. Don’t resolve the tension during the massage.
I’ll explain this in more detail as we continue but it is critical to build massage amounts of
tension. She needs to begin squirming like crazy.
Now at this point I want to offer a warning not to considering giving squirting orgasms to
women who might be possessive or jealous. If there is any chance of her being a psycho
then don’t give her squirting orgasms!
The main reason why is because when you give women this level of pleasure, she will
become hopelessly addicted to you and might even become obsessed with you. She’ll
give you a totally new level of connection. So make sure you only do this with the right
Touch Her S-Spot
5. Continue Shaping and Take Relaxation to a New Level
Along with massage, shaping is the most important element of squirting orgasms. You
got to be shaping almost all the time. Shaping really is equivalent to leadership and with
squirting orgasms you are going to be leading all the time.
The first part of shaping her is to help her calm her mind. Studies have shown that even
something like the dishes not being done can stop some women from orgasming. So
noticing her being calm, mentioning it, and magnifying it is the first part of shaping.
The next stages of leading and shaping have to do with having her lie down, taking her
clothes off, getting comfortable and switching off mentally. Along with directing her you
are also going to be complimenting her, encouraging her and making her feel good about
letting go.
You don’t want to be at all anxious or nervous about asking women to do things. You’ve
got to be the boss. If you are anxious, she will be, and she won’t squirt. Eliminating all
these hesitations and apprehension is essential.
One thing I like to do once a woman lies down is to tell her I want her to relax every
muscle in her body. If you’ve ever been hypnotized, you’ll know the process where they
Touch Her S-Spot
work through your entire body and have you relax each part. I let her know that she is
going to start feeling amazing sensations and to focus on her breathing.
Once she starts to feel more pleasure she might begin to tense up again. So it’s a continual
process to have her get deeper and deeper into relaxation. I take full control of the
situation and continually have her release tension.
Tension is the opposite of what you want to accomplish here. She needs to have less
tension in her mind and body than she has ever had in her entire life. This is why setting
the goal of squirting and making a big deal of it can be counterproductive. The less focus
on an end goal, the better.
I’ll then focus on a wide range of relaxation techniques during this process. To begin with
guiding her breathing to be deeper and more relaxing is very powerful. By shaping and
leading, and the regular massages, she should be improving at relaxing herself.
The more you enjoy the process the less likely it is that she will feel nervous. Women are
going to get extremely turned on by you being turned on. She has to know that you are
loving and enjoying every step in the process.
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should you tell her what you are doing?
At this point you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to tell her you’re trying to make
her squirt. I would encourage you at the beginning not to do that unless she is the sort of
woman who is very sexually adventurous and experimental.
If your girl requires any convincing or pitching on the idea of squirting then frame
everything you are doing simply as “pleasure”. By giving her massages, and taking more
time building tension, and relaxing together you are just looking to increase the levels of
her pleasure. I’d leave the whole female ejaculation conversation out of it. The reason why
is because you don’t want to put any pressure on her or yourself - because pressure really
is the enemy.
Now it’s very different if you are with a woman that is extremely into the idea of sexual
adventure, or if you become really confident with making women squirt. If she is the sort
of woman that will get extremely excited by the idea, will change her lifestyle to get more
relaxed, and will be a very active and invested part of the process then certainly tell her.
Some women are like this, and some are not.
After a while you get good at shaping women who are not initially this open and relaxed
about sex to being so. Some women are too inhibited but with practice you’ll be able to
serious shift any woman you date to being extremely wild. It’s in this state of real sexual
freedom that female ejaculation will take place.
I would guess that through this section you’ve got a much clearer feeling for what you
need to do, and how to do it. You do need to help your woman to get into a very specific
place mentally and physically. Ultimately getting her to make an effort to help in any way
she can, her being excited about the prospect, and her being able to let go of anything
holding her back from truly letting go is the goal.
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steps during a squirting orgasm
So let’s image we’ve done all the preparation and groundwork. Her body is ready, you’ve
done plenty of shaping and mentally she is very excited about increasing her levels of
pleasure and is making an effort in the process. You are developing that intuition about
how relaxed she is and how she is feeling.
Having a woman experience squirting orgasms is all about tension. You have to learn to
build tension to unprecedented level.
One girlfriend that I helped achieve squirting orgasms did so through extreme sexual
frustration. I would constantly turn her on, make her horny and sexually frustrate her
without resolving it though sex. Sure we would have sex, but not a crazy amount it. Most of
our intimacy time was spent with me making her extremely sexually turned on.
She would actually get angry with me such was the levels of her sexual frustration. I would
continually build and build sexual tension. I’d massage her, touch her in very sensual ways
and do everything I could to make her wet with desire. I would touch her very lightly with
my fingers and aim to open up all the nerves in her body.
My goal was to drive her completely crazy. I wanted her to get so turned on and horny her
head felt like it was going to explode. If you can imagine ever drinking a lot of water and
then needing to pee, however there is no toilet around. You are holding it as tightly as you
can, but it’s like torture in a way. Then the relief when you finally go is mind-blowing.
This is similar to the experience of a squirting orgasm for her. It’s this massage build up
of pressure and sexual energy to a volcano-type level. Eventually the only thing that can
happens is an extreme release – and this is where the squirting orgasms happens. You
want her to feel such anticipation that it takes over her whole body and she is struggling to
control the overwhelming feelings.
During this tension building process it’s important that you don’t resolve it through having
sex with her. She might beg you to fuck her, and damn right tell you to do it; just keep
massaging and doing your thing. She might grab you, so tell her to keep her hands to
herself. Just keep encouraging her to relax. You want it to be a real struggle for her to deal
with these sexual urges she is experiencing.
Through this process you continue with turning her on. You touch certain places on her
body like her pelvis, hips, lower back, and avoid her pussy while brushing close to it at
There is a middle channel called the microcosmic orbit. You want to channel a meridian
that runs up your spine and runs over the crown of your head. It goes down through your
Touch Her S-Spot
tongue, down your throat, and down to your navel and genitals and back around again.
It joins at the perineum, between the anus and your genitals. This is opening up the front
channel and getting her ready. She should be really wet and horny now. She’ll be feeling
You are doing the light brushing from her pelvis up to her belly button, up the middle of
her chest, up her neck and up to her chin. Use your right hand first then do it with your left
hand palm down, a really light stroke. You want to do this for 20-30 minutes.
She’ll start getting wet and dripping. She’ll be rocking back and forth and this is when it’s
up to you. Tell her to relax and breathe. You want her squirming.
Touch Her S-Spot
starting touching the pussy
Start lightly stroking the top of her pussy, her pelvis and the area called the Mount of
Venus. This is the top of her pussy where her clitoris begins.
Getting a really good idea of the anatomy of female genitalia is very important as well.
There is the vagina, the different lips (the labia majora and minora), the urethral tube, the
opening, the clitoris, the fornix and the anterior fornix. All of these areas you want to know
about; the vulva, the perineum, and the b spot. To give women squirting orgasms you’ve
got to be somewhat of an expert at female anatomy.
The ‘s spot’ is what we are focusing on now. The squirt spot is closer to the g spot, but a
farther back. Everyone’s heard of the magical g spot. G spot massages are really going to
induce the squirting orgasm as well, however at this stage I like to make sure to release all
the tension from her pelvis.
She’s already feeling relaxed and you still haven’t gone anywhere near her pussy. All of this
tension is going to be building up. All this build up is what is going to be released when
she squirts. This is what you want to keep in mind. Don’t just jump in to try to make it
happen. Don’t rush the process in any way.
The first time a woman has a squirting orgasm it’s usually a major shock to her. The woman
is surprised, shocked and never experienced anything like that. It’s definitely a big rush and
Touch Her S-Spot
they will feel amazing and glowing.
Now you are going to take your index and middle finger inside her. I’m right handed so I’m
sitting on the right hand side of her and placing my left hand on her pubic bone. Pull her
lips up a little bit towards her navel. This will tilt her hips in a way that really opens up her
vagina lips too. You can then start massaging with the same gentle touch.
Take your right index finger and stroke the bottom palm side of your left thumb. Stroke it
gently with 1-2 inch strokes.
You can use one or two fingers here, it’s up to you. Just touching here, it’s very hard to
describe. It’s like a feather touch because her genitals will be very sensitive. The motion
of my finger is like saying come hither, when you see the martial arts movie and they
say come here. Pointing your hand up with your palm out facing up. Two fingers are out
and you pull them back toward yourself. They bend at the knuckle and touch at the end
knuckle, like come hither.
Then just stroke light touches for 10 minutes. Really lightly, not entering her pussy yet,
stroking the outside of it.
This is not the g spot. It’s the opening of her pussy, up to her clitoris. This is really teasing
her. It’s opening her pussy and she’s going to want you to stick it in already. Now stroke it
for 10 minutes, with a pace of about one stroke per second. One……..two…….three. Do
this for 5-10 minutes and it will drive her crazy.
She’s going to start breathing and this will start to build up towards a clitoral orgasm.
Now I want you to focus less on the opening. The clitoris will become engorged now.
You’ll start seeing it. Some women have smaller clits that are under the hood and others
have bigger ones. Still with the left hand, press on the pubic bone and really let the clitoris
protrude more. Take your one finger and do the same stroking there, on the end of the
clitoris, directly in front of it. Exactly with the tip of your finger, you want to be stroking up.
So you are pushing up on the skin on top of the pubic bone and lifting up to let the clitoris
stick out. Then rub with the middle finger, just on the clit and move at one stroke per
Do that for 5-10 minutes and she will be extremely horny. If she hasn’t come yet, she
will be very close. You can speed it up a little when she starts breathing heavy. She’ll be
moaning all of this time.
Ask her if she’s enjoying it and if it feels good. The more pleasure she feels the more
relaxed she becomes. It’s a cycle. It’s a cycle that gets her mind really calm and relaxed.
Once she’s breathing deep and finding it hard to relax, you can speed her up.
1…2…3...4...5…6. Now you are speeding up to two strokes per second. Your pressure
can get a little bit harder now. Don’t get overly excited and try to do 5 per second trying
to make her come. You need to keep a steady pace. That’s important here. Not an
Touch Her S-Spot
intermittent 3 and then 1.
It’s just a gradual increase. All this pressure is building up. Get her to describe those
feelings. She’ll be moaning and saying that she can feel it in her stomach or pussy.
Tell her, yes this is how she should be feeling. I want you to take those feelings and turn
then up to make them tenser. Keep them building and you are still stroking two per
second. Light strokes, but just a little harder.
They will feel amazing at this point, like they’ve never felt before.
Continue with two strokes per second. Like 1…2...3...4 rather than 1……2…...3……. like
initially. The pressure is a tiny bit harder. Take your finger and put it in the center of your
palm. Before the palm never pressed in, but now it should be pressed 3-4 millimeters. It’s
light but its pressure. She can feel that you are rubbing her clit now. It can take more now
because there is so much blood in it.
You say that that’s a 1 now I want you to turn it up to a 2 and now a 3. She will be moaning
loader and saying “oh my god I’m going to come”. You say no you aren’t allowed to cum
yet. Keep turning it up. Take control 4…5... Now when you reach a 5 you can say, “Yes
keep it building. That’s good”. You are reassuring her. Say “you are doing great babe, oh
my god you are turning me on so much right now and I love how you are feeling so much
pleasure right now”.
Using this right now is a good thing because it’s taking her mind to do it now. It’s getting
her back in the moment. 6…7… Now when you reach 7 or 8 what I like to do, it’s going
to sound crazy, but what I want you to do is double it. Tell her to double the intensity and
she’ll be almost coming. Her pussy and her clitoris will be experiencing feelings she’s never
felt before. Take her to a 9 and 10…11...12. Turn it up turn it all the way up. By now she
will be coming and will be having a fully intense clitoral orgasm.
Now don’t make the mistake of trying to jump into the squirting orgasm and techniques.
Some guys think, “I just want to get in that pussy and make it squirt”. It’s very rare for a
woman to go straight into a squirting orgasm. Every time I’ve tried to go straight into a
squirting orgasm, without a clitoral orgasm, it’s been very weak. Every time she has already
had this pleasure beforehand, the clitoral orgasm and full body orgasm is the next level.
She’s just losing consciousness almost. She will have full body shivering, quivering and
squirting a powerful mess.
Instead, let her cool down and give her a drink of water. You tell her it was amazing and
give her reassurance. Ask her how that felt and she will say it was amazing. Tell her to
just lie down and she will say “What?” That’s the best orgasm she had in terms of clitoral
Touch Her S-Spot
now go deeper
Lie down and you can go straight into it. Insert two fingers into her pussy now, to the point
of your knuckle or top of your palm. Spread them so they are like a peace sign. Your hand
is still on her pubic bone and her legs are spread now at a 45-degree angle and open to
you. Your fingers are in and the palm of your right hand is sitting on her right side. With
your left hand, use your two fingers so that your palm is facing up. Use the same come
hither motion on the frontal wall of the pussy, on either side of the g spot.
The g spot is where you put your fingers together. You will feel a ridge on the front wall
that’s bumpy on the back of the clitoris. That is all the g spot area. Stick your index and
middle finger in her pussy and separate them so that your two fingers are on each side of
her g spot. Not together.
It’s like a claw, like you are clawing. It’s like you have two little claws. You want to make
sure things are well lubricated. You want it to be super slippery with no friction at all. Tap
on the front wall, either side. Do this for 10 minutes, even if you do it with a fair amount
of pressure. Remember, women are designed to have babies. S the amount of pressure
you can put on their pussy is surprising. You put your penis in there and slam it hard and it
doesn’t hurt her.
The whole time I’m asking her how it feels. That technique can work on most women. I
turn my palm down and do the same motion, but with less of a claw with some women.
Go more up and down. Twist your hand and your palm is down now. Take your fingers in
front of you now and do a salute with just your two fingers. Keep the fingers in a straight
line and push them all the way down, like you’re bouncing a basketball. From that position
down straight down but with no bend in the middle knuckle.
That will help open an entirely different channel and the different areas of her pussy. You
are really getting into the internal awakening. Do that for 5 minutes and change it up now.
Use this technique by turning your hand up and creating the angle with your fingers. Put
your fingers up, no longer in a peace sign. Your fingers are only into the second knuckle so
pull them out a little bit. They aren’t into the palm but just to the knuckle.
The couple of inches of your fingers should be inside her pussy, stimulating the g spot.
You can do this by getting her to pull her legs back and hold them. When she’s on her
back, hold either of her legs underneath her thighs, behind the knees and pull them back
towards her. She will be feeling amazing especially when you are massaging her g spot
like this. You massage the interior wall of her g spot with a come hither motion and keep it
steady motion. Here it is important that it is a steady motion of 2-3 strokes per second.
OK now start really building it up here. Now she’s going to really feel like coming. Don’t
let her come. Hold onto it for as long as possible. Be super relaxed but at the same time
holding the orgasms, so breathe. Get her to breathe up to her head and get in touch with
her breath.
Touch Her S-Spot
Now after 10 minutes, put your fingers deep into the pussy. Your fingers are still together.
They are as deep as you can get. She’s pulling her knees back towards her and now you
are going to reach the deep spot. This is a magical spot. Now press up with the tips of
your fingers, almost like the come hither motion but just a quarter of it.
Press up on the back wall of her vagina. Massage the back wall. If you do this for 10
minutes this is going to cause her to orgasm. Its mimicking what happens when she comes,
so you are physiologically causing her to have a vaginal orgasm. Do these up and down
motions the whole time.
It’s all about steady motion. If you do something different or change it up, you are just
going to fuck with her and fuck it up. She will be feeling pleasure; you change it, then
pleasure and then change it. You will have to start over and she will have to build up again.
You do the same thing for 10 minutes. This is now when you want to go back into what you
were doing, again back at the clitoral orgasm. Build up that pleasure to the point where
her pussy is contracting. Her pussy will be squeezing on your hand by this point. This is the
beginning of a vaginal orgasm.
Now I want you to build it up and I don’t want her to come yet. Build it up stronger and
get her feeling that amazing pleasure. Keep building it. She isn’t allowed to come yet.
This is going to make it intense for her. Build it up to an 8 or 9 and finally say she can come
Get your hand in there and put your fingers down. Your pinky and index finger should be
pointing up and the middle finger and ring finger should be bent at the middle knuckle.
Now point your index finger and pinky finger down. Pull your hand out a bit from the
deep spot. Now pull it out to just the first knuckle in, moving your hand up and down. Just
pull back up, down, up and down. The whole time your left hand is on her pubic bone
pumping up, down, up and down. You won’t have to do this long, maybe 1-2 minutes
depending on the amount of pleasure she’s feeling.
Ok now that you have built all this pleasure up, hold on to it. She will say no I can’t hold
on to it any longer. This is where most women feel like they are going to pee. That’s why it
is so important for them to empty their bladder beforehand. It’s important that when she
feels like she’s going to pee, that she holds onto it.
She’s not actually going to pee. You need to reassure her that it’s just the feeling building
up. If she does say no I can’t take it anymore, I need you to stop, I would suggest to let
her go and pee. She won’t be able to pee because she already emptied her bladder
You’ll need to start again from the deep spot massage. Do 3-4 minutes of the claw
technique, go back to the g spot and then back to the deep spot with the pumping up and
down. It’s important for her to build that back up again. It won’t take that long if you had it
before. Even if she does feel like that again, reassure her that it’s natural for her to feel like
Touch Her S-Spot
Then say, “Ok I want you to come, now let go and surrender”. It’s important for you to tell
her to come now. Give her a direct command. Say something like, “I want you to relax all
the muscles in your body and come for me now.” That is when she will let go and she will
start squirting all over you. Her pussy will be ejaculating a little.
In the beginning when you try it with a woman, she’ll usually just have a little trickle. That’s
a good sign because she can say she never had anything like that or it’s so amazing that
you can feel that much. You want to make her feel like that was a milestone. You want to
congratulate her even if it’s just a little trickle. That is a huge win and you want to make her
feel really good about it. You want to let her know how turned on you are with this.
When women first start this, their muscles down there aren’t strong enough to squirt.
It takes her 3 weeks to 6 months to master this ability. The longer the woman has been
squirting, the stronger they are and more she will squirt. At the beginning, don’t expect
her to if it’s her first time to squirt, like you see in porn. You really want to encourage and
congratulate any effort. Again you are reinforcing her to do it again. Give her a big hug
and kiss. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how amazing and sexy she is. Tell her how
turned on you are.
Most times she won’t squirt; she will just have an orgasm. Still tell her that she’s amazing.
There wasn’t that much liquid at the moment but with patience and perseverance, it’s
definitely going to happen.
Then with practice each time there will be stronger and stronger orgasms, and more liquid.
Some books I highly recommend you study:
• My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday – this will help open your
mind to how sexual women are.
• The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm by Steve
Bodansky and Vera Bodansky
• Extended Massive Orgasm: How You Can Give and Receive
Intense Sexual Pleasure by Ph.D. Steve Bodansky and Ph.D.
Vera Bodansky – this is the book that started me on the way to
learning how to give women squirting orgasms.
• Female Ejaculation: Unleash the Ultimate G-Spot Orgasm by
Somraj Pokras and Ph.D. Jeffre Talltrees
• Squirms, Screams and Squirts: Going from Great Sex to
Extraordinary Sex by Robert J Rubel