Silpada Designs Business Opportunity Questions & Answers

Silpada Designs Business Opportunity
Questions & Answers
I have put together a list of questions that you may have about starting your
Silpada business. Please let me know if you have additional questions and
tell me how we can make this GREAT business work the BEST for you!!!
Why is Silpada unique?
Silpada is the original and fastest growing jewelry Home Show company offering an
exclusive collection of .925 fine Sterling Silver Jewelry, not painted or plated costume
jewelry. Our exclusive, hand-crafted jewelry is just one reason Silpada Home shows
consistently average over $750 each in retail sales – nearly twice the direct-sales home
show average! That means you earn more money with less effort!
What is the profit on sales?
Your profit is 30% on all jewelry, belts and watches.
How Will I Sell Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Jewelry?
Hostess sponsored Home Show
Your Hostess invites her friends, relatives, neighbors and associates to her
home or office. You simply display the jewelry and take orders! All orders
are individually packaged and sent directly to the customer. Your personal
service makes the whole experience fun and rewarding for your Hostess
who can earn up to 30% of retail sales in FREE jewelry.
Sell to Individuals
Seeing how great you look in Silpada Jewelry will no doubt have your bank
teller, dry cleaner and grocery clerk asking, "Where did you get that great
jewelry?" It's often as easy as that! Ladies love jewelry, and they'll love
ordering more from you! This is a great way to supplement your Home Show
How much should I expect to make at each party?
Silpada has the highest party average in the business according to the DSA (Direct
Selling Association). The national average for Silpada parties is $750 retail. That
means you can earn $225 or more for every party!
How much money can I make each month and per year?
You can earn $225 to $4,000 or more per month selling jewelry. If you build a team,
your income potential is unlimited. You make 4% to 17% on your team member’s sales.
Silpada has Reps that earn from $225 a month to over $100,000 per year. This is your
business so you decide how much you make! See the attached flyer for more details.
When am I paid on my sales?
You are paid at every party. Customers write a check to you or they can use
MasterCard or Visa. Silpada even pays for the credit card processing fees!
How am I paid on my team’s sales?
Silpada has the BEST compensation plan in the business! You are extremely well
paid for building and training your team. You are paid up to 3 levels deep. Silpada
sends you a check or deposits the money directly into your account. This is paid by the
middle of the month following the sales month. So you are paid mid-October for
September sales. If you want more information on this I’ll send you the Career and
Compensation Plan.
Are there monthly quotas?
There are no monthly quotas unless you choose to build a team and earn overrides
commissions from their sales. This is optional.
How many Representatives does Silpada have?
We only have 26,000 Reps across the country. This means the market is wide open!
Many home-based companies have Reps numbering in the hundreds of thousands. A
few even have over a million consultants! No matter where you live, the market is wide
open for people who want to build a successful Silpada business.
What are the Hostess Benefits and who pays for them?
We have the BEST Hostess benefits in the industry and Silpada pays for everything!
30% of show sales in FREE jewelry with ten or more orders totaling $500,
plus one item at half price
20% in FREE jewelry with six orders totaling $300.
$25 in FREE jewelry with three orders totaling $150.
Is there training available?
Absolutely! I offer one on one weekly coaching. I have regular office hours to help you.
We have monthly team meetings, regular recruiting calls. Also, Silpada offers FREE
training on a daily basis that covers all aspects of running your business. There are
regional seminars, leadership training and the annual National Conference. Bottom
line, if you want to learn, we have the time and classes to help you reach your goals.
How do I order?
Everything is done online via the Internet. It’s FAST and EASY!!! However, you can
use regular mail and fax if you don’t have a computer.
How soon do customers receive the jewelry?
It takes from 7 to 10 business days from the time you close the order.
How does the jewelry ship?
Each customer pays $4 shipping and handling and the jewelry is individually packed
and sent directly to them. Your Hostess does not have to deliver the jewelry which
makes it easier for them and easier for you to book a show!
What about sales tax?
You simply look up the local sales tax rate on the Silpada website and collect that
amount with each order. Silpada does all of the rest of the work! So you don’t have to
worry about that! There isn’t any paperwork involved.
How often does the catalog change?
The catalog changes every July when about 150 pieces are introduced to the collection.
There are almost 500 pieces available. All Reps may buy the new jewelry at a 50%
discount when the new catalog is introduced. We also introduce over 40 pieces of new
jewelry each spring in Bonnie & Teresa’s Supplement Catalog.
What is the price range of the jewelry?
Prices range from $12 to $269 and the average price in the catalog is about $60. There
are 173 items under $40, so we have something for every price range.
Are back orders an issue?
No. Although we do occasionally have back orders, it’s rare and the jewelry usually
ships within a week or two.
Are returns and exchanges a problem?
Exchanges, refunds and defective product are a part of any business. Silpada has an
extremely low return rate and also offers a lifetime warranty on its jewelry. Silpada also
pays for the return postage so the customer has an easy, cost free return.
What are the tax benefits?
They are excellent! You write off all of your expenses like mileage, office space,
utilities, business meals, plus much more! We have home-based expert CPA’s teach
this at our meetings.
Are there any other expenses that I should expect?
There are expenses in running any business. The primary expenses are catalogs and
postage for the party invitations you send out. Remember, this is a business, not a job.
Is there a dress code?
There isn’t a dress code. We do suggest that you “dress for success” since people like
to associate with successful individuals.
Can I sell for another home-based business at the same time?
Yes, as long as it’s not another jewelry company. If you achieve a Manager level with
Silpada then you will have to choose one business.
Do I need a business license or seller permit?
No, you are an Independent Representative and no license is necessary.
Where is the company headquartered?
Lenexa, Kansas.
Do I need to invest in Jewelry?
When it comes to jewelry, the more you have, the more you sell! You will see higher
show averages when you display jewelry, but you can choose to start slow and build
your jewelry kit as your business grows. Using the Fast Start Jewelry Reward Program,
you can earn up to $3000 in FREE JEWELRY during your first 100 days. See the
attached Fast Start Jewelry Reward flyer for details.
Is there a recertification fee every year?
Yes, each year you pay $199 to continue as a Representative. With the fee comes
catalogs when the new jewelry is released, free training, free newsletters, free Downline
commission tracking, unlimited toll-free customer service and support and a free
personalized web page.
How do I start? There are three options:
Pay just $199 for the initial Certification Fee including all of your training materials
and supplies for up to six parties. You can purchase as many jewelry pieces as
you want at a 50% discount.
Buy $750 or more in jewelry (worth $1500 retail because you are buying at a 50%
discount) and the initial fee is reduced to only $100 for a $99 savings.
Buy $1750 or more in jewelry (worth $3500 retail because you are buying at a 50%
discount) and the initial fee is reduced to $0 for a $199 savings.
Please note: We don’t earn a commission on your kit! Let me help you choose the kit
that is right for you. It does help to have jewelry for your guests to try however, we have
a GREAT plan for you to earn up to $3,000 in FREE jewelry in your first 100 days.
The most important thing is to book parties before you sign. That way you have
NOTHING TO LOSE! You have fun, make money and earn FREE jewelry!
You earn a 30% profit on your personal sales of jewelry. Silpada Home Shows average $750,
nearly twice the industry average, so you could earn $225 for each average Home Show you hold.
You choose your earnings based on your goals and the amount of time you are willing to commit to
your business. For example, hold 2 average shows per week, working just 6-8 hours, and you could
earn $450 a week or $1800 a month!
Plan your First Month’s Earnings
Friends and Family that
will Host a Show
Total for 6 average shows
Free Jewelry
Fast Start
Free Jewelry
Free Jewelry
**See the Fast Start Jewelry Reward Program flyer for details.
Plan your First Year’s Earnings
Shows per
Total Weekly
Retail Sales
Silpada’s compensation plan makes your total earnings potential
one of the most lucrative in the direct sales industry!
Earn more and work less with Silpada!
Per Week