Post-Conference Sunday, May 31, 2015 B od y

13:30 - 13:45
Opening Circle
les ballets C de la B
14:00 - 15:20
Mechanorolls and Dural Tube mobilizers: a workshop
Dianne Woodruff
les ballets C de la B
Stam/entrance hall
EC 0,66
This workshop is designed to build an awareness of and solutions for slowly developing problems such as back stiffness and pain, poor posture, dowager’s hump and
compromised gait. Learn about the sensory receptors in the fascia and dural tube that
are stimulated through movement and breath
14:00 - 15:20
Dancing through the Nervous System
Andrea Olsen
Studio Lod
EC 1,33
To support ease and expressivity through dancing, we explore three interconnected
layers of the nervous system, linking embodied practice with creative expression.
Throughout, we cultivate creativity, while deepening relationship to the magical world
we inhabit.
14:00 - 15:20
Performing Somatics: an hybrization Feldenkrais and Body-Mind
Dulce Trejo & Marcella Ponce
KASK Dance Studio 1
EC 0,66
Proposal of a hybridization between the Methods Feldenkrais and Body- Mind
With resources from both methods, we will work around the heart to create the first
notes for a performative score based on the harvest of subjective traces from the
participants. 14:00 - 15:20
Embodying our Hopes and Dreams
Tasha Colbert
KASK Dance Studio 3
EC 0,66
An experiential workshop that invites participants to explore the theme of hopes and
dreams through embodied expression. Through movement and visualisation,
participants will be able to give ‘shape and form’ to their dreams, and confront the
internal blocks that may be getting in the way of moving forward.
14:00 - 15:20
Tamalpa Life/Art Process® Experiece“If your body could speak,
what would it say?”
Chloé Noble
KASK Dance Studio 4
EC 0,66
This workshop aims to introduce the Life/Art Process® approach developed by the
choreographer Anna Halprin and her daughter Daria Halprin that enlivens dialogues
between body and imagination, life experiences and art making.
Using movement, drawing, writing and sharing, participants will tap into art's symbolic
language to explore current life themes and generate new resources.
15:30 - 16:50
Concurrent Sessions
Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and
Sunday, May 31, 2015
12:30 - 13:30
Concurrent Sessions
is a service mark of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.
All Systems GO: preparing all physical systems for dance
Jennifer Mascall
les ballets C de la B
EC 0,66
Jennifer Mascall’s year of research with 22 dancers examined how to bring the physical
systems that are not musculoskeletal into a technical dance class which prepared
dancers for rehearsal. The resulting class prepares dancers for rehearsal and is lots of fun. It’s layered, and
can be assimilated both at once and over a long time; students can fruitfully study the
resulting class model for years.
15:30 - 16:50
Integration of Body Mind Centering principles in Dance Movement
therapy. An expert survey.
Angela Guerreiro
Studio Lod
EC 0,66
This conference Tracing Reflections RefleXions felt just the right platform to
create a laboratory for research inviting BMC® practicioners, teachers, therapist
whom might be interested in investigating: one if the method of BMC® can be
considered as a Body Psychotherapy to be practiced in clinical settings and second
if the application of BMC® and its integration in the practice of Dance and Movement
Therapy in clinical settings is a valid hypothesis.
EC 1.0
= Educational Credits
15:30 -16:50
Notochord, breathing and pelvic movement.
Claudia Cano Del Valle
This brief workshop aims at improving one's mobility, through the pelvis and engaged
breathing. First, from the perspective of BMC, we can connect the space of notochord
(embodied in the prevertebrate patterns) to the respiratory system and then, through a
Feldenkrais Method lesson, we can integrate breathing and pelvic movement. The mix of
these two somatic educational methods, because of the support of the awareness of
prespinal patterns, allows the movement from our pelvis and breathing to be much more
15:30 - 16:50
Concurrent Sessions
15:30 - 17:30
15:30 - 16:50
Roundtable Conversation/ISMETA
Elisa Cotroneo & Invited Speakers: Jacques van Eijden, Fiona Cranwell,
Thomas Kampe, Thomas Greil. Honored Participants: Ellen Barlow, Linda
Hartley, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Katy Dymoke, Lian Wilson
Dance and Sleep Deprivation: For Creative Breakthroughs or
Body-Mind Breakdowns?
Camille Monson
Body as Landscape
Lindsay Gilmour
The GROOVE Method™ by Misty Tripoli
Torild Maya Agerbak Thornsohn
Concurrent Sessions
A Creative Space
Jenny Mair
A Creative Space is a movement workshop exploring the influence of the creative
process by the natural geography surrounding the location and use of props. The
purpose is to explore the multiple possibilities these influences stimulate in the mindbody connection. The outcome will be a culminating movement along with discussion.
17:30 - 18:20
KASK Dance Studio 2
EC 1,0
KASK Dance Studio 3
EC 0,66
During this lecture and workshop Camille will discuss the effects of sleep deprivation
on today’s contemporary dancers in the professional realm. She has taken both
quantitative and qualitative approaches in her research and will discuss findings from
professional dancers she has interviewed, scientific data within the field of sports
medicine, and somatic approaches that promote body-mind rest. She will conclude
her presentation with a workshop that gives movers a chance to constructively rest,
rejuvenate and possibly sleep!
The GROOVE DANCEfloor – A totally different, simple and insanely fun group dance
experience based off The GROOVE MethodTM by Misty Tripoli, a revolutionary
approach to movement that makes dance easy for everyone. Just easy moves, simple
rhythms and incredible music. A mind-expanding workout for the body, heart and soul!
Get on the DANCE floor and GROOVE!
17:00 - 18:20
EC 0,66
Join Leaders in Somatic Movement Education and Therapy from around the world in
an interactive dialogue to imagine the future of our emerging profession.
Potential topics may include: Expanding recognition of the Profession;
Collaborative Partnerships; Certification of Practitioners; Scope of Practice;
Insurance, both liability and reimbursement for services; Accreditation of Schools;
Standards and Competencies.
Through drawing and moving, this workshop explores the body as place—asking
questions such as: If my body were a landscape what would it be? What weather
patterns exist in my lungs? What body of water lives in my pelvis?
17:00 - 18:20
KASK Dance Studio 1
Literature & Audio presentation.
Jacques Van Eijden, Dana Davison & Linda Hartley
Jacques Van Eijden: John Rolland on ideo kinesis, an interview by
Jacques van Eijden, DVD.
Dana Davison: Goodie, Literary Magazine
Linda Hartley: Somatic Psychology
KASK Dance Studio 4
EC 0,66
Studio Lod
EC 0,66
KASK Dance Studio 1
EC 0,66
KASK Dance Studio 2
Sensorial Movement – Meditation in motion
Betsy Devoghel
Sensorial movement is a gentle global exercise, which offers you the ability to
enter in direct and conscious contact with your body during the action. The choreography consisting of simple, physiological, but unusual movements and carried out in
a relaxed slowness, invites the person to develop his observation, his bodily
reactions and thoughts.
18:25 - 18:30
Closing Circle
20:00 - 22:00
Performance Night
Lauren Kearns, Dulce Trejo, Victoria Pilar Gonzalez, Lindsay Gilmour, Marcella
Ponce Valladez, Claudio Cano, Anka Sedlokova & Helena Nicolao.
Feathers Are Laughing
Lauren Kearns - The Feathers Are Laughing is a video dance performance that
utilizes principles of Somatics in Action and BMC in both the performance and in the
creative generation of the material. The solo explores the BMC concepts of Yield,
Push, Reach, and Pull while also investigating the interplay between the dancer’s inner
and outer world. The dance is placed in a heightened theatrical environment where the
stage covered in feathers.
Series around the mediastinum
Dulce Trejo - Dilating on movement the performer experience of breathing, digesting
and sensing, Mezzo creates micro-movements, subtle gestures and scenic ambiances
that provokes an attentive kinesthesia on the spectators and embraces them on the
different vitalities that surround the heart at its thoracic ambiance.
Dreaming of Electric Sheople
Performance Night
Concurrent Sessions
17:00 -18:20
Victoria Pilar Gonzalez - An anonymous mover relates the systems of the human
body to the collected consciousness of sleeping computers and living humans in an
exploration of the all-encompassing relationship between organic and digital life in the
21st century and beyond, as technology becomes apart everyday expectations.
Tiny Rebellions
Lindsay Gilmour - This new work delves into the seams of motherhood: the repetition,
endurance, chaos, stillness, beauty, and the surrender.
Swing /Oscillation
Marcela Ponce Valladez (with Dulce Trejo & Claudia Cano) - Performance inspired
by R. Barthes texts on mourning and fatigue which explores the effects of these states
on the body. This choreography is the result of experience feldenkrais practice and
how subjective experiences found during this practice work as a creative seeds.
Space in place – a time travel, performance - work in process
Anka Sedlakova ( with Helena Nicolao) - Helena Nicolao and Anka Sedlackova
are collaborating in the performance research of embryological processes as a
language of forms transferred into choreographic concepts / choreographic mapping.
The embryological mapping allows to go back in the memory of the body. Subjective
sensing is put on the same level as commonly approved knowledge about the body.
This opens up a playful approach towards the body spaces and processes from an
artistic distance. KASK Dance Studio 4
EC 0,66
les ballets C de la B
Concurrent Sessions
8:00 - 8:45
Monday June 1, 2015
Bartenieff Fundamentals Basic Six and the Basic Neurological Patterns
Kristina Neirynck
This warm-up class will go through the Basic Six exercises of the Bartenieff Fundamentals. Although the 6 exercises are all done in supine position, we will experience how,
on a subtle manner, they activate our basic developmental patterns (BNP) and
strengthen our yield/push/reach/pull patterns.
8:00 - 8:45
A playfull Somatic Exploration
Ellen Barlow
Participants will be guided through movement activities in the theme of “Taking Hold Of”
and “Letting Go”. This developmental dynamic starts with grasping and releasing, “no”
and “yes” as infants, and continues in us as adults in our behavioral choices and
emotional states. This will be a playful somatic exploration of where we are, what we
wish to take with us and carry forward, and what we desire to let go of.
8:45 - 8:55
9:00 - 10:20
les ballets C de la B
EC 0,75
Studio Lod
EC 0,75
Opening Circle
les ballets C de la B
The power of creative processes: An insight in the creation of
(Sur)Face, a dance and movementperformance project about
people and their secrets
Stephan Marchant
les ballets C de la B
EC 0,66
During 8 months seven people created a dance & movement performance with their
own secrets as the starting point and their body as an instrument of research. In this
session Stephan Marchant will explain his approach to creative processes, share
stories of the participants by using video material and offer an experiential execise.
Concurrent Sessions
9:00 - 10:20
Yield/push, reach/pull
Dianne Woodruff
The essential ways in which we interact with our environment are two paired actions,
coined and named by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. These actions are yield/push (Y/P)
and reach/pull (R/P). This panel or round table discussion will bring together BMC
practitioners and others to share how they make use of these paired functions in their
work. What is it about the human body and it's environment that create this possibly
irreducible process for movement? A conceptual framework for Y/P, R/P will be
9:00 - 10:20
Hearing your reflecting vocational skills through listening your
anticipating reflexes.
Caroline Kal
Studio Lod
EC 0,66
KASK Dance Studio 1
EC 0,66
Reflections and reflexes are generating transformating mucosa when your vocation is at
work. Through practical using the developmental patterns and listening and hearing
each others narratives, from your own worklab, there is a beginning of recognizing of
hearing when the vocation is at work. The reflex and reflection of the cellular and the
cosmic vibrating field can be heard as your vocation when you have the courage to
voice your cells/selves by the lead of your primative streak. Your mucosa is vibrating
your sounding lifework!
Concurrent Sessions
10:30 - 12:00
Embodiment of Spirit: an Embryological Journey
Linda Hartley
During the first few weeks of life the embryo undergoes the most extraordinary process
of development, embodying all that we will later be and do in emerging and embryonic
form. This workshop will address some key moments, exploring the movements of
cells, membranes, tissues and fluids as we engage with the unfolding of form through
which the embryonic sense of self begins to emerge. In the exquisite details of
shapeshifting, tissues evolve into both self and container, embodying the roots of
relational patterns and giving expression to the meeting of matter and spirit.
les ballets C de la B
EC 1,5
Concurrent Sessions
10:30 - 12:00
Our Breathing Environment: Somatic Anatomy of the Diaphragm
Dana Davison & Lissa Michalak
The diaphragm stretches across the entire body, interacting with every system, and
experiencing the diaphragm leads to more conscious breathing. Breath deeply affects
the internal environment, moving and supporting all the body systems, creating space
within, nourishing the body with oxygen, calming the nervous system and revitalizing
the body on a cellular level. Through yoga, breathing and visualization exercises, and
stretching and strengthening the muscles of inspiration and expiration, this workshop
will illustrate the effects that mindful, experiential breathing with an awareness of the
anatomy of the diaphragm can have on the body as ecosystem.
10:30 - 12:00
Introduction to Laban's Space Harmony for Bodyworkers
Antja Kennedy
Concurrent Sessions
Rudolf Laban developed a system of orientation in space, which can help all people
who work with movement. All this knowledge can be transposed inside the spaces of
the body, e.g. into the ribcage. In the workshop we will learn some concepts and
scales from Labans Space Harmony in Kinespheric space and will experiment how to
transpose these inside the body.
12:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:20
Connecting the dots between Veronica Sherborne’s somatic approach
and Dance Movement Therapy
Lesley Craigie
EC 0,75
KASK Dance Studio 1
EC 0,75
les ballets C de la B
EC 0,66
Description: Sherborne Movement involves the engagement of both body and mind
to raise body awareness and to build meaningful relationships with others. Informed by
Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), Sherborne movement experiences provide the
workshop participants with an understanding of how it can significantly enhance the
work of a Dance Movement Therapist. In the workshop Lesley Craigie will use practical
techniques to demonstrate how Sherborne material can be adapted and applied to
Dance Movement Therapy and note the differences between the two.
14:00 - 15:20
Our seen, felt, imagined anatomy as resource for creative processes
Sandra Vincent
You are invited in a self‐portrait experience based on Halprin's “three layers of
awareness”. We will develop this through movement explorations, using drawing and
writing as tools to reach ourselves and explore some possible place for creativity.
14:00 - 15:20
Opening To your Wisdom Body
Moriah Moser & Elisa Cotroneo
Through placing awareness on Breath, Matter and Movement, we will heighten our
experience of the movement that “we are” connected to the All that is. Elisa and Moriah
will share ancient and contemporary practices to dive deeply into the soma and directly
experience embodying the great mystery These practices are offered to the individual
as a way to delve into your personal body, mind and spirit in resonance with the divine.
15:30 - 16:50
Concurrent Sessions
Studio Lod
Dynamic Embodiment
Dana Davison
Dynamic Embodiment is the blend of Body-Mind Centering and
Laban/Bartenieff Studies created in 1990 by Martha Eddy, CMA and
BMC teacher since 1984. Come learn about the principles of Dynamic Embodiment
and how Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff concepts can inform the practice of
Body-Mind Centering. Principles will be conveyed through hands-on experiences and
through dance exploration from Moving For Life DanceExercise for Health(r) and
BodyMind DancingTM two applications of DE also developed by Martha Eddy
Studio Lod
EC 0,66
KASK Dance Studio 1
EC 0,66
les ballets C de la B
EC 0,66
Concurrent Sessions
15:30 - 16:50
Body‐Mind Centering® / Feldenkrais®Movement Meditation
Sonja Riket
In this gentle, slow, guided movement meditation lying on a mat, we will use an
integration of the two somatic modalities of Body‐Mind Centering®
eyes, inner ears, movements of the hands and feet for inner and outer
coordination and Feldenkrais® to explore the relationship between the eyes, inner ears,
movements of the hands and feet for inner and outer coordination.
15:30 - 16:50
Somatic Creativity: Utilizing principles of Somatics in Action and
BodyMind Centering to tap into the body’s creative potential.
Lauren Kearns
Studio Lod
EC 1,33
KASK Dance Studio 1
EC 0,66
Somatic Creativity utilizes principles of Somatics in Action (SIA) and BodyMind
Centering to allow the body’s innate creative intelligence to surface. This experiential
workshop will include an SIA based floor barre to ready the body and mind for creative
movement exploration. We will focus on tuning into, honoring, and developing
kinesthetic creativity through the art of dance.
17:00 - 18:00
Closing Circle & Ending of Conference
les ballets C de la B