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Continuity Planning
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Be Connected,
Be Equipped and Be Prepared!
Every organisation is at risk from potential disasters.
Creating and maintaining a Business Continuity Plan
(BCP) helps to ensure that an organisation has the
resources and information needed to deal with
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plans
encompass how employees communicate, where
they go and how they will continue their jobs when
a disaster or emergency occurs.
With your business needs in mind, SingTel has a
comprehensive and cost-effective suite of Business
Continuity Solutions to keep your company up and
running at all times.
BCP is a Necessity, not a Luxury!
1 Disaster Recovery
It is critical for businesses to restore operations
including regaining access to data, communications,
workspace and other business processes after
any disaster.
Some of the business continuance
solutions include:
∑XPAN Storage Management
• SingNet Access
∑XPAN Backup Management
• Retrieve and restore data rapidly to ensure
business operation continue without disruption
with Automated, Manual Backup or Off-site Tape Storage.
∑XPAN Work Area Recovery
• Provides a contingency office environment equipped with
everything you need for a total business continuity on both a
shared and guaranteed basis.
• Broadband on Mobile (BOM)
• [email protected] Remote VPN Access offers you secured remote
access to your corporate intranet VPN via the public
internet, wherever you are.
• A range of flexible and cost-effective
‘pay-as-you-grow’ managed services are
available from Storage Area Network (SAN)
and Remote backup (OBR).
Gain access to the office network and work from home or
another location, and collaborate with other team
members via:
• [email protected] HomeLink provides a secured and dedicated
DSL based access to your corporate intranet VPN from
residential locations.
Work Area Recovery
2 [email protected]/Anywhere
Storage Management Backup Management
Local Standby Scheme / Disaster Recovery Service (DR)
Provides a pre-configured back-up connectivity to your DR site.
When the main site fails, the back-up connectivity can be
activated when required. DR services include:
• [email protected] EthernetLink Disaster Recovery
• GigawaveLite Standby Scheme
• MetroE Disaster Recovery Service
ConnectPlus IP VPN Backup Port Service allows customers to
backup the primary circuit via a separate IP port at the same or
lower bandwidth. This scheme of service prevents business
downtime when there is a failure of the primary
circuit due to outage.
E-VPN Backup Port Service provides
pre-configured back-up connectivity to your primary site. For
critical sites, customers can subscribe to a diversed local loop
and separate customer premise equipment. When the primary
site fails, back-up connectivity can be activated automatically.
ConnectPlus E-Line Service allows you to connect your global
data centers at high bandwidths for more efficient deployment
of BCP between main and backup sites. Bandwidth is secure
and dedicated, ensuring high integrity of data transmission with
no data loss.
• SingTel WorldConference enables team members at
various locations to collaborate through audio meetings,
augmented by real-time data collaboration through an
internet connection, using a standard web browser.
With Conference-On-Demand account, users can trigger
meetings “on the fly” without the need to make any
reservation. The Crisis Conference feature also allows the
user to trigger an automatic dial-out to a pre-registered
list of people (e.g. the crisis management team) simply by
calling a hotline number so members can hold a "meeting"
remotely via audio-conference
• BGAN - SingTel Satellite's Broadband Global Area Network
via Inmarsat is the world's first mobile communications
service of any kind to provide both voice and broadband
data simultaneously through a single, truly portable device
globally. It offers guaranteed data rates of up to 492kbps
over shared channels.
3 Communications
It is very challenging and critical to stay in touch with your
loved ones and stakeholders during disasters. Important
messages and instructions can be conveyed via:
Crisis Conference - Management Alert
A management alert conference can be an on-demand or
scheduled conference that is initiated by managers or team
leaders who need to communicate with their team at short
notice i.e. in an emergency situation to enable large groups
of people to communicate rapidly and efficiently.
BizLive SMS
BizLive SMS is a web-to-mobile SMS messaging solution
that allows users to reach out to the masses all at once
instead of having to send one message at a time. During an
emergency, all staff members can be contacted at one go
at the click of a button.
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