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Transforming Business with Technology
Application Optimisation
Business Continuity
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Cloud Enablement
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Imtech ICT, a technical solutions provider, combines its knowledge
of world-class technology providers to design, implement and
support its client’s business transformation ambitions including the
innovation of the data centre, software, server & storage systems,
and security & networking technologies – all of the solutions
implemented are backed up by a complete range of services and
managed services.
About us: Imtech ICT Limited
By understanding how technology can accelerate success, Imtech has a
proven track record in delivering highly complex technical infrastructure
projects and carrier class networking solutions to enterprise and service
provider customers worldwide.
Our expertise in high performance networks and dynamic
infrastructures gives us the unique capability to design tailor-made, bestof-breed solutions to meet individual requirements.
We are committed to ensuring our clients have flexible business
solutions to meet ever-changing business needs and alleviate the pains
of meeting business challenges and containing costs.
Headquartered in Basingstoke, Hants, Imtech ICT also has offices in
Chessington, and Altrincham, employing 110 people in the UK. Imtech
offers a strong global distribution and support network, long-term
operational strength, dependability and certainty, and is therefore well
placed to pursue its mission of helping organisations to achieve their
business objectives through the innovative delivery of IT and business
process led solutions.
About our Parent Company: Imtech N.V
Imtech N.V. is a European technical services provider in the fields of
electrical services, ICT (information and communication technology)
and mechanical services. With over 26,000 employees, Imtech achieves
annual revenues of around 4.5 billion euro. Imtech holds strong
positions in the buildings and industry
markets in the Netherlands, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Eastern
Europe, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK,
Ireland and Spain, the European markets
of ICT and Traffic as well as in the global
marine market.
Application Acceleration
Application Traffic Management
Subscriber Management
Application Deployment
With the drive towards remote working and consolidated
infrastructures, networks are intrinsically important to the
performance of applications. It is vital to consider the effects of all
applications across the network in order to maximise productivity,
and gain a competitive advantage.
What we do
Network congestion has traditionally been tackled by increasing
bandwidth or by deploying sophisticated Quality-of-Service (QoS)
mechanisms. These options can be expensive and are often ineffective
as latency is often the issue, rather than congestion itself.
Imtech works closely with its customers to understand their application
landscape and identify the business requirements for these over the
network. This can be achieved by the non-intrusive deployment of
technology to discover network utilisation down to the application
level. This information can help define company policy on application
performance across the network.
In addition to Traffic Management solutions, Imtech has considerable
experience in deploying Application Acceleration solutions to both
increase network utilisation of “chatty” protocols whilst at the same
time, reducing the network utilisation of data intensive activities such
as database backups.
How it helps
Imtech’s Application Optimisation solutions create ‘smarter networks’
by prioritising business-critical traffic ahead of non-critical traffic so
that important traffic is not starved of resources by bandwidth hungry
(but non-essential) applications. Imtech’s solutions only determine the
applications that are being used and do not analyse the actual data
being transported over the WAN itself. Real-time compression and
caching of traffic reduces the actual amount of data that needs to
travel over the WAN, resulting in a less strain on existing bandwidth. By
identifying bottlenecks, controlling recreational traffic and intelligently
accelerating business critical applications, IT departments can costeffectively re-balance end-user supply and demand.
Business Benefits
Prioritise business-critical traffic ahead of non-critical traffic
Reduce the impact of latency on slow
Eliminate repetition over the WAN resulting
in less strain on existing bandwidth
Maximise the WAN by scaling the flow and
‘filling the pipe’
Overcome the impact of chatty protocols
and deliver applications faster
High Availability
Disaster Recovery
Continuous Data Protection
Whether an organisation does business locally or globally, or is a
multi-division enterprise or successful small or mid-sized business,
information availability is critical to their success.
If a critical application or system becomes unavailable, the entire
business can be in jeopardy. Revenue and customers can be lost,
penalties can be owed, and bad publicity can have a lasting effect
on customers and on stock price.
What we do
Imtech’s experienced consultants hold the answer; by designing and
implementing a range of proven Business Continuity solutions – from
synchronous and asynchronous protection to site-to-site / local campus
and hardware & software replication technologies – all with suitably
scheduled testing to ensure a working process.
We can protect against Business Driven Risks (compliance/governance),
Data Driven Risks (disk/hardware failures/data corruption) and Event
Driven Risks (planned/unplanned downtime). By balancing service
levels, cost and risk, Imtech creates compelling and robust solutions
that deliver greater affordability, manageability and flexibility. These
solutions have successfully been deployed industry-wide, in over 100
SMB and large-scale enterprises to date.
How it helps
Imtech’s innovative solutions for Windows®, Linux®, AIX® and IBM®
i keep systems and applications highly resilient and available, 24 x 7
x 365, so that businesses can obtain the fastest, reliable and secure
route to recovery should a failure or disaster occur. Data replication
involves shipping data between sites, so it is good to know that
Imtech’s consultants are experts in WAN design and provisioning,
traffic optimisation and security. Imtech can advise on how to obtain
remote access to corporate systems and data in the securest way
possible in the event of any emergency or major site failure and offers
additional cost savings. With Imtech’s advanced CDP (Continuous Data
Protection) feature, we can help get businesses as close as possible to
‘zero’ downtime.
Imtech can significantly increase the availability of business systems and
applications to successfully protect and secure the company’s greatest
asset – its data.
Business Benefits
Improve overall business efficiency and
simplify IT operations
Achieve more “up time” of systems & data
Consistently recover data back to a required
point in time (RPO) within an agreed time
frameframe (RTO)
IT Infrastructure has become increasingly complex and costly
over the last decade. To become even more efficient, new ways
are needed to simplify IT environments and accrue an ROI from
existing IT investments.
Virtualisation and Consolidation has become fundamental to
most data centre infrastructure strategies. Virtualisation offers
compelling value which allows for a flexible and optimised data
What we do
Imtech’s Virtualisation and Consolidation solutions ensure that the
data centre is streamlined to allow businesses to respond to market
dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Our multivendor solutions for server, storage and networks take a
holistic view of the virtualised environment. Imtech can help simplify
existing data centre architectures and ensure fewer devices and
interconnections need to be managed. In doing so, we can significantly
lower the business’ capital equipment and operational spending costs.
Our advanced security practice can also help customers to rationalise
the protection of any virtualised environment.
How it helps
Imtech’s Virtualisation solutions provide compelling business value.
Ensuring the company’s infrastructure is more effectively utilised is key
to all our propositions. By optimising the network and infrastructure
we can ensure the continuous protection, availability, management
and assurance of business data. Imtech can help any virtualised
business stay fully operational and dynamic.
As Cloud computing begins to play a key role within data centre
planning, it is essential that companies make the right architectural
choices now. Partnering with Imtech ensures businesses can maximise
the IT architecture now and scale for future growth.
Business Benefits
Keep the business fully operational and maximise existing IT
Contribute to environmental policies
Simplify the decision making process
Save costs on hardware acquisition and
operational IT costs
Plan for a secure, dynamic and “Cloudready” infrastructure
Network Security
Security for Virtualised Environments
Remote Access & Mobile Security
Web Application Security
All businesses need to protect systems and data against evolving
security threats and minimise the chances of an attack. Effective
security management requires a detailed understanding of the threat
landscape. Next Generation Networks extend security boundaries
beyond the traditional corporate firewall, to web presences, mobile
devices and virtualised environments, all of which are vulnerable.
What we do
The common approach towards security is to merely think of Firewalls,
VPN, remote access and patch/version management technologies but this is only half of the story. Imtech takes a vendor agnostic and
comprehensive approach to its security philosophy. We ‘design in’
security, protecting existing IT environments with minimum disruption,
inconvenience and expense.
By taking a ‘step back’, Imtech can assess all aspects of the corporate
infrastructure and devise robust solutions that cover Web applications
and mobile devices through to virtualised environments. Imtech’s
consultants understand a plethora of vendor platforms, legacy
environments, operating systems and networking technologies, having
acquired a unique set of integration skills which demonstrates a greater
understanding of IT estates and what is needed to cost-effectively and
reliably secure them.
How it helps
Imtech’s Security solutions add real business value without additional
management overhead or performance bottlenecks. Imtech’s
consultants are all CISSP qualified. Having a wide product understanding
ensures we can secure varied and complex environments including
local campus through to virtualised infrastructures. Our security design
principles include regular testing and strong results based methodologies
which are founded on the most suitable mix of products and
Professional Services to meet individual customer requirements.
Prospective clients can assess the possible benefits from Imtech’s
Security solutions first hand via proof-of-concept testing within our very
own solutions centre, or via on-premise demonstrations. This helps
stakeholders to determine the potential ROI gains before any financial
commitment needs to be made.
Business Benefits
Cost effectively secure the IT infrastructure, endto-end
Meet legal and compliance requirements
(ISO27001, PCI -DSS)
Secure intellectual property assets that may
currently fall outside of security domains (Mobile
Wide Area Networking
Local Area Networking
Data Centre Networking
Network Connectivity is at the heart of all modern businesses and
it’s ability to deliver guaranteed performance is critical to their
success. Ensuring end to end performance requires knowledge of
both the local and wide area networks that join geographically
disparate resources together. New data centre architectures that
combine storage and local area networking will provide cost
effective routes to dynamic virtualised and cloud environments.
What we do
Imtech delivers end-to-end, global connectivity solutions - including
Branch Office, LAN Switching and WAN Routing technologies. Imtech
can seamlessly knit together a range of market-leading products to
deliver highly tailored solutions that scale for future growth as well as
handling the specified business requirements of today.
With proven management of third party communications providers
supplying the physical lines, (including BT, Cable & Wireless and Virgin
Media), Imtech’s dynamic end-to-end Connectivity solutions contain
the most advanced service offerings available in the market.
How it helps
Imtech can determine where any Connectivity bottlenecks may be
occurring and help define which areas the business may wish to
invest in order to get the most out of any new solution purchase. Our
Professional Services consultants are highly qualified and can expertly
plan and deliver complex solutions locally or abroad. Coupled with our
proven data centre experience, Imtech can readily deploy carrier-class
solutions to clients and pre-empt any issues which may arise during
any new data centre deployment.
Moreover, Imtech’s diversity of skills negates the need to ‘contract
in’ additional third party suppliers so organisations can be certain of
getting the best value for money from one, highly accredited technical
solutions partner.
Business Benefits
Reduce annual communication bills
Maximise existing data centre space and more effectively utilise existing
More efficient use of bandwidth and overall
network connections
Faster links between dispersed data centre
Optimise networking performance
Hybrid Cloud
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
The sheer scale and ‘quality of service’ differentiation that Cloud
technologies offer can help businesses of all shapes and sizes foster
rapid innovation and decision making, as well as benefiting from
significant infrastructure cost savings.
What we do
Cloud computing is a service consumption and delivery model that
can help improve business performance, control costs and ultimately,
transform any business. Imtech is currently helping its customers in
their journey towards the Cloud, so that businesses can take advantage
of a wide range of exciting new opportunities, including greater access
to new customers and markets.
Imtech can help your organisation to re-think its target market/s,
products and services portfolio in the light of new Cloud delivery
models and in doing so, clearly define the opportunity, readiness and
partnership strategy for your own Cloud journey.
How it helps
Cloud adoption is not something to be entered into lightly and
security becomes more important than ever. Imtech possess a wealth
of hardware, software, infrastructure and security capabilities making
us the ideal Cloud technology partner of choice. Our flexible delivery
options include solutions for hybrid clouds, private clouds and purpose
Imtech has proven market ability to rapidly preprare your infrastructure
for Cloud Enablement. As well as assistance with the planning of Cloud
solutions, we can make recommendations on managing any up-front
investments, on-going operational costs and the disposal of any legacy
Business Benefits
Cut IT costs without disruption to current business operations
Improved efficiency and employee productivity
Ability to scale for future business growth
Improved business agility including improved partner collaboration and
business process optimisation
Improved customer retention, customer experience and delivery of
Reduced data centre footprint
Data Centre Implementation,
Integration & Optimisation
Operations & Maintenance Services
Project Management & Consultancy
Secure Technical Assistance Centre
Deploying any new technology into an existing data centre
infrastructure or network is a risky feat; particularly in multivendor
environments where expert and varied skill-sets are required to
ensure smooth deployment. Budgets often spiral out of control
and deadlines can often pass.
What we do
Imtech’s technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the day-today realities of doing business provides valuable insight in helping reduce
risk and complexity when transitioning to next generation networks or
in new technology deployments. From the initial consultation stages
through to design, planning, installation and configuration, Imtech’s
Professional Services and Project Management teams can be contracted
as a sole resource or used to supplement and enhance a customer’s
existing resources and ensure the smooth transition of any new project.
Our multivendor product knowledge and blended service offerings
deliver client’s a unique proposition – one that is boutique, highly
tailored and able to deliver the high level of professional support and
expertise required to master a complex range of business challenges.
How it helps
Imtech’s proven experience allows us to take a well-structured and
disciplined approach to our Services and Project Management and offers
the assurance that any new project is expertly and meticulously planned,
organised, managed and controlled throughout the entire project
lifecycle. What is more, Imtech can deliver a quick turnaround, avoiding
expensive start-up and installation errors which ensures rapid ROI.
Imtech can ensure that any new solution is appropriately installed,
tested and functioning as intended, regardless of the infrastructure
environment, thus mitigating any associated risks. Our comprehensive
and customisable solutions are backed by a portfolio of quality services
including; service desk, secure TAC, network management services,
health checks, risk assessments and audits, security services, hosting and
business continuity planning and support (managed from Imtech’s own
data centre locations).
Business Benefits
Reduce risk and complexity when transitioning over to new networks or
data centre technologies
Cost effectively supplement existing internal
resources with multivendor expertise
Expert Project Management and Control
throughout the entire project lifecycle via a
proven working methodology
Systems Management
Network Traffic Management
Managed WAN Services
Managed Business Continuity
Managed Security Services
Today’s complex business environment requires a new take on the
old business model. Tough competition and evolving convergence
technologies are driving many companies to look for a partner
to share the responsibility of designing, managing and operating
the critical network components of their business on an on-going
What we do
Imtech’s Managed Services provide cost-effective, reliable world-class
service provision under the umbrella of a comprehensive service level
agreement. Businesses can therefore be certain that IT resources are
working to full capacity and are meeting the needs of the organisation.
Financially, Imtech’s offerings can help ensure the business has a
smooth cash-flow, with no sudden surprises. We offer monitoring
for performance, statistics and productivity, assessed and managed
through monthly meetings to maximise service levels, promote
improvements and guarantee satisfaction throughout the term of any
How it helps
Our customers measure Imtech’s success by the performance of our
people in the support of their systems. This is why Imtech employ the
best people in the industry to maintain mutually rewarding long-term
relationships, passing on recommendations for best practice, service
improvements and cost reduction opportunities.
Imtech provides a flexible range of service packages covering both the
IT infrastructure and equipment - whilst letting the client retain full
visibility, access and strategic control at all times. Let us help shoulder
the burden of total managed services, from planning to deployment
and beyond so you can focus on the parts of your business that matter
Business Benefits
Access to world-class technical capabilities
Free up resources for other purposes and focus on core business
Cost-effectively gain access to leading edge technologies
Major reliability and availability benefits to
keep end-users productive
Decrease environmental and logistics issues
Enable a flexible approach to increasing
performance and capacity
One single point of contact for service issues
and trouble-shooting
Call us on +44(0) 1256 312 350
Send an email to [email protected]
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Transforming Business with Technology
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Transforming Business with Technology
Professional Services
Managed Services
Operations & Maintenance
Imtech ICT, a technical solutions provider, combines its knowledge
of world-class technology providers to design, implement and
support its client’s business transformation ambitions including the
innovation of the data centre, software, server & storage systems,
and security & networking technologies – all of the solutions we
implement are backed up by a complete range of Professional and
Managed Services.
The ICT industry is on the cusp of a new phase of growth driven by
increasing computing power, new connectivity and collaboration
capabilities and emerging technologies. We understand how important
your business priorities are. Currently, you are focused on saving money,
preserving capital and reducing costs - and working with Imtech ICT,
you can you achieve all of this and more.
Customers who are seizing the opportunity to explore new possibilities
and make strategic investments for growth play into Imtech’s vision of
a sustainable environment. Imtech ICT Services offers a comprehensive,
world-leading portfolio of assessment, infrastructure and systems
integration services designed to help clients leverage dramatic new
improvements in technology.
Imtech ICT Services provides Project Management, Consultancy, Install
& Commission and Managed Services. We also provide facilities for
businesses to defer capital expenditures and ease staffing pressures;
just some of many ways we can help free up resources and budget, so
you can redirect investments to projects that drive longer-term business
value. Most importantly, our portfolio of services can provide a tangible
ROl without having to wait years for payback. Add-in Imtech Financing
and you could see an even quicker return on IT projects.
Many organisations welcome the opportunity to partner with Imtech
ICT - both for short-term project services and annuity-based services
- our Managed Services portfolio is designed to allow just that and
comprises of Systems & Network Traffic Management, Business
Continuity and Managed WAN services. You can choose to engage with
Imtech ICT in a variety of ways to suit your objectives - your account
representative is on hand to talk through all of the opportunities and
options available.
Over the next few pages, we’ll take you
through some of the key services within our
portfolio. Simply email [email protected] or call us for more details.
Fiona Squire
Services Director
Imtech ICT
The success of any project depends on a
well structured and disciplined approach to
project management. The growing complexity
and pace of change within the marketplace
demands experienced and competent
personnel, skilled to be able to manage
projects across a multitude of environments
for complete product and service lines.
What we do
It is vital to shorten the total lead-time from business planning to
commercial launch. The ability to manage quality and risks (especially
in multivendor environments) is crucial for success. This puts a high
demand on the need for a professional project practice.
Imtech ICT has a wealth of experience when it comes to managing
successful projects. Our service is based on industry standard and best
practice capabilities in planning, organising, managing quality and
risks, as well as in monitoring and controlling the different phases
throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our customers believe that
our projects and project managers demonstrate the ability to deliver
consistently and successfully and operate at the highest level within the
industry, which is why they continue to work with us.
How it helps
The success of any project can be measured by the ability to
deliver benefits to the business on time, within budget and to the
agreed quality parameters. Our wrap-around professional Project
Management services provide businesses with peace of mind in the
knowledge that its systems, networks and ultimately, its data, is in safe
hands. No matter the complexity, Imtech ICT’s Project Management
services makes a substantial contribution to any project.
The combination of structured processes and early engagement of
project management allows us to establish from the outset, the key
criteria for controlling, measuring and delivering projects successfully.
Business Benefits
Working to industry standard methodologies and techniques has
allowed Imtech ICT to establish a transferable blueprint for success
Project productivity is increased by identifying and establishing a clearly
defined scope, set of objectives and success criteria
By ensuring a controlled start-up and agreeing a clear definition of
roles and responsibilities, commitment from all parties is gained and
ensures a greater level of control
Visibility of project plans, schedule and actual performance against the
project objectives is enhanced, helping to increase customer confidence
Support for better decision making at
all levels is enabled through a clear and
disciplined approach to risk management
Risk is efficiently and effectively managed,
which provides a comfort factor in that all
possible negative impacts on the project
timeline and deliverables have been
considered and mitigated
Technical Design Architecture
HLD (High Level Design)
LLD (Low Level Design)
POC (Proof of Concept)
Solution Testing
Test Plan
Migration Plan
Health Check
Bespoke Training / Knowledge Transfer
Imtech ICT’s Consultancy Practice helps to reduce the costs and
risks associated with large-scale projects. Our consultants are
highly skilled in assessing and analysing existing networks and
infrastructures. To achieve the most out of your existing systems
and networks, we can identify both the risks and opportunities
available, recommending an array of approaches and solutions to
maximise your budget and ICT potential.
What we do
Design & Deploy - from designing, installing and connecting all
equipment and software through to final deployment, Imtech ICT will
ensure everything is set for you to begin on time and on budget. And
whilst we are absolute experts with our main suppliers’ products, we
offer across-the-board skills with the more common systems – which is
particularly important where legacy equipment is an issue.
Consultancy Practice - Imtech ICT’s Consultancy Practice has an
excellent pool of consultants who possess a wide range of skills in
all ICT infrastructure technologies, which helps reduce the costs and
risks associated with large-scale projects. Our consultants’ in depth
knowledge has been accumulated from both the assessment and
analysis of existing networks infrastructures and in the subsequent
design and delivery of numerous and complex projects for our clients.
We can identify risks and opportunities, recommending an array
of approaches and solutions. All of Imtech ICT’s consultants are
accredited to the highest level and practical experience in their field.
How it helps
Imtech ICT’s consultancy team can help build new systems, storage
facilities or networks, and even redesign an existing one. Furthermore,
our senior security consultants can define the optimal ‘peace of mind’
solution that is both secured and assured. We will work collaboratively
with your engineering and operations team to understand your
organisation’s systems and network requirements. In this way, we
can highlight the latest solutions and technologies that apply to your
specific infrastructure, recommending industry best practices and
assist in creating specific software configurations that support an
infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, reliable and secure.
Business Benefits
Troubleshooting and operations support
Configuration analysis
Technical liaison for support and
development teams
Test product features and functionality
Businesses continue to evolve networking
infrastructure and services to enhance
productivity to meet pre-defined business
goals. Deploying a high quality and
cost effective ICT solution is critical for
meeting growth requirements, maximising
competitive edge and enhancing end user
experience. Imtech ICT provides the right combination of people and processes to do just that.
What we do
Imtech ICT’s Installation services are focused on providing all the
technical support and resources needed to efficiently and cost
effectively install server, storage and network equipment in brand
new, upgrade and change-out installations. Our Hardware Installation
services present a completely tailored and flexible solution. We offer a
variety of options which provide extensive support and deliver superior
execution to help ensure your equipment is correctly installed, tested
and functioning as engineered and specified.
Pre-installation services include detailed planning and set-up meetings
to agree the level and type of service you require. This takes into
account site surveys and full risk assessment, which feature detailed site
reports and ‘Bill of Material’ specifications for the targeted installation
work. We also offer a variety of pre-staging options from basic
equipment assembly and test, through to full solution build and test.
This service also includes full management of the procurement process;
from ordering and tracking through to shipment and acceptance of
equipment at customer site.
Installation and Commissioning services include the installation and
provisioning of power, racks, fibre, storage, server and network
equipment as well as suitable testing and handover.
How it helps
Imtech ICT’s engineering personnel are regularly praised by customers
for being the most professional, responsive and customer-focused
teams they have ever worked with. Our engineers are highly practiced
and fully competent in all aspects of the build, configuration,
deployment and commissioning of ICT equipment and when
combined with our Project and Consulting teams, provide the
knowledge and confidence that the business is working with a ‘safe
pair of hands’ which can seemlessly manage all project requirements.
Business Benefits
Reduces the risk of error for equipment installation by leveraging a
consistent, quality delivery process
Provides a scalable, flexible and
comprehensive approach, using highly
experienced and reliable personnel to ensure
a seamless customer experience
Speeds up the rollout of innovative and new
ventures and accelerates deployment of new
services and applications
Deploys complex products and technologies
efficiently and with fewer complications
Imtech ICT delivers pro-active Monitoring
and Management of servers to allow
customers to focus on core business
activities. Regularly generated, accurate and
tangible system performance information
allows businesses to plan for the future
demands of IT, benefit from newer
technologies and respond to requests for
improved productivity and availability.
What we do
Imtech ICT offers a Server Monitoring and Management service
for guaranteed 24 x 7 operations. Our technical and operational
engineers are always on hand to ensure full server productivity. If any
hardware problems occur, then our Service Desk provides proactive,
expert technical responses and vendor management of calls to the
manufacturer or customer’s preferred maintainer as and when
required. We cover all administrative and operational tasks to ensure
services continue running at optimal levels as well as identifying and
reporting faults and owning the process for problems management.
Our online Service Desk portal allows customers to track and raise calls
in addition to telephoning the Service Desk directly for immediate or
urgent assistance.
Systems operations for our customers around mutually agreed SLA’s
allows for complete off-site management of the IT estate - this ensures
customers can continue running the business whilst infrastructure
and resource for operational tasks are proficiently covered. In some
circumstances, application support can also be included within the
How it helps
Imtech ICT offers varying levels of support to cater for production
environments through to general maintenance of test, development,
High Availability or legacy servers across multiple vendor platforms.
Business Benefits
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allows customers to rest assured that
any actions are being dealt with promptly and ensures minimal or no
disruption to the business
Qualified, experienced and highly skilled consultants available via a 24 x 7
Service Desk
No loss of cover for annual / sickness leave
Passing responsibility to Imtech ICT means your IT staff are able to focus
on other business focused projects, thus driving more productivity and
profitability into the company
Through regular Service Reviews, there is
always advice from specialists on application,
architectural and configuration improvements
which results in an estate that always achieves
best practice standards
Imtech ICT’s Traffic Management service
provides valuable network analysis and
business intelligence. For enterprises, this
information is used to efficiently optimise
the network and in doing so, significantly
improves overall productivity. We can
ensure the performance of mission-critical
applications, (such as VoIP and SAP) and
help contain ongoing network costs - and all
in a way that is transparent to end users.
What we do
Imtech ICT’s scalable solutions link enterprise business policies to
specific network actions to optimise corporate network WANs
and prioritise mission-critical applications in order to deliver major
performance improvements. We help our customers define a Traffic
Management policy that is most appropriate to their business. Our
Managed Services team will then convert these policies into workable
processes to better manage bandwidth and maximise network
performance in the long-term.
The results are very powerful; with actionable data about end user’s
behaviour and traffic patterns, control can subsequently be introduced
into the network. This can ensure that business critical applications
are not starved of bandwidth and employees can gain access to the
infromation they most need quickly and reliably.
How it helps
With pressure on margin and profitability, many companies need
to ensure that valuable bandwidth is carrying, as a priority, business
related applications to ensure overall productivity for the organisation.
Believe it or not, unwanted traffic is on your network. Utilising best
of breed technology, Imtech ICT can confidently give your business
a key insight into how the corporate WAN is being used with our
non-intrusive and innovative Bandwidth Reporting & Monitoring tools.
What is more, Imtech ICT can offer companies a cost effective monthly
Traffic Management Service in order to provide much-needed network
visibility on an on going basis.
Business Benefits
Network Profiling – understand exactly how your corporate bandwidth is
being used
Initial Network Report - key applications will be identified and policies put
into place
All Hardware and Software maintenance included in fixed monthly
service charge
24 x 7 x 365 Management & Monitoring
Service - our experts can centrally manage
and monitor your network around the clock
Business Continuity requires planning,
investment and suitably scheduled
testing to ensure a working process. How
much depends on the specific needs of
your business. The important question
to ask is how long could your business
cope without its core business systems,
applications and data being available?
What we do
Imtech ICT combines its extensive skills and knowledge to deliver a
best of breed Business Continuity service (Disaster Recovery (DR), High
Availability (HA) & Continuous Data Protection (CDP)) to ensure that
our clients’ data, systems and applications are always available and
protected from planned and unplanned downtime.
By first understanding a customer’s individual requirements in
conjunction with the cost implications of different failure scenarios,
Imtech ICT’s consultants can put together a tailored service to
significantly increase the availability of core business applications.
How it helps
The ultimate goal when designing a Business Continuity solution is to
meet or improve upon the company’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) given a range of failure scenarios.
Our service delivers market-leading HA, DR and / or CDP technologies
to ensure a business can protect and secure its greatest asset – data.
Imtech ICT uses a consultative approach to firstly understand what is
currently in place, then by identifying the areas that could be improved,
we can provide a service which meets the businesses objectives and
restores availability to core applications within the shortest time frame
possible. We underpin our service with a number of market leading
vendors in order to propose the most effective and affordable service
offerings for our customers.
Business Benefits
Helps management teams identify ways to improve the company’s
RTO and RPO - including areas that have not previously been
An effecitive strategy helps make an organisation more robust and
demonstrates internally and externally the desire to ensure continuity of
Protects the company’s image, brand, share price and reputation - be
known as a reliable, dependable company and retain cutsomers
Significantly reduce financial losses if ever
hit by a disaster and recover as quickly as
possible from any systems outage
Imtech ICT design, implement and support
mission critical WAN infrastructures. Our
Professional Service teams enable our
enterprise clients to design and build the
optimum platform to support the ever
growing demands of their corporate ICT
What we do
Our managed and professional Wide Area Network services provide
comprehensive migration planning and implementation support, real
time monitoring systems and full in life support for UK and Global Wide
area network infrastructures. We have strong and trusted partnerships
with the world’s best of breed network operators and service providers
which enables us to provide a complete range of networking
technologies in over 200 countries.
Our 24 x 7 x 365 technical Service Desk support teams possess both the
depth and breadth of multiple IT disciplines that co-exist within today’s
mission critical client ICT environments, ranging from Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery platforms, Application stacks, Network technologies
and Server infrastructures; knowledge and experience of which is vital
when building and supporting effective WAN infrastructures.
How it helps
The Imtech ICT WAN service delivers to operational requirements and
client specifications and includes Professional Services, such as technical
architecture & infrastructure design, Prince 2 Project Management
and ITIL based Service Management through to technology platform,
network operator and vendor selection. This means that we can build
and deploy fully managed infrastructure services that are designed to
meet specific business requirements as opposed to enterprise clients
having to dovetail their operational and ICT needs into network
operators product portfolios.
Business Benefits
Working with us to enhance and manage your Wide Area ICT
infrastructure will enable you to;
Manage and mitigate the risks associated with change by
employing Imtech ICT’s technical teams to own the migration
Realise operational efficiencies by designing and implementing a
service that integrates into current business processes
Pass on the responsibility of managing multiple vendors via the 24
x 7 Imtech Service Desk, thus freeing up
internal resource to focus on productivity
and enterprise efficiencies
Develop a partnership with a trusted
advisor who will work openly with you to
develop a robust ICT strategy
Change Control
Incident Management
Problem Diagnosis
Service Desk
Today’s complex business environments require a new business
model. Tough competition and environments based on
convergence technologies are driving many businesses to look for a
partner to share the responsibility of managing and operating the
critical systems and network components of their business.
What we do
Imtech ICT is primed to provide businesses with a wealth of choice;
from outsourced activities, to the management of network elements,
infrastructure and equipment, whilst providing full visibility, access and
strategic control at all times.
Our flexible approach to Service & Maintenance means you can tap
into the services that are only right for your business needs; whether
this is a fully outsourced Managed Service or a technical escalation
path and hardware replacements, Imtech ICT’s services are here to give
you the choice around the maintenance of systems and / or network
elements. You will no longer need worry about resources, spare
parts and 24 x 7 monitoring - Imtech ICT can take care of everything
seemlessly on your behalf.
How it helps
Imtech ICT provides SLA management reporting and through the
evolution of our portal services, can make this available at anytime
from anywhere. This enables your business to efficiently and simply
control the continuation of service.
First Line Maintenance - corrective and preventative maintenance as
well as planned assistance and maintenance.
Remote Technical Support- following ITIL methodology, Incident,
Problem, Change and Configuration Management through our 24 x 7
x 365 Service Operations Centre.
Proactive Services - Technical Support System Engineers act as a singlepoint-of-contact to track incidents through to a successful resolution
System / Network Maintenance - Service Options - on going
maintenance of systems and networks protects business investments
and sustains your business, delivering the performance that end users
Business Benefits
Enables quick and easy incident tracking,
resolution and restoration
Answers technical, product-related
questions and specific feature and function
questions as and when needed
Helps identify and apply periodic software
maintenance fixes and software updates on
covered system or network elements
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