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Neustar® NumeriTrack®
MTN Nigeria Creates an Edge
With 42 million subscribers covering the most populous country in Africa,
MTN Nigeria has the challenge of delivering mobile services to one of
the fastest growing user bases in the world. MTN Nigeria prides itself in
delivering the latest services, including the introduction of mobile number
portability in Nigeria that has been greatly anticipated.
Customer Challenge
MTN Nigeria understood that mobile number portability would require the
efficient management of its many number resources, and streamlining
processes would ensure they were prepared to handle growing customer
demand. Communications service providers in Nigeria are charged per
telephone number allocated by the regulator, so accurate tracking and
forecasting are important. Purchasing excess numbers would increase
costs and inaccurate forecasting could incur fines by regulators.
MTN Nigeria was manually searching and managing numbers within
disparate systems, relying on multiple departments for information that
was then compiled, revalidated and analysed. It was clear that MTN
Nigeria needed to automate to better manage and provision its number
resources. Forward thinking led MTN Nigeria to review its processes and
identify key areas to improve upon in order to be a cutting edge provider
poised for growth.
The Solution
MTN Nigeria chose Neustar® NumeriTrack® to deliver new operational
efficiencies in provisioning and reporting. NumeriTrack helps ensure
readiness for number portability, and helps deliver a superior customer
experience every time.
MTN Nigeria saw logistical improvements that allow them to quickly
respond to market conditions. They know when stock levels are low in any
one place, at any one time, in advance so they can meet customer demand
and deliver new SIM kits and materials to partners when needed.
“The main benefit was ease of use – we are able to explore
and interrogate information and build intelligence on our
—Basit Arogundade, MTN Nigeria
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• Implementing number portability
• Multiple systems for number
• Provisioning new customers
• Manual processing
• Regulatory reporting
• Neustar NumeriTrack
• Deploy number portability
• One system to manage MSISDN
and number plans
• Reduced time to for regulatory
reporting from weeks to minutes
• Consolidate pre-pay provisioning
of number reservation information
• Manage 6 and 7-digit number
ranges all together
• Free resources for revenue and
customer-facing activities
• Increased MSISDN utilization,
reduced HLR capacity usage
“The time taken to carry out
querying and delivering results has
transformed significantly.”
—Basit Arogundade,
General Manager
IS Business Planning &
Solutions Architecture,
MTN Nigeria
For MTN, NumeriTrack delivers compelling market
intelligence and frees up resources with time
savings realized by more efficient day-to-day
number management operations.
MTN Nigeria can now:
• Manage its entire universe of numbering resources
in one place
• Meet customer demand for new numbers and
new services
• Anticipate and respond to market changes to
ensure sufficient stock throughout the country
• Establish the structure and systems to easily
manage inventory and create reports
Improves Customer Experience
With NumeriTrack:
• SIM cards always work the first time
• Customers can take their number to a new
operator when number portability is implemented
• Customers can keep their number when upgrading
to new services
Consolidates Systems
One solution to pull reports on:
• Active/inactive subscribers
• Inventory – available, MSISDN, quarantine
• Recycled/dormant pool
• Marketing/Sales reservations
• Numbers with suppliers
Improves Customer Support
and Service
MTN Nigeria staff can now:
• Register and manage its subscriber base in real-time
• Quickly search, identify and consign numbers
• Immediately respond to customer demand
• Deliver equipment on time and to the right place
Customer at a Glance
Company: MTN Nigeria
Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria
Customers: 42 million. MTN, Nigeria provides
network coverage to 85% of Nigeria’s land mass,
while 85% of the population have access to MTN’s
Vision: To be the leading provider of
telecommunications services in Nigeria with a mission
to provide 1st class network quality, customer service
and value.
About: MTN Nigeria Communications Limited is the
largest subsidiary in the MTN Group – Africa’s leading
mobile telephony company with operations in 21
countries in Africa and the Middle East.
Efficient Reporting
“Before NumeriTrack, querying took 5–10
minutes, depending on he task. Today,
processors are easier to manage and take
seconds to complete”
—Basit Arogundade, MTN Nigeria
With NumeriTrack, MTN Nigeria can:
• Understand business requirements in advance
• Pull up reports quickly and easily
• Report on used numbers
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