“Becoming who you really are”

Bespoke Nutrition
“Becoming who you really are”
Easter, Chocolate? No problem
Easter and the holidays are nearly upon us. Have you thought about
how you are going to maintain your weight loss, even lose weight over
Easter or are you going to indulge?
Whatever you decide to do here are some strategies to help
Enjoy small chocolate treats (yes) a good way of managing
what you eat but having a little of what you fancy
Burn off more calories now that its officially British Summer
Time (or sort of) go for long walks out in the fresh air in the
country or the coast
Try drinking plenty of water throughout the day
Check portion sizes and load up on lots of vegetables instead
Try different varieties of fruit- mango can be a satisfying treat
Have soup or salad before your main meal
Enjoy a low calorie hot chocolate drink instead
100 calorie chocolate treats or less!!!
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses: 4 kisses 89 calories, Hershey’s Sticks including milk chocolate
flavor: 1 stick (11 g) 60 calories, Nestle Dark Raisinets 1/8 cup 90 calories, Sugar-free instant
chocolate pudding made with fat-free milk 1/2 cup 80 calories, Skinny Cow Low-Fat Fudge Bar 100
calories, Quaker Mini Delights Chocolatey Drizzle Multigrain Cakes 1 pouch 90 calories, Quaker
Chewy Granola Bar Chocolate Chunk 90 calories and Kellogg’s Special K Bar Chocolately Drizzle
90 calories.
Why not try a Face to Face Nutrition Consultation to help you
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Nutrition Consultations are £75 including a bespoke plan or On-line Support & Plan
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