Complete business solution (ERP) for the shipyard and sub-supplier industry

MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution
Complete business solution (ERP)
for the shipyard and sub-supplier industry
First published June 2007
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Umoe Schat-Harding
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In order to build, maintain or supply components for ships and offshore
installations, you have to master the trade. So does your software supplier.
MultiPlus Solutions has 30 years of experience in the shipyard and subsupplier industry, and the ERP/business system MultiPlus Shipbuilding
Solution manages the total business process, from pre-calculations of a
new ship to repair projects until the ship has been completed.
Tailor-made for shipbuilding
In symbiosis with the maritime
an ERP system to the needs of the maritime
sector is neither a simple nor an inexpen-
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution is owned
sive task. Ask anyone who has ever tried!
and delivered by MultiPlus Solutions AS.
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In MultiPlus Solutions, you get a supplier
Become a partner in the maritime
that has been in a symbiotic relationship
with the maritime sector for decades. The
The MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution is a
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution system is
broad trade solution that is adjusted to
fundamentally tailor-made for shipyards
satisfy the specific needs of each customer.
and sub-suppliers, while the MultiPlus
The system is currently in use on three
Solutions consultants have developed a
continents. All customers have stringent
unique understanding for the trades and
requirements and provide us with inputs
needs of their customers, ever since our
for further developments. Through this
first shipyard customer was established
procedure, our customers become our most
in 1979. To us, this trade knowledge is a
important developmental partners, and
crucial competitive advantage, as adapting
together we constitute an exciting and
unique maritime cluster. As MultiPlus Solu-
«In many ways, we are more of a
partner than a customer of MultiPlus
Solutions. The system plays a key role
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MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution administers the complete business
process at shipyards and sub-supplier locations, from pre-calculations
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in our business operations and
developments. Therefore, it is crucial
that we do not enter into a static
position, but rather that the system
develops through the assistance of
users and customers, many of which
are our competitors. There exists a good
professional environment surrounding
MultiPlus and a continuous development of the standard system, which all
parties benefit from. We do not desire a
specialised solution.»
Inge-Jonny Hide
ICT Manager in Kleven Maritime,
Myklebust Verft, Norway
tions both owns and implements MultiPlus
Shipbuilding Solution, the road from valuable input to implementation in the standard
system is short. As customer, you become
an important partner in the maritime cluster
that is comprised of all the customers, and
you will benefit from the system developments on a continuous basis.
An investment to profit from
Many customers report that their investment
in MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution has been
returned several times, financially speaking.
In addition, there are advantages in terms of
efficiency-improvement, improved working
environments, as manual routines are made
more efficient, reporting in due time, correct
recipients and desired formats, simplified
document distribution and control etc.
to completion of new constructions and repair projects.
Profitable information sharing/
that was originally expected. What do you do?
Increasingly more shipping companies
new functionality arises. It attends to the complete business process from pre-calculations
knowledge management
You would have to cut open the engine room
require their suppliers to use systems simi-
of a new ship and repair work, via multi-version document and drawing management, to
Our trade knowledge is also apparent
and construct new parts. This will cause
lar to MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution, to
all procurement procedures, including project management, project supervision, finance
through the design of the system solutions
delays, additional costs, and discussions. The
ensure the desired progress and reporting
and HR. All system modules are fully integrated, and are thus using the same database.
in relation to communication and informa-
importance of good information sharing on
during the project.
Therefore, data is registered or created only once, and is immediately available in the vari-
tion sharing/knowledge management.
all levels can never be exaggerated. What if
When it comes to shipbuilding, there is no
deliveries are made too late – or too early?
A complete, integrated and
such thing as «simply starting» over if you
Where will it be stored? How many times
modular ERP system
make a mistake. If production is initiated on
must it be relocated at the shipyard until it is
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution is one of
Strengthened collaboration between internal and external resources
the wrong basis, the consequences can be
put into use? Who should be responsible for
Normally, shipbuilding projects undergo major alterations during each project. There
dramatic. MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution
doing this? How should the additional and
on a global scale that
ensures that everybody is operating on the
unnecessary liquidity load be managed?
ous modules. This creates great potential for major information efficiency, accuracy and
attends to all functions in a company, either
«To ensure earnings, we need a tool
are several parties involved, including classified company, shipping company, construc-
directly or through integration with special
that focuses on logistics management
tion engineer (3D, CAD etc.), project management, purchase/logistics, management and
systems. Some competing
systems merely
and cost control. MultiPlus Shipbuild-
personnel – and MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution is a contributor in allowing everybody to
manage a selection of industry-specific
ing Solution is particularly strong within
share information and collaborate in a flexible manner.
ensures that all project participants receive
tasks, requiring you to invest in additional,
these fields.»
Allow us to provide you with an example: A
information at the same time, and enables
large solutions. MultiPlus Shipbuilding
shipyard constructs engine mountings for
early tracking and correction of discrep-
Solution, however, covers your total need.
the main engine. At the same time, someone
ancies that may become time and cost
The system is modular and can be expand-
orders another type of engine than the one
ed with new modules KLASSESELSKAPER
whenever the need of
basis of the same drawing and document
In short, MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution
Hans-Børre Fiskaa
Financial Manager, Ulstein Verft,
Simplified communication and control
In many shipyards, ships are constructed from scratch. Other yards may outsource up
to 80 percent of the production to sub-suppliers. Such shipyards have become logistics
enterprises with an increasing need of stringent project management. Nevertheless, the
Design companies
equipment suppliers
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution enables systematic information sharing between all internal and
external players, including ship-owners, classification societies, design companies, equipment
suppliers, sub-contractors and authorities.
© Ulstein Group
responsibility conditions have not changed
can be directly integrated with the ERP
Shipbuilding Solution includes functionality for storage rental management, rental/use of
considerably. A shipyards risks being fined
solutions of the sub-suppliers, or indirectly
the shipyard’s employees, rental of tools and machinery etc. The system puts costs and
by the shipping company if delivery does
integrated through our e-Procurement
income where it belongs.
not occur in due time. Therefore, wait-
solution. Middleware solutions allow the
ing around for a central component to be
system to be used on portable terminals
For the maritime sector
delivered is not an option; the shipyard
such as PDAs, mobile phones, barcodes
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution is a specialised version of the ERP system MultiPlus.
needs continuous insight into the project
and mobile PCs. Moreover, you can set the
In the development of MultiPlus, the needs of the maritime sector have had a central
status. MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution
system up to register the preferred means
position. MultiPlus can be used by shipyards and the sub-supplier industry, but also by
can contribute in this regard. The system
of communication for each project partici-
companies that run another type of business. For example, owners/parent companies
pant, e.g. e-mail, XML, fax, letter. You can
can consolidate their projects and financial accounts by using MultiPlus. There also exist
issue one notice, and it will automatically
other production types in shipbuilding, such as assemble to order and serial production.
be delivered in the correct format.
MultiPlus is capable of contributing in this area, as well. Moreover, when a ship leaves
the harbour, the operation can be managed by the system. MultiPlus is the main system
Group picture from the contract signing with
In other words, MultiPlus Shipbuilding
SinoPacific Shipbuilding Group
of both cruise ships and ferries with associated land-based organisations.
Solution will serve as the effective com-
From the right: Chairman of the Board Tom Stolk
munication solution you have been wishing
of MultiPlus Solutions AS, CEO of SinoPacific Ship-
In other words, MultiPlus is the only system you need.
for in the project.
building Group Simon Liang and Managing Director
Open platform
Per Olav Helgeland of MultiPlus Solutions.
New business opportunities
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution is based on an open technology platform. This allows the
When production processes have been
system to be easily integrated with other software, and makes it easy to choose databases
outsourced, many shipyards find that sub-
and hardware pursuant to customer preferences. Our consultants have comprehensive
suppliers use the yard as their working
experience in this area. We also sell technological solutions, and can assist in terms of
base. This is not free of charge. MultiPlus
advice and guidance.
«We have great faith in MultiPlus Solutions’ long experience and competence
in our sector. The company has strong
references and good relations with
leading shipyards. The challenges of
modern shipbuilding are universal
when it comes to process and project
management, ERP and logistics. We
want to invest in MultiPlus Solutions’
competence in this field.»
Simon Liang
CEO, SinoPacific Shipbuilding Group,
P.R. China
© SinoPacific Shipbuilding Group
Obtaining an ERP system that works and can be developed
Business-critical advice, structured implementation, development
through a maritime cluster
It all comes down to
people and communication
Even the most impressive ERP systems have little value
without a strong functionality and the right people behind
it. The MultiPlus Solutions consultants have long-standing
experience and understand the desires and needs of the
shipbuilding industry. This is crucial to reap the benefits of
implementing a new ERP system.
Competence is crucial
yourself, without having the ERP sup-
this area compared to other suppliers: we have a functionality that
Competence and broad experience are cru-
plier present». We stand by this advice.
has been tested and is ready for the shipbuilding industry, whereas
cial elements in terms of planning and com-
Before you decide which ERP solution to
our competitors have to develop key functionality from scratch. This
pleting large and complicated ICT projects,
buy, we recommend that you visit one of
takes time, especially if you need to build industry competence at the
which the introduction of a new ERP system
our reference customers alone and check
same time.
really is. Our consultants know the industry
their experiences without having any of our
and the tasks at hand. With us, you will meet
eager sales people around. In MultiPlus
Our consultants are familiar with the tasks at hand, and administer
people whose career often had
Solutions, we are proud of the results we
a structured implementation and start-up. Ensuring that the com-
another starting point than ICT.
have created together with our customers,
plete organisation being included is greatly emphasised. We run
Project managers, financial man-
and we feel secure that such an experience
projects pursuant to a detailed and thoroughly tested quality plan
agers, managers in general – in
will be to our benefit.
which identifies areas of responsibility, tasks, qualitative targets,
short, people who have been in
positions we recognise with our cus-
milestones and approval procedures.
Test us in a pre-project!
Are you left with a competing alternative
24/365 Support
industry’s relevant needs and opportuni-
and us? Test us before you make your
At request, our support unit can be at your disposal 24 hours a day,
ties. Not least, we are very familiar with
final decision! The costs of completing
365 days a year. This service is offered to companies that operate
the importance of information sharing /
a pre-project are marginal compared to
around the clock and thus may have continuous questions related
knowledge management functionality,
tomers, and who are familiar with the
the consequences of making the wrong
to system functionality. Most of our customers enter into support
which are elements that are well attended to
decision. Through a pre-project, you will
agreements in which we are at their disposal within ordinary work-
in MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution.
experience first hand how MultiPlus Ship-
ing hours and answer all questions related to use and operation of
building Solution and the people behind it
the solution. An important advantage in having us as your supplier,
keep what we promise.
is the fact that the road from the support unit to the development
Before you decide
– talk to our customers
department is a short one. Also, what makes this industry truly
Once, the media asked us to identify our
Structured implementation
engaging and exciting, is the fact that an ERP system always needs
number one advice for companies that
In MultiPlus Solutions, we are known for
to continue to be developed pursuant to new customer desires
are about to purchase an ERP system.
delivering on time and on budget. Obviously,
and needs. In this regard, the support unit serves as an important
We answered: «Make a reference visit by
we have a great competitive advantage in
source of information in relation to customer needs.
Completing productions
MultiPlus Project Calculations, MultiPlus Project, MultiPlus Drawing
and Document Management
Complete control
of production
Project oriented production is what describes the shipyard and supplier
industry in a nutshell. With MultiPlus Project, you gain complete control of
A completely free structure and WBS create a basis of comparison between
various types of projects of various dimensions.
all resources and project accounts for complex productions, enabling you
Complete control with small and large projects
to measure cost-effectiveness in each total or partial delivery, and also in
You are in for a flying start when the sales department’s project calcula-
the company in general.
tion easily can be converted into a project, ready for completion and with all
the underlying documentation fully available from day one. From this point,
MultiPlus Project takes over, a system which supports all processes related
to efficient project management, from project definitions to invoicing. The
system detects all types of transactions that concern project elements, and is
thus the central nerve in any status follow-up. You receive a complete liquid-
– where delivery starts
ity and internal interest calculation on each project. The system is closely
«A tool that is effective in terms of
MultiPlus Project Calculations makes it
integrated with various planning tools, and has good and flexible reporting
leading complex projects is crucial to
easier to create calculations that are accu-
tools combined with a number of query functions for analysis and project
our competitive situation.»
rate, both in terms of price, delivery time,
follow-up. These features, in combination with the use of free, hierarchic tree
quality and risk. Calculations can be based
structures (WBS – work breakdown structures) in the project follow-up in
on concrete quotations from sub-suppliers,
MultiPlus, will provide you with answers to your questions without you having
«MultiPlus Drawing and Document
estimates or previous experience/post-cal-
to define a large number of new reports and queries.
Management helps us keep order
Rune Arnøy
Manager of Personnel, Quality and HR,
Bergen Yards, Norway
culation. The system allows you to weight
© Bergen Yards
Project Calculations
in terms of managing drawings and
the reliability of the partial prices in the
Drawing and document management are crucial project
documents. The system is a central
calculation, providing you with an idea of
element in our project management.
the accuracy of the calculation. Moreover,
You often find that a project foundation is not complete; neither in terms
We are able to complete increasingly
it will be possible to store and manage the
of budgeting or implementation, and working drawing revisions are made
more comprehensive and complex
calculation revisions, and you will have
during the course of the project. In addition, many shipyards experience
projects without increasing the number
complete control of all documentation and
additional orders of approximately 5-20 percent. MultiPlus Drawing and
of workers in the project groups. There
quotations from sub-suppliers. The solu-
Document Management has proved to be crucial for many of our custom-
are few of our projects that are drawn
tion also manages any currency changes.
ers, and ensures that all shortages, modifications and additional orders are
and completed at the time of contract
documented whenever classified companies, shipping companies, shipyard
signing. Therefore, it is crucial to us
By simulating and comparing the calcula-
inspectors or others require revisions, which in turn allows the shipyard
that the system keeps order in the revi-
tions, you are able to see the impact caused
invoice external parties in relation to performing these tasks. The system
sion and decision flow, ensuring that all
by variations in input factors. A graphic
ensures common storage, retrieval and control, which are contributing
players are informed and approvals can
presentation provides you with a quick
factors in creating efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a project. The cor-
be obtained on a continuous basis.»
overview of the calculation quality and the
rect version of drawings and documentation are distributed worldwide in
project risk level. Due to the calculation sys-
the preferred means of the recipients, e.g. by fax, post, e-mail, or through a
tem being cubic, analyses may be based on
project portal that is accessible to external and internal project participants.
any dimension, e.g. department, WBS (work
Through integration with plotters, distribution packages with drawings can
breakdown structure), time and cost category.
automatically be plotted.
Øyvind Sandvik
Planning Enginee
Kleven Maritime, Myklebust Verft AS,
Increasing cost-effectiveness by controlling logistics and the use of resources
MultiPlus Logistics, MultiPlus Middleware, MultiPlus Service and Maintenance,
MultiPlus Loan and Rental
Logistics – hand in hand with project management
The shipbuilding industry consists of large-scale buyers who need to be
in complete control of small and large purchases. MultiPlus Logistics is
the perfect fit for MultiPlus Project. The system integrates all functions
that concern the flow of goods and has separate, powerful tools related to
order management, invoicing, stock control and purchase. Any document
flow related to customers can thus occur automatically.
Fully integrated project and
bility in terms of identification, tracing and counting compared to barcode technology.
MultiPlus Solutions is a research partner of RFID, which is a technology that opens pos-
Information on purchases that are schedu-
sibilities of application in several other exciting areas as well.
led to take place at specific times goes
from Multi-Plus Project to MultiPlus
Drawings and finance
Logistics and the purchase department.
Components are linked to MultiPlus Drawing and Document Management, making it pos-
The logistics can constantly be monitored,
sible to view them in 2D or 3D. Click the component and receive both financial data and
from supplier, via arrival at the project or
any related documentation. MultiPlus Logistics is adapted for substantial automation of
stock, to the components are mounted on
routines and electronic document flow. Sub-suppliers report status directly into the
the building. The project workers, too, have
logistics system. This can occur through direct integration with the supplier’s ERP
this continuous overview, making it
system, or via e-Procurement. Regardless of the means chosen, the solution leads to
unnecessary for them to call upon the pur-
complete overview and control in relation to logistics, including the logistics processes in
chase department to check status.
the suppliers’ section. Through simple efforts, report flexibility provides an overview of
the total picture and detailed information on specific units.
A number of purchases will be projectspecific at a shipyard. Therefore, MultiPlus
In the air
Logistics includes very flexible solutions
MultiPlus Middleware makes MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution available on most portable
to accommodate the various types of
terminals. This makes it possible to participate in project completion through smart mobile
goods in a project and extensive use of the
phones while being on vacation. It also includes the possibility of making the ERP system
solution’s unique project stock solution.
available in the stock.
The solution can manage 999 different
stock numbers, and each of these can have
Technical and financial control with operating equipment
an unlimited number of location alterna-
Machinery, buildings or vehicles are expensive resources that require efficient utilisation,
tives. Functionality for duties and excise
regular service and maintenance. MultiPlus Service and Maintenance ensures that service
management can also be included.
and maintenance of operating equipment occurs at the right time, and that no equipment is
deteriorated or needs to be removed from operation unnecessarily. Thus, the system is an
Logistics definitely includes physical man-
important contributor in avoiding any stops in the project completion. Moreover, it can be
agement of components and items/delive-
used to control the principal’s operating equipment, and through this create opportunities
ries. MultiPlus Solutions has long-standing
of additional service deliveries.
experience in integration with internal
Operating equipment is not free. Therefore, any use needs to be priced in and continuously
transport systems and automatic and
registered in projects. The Module MultiPlus Loan and Rental works as a complete library
manual storage solutions. For example,
system for operating equipment, and provides total traceability on all tools and other rental
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution can use
objects distributed. Hence, loss and time spent searching can be reduced. All objects can
RFID identification. Using RFID (Radio Fre-
be classified into the exact categories used by the company, and it is easy to define the
quency Identification), identification
employees that have authorised access. In a rental, e.g. to the sub-supplier operating at the
occurs through the use of radio signals.
shipyard, invoices can be made automatically. The solution can be connected to the plant
This provides a whole new level of flexi-
and equipment register for automatic depreciation.
© Ulstein Group
Financial and administrative control and reporting
MultiPlus Finance, MultiPlus Analyzer, MultiPlus HR/Payroll, Personnel and Travel
Complete overview for
management and owners
MultiPlus Finance provides you with the control information you
need, when you need it. The system covers finance, taxes and fees,
creditor, debtor, budget, plant and equipment archive and liquidity.
Financial accounts are continuously updated, based on transactions across projects and units. Traceability is well attended to, and
the complete company history is easily available. Also, the system
provides unlimited budgeting opportunities. The finance solution
has the focus on the project and not administrative driven.
When an order is placed, this appears in the
tion to be directly adopted in their sepa-
discrepancies. User-friendliness has been a key target during the development of this
project, allowing management to compare
rate administration systems. Overall, the
tool, ensuring that you do not have to be a ICT expert to analyse data.
costs against budget and control project
functionality provides owners, managers
liquidity. The project liquidity function in
and authorities with a customised insight
Effective HR solutions
MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solution offers a
into key information that is crucial in their
To have highly motivated employees is one of the company’s most important competitive
complete overview of suppliers’ payment
work related to the company.
advantages. With MultiPlus HR/Payroll, Personnel and Travel, you will have the tool you
terms and future liquidity requirements. In
need to administer a complex system of agreements across national borders. The system
short: you have complete control of whether
Powerful tool for data analysis
offers full integration between project, payroll and accounts, and creates a foundation for
there is sufficient liquidity to cover running
In terms of following up on the opera-
efficiency-improvement of routines and accuracy in all employee-related information.
expenses, which ensures that deliveries, and
tion and development of a company, data
Communication with authorities, banks and employees is fully automatic and seamless.
thus the project as a whole, does not stop.
analysis is a key ingredient. MultiPlus
The system may be connected to various systems related to registration of hours. When the
Analyzer provides you with easy access to
employees have worked on different tasks, this will easily be attributed to the correct project.
Reporting to all involved parties
overall analyses, across the organisation
The reporting solution allows you to specify
and in depth of a specified project. The
This type of overview is not at least important in maintenance projects, where it is not possible
reports exactly as you wish. Through Multi-
system can process data from the various
to define accurately in advance the amount of work that will be consumed. Then, documen-
Plus’ standard distribution functionality,
professional areas and processes in the
tation is crucial, both in terms of reports and invoices to the customer. Moreover, the system
reports can automatically be issued in the
solution, and present the data as clearly
offers the possibility of creating a correct cost image. For example, the costs related to a
format and the through means desired by
laid-out graphics, charts, and in relation
component will not just comprise the purchase price of the components, but also the time
the recipient. For example, authorities and
to organisational charts, geographic units
consumed in relation to document management and stocking. Employees that travel may
a parent company may receive the same
etc. The system creates a quick overview
register both hours and travel expenses over the Internet, and they also have the possibility of
information electronically with different
of any situation, thus offering the pos-
establishing the associated work flow for approval routines. Overall benefits include the fact
formats and layouts, allowing the informa-
sibility of quickly tracing and explaining
that the project will always be updated as soon as hours and travels have been registered.
«If we are to continue our development,
we need to outperform our competitors in China. MultiPlus Drawing and
Document Management will help us
accomplish this.»
Peter Rösholm
CEO, DF-Marine, P.R. China
MultiPlus Solutions AS
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MultiPlus Shipbuiling Solutions meets all your business requirements
Finance // Planning // Project Monitoring // Logistics // Production // HR-Management
// Deviation Management // Service and Maintenance
// Drawing and Document Management // Project Pre-calculation // Customer Service/CRM
In order to build, maintain or supply components for
ships and offshore installations, you need know-how.
So does your ERP-supplier.
The business system MultiPlus Shipbuilding
building Solution administers the complete
Solution has been developed and is being
business process, from pre-calculations of a
further improved in close cooperation with
new ship and repair work, via multi-version
leading shipyards and suppliers worldwide.
document and drawing management, to all
The employees of MultiPlus Solutions – the
procurement procedures, including project
company behind the ERP system – are
management, project supervision, finance
extremely well familiar with this global
and HR. The system includes competent
industry. Therefore, we are a partner that
solutions for information sharing / know-
is capable of both listening and proposing
ledge management, which ensures that all
solutions that meet your future require-
project participants operate from the same
ments. MultiPlus Solutions and its custom-
drawing and document revisions, preven-
ers constitute a maritime cluster which all
ting errors and costly delays.
participating parties benefit from.
The business/ERP system MultiPlus Ship-