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Annexure #
About MLM Superb & Advantages
Commercial Proposal with Terms and Conditions
Technical Environment and Web Server specifications
Support System and AMC
Agreement and Signup Process with Cyrus
Why Cyrus and Contact us
Annexure -1 – About MLM Superb & Advantages
MLM Superb is a net based software solution in multi-level marketing companies operating in any sort of MLM
Business Plan such as Matrix, Binary, Generation, Australian Binary, Revolving Matrix, PV/BV Based Binary, Board
Plan, Hyper Binary, Rapid Binary, Daily Binary, Level Plan and more mlm software.
Multi-level marketing business with the use of MLM software is the most imperative business that you can initiate with
less investment. For multi-level marketing, Software for MLM is the right software that will assist you to keep a record
of all your network marketing business.
Cyrus offers a finish Real Time Web Centered (MLM Superb) MLM Control System depending on multilevel
marketing software. With immense experience in MLM Software Development, We have come up with adaptable
products to go with any type of MLM concept in time. To any MLM and Network Marketing concepts, we deliver ideal
solutions with multiple & advanced features, coupled with endless thoughts. We make sure that clients' prerequisites
are accomplished.
Cyrus is Top MLM Software Company. Gives best MLM website and MLM Software Development Services like
Software for MLM, Direct selling software and Binary MLM Software get high quality software for MLM at Very Low
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We Think Innovative
Costs with Best Worldwide Services in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Punjab, Chennai,
Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Dehradun, India, UK, USA
Our Direct selling software, MLM Software, Binary MLM Software and more software may be formulated with all the
current benefits involving Network marketing business planned, to bring you achievements on the run.
We can assist you for
MLM Plan Consultancy.
Complete Plan Evaluation.
Dynamic MLM Website.
Online MLM Software.
MLM Leaders Information.
MLM Company Promotion.
MLM E-Brochure Designing.
MLM Products.
MLM Job Consultancy.
MLM Legal Consultancy.
Stop MLM Solution"
We are waiting for an Opportunity to give you our 100% effort to automate your MLM business. Whether your
company is new or already established, you will get the Quality software Solution with Dedicated and expert Support.
Cyrus is committed to establishing a long and satisfying business relationship with its clients and it continuously seek
to develop technologies that are useful and affordable to small and growing MLM businesses.
We Are Expertise on following Compensation Plans:
Plan Coverage:
Regular Binary Plan.
Daily Binary Plan.
PV based Binary Plan.
Tri Binary Plan.
Australian Binary.
Matrix plan.
Level Binary Plan.
Force Matrix.
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We Think Innovative
Revolving Matrix .
Tri Matrix.
Step Break Plan.
Non working Plan.
Growth Plan.
Survey Plan .
Advertisement Plan.
Hybrid Plan.
Uni-Level Plan.
Level Plan .
Board Plan .
Generation Plan.
Growth Plan .
Auto Fill Income Plans .
Orbit Income Plan .
Repurchase Income Plan.
Investment Income Plan.
Any other Customized Plan.
Advantages of “MLM Superb”
A successful run of a multi-level marketing Company, need to have complete awareness of all aspects
related to handle the members profile, tree structures, payouts, rewards etc. so the company needs to
build up a bridge that can connect it to reach up-to the level to satisfy all the business need for its
members with an efficient and user friendly software.
Network marketing software must play a very crucial role for a profitable MLM Business with all lucrative
MLM software has its own irreplaceable place in the building up and growth of the company. It proves
the reliability of the company.
1. Domain Specialization & Expertise
Cyrus is having a board of all well trained professionals who has worked on all different aspects of network marketing
like: Plan Design, Income Calculations, How to grow the business, Tactics of stability, infrastructure maintenance
which boost an energy to knowledge, It’s a real backbone of the industry. This will also help and support you to
overcome all the hurdles which may come to your way.
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We Think Innovative
2. Any Type of Compensation Plan Expertise
Cyrus is well versed with all kind of MLM Plans; either its Binary, Matrix, Forced Matrix, Uni Level,
Helping, Investment, Board Plan, reverse 2 up, Party Plan, Spill-Over Binary Plan, Australian Binary Plan,
Stair Step Break Away Plain or any other customized Plan.
3. Customized Modules Availability
MLM Superb includes all customized modules like: SMS API Integration, Email System, E-pin Generator,
E-wallet, P-wallet, Franchise, Product Management, Shopping Module, Inventory, Courier Dispatch,
Customer support, Accounting, SEO/SMO, Advertising, and Payment Gateway Etc. A customized MLM
Software ensures you to select or choose any of our modules of your choice.
4. User Friendly Environment
If a person who is using any kind of software it must be very user friendly so that a layman can also work
who is just a beginner with computer knowledge, our MLM Superb provides an environment to do all
daily routine work on the software like MIS Reports, Payouts, Profiles Changes, Registrations, Tree
Searching, We are providing a very simple way to handle everything under one roof.
5. Fast up-gradations and changes possible
If a Network marketing company start a business then they must need the support to run the business
and they may need up-gradations and changes as per their business scenario, in that case they need a
very fast solution to do the needful, our application made to cater all the requirement dynamically so
that the up-gradations are possible with a very less time.
6. Easy Maintenance
Our MLM Superb Application Provides maximum dynamic settings from super admin, which you’re your
way simpler to get the things done, company can change in website, photos, news, seminars, events,
videos, plan changes, modification and addition of new packages, change in percentage Etc. which
makes a company headaches free which ensures 100% smooth maintenance.
7. Quality oriented ROI
Our MLM Superb Application is fully conversant with all the required featured and functionalities to run
a company to the long run, and may not require to invest further to make changes or to add new
features and modules. Which increase the reliability, quality and ultimately the return of your
8. Name Effect – Creating Brand
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(A Company of C4 Group)
We Think Innovative
The effect of a Brand name can be understood to see the portfolio of a company; many successful
Network Marketing companies have used our software and got the recognition in market only because
of hurdle free business, if software will be good then it will automatically create a Brand.
9. Research & Development unit to keep you updated with new features and technology
Simplify we are very professional peoples who knows the worth of a mistake for a Business runner. So
we have established an R&D department to provide features which gives you a easiest way to get the
things done, and better with the earliest, we are providing latest developments to our clients, we are
keep on launching new version.
10. Information & data Security enhancement to get a safe working environment with own data
The biggest thread for a company is the data and information security, which can destroy any business
and database play a vital role in this. We are working on such a platform where we can ensure you the
recovery of data in critical situation with assurance of safety; we are following crisis management in IT
sector and creating the policies accordingly.
11. Multi-Currency Support
This will provide an easy global access to spread your business in any country with any currency; we are
supporting the currency conversions.
12. Online Business Promotion and advertising support
You will be getting a SEO Friendly website to online business promotions as well as doing advertising of
your business plan on different MLM Portal, MLM News Portal, Classifieds, Facebook, Twitter, Google + .
13. MIS Reporting and easy documentation
You will be getting an ample of MIS reports to ease your business 100%, we are providing filtrations and
required search criteria on a single featured page to get the customized report in very less time. Get
welcome letter, Receipts, Vouchers, Commissions report in a single click.
14. Team Feedback and CRM
Cyrus believes on the relations from the root, and always making a healthy relationship between client
and company, so that we can understand his requirement and can act accordingly to get the things
done. Our CRM Teams conduct a scenario to gather the feedback information from client to make the
quality enhancements, product up-gradations and overall improvements.
15. The ultimate is it’s Cheapest cost in market, for such value added software, must compare
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We Think Innovative
We guarantee for our cost if anyone go and compare with any other vendor who ensure all these
advantages and features in the software, we suggest to get it compare with any one in term of Product
Quality and cost BOTH.
Few quicker list of Advantages to work with Cyrus (Must Experience)
1. Best Domain Name search which suits your business Need
2. 10-20 Different eye catching website designs as per your business need and you can choose
your own, and the flexibility to create as per your wish.
3. Customized Member panel design - Different look Menus, Colors, Themes, images Etc.
4. 3 Tier Architecture working, Captcha Code Security, Transaction Password, OTP (one time
5. Easy CMS (Content Management System) Experience to put News, Achievers, Event, Seminar,
Images, Videos, Feedback, Testimonials, Page Contents etc.
6. Dynamic Settings for easy up-gradations / De-gradation
7. Time being Alerts and Reminders in the software to run the system on real time basis.
8. Easy Accounting - with MLM Superb you must experience the best accounting by getting a debit
/ Credit statement like banks for sales, income, wallet transactions, product purchase, recharge,
incentive calculations,
9. Easy TDS management and filing the TDS to Government bodies
10. Internal Messaging, Support Ticket, Courier, Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, online chat, Social networking
are the key crux points with MLM Superb.
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We Think Innovative
Annexure -2 – Commercial Proposal with Terms and conditions
The commercial proposal & payments plan along with the terms & conditions are as per below:
Sr. No.
Description of Packages
MLM Superb V5.0 - Elite
INR 29,999 / USD 700
MLM Superb V5.0 - Professional
INR 44,999 / USD 1100
MLM Superb V5.0 - Corporate
INR 74,999 / USD 1650
MLM Superb V5.0 - SUPREMO
INR 1,09,999 / USD 2350
Note: All Package Cost are based on standard requirements, so we must need your actual requirement +
Concept to give you the best quote, the cost may be up and Down, depends on the requirement. Cyrus
will send the customized quotation.
For Package Comparison List, Kindly Contact @ +91-9799950444 / 555
Terms & Condition of Cyrus:
1. Project Cost: Client Need to make the payment as per the following payment terms:
Advance Payment 40% after the approval of this document and need to place a work
Payment of 40% at the time of Launch of Software Application.
Remaining Payment after 5 days from the date of launch.
PDC required as per given payment terms before starting the development work
2. Taxation: 12.36 % Service Tax as per Govt. Norms.
3. Delivery: The project implementation should be possible within 7-12 working Days from the
approval date of Proposal document.
4. Technical Support: One Year Support will be provided for from the date of Project Go-Live
Project Training: Training will be provided through Web manger telephonically.
6. Additional work: Additional work (Other than specified in this document) will be charged extra.
7. Validity: This offer is valid for 10 days from the above date.
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We Think Innovative
How to make Payments:
All the payments to be made payable at Jaipur to "Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd."
By Cash, Cheque, DD, Net Banking Transfer
For International Clients:
Via Swift Code, and Wire transfer, Western union transfer
Bank account Details:
Account Holder - Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd.,
Bank - HDFC Bank, Branch – Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
Account Type - Current Account, Account No - 05542020002384
IFSC Code – HDFC0000554
Annexure - 3 – Technical Environment and Web Server specifications
Software Development Platform Specifications:
Our complete website, software and application coding / tools will be on Microsoft Platform consisting
MS Visual Studio 8.0, 4.0 Frame work, MS SQL 2008, Ajax, Java scripts and some other web
scripts as required. All reports enabled to export to any of the Windows operations MS Office formats.
Web Server Specifications:
Our complete website & software is developed on the Microsoft platform which requires windows
based web hosting. On the racks now the latest window 7 operating systems are available along with
Microsoft SQL server 2008 versions that are latest & well suitable for our requirements. Further, we are
using Seagate Crystal Report as the Reporting tools. We need to ensure this compatibility on the web
server machine where ever we are hosting our website & software.
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(A Company of C4 Group)
We Think Innovative
Annexure - 4 – Support System and AMC
Cyrus endeavors to provide the highest levels of customer support and service. We use our own
products in providing our support, so it is in our best interests to show that these products are up to the
challenge. This Maintenance and Support Policy applies to existing software customers who have
purchased products or Services from Cyrus.
Normal office hours: Monday-Saturday 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM IST (Indian Standard Time), excluding Indian
public holidays.
Response time: Cyrus will respond to technical support enquiries by email or telephone within one
working Day.
Service access: Support is available by lodging a support request on the mail:
[email protected] or by Phone +91-141-6451888
Annexure - 5 – Agreement and Signup Process with Cyrus
1. Send us the work order via courier / Email along with the project details.
2. Contact with the proposal sender via Call / SMS / E-mail to know the process
3. Send us the confirmation of this document along with reference no. and make the payment in
the given as per the options available.
4. Use the following details to contact the marketing department
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(A Company of C4 Group)
We Think Innovative
Annexure - 6 – Why Cyrus & Contact us
1. Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd. - AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and Member of IAF
(International Accreditation Forum)
2. Cyrus follow all International Standards as a Core IT Company
3. Well Occupied IT Infrastructure in Top IT Hub Jaipur Rajasthan INDIA
4. Right solution at right time and right place
5. Must Read:
6. Recently selected for a Award from All India Achiever’s Foundation for a National
Level Award in IT Excellence.
7. Recently Selected for a Award from Socio Economic Progress for "Mother Teresa Excellence
8. "IT Excellence" Award from Akhil Bhartiya Vaishya Samaj
9. "IT Excellence" Award from Shri Agrasen Sikshan Samiti.
10. Review Ranked 4.3 Out of 5 From Justdial.
11. 4 Years Knowledge Expertise into IT Domain
12. We Follow Complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
13. 25+ highly skilled & experienced professional team Members
14. 5+ Highly Skilled Profession in R&D Department for future trends and Innovations
15. Highly Competitive Price never before you can Say “Cheap & Best Product Ever”
16. We have more than 4000 Sq. ft Carpet Area @ Jaipur, Rajasthan INDIA
17. 500 + Successful Installation Till date
18. More than 350+ client base including client in 9 Countries: USA, UK, Bangladesh, Africa, Italy,
Nigeria, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand.
19. Best Quality Software with very fast delivery of Software.
20. Dedicated Support Centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan INDIA
21. Flexible customization as per client requirement @ Very Less Charges.
22. Best Achievements and milestones in very Less Period
24. One Year Free Service Maintenance for all Services by Cyrus
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(A Company of C4 Group)
We Think Innovative
Contact Us:
Cyrus Building, E-317, Vaishali Nagar,
Opp. Crown Square, Gandhi Path, Jaipur - 302021,
Rajasthan, India
Phone: +91-141-4001185, Mobile: +91-9799950555/444
Email Ids:
Sales Dept – [email protected]
Accounts Dept – [email protected]
Support Dept – [email protected]
Chat IDs– sales.cyrus (Skype)
Our Portals:
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