Newsletter April 2015 - Swedish Business Council

April 2015
The Swedish Business Council (SBC), in the United Arab Emirates is a business group of more than 130 members, both companies and
Our mission statement is "To support and promote Swedish business interests in the UAE, and to encourage and promote relations between
Sweden and the UAE.”
The President’s lines
New identity of the Swedish
Business Council being launched
Dear members,
This letter represents the first step in making Swedish
Business Council’s services, activities, and events more
accessible to its members.
Our ambition is to offer our members a variety and a
mix of events based on our vision and mission. These
events could arise from your inputs as well as from
our own initiatives.
The first visual token is the launch of our new website
(, and this very Newsletter.
The website will be our prime source for
communication to and from our members. It will
include information about up-coming events,
invitations, feedback, testimonials, and member
benefits. It will also provide the opportunity to
advertise your planned activities.
The Newsletter can be downloaded from our website
or it will be distributed electronically to those who will
subscribe. It will contain information about board
decisions, up-coming conferences, business visits and
seminars together with social events and celebrations.
It will also include activities that are organized by the
Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden, the Swedish
Church and other Swedish organizations in the UAE.
If you are the contact person in your company, you are
requested to distribute this Newsletter to your
More inside!
29 April
Sundowner at Media One Hotel
30 April
Walpurgis at Norwegian Seamen’s
Centre/Swedish Church
27 May
28 May
Business Lunch at Emirates Golf Club
6 June
Celebration of Swedish National Day
Please visit us at
The organization 2015
The Swedish Business Council is operating through an
Executive Committee that is divided into
subcommittees. The Swedish Business Council
employs two Executive Directors.
Bengt Ternström, Global Health Partner
Mattias Rodier, Volvo
Member categories
Communication Committee:
Patrik Halldén, GAC
Rosie Kropp, Lavendel
Large Corporate – Ordinary Member 3
AED 4,ooo/year
Medium Corporate – Ordinary Member 2
(6-10 employees)
AED 3,000/year
Event Committee:
Nils Axing, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr
Small Corporate – Ordinary Member 1
(1-5 employees)
AED 1,500/year
Members Committee:
Erik Bernsten, Swiss International Scientific School
Lisa Nyman, Ericsson
Individual – Associated Member
AED 400/year
Executive Director:
Maya Ternström
Overseas Member/Supporting Member
(non Swedish Company)
AED 3,000/year
Assistant Executive Director:
Victoria Karlsson
If your are not yet a member you can register for
membership on our website or contact our
Executive Directors directly.
Fell free to contact anyone at the Swedish Business
Council for further information and suggestions.
Looking forward working with and for you to increase
Swedish Business opportunities in the UAE.
Bengt Ternström
Swedish Business Council
Swedish Business Council, Dubai
P.O Box 25906
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
Mobile: 056 114 53 95
E-mail: [email protected]