The Tormentors- A Biography of An East African `Amniyat`

Emigrants of East Africa Present
“The Tormentors”
A Biography of An East African Amniyat
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
The biography of the martyr, Brother Ruta (“Roots”) – May Allah Accept Him. Brother Ruta is a martyr
as we consider him. The Brother grew up in Tanzania and later emigrated to Majengo, Nairobi in Kenya
where he became part of the Majengo brotherhood spreading the word of Islam in the slums.
In Majengo, Brother Ruta or “Roots” as he was known in Majengo was a religious and caring brother. He
would frequently travel to Kibera, Kawangware and Majengo in Mombasa with the Majengo brothers
performing Dawa.
While the brother entered the Jihad in Somalia late, in Somalia, he enjoyed the companionship of several
Majengo brothers, including Sheikh Abu Zinnirah, may Allah protect him. The brother participated in
Jihad in Somalia and learned the ways of the Mujahideen.
On his return to East Africa to begin Jihad, he was warmly embraced by the brothers in Majengo, and
received appreciation from Sheikh Aboud Rogo and Sheikh Abubakar Ahmed Shariff (may Allah accept
them). Like his Sheikhs, Brother Ruta endured the persistent harassment by the Kuffar. Part of this was
the Kuffar placing him under restrictions in Nairobi.
In spite of the constant harassment, and restrictions, Brother Ruta persevered working with returning
Mujahideen from Somalia and planning operations with senior Kenyan Aminyats, including Sheikh
“Buda” in Mombasa. By night the brother would move from location to location delivering operational
plans to the brothers. By morning, he would be back in Majengo in Nairobi carrying out Dawa.
In 2012, Brother Ruta was given several important missions across East Africa, which he successfully
completed, thanks to Allah. He was one of the first brothers from Majengo to enjoy good relations with
brothers in Pemba in Tanzania. And in 2013, under the direction of Sheikh “Buda”, he started operations
that took him across three borders in East Africa. The brother was so blessed by Allah that he would
carry out border operations under the noses of the Kuffar.
On March 17 2013, after serving Allah to his fullest on this earth, Brother Ruta received his Shahada in
Majengo, Nairobi at the hands of the Kuffar. He was married to two sisters who Allah blessed them with
We ask Allah to accept him among the venerable East African martyrs.