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Welcome to
A strategic position. An equally strategic timing.
This is QNet today: an esteemed, dominant player in the Asian network
marketing industry, with substantial operations in other continents as well.
Geographically, we are well entrenched in the region that is an emerging
world economic power. Asia has risen from the global recession more
quickly than North America and Europe, and many countries here
– China and India most readily come to mind – are challenging the
political, financial, economic and technological dominance that the
countries of the West and the North have long held.
Economically, QNet is at the forefront of the network marketing
industry, which has evolved into a professional industry generating
billions of dollars in economic value globally, with equally impressive
output in terms of wellness product research and development, and in
creating wealth through new and increasing household incomes. It has
caught the serious attention of economists, academics and traditional
business leaders; it offers a profession that is often as systematic and
knowledge-based as today’s typical corporate work, yet with rewards
well beyond the average white-collar job.
QNet is in the right place, and at the ripe time.
We confidently fill the need for highly professionalised, ethically run,
competently managed network marketing companies in Asia, and in the
rest of the globe. QNet, as a brand, stands up to public scrutiny: with
our unquestionable product quality and value, the integrity and expertise
of Management, and the professional standards and continuing
development of our Independent Representatives (IRs).
Equally crucial is the example we provide through our mission. The
philosophy – ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ – has never been
merely a catchphrase for an official Corporate Social Responsibility
programme. Rather, we have consistently, consciously worked so
that it underlies all our business objectives and characterises all our
operations. In a world fraught with need due to climate, economic,
health and other crises, QNet is a force of change.
That said, this historic confluence of time, of place and of mission, is the
clearest signal we have – that we are not only here to redefine the future
for millions of customers and IRs worldwide. We are actually, actively
redefining the present – for so many others more – even as we speak.
Donna Imson
Executive Chairperson
QNet Ltd
We are in an extraordinary time of change and transformation. Since we
started in 1998, we have grown as a company in leaps and bounds and
have reached into corners of the globe that we never imagined possible.
We have evolved, just as you have. And you represent a tremendous
diversity of who we are as a company, who we are as a business,
and who we are globally. To meet the diverse needs of our global
representatives, we have had to constantly adapt, adjust and
accommodate. What you see today is a fresh new entity that has
emerged through this period of evolution.
Young, vibrant and dynamic, QNet as you see it today is the
embodiment of change and progress. With our range of high-quality
products and services exclusively created for QNet by leading industry
partners, QNet represents the lifestyle to which many aspire, as well as
the opportunity to achieve it.
We have built a global family of independent business owners in the
past decade. We have forged life-long relationships, which are an
integral part of our success. And most importantly, we have helped
turn the economic engines around for many people to create a secure
environment to raise their children to a higher standard of living.
In this new phase of our business, we are geared to serve you better
and to engage with you more. We are positioned to listen even more
closely to your feedback and suggestions that help us improve
constantly. This is a time of renewed passion and vigour; an important
period in our timeline that will go down in history as a turning point.
We are launching a whole new range of exciting products and services
that we are sure you’ll love. Our consumable product lines are getting
a boost of more new and exclusive brands. An exciting new era of
advancements in IT and mobile applications are set to revolutionise
the way you do business and give even more meaning to the concept
of being able to do business ‘everywhere and anywhere’. And we now
speak more of your languages through our international support centre
and marketing materials.
Continuing on the success of our past sports sponsorships, we are
embarking on building a global brand through our association with
international sports entities that will bring the QNet brand into your
home. Our philanthropic arm is working closely with many more
international NGOs and charitable institutions on long-term sustainable
projects to give back to the communities in which you build your
But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamental principle
on which the company was founded – RYTHM. This essence of QNet
remains - ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’. This is the glue that holds
us all together. It has been one of the most powerful aspects of our
company that has inspired many, including myself. QNet inspires
people to make something of themselves and pay it forward. And that is
something I am both excited and proud to be a part of.
Welcome to QNet!
JR Mayer
Managing Director
QNet Ltd
QNet is a dynamic wellness and lifestyle company established
in 1998 to enrich the lives of its customers worldwide.
A true innovator within the industry, QNet had the foresight in 1998 to combine the
then-recent phenomenon of e-commerce, with the long-established distribution
method of network marketing. The result was a defiance of geographical borders
within an industry that holds immense potential for personal and financial growth.
Through innovative and exclusive products that engender high
brand loyalty and satisfaction, combined with local, on-ground
support and services, QNet has established itself as a global
direct selling company with a proud Asian heritage. By offering
a proven business opportunity to promote the company’s
products, QNet also represents a promising and rewarding
profession for entrepreneurs to work for themselves, earning
additional or sole income.
QNet’s key markets are found within South-East Asia (where the company was
founded), Southern Asia, Northern and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa,
however QNet distributors are active worldwide. The future is set to see the company
expanding into Europe, North and South America.
While the company’s global presence continues to grow, QNet is actively localising
companies in various markets to meet growing demand and to better service local
needs. Localised companies operate with tailored on-ground support, services,
infrastructure, currency, and local products. To date, QNet supports localised
companies in Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Taiwan and Sri Lanka; soon to follow
are Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, the UAE, and Thailand, among other key regions.
QNet is driven by the mission of ‘Raise Yourself To Help
Mankind’ (RYTHM). This philosophy is embodied in many
widespread educational, environmental, cultural, and disaster
relief philanthropic initiatives, which are enabled by our
Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the RYTHM Foundation.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, QNet has spent more than
a decade developing a strong global reach, with millions of
satisfied retail customers and independent distributors around
the world. The company is the main subsidiary of international
conglomerate, the QI Group. The Group has varied business
interests, including direct selling and e-commerce, lifestyle and
leisure, investments and property management, training and
conference management, telecommunications, and luxury
and collectibles.
QNet headquarters is located
on the 47th floor of Hong Kong’s
renowned Bank of China Tower.
Through a careful combination of localised companies, Network Support Centres
(NSCs), and agent representative offices, QNet strives to continually expand its local,
on-ground support to best service an expanding retail customer base and a growing
network of distributors.
QNet, through its global business and also through its localised companies,
is a member of various industry bodies, such as the Direct Selling Association
Singapore (DSAS), the Malaysian Direct Distributors Association (MDDA), and the
Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM). The company is also actively involved
in the industry through either partnerships with, or attendance at, professional
events such as the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), the Dubai Direct
Selling Festival, and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA)
World Conference.
For the past three years, the company has been recognised as a ‘Caring Company’
by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, which credits companies with a
high standard of organisational practices. QNet also recently received recognition
within Indonesia as one of the leading companies within the industry in terms
of transparency, product quality, and internal and external communications.
Furthermore, QNet holds a CaseTrust (Storefront) accreditation for Good Business
Practices, awarded in 2004 to recognise fair and ethical business practices, sales
and after-sales service, well-trained staff, well-maintained facilities, and good
business integrity.
QNet is a strong supporter of the growing direct selling industry. We champion
the progress, professionalisation and promotion of the industry as being one
that provides a viable and fruitful profession to people from all socioeconomic
COMMITMENT QNet is guided by a Vision, Mission and Core Values, shared by each and every member of the
company. Underlying its operations is a commitment to professionalism and a dedication to service.
“Our Vision is to be a global leader and influencer within the direct selling industry, with a
commitment to adhering to the highest standards in professional business practices at a
corporate level and within our worldwide network of distributors.”
‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ (RYTHM)
“Our Mission is to help individuals reach their potential and achieve their goals by offering
entrepreneurial opportunities and the highest quality products, all while contributing to the global
community through RYTHM.”
Core Values
Our Core Values are summarised by the acronym of S.T.I.R.
“We dedicate ourselves to the service of others through all our daily business operations.”
“We work together as a unified team with a common goal in order to achieve the best outcome to
the benefit of everyone. We are many and varied, but we work together as one.”
“We conduct ourselves and all our business dealings with the utmost of integrity, and we treat
others with total honesty and genuine respect.”
“Whether it is in our business actions or within our philanthropic activities, we are dedicated
to achieving the highest results for our major stakeholders – the company, our Independent
Representatives (IRs), customers, shareholders, employees, and the wider community.”
care, body care, cosmetics and home care.
The popularity of these products has resulted
in even more customers being attracted to
the company’s product portfolio, regardless
of whether or not they avail themselves of the
inherent business opportunity.
In the late ‘90s, a small but ambitious
company was born amidst the Asian financial
crisis and at a time still remembered for
‘bursting the dot-com bubble’.
While traditional and online businesses
throughout Asia were closing their doors, the
journey had only just begun for this innovative
and determined Philippine-based direct selling
With a vision to change the lives of people
around the globe, this company combined
the potential of the Internet and e-commerce
with the powerful business model of network
More than a decade later, with international
headquarters in Hong Kong and a customer
base of millions, this ‘small but ambitious
company’ is anything but small and perhaps
even more ambitious than ever. An exclusive
and exhaustive portfolio of innovative products
continues to evolve to meet the lifestyle
and wellness needs of our customers and
distributors; our products support the seamless
QNet compensation plan that serves as a
vehicle for entrepreneurs to take control of their
lives and finances.
Utilising the modality of business-to-consumer
(B2C) e-commerce, the company begun in
1998 with an initial offering of high-value
coins and medallions of superior quality and
collectible potential. The company quickly
established itself as one of the world’s
leading numismatics companies, with official
distribution rights to commemorative coin
programmes for the Olympic Games (2000,
2004, 2008), the Fédération Internationale de
Football Association (FIFA), and the United
Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization
(FAO). In 2000, the company formalised a
strategic alliance with B.H. Mayer’s Mint,
Germany – one of the oldest privately owned
mints in Europe and now the exclusive
producer of the company’s coins and medallion
brand, JR Mayer Collections®.
In 2002, the company expanded its popular
product range to include vacation packages
and holiday exchange programmes through
the QVI Club brand, and in 2006 – as a result
of a multimillion investment by the QI Group
in a resort in Koh Samui, Thailand – Prana
Resorts & Spa was exclusively added to the
QVI Club list of Home Resorts. The initial
investment by the QI Group included the entire
renovation, expansion, re-naming, re-branding
and re-opening of the resort. Prana is the first
resort in what is set to be a chain of completely
vegetarian wellness resorts.
By 2004, the company had introduced
another product line to its stable; the
Bernhard H. Mayer® luxury brand of watches and
jewellery has today developed into a world-class
icon representing quality, exclusivity and
value. In 2006, the QI Group acquired a Swiss
watch manufacturer in Zurich, Switzerland,
which solidified the QNet watch range to allow
complete in-house design and manufacturing
of Swiss-made Bernhard H. Mayer® watches by
skilled horologists and craftsmen.
In 2005, the QI Group acquired a UK-based
independent telecommunications provider with
a strong background in providing advanced
communications solutions and technology in
the United Kingdom. In the years that have
followed, this investment has been responsible
for QNet’s world-class technologies provided
through its In-Voice telecommunications brand,
which had been launched in 2004 and offers
mobile phones and economical Internet-based
The company’s product portfolio was further
enhanced in 2006 by the introduction of
a unique wellness product line, branded
Amezcua, which is considered revolutionary in
its function of enhancing the quality and energy
levels of water and the human body. Today,
Amezcua has proven to be among the most
popular product lines sold by QNet. Since 2006,
two more original energy brands have been
introduced: the Himalayan Crystal CollectionTM
natural energy jewellery range and Veloci-Ti
energised titanium performance pendants.
Both take the concept of wellness and energy
a step further by combining innovative wellness
aspects with fine jewellery designs.
The year 2008 saw expansion into
consumable and household products with new
and exclusive product lines of nutrition, skin
This evolution and diversification of product
lines, combined with the company’s active
localisation-within-globalisation operational
strategy, was the catalyst in 2010 for the
company to undergo a strategic repositioning
and rebranding. Formerly known as QuestNet,
2010 saw the arrival of QNet to reflect the
natural progression and shifting business
model of the company.
Today, QNet is a modern and progressive
player on a global scale, and a clear leader
and positive influencer within the Asian direct
selling profession, particularly in countries
throughout the world in which direct selling and
network marketing are relatively new concepts.
Through public education campaigns and
awareness activities, QNet is playing a
proactive role in introducing the independent
business opportunity of direct selling into new
markets, consequently contributing to local
economies and to the social advancement
of both developing and developed nations.
At the same time, QNet is also moving into
other, more developed markets in which the
direct selling profession is well rooted within
the community and widely recognised as a
viable and professional business option for
Throughout its dynamic history, the company’s
commitment to RYTHM has never faltered,
and QNet continues to strengthen its ties in
the communities in which it operates through
meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
activities and contributions.
• Amidst the Asian
economic crisis and dot-com
rubble, a group of friends
led by two charismatic
personalities set up a
multilevel marketing business
in Manila, Philippines, known
today the world over as QNet.
• Founders Vijay Eswaran
and Joseph Bismark lead
a team of enthusiastic,
hardworking, young and
corporate-savvy entrepreneurs
to set up international
headquarters in the dynamic
city of Hong Kong.
• QNet procures the
official rights to distribute the
commemorative coins for the
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
• As opposed to the
spawning of door-to-door
direct selling, QNet redefines
business and becomes
credited as one of the first
Asian companies to push
network marketing online as
it launches its official website.
The company merges direct
sales and multilevel marketing
together with a diverse
range of luxury jewellery and
watches and collectible coins
and medallions (numismatics)
as its sales model.
• Following the successful
entry into the numismatics
industry, QNet continues
to expand internationally
through backward integration.
The company formalises a
strategic alliance with
B.H. Mayer’s Mint Germany, one
of the oldest, privately owned
mints in Europe. Absolute
product quality control,
superior craftsmanship, and
state-of-the-art equipment
guarantee the production of
the highest quality products.
• The QNet enterprise
flourishes throughout
Southeast Asia, beginning
with Singapore and Malaysia.
• The eStore is integrated
into the QNet website to
maximise opportunities for
Internet commerce and
deepen the company’s
relationships with its clients.
• The V (the network training
arm of QNet) celebrates its
first anniversary at the Westin
Philippine Plaza Hotel with
1,000 guests.
• An historic 5,000 network
marketers are recorded in
attendance of The V gathering
at the ULTRA Stadium,
• The company secures
a landmark deal for official
marketing rights to the 2002
FIFA World Cup Korea Japan
coin programme. QNet
is also appointed by the
United Nations’ Food and
Agriculture Organization (FAO)
as an exclusive worldwide
agent of the FAO Gold Coins
• QNet reaches India, Dubai,
Indonesia and Thailand.
• Following the success of
the network gathering held the
previous year by The V in The
Philippines, the V-Convention
series of events are launched,
with the inaugural event held
in Bali, Indonesia.
• QNet launches its QVI Club
brand of holiday packages
and subsequently partners
with one of the world’s leading
providers of products and
services in the travel and
leisure industries.
• The company enhances its
eStore by launching a diverse
Cycle Redemption collection
with 100-plus products that
include luxury jewellery,
timepieces and accessories.
• QNet representative offices
are opened in Taiwan and
Abu Dhabi and business
expands to countries such as
Australia, United Arab Emirates,
Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom,
Finland, and East Europe.
• Microsoft spotlights QNet
as one of the early adopters
of Internet technology as
QNet deploys Microsoft®
Server 2003, a fault-tolerant
environment providing
first-class security, enhanced
system manageability, and
high volume transaction
• QNet forms a strategic
alliance with the International
Badminton Federation
(IBF) and sponsors the
2003 QI-IBF Badminton
World Championships in
Birmingham, England.
• The company presents
‘Disney on Ice – Beauty
and the Beast’ in Penang,
Malaysia, for an audience of
200 orphaned children.
• QNet becomes the
second-largest exhibitor at
the Singapore International
Coin Show at Suntec,
• QNet participates in the
2003 Kuala Lumpur International
Money Fair in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, and is awarded
as the second-largest,
most interactive, and most
frequently visited booth.
• The company reinforces
its international presence as
it is appointed as one of the
few authorised distributors of
official coins for the Athens
2004 Olympic Games.
• QNet carves another
milestone as it is
honourably appointed as a
licensed distributor of the
Fédération Internationale
de Football Association
(FIFA) commemorative coin
programme for a record
89 countries.
• The full spectrum of
QNet’s current and upcoming
products is exhibited for the
first time ever at V-Convention
2004 held at Dubai and
coinciding with the sixth
anniversary of QNet.
• A signing ceremony is
held between QNet and
the Ministry of Tourism of
Cambodia for the Angkor
Wat Commemorative Coin
endorsement. A substantial
donation is given to the
country’s Red Cross
• QNet releases a new
Compensation Plan
supplemented with attractive
opportunities and benefits.
• QNet introduces two more
brands to the network: luxury
watch and jewellery brand
Bernhard H. Mayer® and the
In-Voice telecommunications
• QNet invests in a
UK-based independent
telecommunications provider
that has delivered some
of the most advanced
telecommunications solutions
in the United Kingdom.
The telco supplier is later
responsible for some of
QNet’s innovatively popular
products in its In-Voice brand.
• The number of QNet
Independent Representatives
around the world reaches
one million.
• QNet dispatches SMS
communication with IR leaders
worldwide for weekly updates
and news to the network.
• QNet, through RYTHM
Foundation, plays an active
role in relief operations
throughout countries affected
by the December 2004 Asian
• In the Sphere of Silence
book by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran
is launched, heralded by
a commemorative SOS
Tonneau Coin Watch by
Bernhard H. Mayer®.
• The company acquires
a Swiss watch manufacturer
in Zug, Switzerland, allowing
100% in-house design
and manufacture of
Bernhard H. Mayer® luxury
product line.
• Taking another leap into the
hotel and resort properties, the
company makes a multimillion
dollar investment in a resort
in Koh Samui, renovated and
re-opened as Prana Resorts &
Spa. The five-star, eco-friendly
resort is one of the world’s first
and completely vegetarian
resorts and becomes a QVI
Club ‘Home Resort’.
• QNet introduces
breakthrough wellness
tools from Amezcua whose
Bio Disc becomes one of the
most popular products in the
company. The company also
expands into the consumable
product line with the addition
of food supplements.
• QNet becomes a title
sponsor for Team Meritus
in the Formula V6 series
in China.
• QNet teams up with
international institutions to
further its goal of changing
lives. The company cooperates
with Commonwealth countries
to enhance global trade and
investment by sponsoring
the Commonwealth Business
Forum 2007 in Uganda, and
shows its support for the
alleviation of human suffering
by donating to the Bahrain
Red Crescent Society (BRCS).
• QNet-sponsored CIMB
Team QI-Meritus is officially
confirmed as Champion of
the 2007 Formula BMW Asia
Series in Shanghai, China.
• The QNet eStore undergoes
major overhaul with the
addition of downloadables,
multilingual support, an
enhanced Virtual Office, and
• QNet becomes the key
sponsor and partner for the
QI-Meritus.Mahara team in
the first annual GP2 Asia
Series 2008.
• QNet is appointed for
the third time as an official
distributor of the Olympic
Games coin memorabilia in
line with the Beijing 2008
Olympic Games.
• A major company
delegation participates in the
World Federation of Direct
Selling Associations (WFDSA)
World Congress XIII in
• The groundwork for the
QNet Advisory Board is
established consisting of
experts in legal and corporate
affairs, as well as business
and product development.
The board provides strategic
decision making and
safeguarding to ultimately
benefit the network and guide
the company.
• QNet celebrates its
milestone tenth anniversary
• QNet’s magazine for IRs is
launched: aspIRe magazine.
• QVI Club launches its
XchangeWorld holiday
share network, to bring
more than 3,000 locations
in 120 countries to QVI Club
• In line with its QNet Pays
Forward programme, QNet
partners with World Vision
International and donates
USD 110,000 to ensure that
the lives of 121 impoverished
children in 11 countries are
enriched with educational
opportunities, health care, and
support systems. The two-year
sponsorship programme will
represent the most far-reaching
global initiative in the history
of the established charity
• QuestNet Singapore
(QNet’s Singapore branch) is
inducted into the prestigious
Direct Selling Association
of Singapore (DSAS), an
association formed to
represent the interest of
legitimate direct selling
companies operating in
the country.
• QNet becomes a proud
sponsor of the Yonex-Sunrise
Hong Kong Open Badminton
Super Series 2009, duly
endorsed by the Badminton
World Federation (BWF).
• To reflect organic growth, an
expanding product offering,
localised operations, and
the natural evolution of the
company, QuestNet becomes
a new company, QNet.
• QNet Executive Chairperson
Ms Donna Imson is nominated
for the prestigious ‘Best of
the Best’ Network Marketing
Industry Award by the
Multi-Level Marketing
International Association
(MLMIA), for being a
significant contributor to
the MLMIA’s mission of
strengthening Multi-Level
Marketing around the world.
• QNet becomes the Official
Direct Selling Supporter of the
Asian Football Confederation
(AFC) Champions League for
the 2009 season.
• QNet-sponsored Team
driver Luca Filippi finishes
2nd and the team finishes 4th
overall in the 2010 GP2 Asia
• QNet’s localised affiliate
company, QNet Malaysia, is
accepted as a member of both
the Malaysian Direct Distribution
Association (MDDA) and the
Business Ethics Institute of
Malaysia (BEIM).
• Media hails QNet as the
company forms a partnership
with the Asian Football
Confederation (AFC) as an
official sponsor of the AFC
Champions League until 2012.
• QNet ranked as one of
Indonesia’s top network
marketing companies by a
leading business magazine.
• QNet sponsors major CASE
(Consumer Association of
Singapore) event.
• The company holds
Networking Seminar Series
(NSS) in Russia, for the
first time.
• QNet is awarded Caring
Company recognition by the
Hong Kong Council for Social
Service, for the third year in a row.
• QNet’s 2010 Top
Performers’ Bonus Promotion
is the biggest incentive
programme in company
history, with larger shares
awarded to more IRs than
ever before.
• Company Director appointed
to DSAS board as Honorary
• The company joins the
Association for Persons with
Special Needs (APSN) to
brighten the life of 22 children
during the AFC Champions
League 2010.
• QNet sends major
delegation to the World Direct
Selling Festival in Dubai for
the second year in a row.
• The QNet Pays Forward
initiative and RYTHM
Foundation take part in
providing immediate relief
to various communities in
Kazakhstan, which includes
the donation of a bus to the
Regional Special Boarding
School for Hearing Impaired
• QNet and RYTHM
Foundation, through a
partnership with World Vision
International, arrange for
50 children from Jatinegara
region, East Jakarta, to attend
and AFC Champions League
• QNet and The V prepare
for another V-Convention,
at the Putra Stadium in
Bukit Jalil, Malaysia.
V-Malaysia 2010 aims
to break records with an
estimated 8,000 guests
• QNet receives coveted
VeriSign CyberTrust
certification, recognising
safe, secure and stable
online transactions.
Direct selling is a growing and
exciting industry that provides
companies an alternative
channel of the distribution
and sale of products and/or
services directly to customers,
away from a traditional retail
location. The industry allows
businesses to connect with
customers one-on-one – be it
in person, online, by phone or
through catalogue sales. This
‘connection’ to customers is
achieved through independent
distributors. At QNet, they are
referred to as Independent
Representatives (IRs).
bringing additional income,
personal growth, and peer
recognition to distributors.
In emerging markets, direct
sales companies and
distributors benefit from both
strong market growth and an
attractive earning opportunity,
while the region itself benefits
from skill development and
increased self-sufficiency of
its people. In more mature
markets, direct selling creates
a truly unique distribution
method that fosters
community interaction while
The direct selling profession
is a viable option for people
of all ages and genders and
from all income and education
levels. The industry emerged
as a way to deliver products to
customers in a personalised,
‘direct’ manner and has never
stopped growing. Throughout
its long history, direct selling
has proven itself time and time
again as a resilient profession,
particularly in times of
economic difficulty.
Worldwide Sales
Worldwide Sales Force
In direct selling, a distributor
earns a commission by
referring a company’s
products to customers. They
also earn commission when
other distributors in his or her
network successfully refer
products to other people.
Products are sold to retail
customers, who purchase
products without opting to
explore the business-side of
direct selling, as well as to
potential distributors, who
purchase products as well
as avail themselves of the
business opportunity.
What really sets direct sales
companies apart from more
traditional retail businesses is
the ability for a person to start
their own business, without
major investment in inventory,
expensive office space or shop
fronts, challenging start-up
costs, or prior education in
developing business plans.
Further, the marketing,
packaging and advertising
of the products, as well as
the business training to the
distributor, are all provided for
by the company. A distributor
of a direct sales company
is able to focus solely on
promoting the company’s
Further, there are no specific
qualifications needed to
become a salesperson for a
direct selling business, since
the company provides training
to develop the necessary
business skills, as well as
marketing education. This
training aspect is an integral
part of the offered business
Distributors have the very
obtainable potential of the
business becoming their sole
work commitment, allowing
distributors to be their own
boss, resign from a job they do
not enjoy, and reach financial
freedom on their own terms.
It is said that anyone who has a dream – be it
financial, personal, or otherwise – and who is
willing to invest time and effort in achieving that
dream, are the most successful people in the
Essential to the QNet business is the adherence
to, and promotion of, professional marketing
practices. Clearly stated in QNet’s Vision
and Core Values, professional marketing is
considered the most important aspect when
conducting business dealings and in the
behaviour of its Independent Representatives
(IRs). QNet has publicly available Code of
Ethics and multilingual Policies & Procedures
documents, and all IRs are required to sign
a commitment to professional and ethical
marketing upon joining the business.
QNet is backed by the QNet Advisory Board,
comprised by a team of legal and direct
selling professionals who offer industry advice
and professional marketing guidelines to the
company’s IRs.
In an industry that has at times been wrongly
associated with unrelated, unsustainable
marketing schemes and misunderstood due
to a lack of legal framework in some countries,
QNet strives to be a beacon of transparency
and legitimate operations no matter where it
does business. QNet enjoins all its IRs to adopt
a consistent and professional attitude at all
QNet has a long history of providing a ‘home’
for these goal-setting entrepreneurs from all
walks of life, of all ages and genders, and from
all income and education levels. QNet provides
the framework within which anyone – given
time and effort – can achieve their dreams and
be successful.
QNet offers a business opportunity to promote
and distribute innovative, exclusive and quality
lifestyle products, backed by a seamless
compensation plan and a secure, repeatable
and proven way to achieve business success.
The QNet opportunity is available to anyone
willing and able to work hard and smart in a
dynamic and growing industry.
The company’s success is dependent on the
degree to which Independent Representatives
(IRs) successfully utilise and follow the tools
and training provided to recruit, train and
motivate a sustainable sales organisation
while generating a wider retail customer base.
In turn, an IR’s success is dependent on the
degree to which they apply themselves to
correct business practices and how well they
apply the concept of positive duplication to
build longevity in their network.
QNet offers a carefully developed range
of exclusive and reliable products that are
retailed online around the world using a unique
business plan, which pays compensation and
incentives to IRs for the referral and promotion
of the company’s products.
QNet IRs have enjoyed the most advanced
business support for more than a decade
– simplified online membership process as
an IR, a Virtual Office containing powerful
features to manage and regulate their business,
an advanced compensation plan, secure
payment options, and business tools and
training materials to develop their skills – all
fully integrated in an advanced e-commerce
As of today, QNet products have been sold to
more than three million people in every country
around the globe. As a truly international
company, QNet has cut through geographical
borders as well as race, culture, religion and
language barriers to create a global family of
successful entrepreneurs.
As with any opportunity, success is gauged by
what a person does with the opportunity. The
QNet business is not for those looking for an
easy way out and it is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’.
Like those who have already achieved
success with QNet, IRs must work hard,
think smart, stay committed, be prepared for
initial challenges, and be dedicated to closely
following the established and proven business
plan. QNet equips its IRs with all the tools and
support services needed to succeed in the
“It is this new attitude of service with a heart that allows me to
help people and allows me to be able to promote QNet products
and gather a huge network of people. Being a part of QNet has
been a tremendous journey over these past seven years. Life
has become meaningful, not just passing day-to-day full of
worry. By far, my favourite product is the Amezcua Bio Disc. It
has not only improved my lifestyle, but the lifestyle of everyone
I know that owns one. The long list of Amezcua Bio Disc owners
even includes my 84-year-old mother, who feels like a sprightly
woman in her fifties.
“The fact that the Amezcua Bio Disc is a completely natural way
to restore my body to its original healthy state makes it such an
attractive product.”
“Most of the problems I faced when working in traditional
business were about people not being honest or straightforward.
When I was working on deals, I was always scared that it would
not finish because I couldn’t trust the people. But when I started
with QNet in 2004, I saw that everyone was straightforward and
direct to the point. I received the knowledge and training and
was then pushed to be successful. And today, I am successful
thanks to QNet.”
Mohanad Al Fadhli
Zensen Fan
“My business is growing fast in Canada and I have started to
expand it to New York, San Francisco and Hawaii. Right now,
I am fully focussed on this business. QNet really gives me a
good opportunity to change my life for the better.
“My favourite product is the QVI Club vacation package. I bought
the ‘Great Florida Vacation Package’ two years ago and used
it last year. I gaped with surprise when I saw the resort. It is so
good and excellent! My family and I really enjoyed being there.
I was inspired by this trip to promote QVI Club to my customers
and I can sell it easily. “
“I knew nothing about network marketing when I first joined
in 2000. But I pushed myself to learn about the industry as
much as I could and I never missed any trainings organised
by the company or my team. It was fruitful. I earned my first
commission after four months and what was wonderful was that
the following year I went on a trip to Europe – something that
I did not even dare to dream of being able to do! What’s more,
since joining QNet, my personality has dramatically improved
and I am very moved by the company’s mission of RYTHM.
It motivates me.”
Lourdes Iledan
I Made Sayoga
“Before I joined QNet I was a fitness instructor. For me it was
tough because I used to work to basically pay my bills. And
because the bills were so high, I had to teach extra classes,
which was extremely exhausting. The sad part is that at the end
of the month, I was still broke. I couldn’t manage to pay my bills.
“How would I describe life after starting my business with
QNet? To put it in one word, I would say, ‘freedom’. I have never
experienced this kind of freedom in my life. My lifestyle has
totally changed. Today I can actually dream big and know it’s
okay to dream. Through this positive change in my life, I am able
to influence people in my community, plus I have become a role
model for them too.”
Asha Krishnan
“After just one year in the business, I can really see this is a
platform that can help people realise their own potential… and
we all have a lot of potential in our lives.
“To me, this is another way that we can live our lives, not the
normal way that we’ve been taught. If you want to be successful
in this business, the one thing you cannot miss is that you have
to learn to be vulnerable and honest enough to open yourself
and relate to others.”
Catherine Chai
Hong Kong
Through stringent quality controls and working with top researchers, scientists and manufacturing
facilities in each field, QNet offers a wide range of lifestyle and wellness products that have
proven their appeal to people the world over. From personal care, nutrition, cosmetics, body
and water energisers and home care, to collectible coins, jewellery, watches, holiday packages
and telecommunications products, QNet has worked hard to ensure it offers variety, thoroughly
researched products, and exclusive premium brands.
The fundamental criteria for QNet’s product selection and development are: innovation; exclusivity;
quality; uniqueness; fitting into the philosophy of the company; and most importantly, fulfiling a
need as a product that customers want to purchase themselves and/or promote to others.
QNet products are always and only introduced with the customer in mind.
The diversity of the QNet product range offers customisation for Independent Representatives (IRs)
and alternatives in building their business; the breadth and depth of the QNet product portfolio
allows the very unique potential for our IRs to specialise in either a single product line or dabble in
the promotion of all.
To date, QNet offers more than 100 products throughout several specialised product categories.
The wide range of high-quality products gives customers the freedom to choose the right product
that best addresses their needs and wants.
QNet is continually developing exclusive new brands that will enhance the lives of its customers,
marking the natural evolution of QNet’s product offering from unique, higher-end and high-quality
luxury goods, to well-researched and highly effective consumable goods.
Olive Leaf Extract
Harmonised Energy
Olé contains olive leaf extract that has five times more antioxidant
power than Vitamin C. It is a natural defender of the immune system
and can help maintain a normal and healthy cardiovascular system.
Body & Water Energisers
Amezcua’s Harmonised Energy product line is designed to
balance and increase your harmony and energy levels.
Its revolutionary wellness products are vital to those who
seek a holistic and healthy lifestyle.
Soluble Fibre
100% natural and organic, FibreFit can be easily added to your food
to supplement your recommended daily fibre intake. It is also high
in calcium and contains prebiotics for the growth and activity of
beneficial bacteria within the intestinal flora.
Natural Energy Jewellery
The Himalayan Crystal CollectionTM is the first and only brand
to capture the natural energy and pure beauty of Himalayan
Crystals, believed to possess energy-conducting abilities.
These masterfully crafted luxury jewellery creations can help
optimise your body’s energy equilibrium.
Raw Multivitamins
The VITAL CODE™ is an innovative multivitamin that was developed
to provide nutrients in their raw food created form. All the nutrients
within the VITAL CODE™ are untreated, unadulterated, and uncooked,
and even more importantly, all nutrients are 100% active, meaning
that every ingredient contained within them has nutritional value and
Energised Titanium Performance Pendants
The Veloci-Ti range of energised titanium performance pendants
may assist to enhance, balance, and increase your energy
levels, physical performance, endurance, resistance, and agility.
Visually unique, lightweight and durable, Veloci-Ti pendants are
specifically designed to assist active sportspeople.
Salba Seed Products
Salba® is an exceptional source of Salvia hispanica L., whose seeds
provide essential nutrients and omega-3s, as well as both soluble and
insoluble fibre to provide optimum energy and health advantages.
Swietenia Macrophylla Juice Premix
Swietenia Macrophylla is the most important ingredient in NutriSky®,
which has beneficial effects due to saponins and flavonoids acting
in synergy to promote your vitality and stamina. NutriSky® works to
promote blood circulation to boost your vitality.
Personal Care
Luxury & Collectibles
Revolutionary Skin Care Solution
Datin Umayal Eswaran Fine Jewellery Collection
Absolutely paraben- and preservative-free, Physio Radiance is the only high-end,
hypoallergenic, unisex skin care range that helps your skin self-regulate,
self-regenerate, and self-repair at a cellular level. By utilising the smallest
antioxidant that works on all three skin scales, its patented technology gives back
the original characteristics of youthful skin cells that have been lost due to aging.
Celebrating the beauty of nature, the fine jewellery pieces in
the Umayal Collection are artfully fashioned from silver and
ornamented with delicate gemstones. Handmade with the
utmost care by skilled craftsmen to ensure the uniqueness and
quality of each piece, the Umayal Collection emulates nature
at its best, appealing to strong, confident women who value
individuality and elegance.
SilverSol Technology® Products
BioSilver 22 Gel utilises SilverSol Technology®, a scientifically proven and
exclusively patented technology with antibacterial properties for your sanitary
and cleansing applications.
Pure G lacier Wate r Tre at m e nt s fo r B o dy & H a i r
Hair & Skin Products
Watches & Jewellery
With over a hundred years of knowledge and experience in the
crafting and manufacturing of precious metals and gemstones,
Bernhard H. Mayer® offers an exclusive variety of quality
jewellery and Swiss-made watches ranging from classic to
contemporary styles.
Swiss Glacier Essentials’ revolutionary patented formula uses the
super-hydrating power of pure Swiss glacier water. Its visible beads of
Vitamin E and nanoparticles containing pure Swiss glacier water help retain
natural moisture while leaving you feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated.
Coins & Medallions
Home Care
An international and reputable brand of coins and medallions,
JR Mayer Collections® exclusive masterpieces are true
collectors’ items, capturing history, religion and significant
events in fine, world-class numismatics pieces.
Water Purifier
HomePure is a high-quality water purifier that incorporates a mechanical seven-filter
media Ultrafiltration (UF) system, meaning seven filter stages are combined into one
single filter cartridge. The well-selected filter media and its specifications allow for a
clean and safe filter performance that ensures water is purified, filtered and energised.
Water Filter
WFA is a complete, chemical-free and automatic disinfection system that produces
an air/ozone mixture that is automatically pumped into stored water to keep the water
fresh and germ-free, preventing the build-up of bio-film just prior to water extraction.
Eco-friendly, cost-effective and convenient, the WFA filter system provides the purest
and most natural-tasting drinking water.
Natural Energy Jewellery
The Himalayan Crystal CollectionTM is the first and only brand
to capture the natural energy and pure beauty of Himalayan
Crystals, believed to possess energy-conducting abilities.
These masterfully crafted luxury jewellery creations can help
optimise your body’s energy equilibrium.
In-Voice’s revolutionary all-in-one and cost-efficient
telecommunication solutions help you stay conveniently
connected anytime and anywhere – through your landline,
mobile phone, personal computer, In-Voice exclusive hardware,
and even pay phones.
It is our belief that a QNet distributor’s journey to success is our journey also. While QNet IRs may
indeed be called ‘Independent’ Representatives, ‘independent’ does not mean ‘alone’. Through
world-class support services, QNet is well equipped to support IRs anywhere and everywhere,
whenever and wherever.
QNet provides reliable global logistics services to its customers. Our Integrated Logistics
System, created by QNet Global IT, enables a seamless product fulfilment operation, which ships
thousands of products every day to IRs and retail customers who are spread throughout the world.
Holiday Products
QVI Club offers a selection of vacation and travel product
packages to nearly 3,000 resorts worldwide. QVI Club shows
what vacation ownership is all about – fun, flexibility and
long-term value.
Our warehouses are supported by an advanced Warehouse Management System that assimilates
numerous international distribution centres in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the UAE. Our Logistics
System is fully integrated with the Virtual Office of IRs. The Virtual Office is where IRs purchase
products and conduct their e-commerce business.
Upon completion of order processing, QNet’s Integrated Logistics System automatically syncs
Air WayBill information with the Virtual Office, enabling IRs to track their shipment’s milestones
online, in real-time, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Logistics milestones cover
step-by-step delivery information from point of pick-up, uplift, depart origin, arrive destination,
customs clearance, right up until the product arrives at their door or local QNet office.
QNet also engaged 50 agents and stockist around the globe to help customers in almost instant
pick-up of their product at their nearest location. QNet pick-up services allow customers to buy
online and cross the road to the nearest pick-up location to receive their products minutes after
they have ordered them.
The QNet Integrated Logistics System is also integrated with various international couriers and
QNet’s Network Support Group (NSG).
Costume Jewellery
Enchanting yet inexpensive, this gorgeous range of costume
jewellery uses the highest-quality Swarovski Crystals and
brings a glistening statement of individuality to highlight
absolutely any outfit with ease and flair.
*Products are subject to the availability and applicable laws of the country
in which they are to be marketed and sent.
Information Technology
Our website equips IRs, prospects, and the general public with information about QNet, our
products, and the business opportunity. It chronicles the history of the company while also
featuring an exciting newsroom of media coverage and company news and press releases.
The site also includes real-life stories of IR business success, product testimonials, and the
complete range of QNet products. The website can be utilised as a complete online product
portfolio, with benefits, applications, key features, multilingual multimedia downloads, and a
whole lot more about each and every QNet brand. It is an ideal prospecting tool.
Early in its history, the company was recognised by Microsoft
as being one of the early adopters of e-commerce, and has
since remained at the forefront of information technologies.
Today, QNet continues to prove itself a pioneer in online
network marketing and direct selling.
Applying IT to the IR
The website is currently available in 11 languages – English, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Bahasa
Indonesia, Turkish, Thai, French, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish – with
presentations, downloads, catalogues and company and product movies available for free
download. The QNet website is also the access point for the indispensible Virtual Office for
IRs and the Retail eStore for customers, while also being the one-click place for access to the
simplified online QNet IR membership process.
Advanced Information Technology infrastructure and systems
are integral to support, enable and enhance the QNet business.
This is done by providing a core stable of IT services and a
solid IT infrastructure, and by delivering effective application
solutions and cutting-edge technologies designed to assist,
improve and grow an IR’s business.
The QNet public website averages thousands of daily unique
visitors and millions of daily page views. The website
( is available in multiple languages and acts as
the portal to the business centre for IRs, known as the Virtual
Office, which in itself is a highly evolved online office where IRs
monitor and control their business.
QNet also offers a mobile-friendly site, mobile applications, and
personalised websites for IRs, all of which further strengthen
the company’s tangible philosophy to be able to do business
anywhere, with support available everywhere.
Security & Performance
QNet Chief Information Officer
attends leading Google conference
‘Atmosphere’ in Mountain View,
The stability and protection of the QNet database is one of our foremost priorities, as is the
security of all QNet e-commerce transactions and Virtual Office functions.
Our online and data security is multi-layered, with every transaction encrypted using VeriSign’s
SSL and EVSSL (Extended Valuation Secure Sockets Layer) protocols. As another layer of
individual protection, identity verification processes are employed to prevent phishing, online
fraud, and identity theft. All our security procedures are audited quarterly by CyberTrust and we
continuously employ up-to-date, fit-for-purpose and high-end solutions to deliver levels of IT
services befitting of a world-class e-commerce company and leader in this field.
By employing Content Distribution Networks (CDN), we are able to bring our website and eStore
closer to our customers and IRs around the world, thus providing an overall improved user
experience. By utilising web application and performance management services from leading
media and content delivery providers such as Akamai, and telecommunications heavyweight
companies such as Verizon, QNet optimises its network, server and storage environments,
allowing agility and effective automation, while also ensuring performance and security.
Virtual Office & eStore
An IR organises, controls and monitors their business through the QNet Virtual Office; a continually
evolving online office within a secure and stable environment for business transactions, network
interaction, business and product trainings, and communication with the company. The QNet
eStore is located within the Virtual Office, while the QNet Retail eStore is found through the
company’s public website; both feature progressive e-commerce functionalities and intelligent
usability, as well as all-you-need-to-know product information pages and multimedia downloads,
including multilingual brochures, videos, training presentations, product evaluations, testimonials
and more.
IRs can view their genealogy and commission reports, keep track of their transactions, receive
important updates and announcements about the business and its products, shop in their own
eStore, download valuable Training Tools, and purchase essential Business Tools, all in the one
user-friendly, online place. The QNet Virtual Office and eStore are both powered by one of the
most secure e-commerce platforms in the industry.
Training & Business Tools
Found in the Virtual Office for either sale or free download, QNet offers an array of multimedia
presentations, videos, DVDs, manuals, product brochures, and ‘how-to’ instructions that are
all designed to help our IRs understand the business, its products, the opportunity, and various
QNet services. These tools are also fundamental in helping IRs and prospects understand the
compensation plan and Policies & Procedures, as well as the responsibilities of an IR.
QNet provides these materials in multiple languages to help its IRs understand, utilise and
capitalise on their business.
Training Tools
• Product training videos
• Product training presentations
• Product instruction manuals
Product training DVD
• QNet Business Planner, consisting of a Company Profile, Policies & Procedures booklet, Compensation Plan booklet, and a detailed Quick Start Guide booklet
• QNet Product Portfolio, consisting of individual brand brochures of the QNet product range
• QNet Master Collection DVD, featuring various company, CSR, and brand videos
• Business presentations
• Policies & Procedures (P&P) presentations
• Compensation Plan presentations
• Downloadable QNet business cards
• aspIRe magazine (Official QNet magazine for IRs)
aspIRe magazine
• IR newsletters
• Promotional flyers and marketing material
Online business card guideline
QNet Product Portfolio
QNet Business Planner 2010
Product Training
Understanding a product is essential to being able to successfully sell and promote it, and thus
QNet conducts regular, intensive and valuable product training programmes around the world, with
experts on hand to answer any questions to make sure IRs fully understand the products they are
promoting and using themselves.
The main objective of the QNet Product Training team is to create a better and more effective
communication for the network about the way in which the QNet business should be conducted
and to educate about product-related information. The experienced Product Training team
distributes informative presentations to its IRs to keep them abreast of the latest product
information and resources. The Product Training team also travels to all four corners of the world
to facilitate product trainings in order to educate and empower IRs with the knowledge that QNet
products are unique, practical, essential, and rich with benefits.
Business Development
Constantly on the road, the QNet Business Development team enables a market by providing the
right infrastructure in terms of operational, administrative, legal and customer service, as well as
marketing and communication support.
The Business Development team strives to create a QNet business-friendly environment to
assist the IR in growing their business, while supporting the work done by The V by being on the
ground to listen to IRs, assist them in their business, spread the importance of adherence to the
QNet Policies & Procedures, and direct IRs to the wealth of business support available in local
languages, both online and offline.
The QNet Business Development team also helps the company to establish an on-ground
presence in regional markets through representative agent offices, to ensure IRs have physical
contact with customer and product support.
Events & Training Programmes
One of the most important tools for the QNet business is the regular training and events
programmes provided by its partner organisation, The V. The V is an international marketing,
training, network development and management team, who are successful, self-made leaders
in the business. The V comprises world-class speakers and trainers who have the experience,
the know-how, and the ability to effectively communicate how to advantageously build a direct
selling business.
At The V events and programmes, QNet IRs have the opportunity to find a mentor or a role model
who has experienced the trials and errors along the path to success and are willing to use their
personal experiences to help others make their business as successful as possible. The V organises
events ranging from small intimate training sessions in QNet’s worldwide training centres, to the
annual V-Convention, which hosts up to 8,000 people from around the world. The V provides QNet IRs
with network training and learning material in every available form – including CDs, DVDs,
books, business kits and e-learning programmes. QNet product exhibitions, displays and
trainings are also highly attended components of these events.
Network Support Group (NSG) is a team of dedicated individuals, with the priority of living up to
the promise of providing consistent first-class customer support and quality services to all QNet
IRs and customers. The NSG is committed to C.A.R.E., which represents Commit, Act, Respect,
and Empathise. Defying time and language borders, NSG offers a technologically advanced
24/7 NSG Multilingual Contact Centre, available worldwide with 11 languages provided – English,
Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Tamil, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa
Melayu, with more to be added.
NSG is represented by
localised Network Support
Centres (NSC) worldwide,
which offer a place for IRs and
customers to pick-up their
products, seek assistance,
enquire about any aspect
of QNet, receive corporate
training, and utilise the
facility for purposes such
as Business Opportunity
Meetings (BOMs), new IR
Orientation Trainings, and
much more. English and
local languages are spoken
in all NSCs, and friendly,
productive customer
assistance is readily offered.
Corporate Support
The people behind the marketing, advertising and promotion of QNet materials, the researchers
and developers of QNet products, and the people behind the company’s strategy and direction
are all highly qualified and experienced professionals. Stringent recruitment standards are in place
to ensure the corporate ranks are staffed with talented and motivated experts in their respective
fields. These people are familiar with the direct selling industry and work closely with all areas of
the business to ensure synergy throughout the company and its network, while maintaining the
high-quality resources provided to IRs.
Through strategic sponsorships in sports and entertainment, QNet has built a solid and global
brand reputation and identity, in turn instilling even greater confidence in the QNet name for
customers, IRs, prospects and the media.
In the past, the company has been involved with the extremely popular Disney On Ice and Holiday
On Ice family entertainment events, and continues to be a major sponsor of the Disney On Ice
franchise in Malaysia.
Supporting badminton, a popular sport throughout our key Asian markets, QNet (through the
QI Group) had naming rights of the QI-IBF World Badminton Championships in England (2003)
and in Spain (2006) and also sponsored the Yonex-Sunrise Open Badminton Super Series (2009).
The company also sponsored a high-profile training camp in Switzerland for the Brazil National
Football Team in 2006, ahead of the FIFA World Cup.
The drive and passion of direct selling is epitomised in the
thrill of motorsports. In 2006, the company became the title
sponsor of motorsport team Team Meritus in the 2006 Formula
V6 Series, which then developed into a sponsorship of the
CIMB Team QI-Meritus motorsport team, who were crowned
champions of the 2007 Formula BMW Asia Series in China.
In 2008, the company’s motorsport involvement increased by
becoming the key sponsor and partner of Team Malaysia in the inaugural GP2 Asia Series in
2008, the official feeding ground for the elite Formula 1
championships. The sponsorship continued through to 2010,
when the team placed fourth overall in the championship, with
Team Malaysia drivers receiving podium
finishes throughout the Series and gaining plenty of media
On the football field, the determination is powerful and
motivating; the desire is strong and rewarding; the success
is real and obtainable. QNet draws parallels between this
exhilaration of football and that of direct selling. In football,
the AFC Champions League provides the platform for this
sporting performance. In direct selling, QNet provides the
platform for this entrepreneurial performance.
In 2009, the company embarked on a four-year sponsorship
of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League
as the official direct selling supporter. With ESPN-broadcasted
matches in a large proportion of QNet markets, the sponsorship
has garnered a huge following amongst our IRs.
QNet has laid a strong foundation in philanthropic activities since its inception. Our commitment
to our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen is realised through initiatives that are enabled by
RYTHM Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the QI Group.
Through the QNet Pays Forward initiative, the company is a financial supporter and resource
provider to natural disaster victims, poverty-stricken communities and societies in need. QNet
Pays Forward is not merely implementing a platform, but more critically, is implementing and
demonstrating impact, measuring it, and communicating an evocative message while providing
sustainable solutions.
Often, it is our IRs who bring the plight of local disadvantaged communities and individuals to the
company’s attention, allowing us to enact QNet Pays Forward activities in a real and tangible effort
to give back to the communities in which we operate.
QNet corporate staff around the world also ‘pay it forward’, by visiting local charities to donate
necessities, money and a large dose of joy. Other donations to worthy charities and causes – funds
for which are voluntarily raised by company employees and IRs, then matched by QNet – also
epitomise the QNet Pays Forward initiative, which is enabled through RYTHM Foundation.
Some recent projects of QNet Pays Forward include:
• World Vision International (WVI), helping 121 children across 11 countries over a two-year
sponsorship programme, in the largest corporate charity initiative in WVI’s history;
• The United Nations World Food Programme;
• The Rainbow Project, a non-profit organisation that works with autistic children in Hong Kong;
• The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, a hospital for children with cancer in Egypt and
Africa, that provides free cancer treatment and medical support;
• Regional Special Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children in Taldykorgan, in the Almaty
region of Kazakhstan;
• The Pan Din Hai Pen Dao (Turn the ‘Clay’ to the ‘Star’) Project, helping young children in
Thailand become golf stars;
• Disaster relief for Typhoon Ondoy (Philippines) and the Padang Earthquake (Indonesia);
• Baan Pang Da School for disabled children; and
• The Home for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the
King of Thailand.
Derived from the acronym ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’, RYTHM Foundation was created to
emulate the fundamentals on which the QI Group and its subsidiaries, including QNet, has been
built since 1998. RYTHM is the benchmark of all operations within the Group; the Foundation is
representative of this spirit and puts into action the primary mission of the QI Group of Companies.
The mission of RYTHM Foundation is to build opportunities and care for those in need. It aims to
create decent living conditions and to protect the environment to facilitate sustainability.
It also strives to ensure our children – the symbol of our future – are safe and supported, now
and tomorrow. RYTHM Foundation is the corporate heartbeat of the QI Group, keeping alive the
employees’ social conscience and serving as a constant reminder of the company’s core purpose.
The skills, experience, passion and dedication of the QI Group are channelled into an unwavering
commitment to improving the quality of life within the worldwide societies in which the Group
The scope of assistance, support and rehabilitation administered by RYTHM Foundation goes
beyond the signing of cheques. The Foundation members live and breathe their responsibility
to mankind. The commitment of RYTHM Foundation is embodied by real life stories such as the
Foundation’s manager living within the Philippine squatter community of Taguig to help oversee
the ongoing work of RYTHM Foundation within the community, i.e. administering free nutritious
meals, providing education, and ensuring the sustainability of the community.
Vegetarian Principles
Vegetarianism is not a food choice nor is it a lifestyle
statement or even a health preference; it is our company
statement that life is sacred.
QNet practises and promotes vegetarianism as a means of
raising awareness about global warming, animal cruelty, the
impact of meat production on the environment, water and energy
conservation, health concerns, and the widespread advantages
to a vegetarian diet. We believe that a vegetarian diet greatly
limits the ecological footprint of humans and helps ensure
environmental stability. In line with this principle, QNet opts to
serve only vegetarian meals at all corporate events and functions.
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• Head Office
Hong Kong
47/F Bank of China Tower
1 Garden Road
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2263 9000
Fax: +852 2802 0981
• Offices
8th Floor, Caspian Plaza
40 Djabarly Street
Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: + 994 12 439 50 82
+ 994 55 875 01 35
Hong Kong
Room 1204-06
12/F Jubilee Centre
18 Fenwick Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3669 0606
Fax: +852 2865 1028
Indonesia - Bali
Ruko Sunset Indah II, Blok A4
Jl. Sunset Boulevard, Kuta
Denpasar, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Tel: +62 36176 7630
Fax: +62 36175 8936
Indonesia - Jakarta
Wisma Metropolitan 2
World Trade Centre, 15th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 29-31
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
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Fax: +62 21526 8663
+62 21526 8664
Indonesia - Surabaya
BRI Tower, 5th Floor, Suite 500
Jl. Jenderal Basuki Rachmat 122
Surabaya 60271, Indonesia
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Fax: +62 31548 0019
English, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Tamil,
Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa
Melayu, with more to be added.
7th Floor, Tower 1
Rockwell-Meralco Business Centre
Block 4, Meralco Compound
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
1600, Philippines
Tel: +632 626 2200
Fax: +632 626 2201
• Agents
15 Hoe Chiang Road
#08-04 to 06
Tower Fifteen
Singapore 089316
Tel: +65 6491 0777
Fax: +65 6491 0778
87 Molodaya Gvardia Avenue
Office #303 Bishkek, 720001
The Kyrgyz Republic
Tel: +99 65 5521 3758
15th Floor, No. 88, Sec. 2
Zhongxiao E. Road
Zhong Zheng District
Taipei 100, Taiwan
Tel: +886 22393 0588
Fax: +886 22393 0300
27 Lokhuti Street
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Tel: +992 44600 4949
Fax: +992 44600 4224
55 Wave Place Tower, 13th Floor
13.08 Room, Wireless Road
Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2655 1526 to 28
Fax: +66 2655 1529
C901, Building C6
Bainona Street
34 Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97126524888
Fax: +97126524890
• Affiliated Companies
QNet Malaysia
QuestNet (M) Sdn Bnd
3A, Menara Amcorp
Amcorp Trade Centre
18, Jalan Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7967 9800
Fax: +603 7967 9801
Zheltoksan 111a
Office No.5, Almaty, 050000
Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: +87 2 7330 2779
+87 2 7330 2979
Mame Investment
Nkuyu Road, Area 47
Sector 5, House No.104
Lilongwe, Malawi
GoldenPoint National LLC
PO Box 1185 PC/114
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 2448 7574
Fax: +968 2448 7443
SMS:+968 9600 0161
1st Floor, Mardam Biek Building
Teliani Area, President Street
Damascus, Syria
Tel: +963 11332 3566 to 68
Fax: +963 11331 9603
Q & G Tanzania Ltd
Arcade Building, 1st Floor
Plot No.72, Block D
Mikocheni, Old Bagmoyo Road
PO Box 77734
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 754 360055
+255 715 360055
Africa Global Distribution Co Ltd
5th Floor, Nakawa House
Plot 7, Port Bell Road
PO Box 3772
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 220 702
QNet Ltd
47/F Bank of China Tower
1 Garden Road
Central, Hong Kong
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