Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study
“Pinkberry’s success as a global brand can be attributed to the great partners we
work with across the country, including MegaPath. Their commitment to service
aligns with our belief that serving customers is the most important role we play in
business. In order to make sure our customer service levels are always on top, we
have to make sure our systems are always online. The close-knit relationship we
have with MegaPath is essential for our business.”
— Andrey Zeynalyan, Manager of IS, Store Systems, Pinkberry
The Challenge
-- Improve communications between headquarters and retail stores for updates on
products, promotions, sales numbers and more.
-- Enhance in-store video surveillance for safety and security.
-- Eliminate disruption of payment transactions due to the lack of business continuity
-- Upgrade cyber security from rudimentary firewall-based protection.
The Solution
-- Implement a reliable and secure MPLS network connecting headquarters and stores
using a mix of Ethernet, DSL, Wireless and Cable access.
-- Support secure remote access to video surveillance systems with Virtual IPs.
-- Implement a cost-effective, redundant backup Internet access solution to maintain
critical revenue-generating business operations in the event of a primary service
-- Provide extra protection that goes far beyond the capabilities of firewalls with
MegaPath Managed Security Services (MSS).
The Result
Company Overview
Pinkberry is the original brand that
reinvented the frozen yogurt category
with its tart, light and refreshing taste
and freshness. With a continued
dedication to quality and a passion for
yogurt, Pinkberry is focused on being
the most innovative yogurt retailer in the
world offering craveable and nutritious
selections of fresh and frozen yogurts.
Since its first store opening in 2005,
Pinkberry has created an exceptionally
strong emotional connection with its
customers. With almost 250 stores
across 27 states and in 19 countries,
Pinkberry continues to grow additional
domestic and international markets
each year.
-- MegaPath’s MPLS network with flexible connectivity options enables Pinkberry to get
stores up and running quickly, exchange store-level sales data and send companywide product and promotional updates.
-- Security managers can observe activity at any store location anytime, via IP-enabled
-- Dial Backup provides redundant Internet access to maintain critical revenuegenerating business operations.
-- MegaPath MSS prevents Pinkberry employees from accessing unsafe sites that may
expose the network to attacks.
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Customer Case Study
Consistent Experience
MegaPath’s MPLS network connects store locations regardless of the connectivity
solution at each location. “Having a mix of access options helps tremendously.
MegaPath MPLS connects every location so every store communicates in the same
way,” explains Andrey Zeynalyan, Manager of Information Security Store Systems,
Pinkberry Ventures Inc.
Time Management
Using the previous access service, relaying new product information from corporate
offices to store managers was slow and time consuming. “Before we had to contact
the store by phone to give us access to their data system,” says Zeynalyan. Today,
MegaPath MPLS paves the way for prioritized network traffic, enabling all stores to
gain immediate, secure access to current sales information. “Now, we no longer have
to involve the store employees to gain access to each store’s back-office system. With
MegaPath, we have drastically reduced the time and resources required to obtain
store-level data,” adds Zeynalyan.
Actionable Intelligence
Site managers now transmit steady flows of sales data to headquarters to support
customer relationship management (CRM) analysis efforts. “Our MegaPath MPLS
network solution supports the exchange of sales information from our stores to our
central data warehouse swiftly and securely,” says Zeynalyan. “We know what’s selling
well at each location, and we can use CRM analytics to find out how to capitalize on
these trends.”
MegaPath Advantages
All Bases Covered
MegaPath’s MPLS network solution
provides secure, high-speed
connectivity with flexible access options
and the ability to prioritize and optimize
network traffic such as voice, video, and
payment transactions.
Watchful Eye
Companies like Pinkberry, with its
multiple locations, can stay focused on
business priorities by relying on a single
provider to deliver network services that
are inherently secure.
Business Continuity
Dial Backup delivers a redundant
failover solution to avoid business
disruptions and keep customers happy.
Rescue Squad
MegaPath’s support team serves as
an extension of a company’s IT staff,
24/7/365 allowing them to focus on dayto-day operations.
Preventative Defense
“By relying on MegaPath MSS, Pinkberry has elevated its network security to the
next level,” says Zeynalyan. In the past, vendors sometimes took up to three days to
get a hacked store back online, which is devastatingly long in a retail environment.
“MegaPath MSS incorporates Unified Threat Management security services to avoid
cyber threats in the first place.”
Business Continuity Plan
The primary connection seldom goes out. But when it does, Dial Backup keeps sales
and revenue flowing. The fact that the backup capability is contained in one compact
piece of hardware saves precious physical space at the retail location.
Winning Team
MegaPath’s engineering and support teams have played a proactive role in the
successful implementation. “The people at MegaPath understand how important it is for
us to get a new store online before it opens and how critical our network connectivity is
to our day-to-day operations,” says Zeynalyan. “I can reach out to MegaPath support
at any hour, and we have virtually zero downtime as a result. It’s very reassuring to
have a technically astute representative on the phone from the start.”
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