AVZ-CA300-DOC-TN-03 CA300 Software Verification_05152015_732

CA300 Software Verification
CA300 Firmware V1.3
Supports the latest Cisco Telepresence SX20 TC Software.
AVZ-CA300-DOC-TN-03 CA300 (2015.15.05)
Supported Cisco TC Software
The following Cisco TC software has been verified and approved on the Avizia CA300.
CA300 firmware Version 1.3
• Support Cisco Telepresence SX20 codec software TC7.3.2.14ad7cc --- 2015.15.05
NOTE: The CA300 firmware and Cisco TC software are 2 different software files and are loaded differently.
Please refer to Avizia web site (http://support.avizia.com) for the latest Avizia User Installation Guide (AVZ-CA-DOC-UIGxx) and Firmware Upgrade Instructions on the CA300.
For information on the Cisco Telepresence SX20 codec software please refer to the TC7 release notes at.
Known Issues
When the system is idle and full screen selfview is displayed, camera is moved. Once camera control times out,
the system will switch to Wallpaper then back to selfview.
Changing PC resolution while connected to the CA300 is currently not supported.
To ensure full functionality of the Avizia products when registered to Cisco UCM the following setting must be
configured when adding the Avizia systems to UCM. In UCM, when adding a new phone, under the ‘‘Serial Port
Settings’’ the ‘‘Serial Port Login Required’’ needs to be set to ‘‘Off’’ as this is required for the Avizia products to
operate correctly and Cisco UCM has this setting to ‘‘On’’ by default.
AVZ-CA300-DOC-TN-03 CA300