Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Development Executive
~ A unique opportunity to help shape the future of private sector conservation ~
Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is the largest private (non-profit) owner of land for conservation in
Australia, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 3 million hectares in iconic regions such as the
Kimberley, Cape York, the Top End and Lake Eyre. With a focus on practical land management, informed by
world-class science, AWC is implementing a dynamic new model for conservation. Our core business is
protecting endangered species such as the Bilby, the Gouldian Finch and the Numbat.
Funded primarily by tax deductible donations from major donors and the general public, AWC has developed a
unique business model characterised by exceptional ecological returns and a very efficient use of available
resources (we spend less (%) on fundraising and administration than any other comparable organisation in our
We are seeking an exceptionally talented and motivated individual to help develop and expand AWC’s funding
base. Your primary responsibilities will be to co-ordinate and manage a series of supporter events across AWC
sanctuaries and in major cities; to nurture relationships with a portfolio of AWC supporters; and to provide
dedicated support for the Chief Executive in relation to development activities. You will be part of a high
performing development team linking the generous individuals who support AWC with the on-ground
conservation programs made possible by their support.
You will require:
 Excellent organisational skills.
 Demonstrated experience and success in co-ordinating and managing complex events.
 Outstanding interpersonal and networking abilities, including demonstrated experience in
developing and maintaining relationships, including with high net worth individuals.
 Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
 A degree in a relevant discipline.
 A willingness to travel to capital cities and to AWC sanctuaries: it will be necessary to spend
extended periods (up to 2 – 4 weeks, once or twice per annum) at AWC sanctuaries.
Based in Perth, this is a rare opportunity to be actively involved in protecting Australia’s endangered wildlife by
mobilising funding and helping shape the development of an organisation delivering measurable results where it
really counts – in the field. An attractive six figure remuneration package is available for a candidate with
suitable professional, commercial or fundraising experience to help save Australia’s threatened wildlife.
A detailed position description is available at:
Initial Enquiries to: Meaghan Tarrant: [email protected] Tel: (08) 9380 9633
australian wildlife conservancy  po box 8070  subiaco east  western australia 6008
p: 08 9380 9633  f: 08 9380 9631  e: [email protected]  w:
Applications: send a detailed letter addressing critical competencies, together with your CV - in one document to: [email protected]
Closing date for applications: 15 May 2015
Please note: This is a permanent, full-time position. Applicants must be an Australian citizen/permanent resident
or have a suitable visa that allows permanent full-time work in Australia, in order to apply for this position. A
working-holiday visa is not appropriate. Should a suitable local candidate be sourced, sponsorship will not be
Role Description
Development Executive (DE)
Reporting to:
Chief Executive (who also leads the Development program)
The DE will from time-to-time supervise staff, students, volunteers,
contractors and casual staff.
Based in:
Critical competencies/experience:
Exceptional relationship and networking skills, including a demonstrated ability to successfully develop
and manage relationships with high net worth individuals, senior corporate representatives and/or senior
government officials etc.
Exceptional communication and influencing skills, including a demonstrated ability to clearly convey an
organisation’s mission and inspire support for that mission amongst a wide variety of stakeholders.
Experience in successfully selling a product or concept will be very highly regarded.
Demonstrated ability to successfully plan, co-ordinate and manage the delivery of complex events.
Excellent organisational skills, including: (a) a demonstrated ability to prioritise and execute a large
number of tasks in an efficient manner; and (b) a demonstrated ability to manage a large number of
relationships simultaneously.
Knowledge of current and evolving issues and practices relating to philanthropic giving, or the ability to
readily acquire such knowledge.
Excellent writing skills, including the demonstrated ability to draft and edit effective reports and other
Demonstrated ability to act as part of a team or, as required, independently.
A strong interest in (passion for!) the conservation of Australia’s wildlife and habitats and either
knowledge of, or the ability to readily acquire knowledge of, issues associated with the conservation of
Australia’s wildlife.
Experience in using standard business software packages (including Word, email, Excel and PowerPoint)
is essential.
A willingness to travel to AWC sanctuaries and major cities. A willingness to spend extended periods (up
to 2- 4 weeks) at AWC sanctuaries during events.
A very strong work ethic including a willingness to work long hours and weekends as required.
Formal tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline.
A valid driver’s licence.
Inherent requirements of the role:
The execution of tasks associated with the position involves time spent on Sanctuaries, which can be in remote
locations away from an established field base. The working environment at this time is predominantly outdoors
and often in the extremes of weather – hot and wet and/or dry. When on site work can be physically demanding
and can include lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling loads, bending, climbing and driving a variety of vehicles. The
successful applicant must be physically fit and capable of performing these activities in order to carry out the
inherent role responsibilities.
1. Co-ordinate and manage a series of supporter events across AWC sanctuaries as well as key
events in major cities
Key activities and responsibilities:
Each year, develop an annual program of:
o Sanctuary-based events.
o Events in major cities (presentations, cocktail parties etc).
Plan, co-ordinate and manage sanctuary-based events in partnership with operations and
science staff and other development staff. This involves promoting events to our support base
and co-ordinating complex logistical matters (helicopters and charter aircraft, establishment of
remote camps, recruiting event staff; developing event schedules; planning for supplies etc).
Attend sanctuary-based events (up to 2 – 3 weeks in the field; twice per annum).
Oversee the implementation of a program of major city events (presentations, cocktail parties
Track and report on the success of events.
2. Assist in developing and implementing strategies to recruit and retain general and major donors.
Key activities and responsibilities:
Identify potential new general and major donors through:
Liaison with board members, existing donors, AWC development team and the Chief
Executive; and
Independent research and networking.
Introduce AWC to potential general and major donors through informal and formal meetings,
presentations etc.
Ensure regular meetings and correspondence with existing and potential donors.
Effectively communicate to donors and potential donors the importance and urgency of the
AWC mission.
Assist in developing funding proposals that align donor interest and AWC’s organisational
Report to donors on the implementation of AWC programs.
Promote attendance by existing and potential donors at sanctuary events and other AWC
3. Provide executive support for the Chief Executive in relation to the Development program.
Key activities and responsibilities:
Provide support for the Chief Executive in relation to the CE’s execution of Development
program responsibilities including:
o assisting with the preparation/provision of information to high level donors and
other contacts including reporting on key projects;
o co-ordinating CE engagement with key contacts (including scheduling);
o assisting the CE in tracking progress against key metrics;
o undertaking research; and
o ensuring records are maintained as part of our development database.
4. Assist with managing and growing AWC’s bequest program
Key activities and responsibilities:
Assist with the implementation and growth of AWC’s bequest program.
Ensure appropriate AWC bequest material is prepared and distributed to bequest prospects.
5. Assist with AWC’s communications program
Key activities and responsibilities:
As required, assist in the preparation of written material for AWC’s communications program
including Wildlife Matters (magazine), website stories, email updates and other social media.
Promote the distribution of AWC communications material including through partnerships and
other innovative arrangements.
6. Assist with managing and growing corporate support for AWC, particularly through workplace
Key activities and responsibilities:
Assist with identifying and engaging potential corporate partners including workplace giving
Assist in maintaining regular communication with key individuals at corporate partners; writing
effective communications material tailored to that corporate partner; delivering presentations
at workplaces and promoting and managing fundraising opportunities.
Help to ensure appropriate AWC material is prepared and distributed to corporate partners and
their staff.
7. Assist in the ongoing development and implementation of AWC’s fundraising strategy
Key activities and responsibilities:
Assist in the ongoing development and implementation of AWC’s fundraising strategy through,
for example:
Contributing to the periodic development and review of the strategy.
Developing and maintaining and awareness of philanthropic issues, trends, policies and
significant legal requirements (e.g. tax deductibility of donations).
8. Administration
Key activities and responsibilities:
Assist in the preparation of annual fundraising budgets.
Assist in the preparation of quarterly progress reports.
Maintain the fundraising database and files, ensuring strict confidentiality of donor information.
Provide additional reports, as required.
Manage the counting and banking of coin collections.
Cultivate and manage relationships with volunteers.
9. Undertake other tasks, as required.
Key activities and responsibilities:
On request, undertake other specified tasks.