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Kendall Lube Shop
Trying to find a customized solution?
Whether you are already in the automobile
service industry or are just now considering entry
into the quick-lube business, opening a quicklube can be an exciting and profitable business
With any business venture, the key to success is
a well thought-out and well-executed business
plan. ConocoPhillips has the expertise to guide
you through the start-up process step by step,
from choosing a site to opening the door on the
first day of business. The ConocoPhillips Lube
Shop program offers the support, industry
knowledge and the relationships to help make
your new or existing business more successful.
The flexibility the Lube Shop program offers is
key when working toward accommodating the
diverse needs of independent operators. The
support is comprehensive, from ongoing training
and technical services to promotions and high
quality products.
The Lube Shop Program includes assistance in:
Demographic & Site Selection
Building Design & Construction
Equipment Recommendation
Funding / Financing
Marketing & Advertising
Business Start-Up Kit
Jones Oil offers you the ability to customize
a program to your needs.
Not only do we provide you the choice of the
top major oil brands, Jones Oil also offers a
fully API licensed private label product that
allows you to find solutions outside the box.
So, if it is matching your needs with one of
the top major oil suppliers programs or if it is
building a customized program around your
unique situation, Jones Oil is there for you
with the right solution. We WILL find a
program to make you money, build retention
and take your business to the next level.
We will provide a free business consultation
to uncover opportunities that we can assist
you to:
Increase Car Count
Increase Ticket Average
Increase Customer Retention
Increase Bottom Line Profit
Reduce Inventory on Hand
Increase Customer Trust
Decrease Claims
Increase Service Offerings
Jones Oil has programs to help our customers
receive more value for their oil purchases. Jones
Oil’s success is a direct result of our ability to
support our customers with oil storage and
dispensing equipment. These programs include
lubricating equipment, tanks, pumps, reels,
meters, drains, filter crushers, lifts and air
compressors. Jones Oil recommends High Tech
Equipment for your automotive and industrial
equipment needs.
Whether your need is all the equipment needed
to open a new quick lube, equipment needed to
add new services as car counts decline, or
affordable, quality repairs- High Tech Equipment
is your solution.
High Tech Equipment Offers:
Ten Fully Stocked Service Vehicles for
On-site Repairs.
Air Compressor Installation, Repair and
Maintenance Programs.
Complete Air Piping Installations.
Automotive Lift Installations & Repairs
Tire Machine Sales & Installation.
Alignment Rack Installation & Repairs.
Wheel Balancer Sales & Installation.
Automotive Lift Inspection by Trained
Complete Lubrication Equipment System
Installations & Repairs.
Overhead Hose Reel Installations &
Complete Waste Oil System.
4828 North Shepherd
Houston, TX
Valvoline Express Care
Mystik Service Center
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Whether you have an existing lube center or are
thinking about a new lube center – Mystik offers
you a unique proposition to service automotive
consumers as well as perform basic preventive
maintenance (PM) for commercial fleets, thereby
offsetting declining automotive counts.
Since 1933, Jones Oil, Inc., has been
supplying customers with high quality
fuels, oil, chemical and lubricant products
for every application. We have worked
hard to build and maintain our reputation
as the best lubrication and petroleum
distributor in the Greater Houston area.
With a fleet of state-of-the art service
trucks, equipment and a dedicated team
of professionals, Jones Oil, Inc. offers
quick delivery of our products and
services. Jones Oil, Inc. has one mission:
We want to be your single source
supplier for all your lubricant needs. We
feel you should only have to call one
Jones Oil, Inc. is a proven company,
committed to the area and its people.
Texas is our home. Decisions are made
locally, and by the people you know.
Please review the many products and
services we have available. Our team is
excited about the opportunity to exceed
your expectations.
Valvoline’s Express Care helps you discover their
science behind success.
Express Care Formula:
Express Care Exceeds the industry
average ticket and premium lubricant
sales. * based on 2009 NOLN survey
2. Dedicated specialists committed to
improving your profitability.
3. Impactful consumer promotions
customized to increase overall sales.
4. Contemporary attention grabbing
imaging.**Best looking quick lube, NOLN 2008
At Mystik, we believe the idea behind owning a
Mystik Service Center is to put money into the
owner's pocket - not take it out. That's why Mystik
gives you the service and support that franchises
offer, but because this is not a franchise program
there is no franchise fee or royalty payments.
Training programs, site evaluations, business
building tools, and merchandising funds are all
part of Mystik's commitment to support your
business. National brand support without the
national brand costs. It's what makes Mystik one
of the most attractive packages in the industry.
Mystik provides approved products through a
product supply agreement. The term of the
agreement is dependent on the amount of
support you and Mystik agree to. It's that simple!
Express Care Mission
To utilize premium, bold imagery in
conjunction with Valvoline's strong brand
following and acceptance to create a
consistent retail image for the
professional installer.
To position the professional installer as a
convenience-focused, diversified service
provider of premium products in their
respective market.
To provide industry leading training and
marketing support that leads to a better
experience for the quick lube consumer
and improved financial results for our
installer partners.
Valvoline Instant Oil Change was created in
As the second largest quick-lube chain in the
United States, we are focused on being the
quick, easy, and trusted.
As such, we are committed to delivering you
only those services necessary for the safety
and performance of your vehicle. So when
we make a recommendation, you can be
sure it’s in the best interest of your car, not
the best interest of our wallets.
Providing oil changes and preventive
maintenance for millions of customers each
year is what we do. But how we manage
customer service is who we are.
Do you like people?
Winner of National Oil & Lube News 2009 Best
Looking Quick Lube contest
This simple question comes first, ahead of
any information regarding your interest in
cars or running your own business. Why? If
you like people, you'll take care of them, and
this one simple truth, more than anything
else, is at the heart and soul of VIOC's
To share in this success, check out our
franchising program. It's an opportunity that
could provide you with the rewards of a