2.1 Industry Growth (Rubrics)

Media Design & Technology Industries ◆
2.1 Industry Growth
This discussion is designed for you to critically think about
how you will fit into the future. You will also need to
research and cite information to back up your thoughts.
What will your industry look like in the next 20 years will
design be all interactive as in the movie Minority Report,
or will we still be consuming media in its current form?
What will entertainment look like? Will we still be using
game consoles or will there be a new medium? Will we
consume news via a portable device yet to be invented or
on our televisions? Will T.V. still be around? You all get to
be the futurists for this discussion, have fun with it!
We are in the business of communication and you should
be able to communicate intelligently in written form.
Spelling and grammar will be a significant part of your
grade on this discussion as well as your willingness to
share your knowledge with others.
Wednesday, February 25, 15
Media Design & Technology Industries ◆
2.1 Industry Growth
• To articulate in writing your thoughts
about your chosen career path
• Meaningful thought that defines your
career goals and industry growth
Example of citing a source:
*Do Not Color code your citation this is just to
help you see the different parts of a citation.
Author (last, First) (Year). Title of Source;
Source, Link URL
Ripley, Ellen (1992). Aliens: Friend or Foe?;
Weyland Industries Press, http://www.Weyland
Check out the link below to see how to add the
citation to a paragraph:
Son of Citation Machine
• Ability to research and quote sources
Initial Post
A) Look at your entire industry and write a
paragraph describing it as you currently see
it. Cite at least one source.
• Check the rubric for above and beyond
opportunities for the best grade
(B) Next write another paragraph forecasting
how you see the industry growing in the next
five to 10 years. Cite at least one source.
• Four (4) paragraphs with at least five
(5) sentences in each paragraph.
Touching on the subjects at the left.
(C) Write a third paragraph that speculates
the industry in the next 25 years. Describe
how users will consume your media in the
next 25 years.
• At least two (2) sources cited in the
correct format. Citations should be
included at the bottom of your post
after all the paragraphs and
separated by the title References
• At least 3 replies to your classmates
(D) Describe in a fourth paragraph where you
want your career to be in the next 5, 10, and
15 years. What steps do you plan to get you
to your 15-year career goal? What awards to
you want to have achieved? Where would
you want to live? What would your life look
(E) Reply to 3 of your classmates. Each reply
should be at least 1 paragraph long
containing 5 sentences.
Wednesday, February 25, 15
Minimum Requirements
• Post your initial post no later than
• Post your 3 reply posts by Friday
Remember this is a discussion
post due on the FSO
Platform, but it is always a
good idea to create your post
and replies in a word doc first
so you have a record of it.
Sources to NOT Use:
Wikipedia.org - There will be no
research of a college level paper that
will allow Wikipedia as a source for
citation. The reason is that it is
unreliable at best.
Wednesday, February 25, 15
Media Design & Technology Industries ◆
2.1 Industry Growth (Rubrics)
Turn In
Exceeds Competency (A)
By Wednesday (25)
Meets Competency (B-C)
Thursday - Friday (20 or 15) -5 points
per day
5 or more paragraphs with at least 5
4 paragraphs with at least 5 sentences
sentences in each paragraph
in each paragraph (15 pt)
(20 pt)
Failure to Meet Competency
After Friday Night (0 pt)
Less than 4 paragraphs with 5
sentences in each paragraph (10 pt
or less)
Initial Post
4 or more replies, 1 five sentence
paragraph for each reply (20pt)
3 replies, 1 five sentence paragraph for
each reply (15 pt or less)
less than 3 replies (10pt - 0pt)
3 or more sources cited
2 sources cited
(10 pt or less)
Less than 2 sources cited (5pt -0pt)
(make it
Images and text formatting used to
make the post inviting,easy to read,
and understand.
All the information requested was
submitted (8 pt or less)
All the information requested was
not submitted (5 pt or less)
Spelling &
No errors (10 pt)
Few or minor errors (9 pt or less)
Frequent or major errors (5 pt or
Wednesday, February 25, 15