Business Plan 2013-2015 Summary

Business Plan
Our Ambition
Our Ambition to 2020
The intelligence coming out from Orbit’s 2020 research
makes it incumbent on all parts of the business to radically
think about its future offer, shape and contribution.
In addition, as part of Orbit’s ambition to grow, Orbit Services
has a clear offer to make to other housing organisations
wishing to join Orbit. This includes a complimentary range of
professional services as well as a values based commercial
We know that capital funding may reduce and be targeted
differently. At the same time the impact of welfare reforms on
our ability to collect rents will be significant and exactly how
far reaching this will be is unknown at this time.
There is a clear trajectory for growth which means that Orbit
Services will continue to look at how we operate ensuring
that we have the right delivery vehicle for the future to
accommodate scale and profit generation.
Orbit has agreed its underlying imperative is to ‘create profit
for a purpose’. This is either through being more efficient and
generating external income. This business plan suggests that
Orbit Services can make a significant contribution to this in
two areas. Firstly by growing the volume of services we sell
externally through our Service Matters brand and secondly
by creating a Shared Services Centre. The Shared Services
Centre would allow greater efficiencies and economies of
scale to be extracted by pulling together high volume low
value transactional services together under one ‘roof’.
However, that said, of primary importance is the quality and
cost of services Orbit Services provides to all partners within
Orbit. My aim is to make all of our services to our customers
the best they can be.
The external business under the Service Matters brand has
a strong reputation and has had slow but steady growth
together with a sustained level of business where customers
have been happy to extend contracts based on performance
and the value created by our people. Our income target for
2020 is £3.5m with a profit of 24%. Working with external
customers brings added benefits to Orbit by driving a
commercial approach to all the services provided to all our
partners within Orbit.
In summary, Orbit Services will support Orbit to improve
customer service, reduce operating costs and to generate
profit. The opportunity is here and we now need to think with
an open mind and embrace new ideas.
By 2015, the two year business plan is based on Orbit
Services delivering outcomes which reflect VFM services,
delivering value and growth of Service Matters. In addition,
it proposes the creation of a Shared Services Centre and
significant efficiencies as a result.
Afzal Ismail
Executive Director Orbit Services
Engaged and happy people
Commercial approach Generating significant efficiencies for Orbit
Reputation for innovation Getting the basics right
Passion for the customer Thriving Shared Service Centre
Trusted advisor
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Building Communities
Orbit’s ambition underpins Orbit Services’ business
plan where our success will be built on knowledge,
expertise, “can do” commercial approach and a values
based brand.
Orbit 2020 Outcomes
Orbit Services has a key role to play in supporting Orbit
to deliver its Passion (Community Investment, Housing
Choice) and more significantly its resources (customer offer
and Resources, People and Futures).
The Purpose, Passion and Resources described in this
business plan align to the Orbit 2020 vision and 2013/14
group business plans. More specifically, Orbit Services will
have a significant impact on the delivery of 2020 outcomes
which for completeness have been stated here:
Community Investment
1. Provided 10,000 job & formal training opportunities for
people in our communities
2. Delivered £30m of investment into communities,
including external funding
3. Achieved average home SAP rating of 75 and minimum
energy rating of C
Journey to 2020
Customer Offer
1. Ensured 75% of customers are accessing self-service
2. Ensured 90% of our customers satisfied with our
3. Delivered financial and energy efficiency advice to
20,000 people
To deliver the vision we will deliver the following
organisational outcomes:
1. Reduced the costs of managing our homes year-on-year
2. Achieved an employee engagement index of 85%
3. Delivered ‘market leading’ position as top 3 housing
5 years
2 years
Good to Great
Journey phase 1
2 year
business plan
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Housing Choice
1. Delivered 12,000 new homes
2. Implemented a complete, flexible housing ‘journey’
3. Provided a full range of home rental and ownership
The way we work
Our Purpose
To enable Orbit to build communities by providing excellent
professional services which deliver value to our customers
Our Passion
We enable our customers to deliver excellent services in the most
cost efficient way to deliver their goals.
Our Resources
Growth for
a purpose
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Trusted Professional
Delivering trusted professional
services is the foundation for Orbit
Services and enables it to deliver
added value and growth opportunities.
The following areas set out the key
elements to all our services:
• Get the basics right
• Being great partners
• Right First Time
• Business Assurance
• Cost transparency and value for
Our Products are:
• Customer Service Centre
• Business and Professional Services
- Internal Audit
- Insurance
- Information Governance
- Health & Safety
- Fraud Management
- Strategic Risk Management
- Procurement
- Lean Business Improvement
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Deliver Value
Growth for a Purpose
Orbit Services commercial approach
delivers added value to Orbit beyond
the services it delivers. The following
areas set out the focus for 2013-15:
Orbit Services will grow for a purpose
to support Orbit’s vision to build
communities and its 2020 vision.
Growth is important for every business
as it generates benefits of economies
of scale such as reduction in cost to
deliver, momentum and continuous
changes within the business and the
ability to attract and retain ambitious
and commercially minded staff. The
focus for Orbit Services for 13-15
will be:
• Thought leadership and commercial
• Shared Services Centre (including
self-service and transactions)
• Strategic Procurement
• Lean systems and processes
• Digital Futures
• Support Orbit’s merger and
acquisition strategies
Our Commercial Approach
Orbit Services’ commercial approach
is based on the following ingredients:
• Values based ethical business
generating profit for a purpose
• Relentless focus on value for money
and cost efficiency both in the way
we operate and cost of our products
• Customer first thinking
• Thought leadership, bringing
new and innovative ideas to our
• Disciplined approach which
manages risks effectively
• Service Matters Growth Strategy to
£1.4m by April 2015
• Develop and build a Shared Service
• Growth through Orbit’s merger/
acquisition strategy
Who do I need to speak to?
Vicky Mather
Business Services Officer
Vicky is responsible for the customer
relationship management and invoicing of
external Service Matters customers and
also business support to Orbit Services
(including KPI Production and Living the
Values Survey).
Julian Beaney
Business Services
Steve Kerr
Afzal Ismail
Marketing Assistant
Steve is responsible for marketing to
internal (Orbit) and external (Service
Matters) customers.
Executive Director
Orbit Services
Roy Evans
ICT Technical Services Manager
Roy has responsibility for the Orbit ICT
Infrastructure, system speed, availability and
security are all key areas of focus. Roy also looks
to the future to see how the latest technology can
add value to Orbit.
David Leach
IT Director
Jason Kearney
ICT Service Delivery Manager
Gary Stephens
Jason is responsible for the ICT Service Desk and
works across the whole ICT Team to ensure we are
providing the right support to our customers.
Tara Gunn
Head of Programme Management Office
Tara is responsible for the Orbit Project office and for
developing a consistent approach to Project Management
across Orbit. Tara also runs the Project Management
Training within Orbit.
Angela Adderley
Systems Manager
Angela is responsible for the Housing and Repairs systems across
Orbit including the development of system reports and for IT
Training. Increasingly more of our front line services are reliant on
ICT tools and Angela works closely with our front line colleagues to
ensure the IT Tools support the effective delivery of services.
Lesley Mason
Head of Procurement Operations
Lesley’s role is to manage the day to day delivery
of the procurement programme within Orbit.
Lesley is also responsible for delivering training
and providing contract management advice.
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Trish Bailey
Information Governance Specialist
Trish is responsible for leading on Orbit’s Information Governance & Security
Management Service across the Group which covers; Data Protection & Privacy
(DPP), Information Security Management (ISM), Information Sharing & Confidentiality
(ISC), Information & Records Management (IRM) – Including Knowledge Management,
Information Quality & Assurance (IQA), Information Rights Legislation (FOIA, DPA –
including the Subject Access Rights process, EIR, PSI)
Amandeep Jhawar
Risk & Compliance
Greg Barr
Head of Internal Audit
Greg as Head of Internal Audit is responsible for operational delivery of the
audit service across Orbit and to external customers, particularly ensuring
that the team understand your needs and align the audit service accordingly.
Greg’s team can also deliver a critical friend role for new projects and systems.
Roger Smith
Head of Health and Safety
Roger leads the fire, health and safety team. The overall purpose of the role is
to develop, deliver and maintain a robust management system to comply with
relevant legislation and to enable all parts of the group to manage their own
health and safety responsibilities.
Sally Mason
Insurance Team Leader
Sally is responsible for overseeing the delivery of a day to day insurance service to members
of the Group to include property, liability and motor claims handling, the provision of various
insurance information across the Group, to leaseholders, mortgagees, funding authorities
and insurers and the administering of Orbit’s household contents insurance scheme for
residents, including premium collection and arrears monitoring.
Ian Gibson
Experience Director
Karen McEnroe
Customer Service Manager
Karen manages all day to day operational areas of the
Customer Service Centre, this means our team leaders and
their teams and resource planning that underpins the day to
day delivery.
Will Bayley
Head of Service Development
Will manages all of the centres support functions (quality,
knowledge, process improvement) and business development
areas of the Customer Service Centre and ORU.
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Our Outcomes
Partner dependencies
Orbit Services has happy/engaged
people and is employer of choice
Your say engagement
Retention Levels
Talent management and reward
HR policies aligned to ambition
Delivers right first time services to
get the basics right
Headline KPIs delivered to target
End-to-End Income and
repair services improvements
Internal and external digital literacy
strategy designed and agreed
Disciplined action by adhering
to internal service standards/
Transparent and interlinked KPIs
Is recognised and trusted by our
customers, the provider of choice
Customer satisfaction/net promoter
Partners engage in service
improvement and relationship
management activities
Is recognised as adding value to
our customers
Deliver financial plans
£1m Procurement savings per
annum and significant efficiencies
from Shared Services.
Engage with development
and implementation of new
Shared Service Centre and new
procurement strategy
Adopt consistent systems and
processes principles and tools
Has a profitable and sustainable
business model and is recognised
as a leader in its sectors
£1.4m Service Matters income by
2015 (11% profit)
Sector influence
Understand and advocate for Orbit
Services’ growth ambitions within
Orbit and the sector
Deliver and maintain an effective
internal control environment
Implementation of agreed audit
Working with Orbit’s Executive and
Leadership Teams to drive Orbit to
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Good to Great Journey
Orbit Services completed phase 1 of its Good to Great
journey in April 2013. This transformational plan focused
on building a one team approach to delivering great
customer service. The ambitions being to change the
way in which professional support services are delivered
across Orbit and to its growing external customer base.
Orbit Services agreed the following five themes and outcomes for its Good to Great journey:
Great People
Our people
understand your
business goals at a
strategic level and
proactively search
for opportunities
to add value to
your business.
Partnership working
results in proactive
All of our people
are demonstrating
Customer First
principles in a
consistent manner
and a continuous
improvement ethos
is embedded.
Customers can
contact Orbit
Services via a
channel they prefer
and first point of
contact resolution is
> 70%.
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
One Team
working across
internal and
external teams and
stakeholders is the
norm. Contacting
the right person is
easy and through
your preferred
channel. Our people
have a strong
understanding of
key priorities across
the organisation and
shared objectives
are the norm.
Internal and
External customers
have a strong
understanding of
what Orbit Services
is trying to achieve.
All of our people
proactively look for
ways of extending
services and are
driving VFM and
innovation internally
and externally. Orbit
Services has a
strong reputation for
taking a professional
approach and for
the delivery of Great
Tools to do
the job
The right tools are
available to the right
customer. Service
Delivery is enhanced
and customers are
engaged with the
strategic development
of the tools.
Performance Indicators 2013/14
The Orbit Services performance indicators are set out in
the Balanced Scorecard format below. This scorecard will
be used by Orbit Services to track operational outcome
measures on a regular basis to inform the potential impact
on the financial and customer outcome measures.
1. Orbit Services Financial Plan
2. Service Matters Profit
3. Efficiency Savings Generated
4. Overall Customer Satisfaction
5. CSI (Residents – CSC)
6. Service Specific Customer Satisfaction
Key Operational
7. IT Service Availability
8. IT Incident Management
9. CSC/Orbit First Time Resolution
10. CSC/Orbit Timeliness of Service
11. Health & Safety Risk Assessments
12. Internal Audit Recommendations not implemented
13. Procurement Projects Delivery
14. Service Matters Marketing Plans
15. People Engagement
16. External Reputation
(Awards & Accreditations)
Delivered within budget
£1m income with a net profit of 10%
£1m savings
99% availability between 8am and 8pm
92% incidents and service requests fixed within SLA
55%+ of all calls resolved at first point of contact
80% of calls answered in 20 seconds
3% and zero major recommendations
80% projects delivered with agreed timescale and cost
30 new customers from 89 prospects
Corporate targets achieved
IiP Gold plus other accreditations
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
Our projects 2013/14
The following strategic projects and tasks have been
set for Orbit Services during 2013/14 as part of this
2013-2015 business plan in addition to business as
usual activity
• Undertake a feasibility study into creating a shared
services centre
• Create a transparent charging approach to Orbit Services
service delivery (internal and external income)
• Leadership and staff engagement building on 2012/13
Make it Happen programme
• Deliver a framework of accountability / compliance across
Orbit underpinned by LT & ET KPI’s.
• Implement the Insurance Claims reduction strategy.
• Orbit ICT Strategy (such as EDRM, DART, Digital
business and website)
• 2020 Technology and Innovation Change Stream
Service Matters is the external brand used for providing
services to other organisations to generate a profit. Since
its re-brand and website launch (www.servicematters. in 2012, Service Matters is growing in reputation
and currently provides services to over 35 customers
across England and Wales.
The majority of our customers are from the housing sector,
which enables us to use our housing expertise to their
benefit, however we provide services to a county council
and private sector organisation.
Orbit Services Business Plan 2013-2015
• Successfully complete ORU and OOH outsource to
delivery partner
• Set up income service team (CSC) to handle payment
arrangement initially to stage 1
• Introduce full quality assurance approaches into the
centre to include email as well as call handling
• Investigate P2P connectivity on Documotive to support
staff purchasing activity
• Implement the Supplier Monitoring Database
• Support the creation and implementation of a
procurement sustainability strategy
• Implement Category Management (CM) across Orbit
• Implement the Service Matters’ customer relationship and
marketing plans to hit growth targets
• Develop effective account management processes
• Facilitate the achievement of external recognition for Orbit
Services (such as IiP Gold)
• 2020 Systems and Processes Change Stream
During 2012/13 Service
Matters generated an income
of over £700,000 and has
a target of £1m (with 10%
profit) to achieve in 2013/14,
increasing to £1.4m (with 11%
profit) in 2014/15. Working
with external customers brings
added benefits to Orbit by
driving a commercial approach
to all the services provided by
Orbit Services.
Working in partnership
With each other
Our people are central to the delivery of our vision
for the future.
Whether it is delivering day to day services to
customers, looking for efficiencies or being involved
in a project team, we want all of our staff to play
their part.
With our customers
Our aim is to work in partnership with all of our
customers, both internal and external, to create
mutually beneficial relationships.
Your Orbit plays a crucial role to ensure we are all
involved in our journey to 2020 and is very much
at the heart of how we operate. Orbit Services
needs an active and engaged Your Orbit to
deliver its ambitions for the future.
This means that we understand where we add
value to each other and also where there is a
mutual dependency to deliver key performance
and customer outcomes. An example of this is
delivering a right first time service in the CSC
which is dependent on the work of many teams
across Orbit.
During 2012/13 the role of Your Orbit has
developed and they have been instrumental in the
pensions consultation,Your Say Survey, charitable
fund raising, amongst other things.
Orbit Services, Garden Court, Harry Weston Road, Binley Business Park, Coventry CV3 2SU