2015 Application

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Atlantic School for Young Leaders
2015 Application
registered charity no: 1157633
Thank you for your interest in our first ever short course held at UWC Atlantic College from 10th to 19th July 2015!
This application is open to anyone aged 17 to 19 years and is made up of five sections. Please complete all of these
and then email it to [email protected] by during May 2015. We will endeavour to get back to everyone within 2 weeks
of this date to let you know if you have been selected. Please feel free to get in contact before then to ask questions
and seek clarifications or help in any way.
We know that leaders come in all different shapes and sizes, and exist in all kinds of contexts. In assessing
applications we look for both merit and potential, recognising that there any many different ways to lead and that
becoming a leader is an ongoing process. Please answer the questions below with sincerity, confidence and plenty of
personal examples!
Written application forms do not necessarily bring out the best in everyone. You may submit supporting documents
in the form of images, be they photographs or diagrams, as well audio and film files if you feel they are relevant and
best express what you are trying to say. However, please note that you will be not be penalised should you choose to
submit a written application only.
Personal Details
Given name
Contacts Details
Date of birth
Fluency in English language
Please attach a photo of yourself, and tick here
when you have.
In this section we want to know more about you and what you would bring to the programme.
In 0-200 words for each bullet point below, or as one continues statement, please tell us:
• something about yourself, or something you have done, that you are proud of.
• why you are applying and what you hope to gain from this course.
• about your experience of leadership and a way in which you are a leader. What challenges have you faced?
• what you would like to share with others whilst on the course, be that perspectives, skills, knowledge, experiences
etc. In what ways do you think you could contribute to the learning community at ASfYL?
• about a project you are currently working on or a project plan you have in mind.
(complete in a separate documents if required)
Please tick here
if you are attaching any additional documents.
In this section we want to get a better understanding of what leadership means to you.
In 0-500 words tell us about 2 leaders who inspire you. Please choose both an historic figure and someone you know
personally. Discuss how these people demonstrate leadership and what you feel you have learnt from them.
(complete in separate documents if required)
Please tick here
if you are attaching any additional documents.
Financial Arrangements
The cost of the course is £1,000 GBP plus your travel costs. Please estimate the approximate total cost below and
tell us how you would expect to cover it.
+ £____________ =
course fees + travel costs (including visas) = approximate total cost
amount to be self
amount to be raised by applicant
through sponsorship and fundraising
(we can support you through this)
amount to be sought through ASfYL
supported bursary (available in
exceptional circumstances)
Please get in contact with Ellora as soon as possible if you think you will need support covering the costs
of the course. She will be happy to discuss the options available to you.
Additional Information
Do you have any other additional information that you would like to share at this time? (complete in separate
documents if required)
Tick here
if attaching additional documents
Please tell us how you found out about the course:
Please identify a referee and attach a written reference from them.
Email Address
Please tick here
Telephone Number
when you have attached your reference.
Please sign below to confirm that your application has been completed truthfully, accurately and in good faith; that
you are available to travel to the UK for the full 10 days; and that you will be aged between 17 and 19 years for the
entirety of the course.
print name
If you are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian to sign below consenting to your application.
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