Healthcare giant automates Telecom Expense

Healthcare giant automates Telecom Expense
Management (TEM) process with Asentinel’s soultions
Background: This client is one of the nations largest healthcare service providers with more than
2,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities around the globe.
Pre-Asentinel Environment: Invoices were all received in paper form, processed manually,
and were paid without any analysis, auditing or optimization of services. No systems were in place to
validate inventory or compare invoices against contracts and policies. In other words, a lot of money
was being wasted.
Asentinel Solution: Asentinel allowed this client to gain control over its telecom expenses by
automating the invoice handling process with electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and exclusive Optical
Invoice Recognition (OIR) technologies, while creating a detailed auditing process and configured
reporting schedule that keeps invoices in check.
The auditing, analysis and cost allocation that Asentinel 6.0 provides has made the TEM process
extremely efficient and organized, not to mention more budget-friendly. Instead of wasting money,
or worse, not knowing what they were being charged for, the client now keeps watch over the entire
lifecycle of Tem, with Asentinel 6.0 serving as the central repository of assets, invoices, orders, budgeting,
forecasting and business intelligence.
“Our company’s IT and AP departments are made up of several ex-telecom employees, and they
appreciate the ability to configure Asentinel 6.0 to fit our needs. I appreciate that it’s the right cost for
our company.” – Telecom Director
Asentinel Case Study | Client: Fulton County, Georgia
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What’s hidden in your healthcare organization’s telecom bills?
Between 7 and 12 percent of telecom service charges are on
error, costing large enterprises more than $8 million in lost
profits annually.
Aberdeen Group
More than 80% of enterprises’ telecom invoices are wrong by an
average of 6-8 percent overbilling.
Let Asentinel be
your TEM Solution.
Organizations can
routinely save more
than 10% of annual
telecom expenses
by systematically
checking carrier bills
against equipment
and services in use.
Saving equate to $750,000 to $1 million annually.
Invoices received electronically through EDI and TouchFree managed
services decreased resource requirements and removed all late
payments and month-end workload.
Increased negotiating power over contracts and vendors.
A proactive roll in budgeting and forecasting.
Automated (electronic)
processes can reduce
the cost to process an
invoice by 63-67%.
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Asentinel Case Study | Client: Fulton County, Georgia
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