2015 SARM Midterm Convention Sponsorship Opportunities

November 5 & 6, 2015
Conexus Arts Centre – Regina, SK
Sponsorship Opportunities
Refreshment Break - $1800 per day or $1200 per ½ day
i. Signage will be posted at each station
ii. Four refreshment breaks available – 2/day
Video Display Service - $1800 per day or $1200 per ½ day
i. Prominent video signage displayed on screens during breaks
Resolution Book - $2000
i. The books are distributed to delegates at the convention as well as mailed to
government officials prior to convention. (2000 copies printed)
ii. Sponsor receives a two page insert to display graphic and/or text; or may split
into 2 - $1,000 sponsorships for a one page insert.
Nametags - $2000
i. Delegate and visitor nametags are printed to include the individuals name and
RM as well as the SARM Logo. Your name or LOGO can be added as well.
Internet Café - $500/day
i. This is a service we provide for our delegates use.
ii. The Internet Café will be an area outside the main hall with a couple of tables
and chairs with laptops set up. Signage with your company name and/or logo
will be posted in this area.
SARM Board Lunch - $750/day
i. You will be invited to have lunch with the SARM Board and special guests at the
ii. Signage will be posted in the private lunch room and opportunity to say a few
words (not required).
To acknowledge the sponsorship, SARM will provide
the following recognition for the sponsor:
1. An email will be sent to the members prior to the meetings announcing your
participation at the Midterm Convention.
2. As a corporate sponsor you are welcome to set up an information display booth in the
lobby of convention area and you are invited to attend all convention sessions.
3. Your company logo or name will be printed on the back cover of the resolution book.
4. The chairman will acknowledge your sponsorship at the start of the session you are
5. Signage will be posted recognizing your participation.
6. RecognitionForwill
be provided
the Convention
Highlights please
in the contact:
sponsorship opportunities
2015 issue of SARM’s
Kristina Buitenhuis at 761.3730, [email protected]