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Security Officers
Protecting your business
Integrated security solutions
Adding value by understanding your business
For over 85 years SNP Security has delivered superior guarding services for
Australian businesses and government organisations.
Security Officer Services
At SNP Security, we value long-term relationships with our
clients. We understand that no two sites are the same and
know from experience that strong security outcomes rely
At SNP Security, we’re used to performing many different roles.
Services provided by Security Officers include:
Training the best people in the business
Quality assurance begins with the selection of your
on a strong understanding of your needs.
We will take the time to understand your company culture
and environment. We’ll ensure that Security Officers fit your
team and appoint a dedicated account manager who will
be available around the clock.
Officers. SNP Security Officers are hand picked and receive
comprehensive training including:
General guarding duties
Customer service
Facilities management
Systems management
Gate duties
Dog support services.
Cash in transit
SNP Security can manage low levels of cash deliveries
to nominated banks, when required, anywhere in Australia.
Accredited security training
We comply with all aspects of the WorkCover Code
Site specific training
of Practice, to ensure the cash arrives at the bank
Customer service
SNP Security is an accredited VETAB Registered Training
Organisation (RTO), further reassurance that we can deliver
what we promise.
Keeping you informed and in control
Site Operating Procedures (SOPs) are adapted to each site.
without incident.
Security awareness training
We can train your staff on essential aspects of security.
Tailor-made courses are developed by our Protective
Services team, after a risk analysis of your site and a brief
on specific site issues.
Special events
These form part of our ongoing quality assurance program
SNP Security Officers have been instrumental in ensuring
and allow us to monitor performance against your Service
some of Australia’s largest events run smoothly – from APEC
Level Agreement.
to the Olympic Flame Relay, from regular Rugby matches to
Risk Management Planning
SNP Security works in partnership with major guarding
World Youth Day.
Corporate Services
sites to develop a Security Risk Management Plan and
SNP has responded to the changing political and social
implement Security Polices and Procedures.
environment by establishing a Corporate Services unit for
specialised security, tailored to the needs of individual
Our disciplined approach utilises processes that comply
with AS/NZS 4360-2004 - Risk Management. Our in-house
risk assessment experts are accredited to Certificate V
Risk Assessment.
customers. Services include:
Corporate security personnel
Theft and stock loss
Fraud and embezzlement
Electronic countermeasures and board room
SNP Security_Security Officers
Executive Protection
Security surveys and risk assessment.
State Library of Victoria
One of Melbourne’s most important landmarks,
the State Library of Victoria collection includes
over two million books – including the ‘ De Musica
of Boethius’ which dates back to the 10th century.
The State Library of Victoria sought to appoint a manpower security
partner that would:
Protect the Library’s premises, contents and reputation
Treat its employees with dignity, respect and loyalty
Offer the systems, procedures and technology necessary
to deliver effective security
Provide a single point of contact between the two
Accept mutual accountability and responsibility in achieving
successful security outcomes.
SNP Security was awarded the contract when it demonstrated
Board room surveillance sweeps
SNP Corporate Services has developed sophisticated search
techniques using the latest electronic sweeping equipment
to scan and detect unauthorised listening devices.
Covert operations and investigations
Organisations are increasingly exposed to the risk of
theft or threats against their employees. Our licenced and
experienced personnel use investigative methodology to
ensure that all aspects are thoroughly explored and carefully
analysed. Above all, we understand that confidentiality is
Executive protection
The SNP Security Executive Protection Unit is a group of
highly trained and motivated professionals, chosen for their
specialist skills in the demanding field of executive security.
Integrated security, nationwide
For seamless protection, we can also provide Grade A1
Monitoring to Australian Standards, mobile patrols integrated
with Security Officer services and advanced electronic
security solutions where appropriate.
Integrated security solutions
a real synergy between itself and the State Library of Victoria. The
SNP solution included:
Installation of an innovative Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
using Internet Protocol (IP)
Providing a capability for Library Management to access
images remotely via iPhone enabling judgment to be made
without attending the site
Integrated management of the control room, which monitors
all alarms and CCTV
A collaborative approach between State Library management
and staff and SNP Security personnel on all security matters,
staffing and rostering
A dedicated SNP manager to act as a central point of contact
Regular executive level visits and meetings on-site
The provision of security officers to patrol specific areas
within the library.
Entrusted with keeping the Library and its
contents safe, SNP Security has built a close
working relationship with the State Library
of Victoria. SNP provides security officers who
are trained to perform their security duties in a
cultural environment. Reflecting the strength of
the relationship, the SNP personnel are treated
as members of the State Library of Victoria’s
team, and low to minimal staff turnover is one
of the many positive outcomes.
Sydney (Head Office)
937–941 Victoria Road
West Ryde NSW 2114 Australia
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Aviation Security Sydney Airport
Level 1, FAC House
Cnr Keith Smith Ave & Seventh St
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Building E2, 5 Grevillea Place
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54 Hudson Street
Hamilton NSW 2303
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Grade A1 Monitoring
Electronic Security
Security Officers
Aviation Security
Mobile Patrols
NSW: Master Licence 400674602
ACT: Master Licence 17501220
QLD:Security Firm No. 41315
SA: Agent’s Licence No. ISL 178143
VIC: Private Security Business Licence 652-374-11S
WA:Security Agent’s Licence No. SA36353
TAS: Agent’s Licence No. 11487