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Hat Contest
Official Rules
Non-wagering Contest: “Derby Day Hat Contest” is a non-wagering contest that will take
place at Sarasota Kennel Club, Saturday May 2, 2015.
1. Contest participants must be 18 years or older to win. Proof of age and identity may
be required to claim prizes.
2. Hats should be original designs – either purchased, borrowed or designed (i.e. baseball
caps and non-decorated straw hats will not be considered for prizes).
3. Hand Crafted hats must have added value from their original appearance.
4. Derby Themed hats may be either purchased, borrowed or designed.
5. Only the winners of each category will be considered for the Grand Champion.
6. Each hat can only be entered into one category.
7. All hats must be appropriate for all ages.
8. If there is less than 3 hats entered per category, the categories will be combined.
To Enter:
1. Please be ready and present on the 1st floor outside near the Finish Line at 4:00 p.m.
2. One entry per contestant.
1. Celebrity Judges will select candidates for Win, Place and Show in each category. All
winning hats will be selected based on creativity and originality.
2. Judges’ decisions are final.
3. Must be present to be considered in the contest and must be present to win.
Hats Categories: 1. Most Funny/Outrageous 2. Best Hand Crafted 3. Best Derby Themed
Prizes: For Each Category / Win: $50 Place: $25 Show: $10