May 2015 Newsletter - Saraland Chamber of Commerce

May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
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Spartan Truck Giveaway
Mission Statement
Date: May 12, 2015
Time: 11:55am
Location: Saraland Civic Center
Speaker: Michelle Hurdle, Airbus
Michelle Hurdle worked for 15 years in economic development on
the state, regional, and local levels before joining Airbus Group in
2008. In 2012, she joined Airbus Americas in the same role to
coordinate the establishment of the A320 Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama,
and recently re-joined Airbus Group, Inc. in the Government Relations department.
Prior to joining Airbus, Michelle was the economic development representative for
PowerSouth Energy, and was a member of the Alabama economic development team
that recruited Airbus to Mobile, Alabama.
Michelle is a graduate of Troy State University and the University of Southern Mississippi.
Please click here to make your RSVP for this event
$5.00 per person
From the President’s Perspective
I would like to congratulate Eddie Holmes on winning the 2014
Saraland Citizen of the year. It has been my great pleasure to know
Eddie over the last six years serving on the board of the Saraland
Area Chamber of Commerce. Eddie along with Mayor Rubenstein
developed Leadership Saraland, a nine month program designed to
provide participants the opportunity to hands-on workshops with
experts and key decision makers. The objectives were to educate, train and connect
people from diverse backgrounds with a common interest in community
improvement. This turned out to be a tremendous success for the Saraland
Community. He was in the first graduating class and will be teaching this year.
Congratulations Eddie!!!
The Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce mission is “To promote economic
expansion and enhance the quality of life in the North Mobile area… by supporting
business, encouraging community leadership and fostering communication.
Remember to shop Saraland and the North Mobile Area and look forward to seeing
you at the next luncheon.
-Rick Schaffer
We would like to thank the 2015 Platinum Sponsors of the
Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
April Luncheon Speaker
Judge George Hardesty Jr.
Mobile County State Court System
The Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to
thank Judge, George Hardesty Jr for taking time out of his
busy schedule and speaking at the April Monthly Luncheon.
The Honorable George Hardesty, Jr. serves as District
Judge for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit in Mobile County.
Membership Renewals & New Members
Membership Renewals:
A-Climate Control Mini Storage
Member since 2004
C2 Wealth Strategies
Member since 2013
Gateway Real Estate
Member since 2008
Greene and Phillips Attorney at
Member since 2010
Microtel Inn & Suites
Member since 2008
PNC Bank
Member since 2009
Rotary Club of North Mobile
Member since 2014
Smoothie King
Member since 2013
Wintzell’s Oyster House
Member since 2005
New Membership:
Moore Law Firm
301 St. Louis Street, Mobile, AL 36602
Saraland- Satsuma Community
Education Advisory Council, Inc
658 Red Oaks Lane, Saraland, AL 36571
The Saraland Child Safety Day has been postponed due to weather. We are
looking to reschedule for May 9, 2015 (Saturday) from 10:00 - 2:00 at the old
Kmart parking lot. The event is sponsored by City of Saraland, Allstate Insurance, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and Women and Children's Hospital.
For more information about this event, please click here.
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May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to connect with your
customers then online advertising offers the biggest bang for your buck.
The Internet is fast replacing traditional mediums of information,
entertainment, shopping and marketing. It’s time to change the way you
market your business.
· It offers more value for your advertising dollars as it can be more targeted
than offline mediums.
· It is up and running 24/7 providing round-the-clock visibility.
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even in the remotest locations, as long as there is Internet connectivity.
· It provides more information at a low cost.
· It is convenient for your audience as they can access your online advertising
material as many times as they want.
The Saraland Chamber is now offering advertising to our members on
the Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce website at $250.00 per
year. These ads are business card size and will be linked directly to
your website.
Limited space available. Contact the Saraland Chamber of Commerce
for more information.
Click here to contact the Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce
to advertise your business TODAY!
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
Business After Hours Procedures
Hosting Guidelines
Hosting a Business after (or before) hours is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your
business. These events are extraordinary opportunities for our members, and potential
members, to get to know each other. We all would rather do business with people that we
know and respect. These events provide that venue. As a host, your business will gain
additional profile. Our hope is providing these guidelines is to better understand how to
get the most out of your Business after Hours.
-Know why you want to host this event and articulate that with the Chamber staff
(included on the attached form). You might want to have as many people as possible at
the Business After Hours – or you might want to have a more targeted approach to getting
a more specific audience to the event.
-Business after Hours are often scheduled months in advance. The date is typically the
3rd Thursday of each month. If you need to change the day, the chances of conflicting with
other Chamber/community events increase dramatically. The Chamber tries not to schedule anything on the evening of a Business after Hours but by moving the date, scheduling
conflicts become more possible. The networking event’s typical hours are 5-7pm. The
highest attendance will be from 5:45-6:30. With a Business before Hours, the typical time
period is 7-8:30. Business before Hours is typically less well attended. We do not have a
calendar of Business before Hours so any date selected can be approved through the
Chamber staff.
-Recognize that people seek something to do with their hands. They also seek commonalities through with they can begin a conversation. Serving food often gives folks that
option. We can provide you with a list of Chamber member caterers. You want to make
this an experience people can remember and talk about in a positive fashion later. The
Chamber staff will work with you to determine an approximate number of attendees.
-Providing alcohol, at Business after Hours, is your prerogative. There is little question
that providing beer/wine will increase attendance. The Chamber does not assume any
liability. In our history, we haven’t had an issue in which alcohol presented a problem during or after the event. Again, this is your decision.
-Do something memorable. It might be a tour of your facility, or a 5-10 minute talk
about what you do or – provide an activity for the guests. (If you did the latter, make it no
more than 15 minutes).
-Provide door prizes – it doesn’t need to be many but some that might show off your
product line/service would be great. The real value of door prizes is you will have the business cards of those that attended the event. You can send out a thank you note, email,
etc. to those attendees to make the evening more memorable.
-Have fun – people want to enjoy themselves. Have fun – try to make this experience
memorable. Try something new. To get a feel for how you want your Business after (of
before) Hours to be memorable, go to others through the course of the year to determine
what you liked or would change.
If you would like your business to sponsor the next Business After Hours
event, please contact the Saraland Chamber of Commerce by clicking here.
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
To Register please click directly on the flyer above.
To email Dustin Chandler for further questions, click here.
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
Pam Pully
Branch Manager
Vice President
Regions Bank
421 South Hwy 43
Saraland, AL 36571
251-675-1193 Office
Your business bank should allow you the freedom and flexibility to control your own
business plan, offering strong guidance to keep you focused and on track. And of course,
your bank should provide you with all the tools you need to move your business forward
to wherever you want it to go with a variety of banking solutions. Choose from Regions
full spectrum of banking solutions financial products and services designed to maximize
your business banking potential with minimum effort from you. Expect nothing less
from Regions for your business banking needs.
To find out how you can become “Spotlight of the Month” please click here.
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
If you would like to know how the Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce can hold a grand opening,
grand re-opening, or ribbon cutting for your business , please contact the Saraland Chamber of Commerce
The city of Saraland has recently incorporated a Historic Marker that is located at the intersection of Shelton Beach Road and Highway 43. The sign reads as follows:
“Incorporated in 1957, Saraland was a Spanish land grant to Don Diego Alvarez in the early
1800’s. Former names include: Alvarez Station, Cleveland Station and eventually “Sara”land after Sara DeWitt, the wife of C.J. DeWitt. As postmaster, he opened the city’s first post office in
1895 on the Southern Railroad and was able to call the area Saraland.”
If you would are interested in learning more about the upcoming Leadership Saraland
Class, contact the Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce by clicking here. Leadership
Saraland strives to connect business leaders with the guidance and support they
need for their business to grow.
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
All regular season tournaments are single-day team events held on
Saturdays. A mandatory registration and pre-tournament meeting will take
place on the preceding Friday, beginning at 5:00 P.M. Each team member
must check in in person at the designated site during official registration and
present a valid fishing license and proof of boat insurance. See 2015 rules for
complete details and refund policy.
Registration & Pre-Tournament Meeting
May 29, 2015
Saraland High School Auditorium
1115 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland, AL 36571
Registration: 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.
Pre-Tournament Meeting: 7:00 P.M.
Launch & Weigh In
May 30, 2015
Live Oak Landing
Alabama Hwy. 225 exit 31 off of Interstate 65
Launch will be at safe daylight.
Accepted Species
Largemouth, Spotted and Smallmouth bass
Tournament Payout Breakdown
1. $10,000
1. 2016 Phoenix
2. $5,000
819 Pro Boat
3. $4,000
2. $5,000
4. $3,000
3. $4,000
5. $2,000
4. $3,000
6. $1,000
5. $2,500
7. $900
6. $2,000
8. $800
7. $1,800
9. $700
8. $1,700
10. $600
9. $1,600
11-40. $500
10. $1,400
11-15. $1,200
16-25. $1,100
May 2015 Newsletter
5. 2015
5- Lion’s Club
20-Rotary Club of North Mobile
Saraland United Methodist Church, Noon
Saraland Chamber of Commerce, Noon
6-Rotary Club of North Mobile
21-Sunshine Club
Saraland Chamber of Commerce, Noon
Senior Citizen Center, 11:00am
7-Sunshine Club
25-Memorial Day
Senior Citizen Center, 11:00am
25-City Council Pre- Meeting
10- Mother’s Day
Saraland Chamber of Commerce, 6:30-8:00pm
11-City Council Pre- Meeting
25-Woodmen of the World
CO/VP Administration: Chris Mears
Saraland Chamber of Commerce, 6:30-8:00pm
312 Celeste Road Saraland, 6pm
VP Membership& Diplomats: Pam Pully
12-Saraland Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
Contact: Tom Williams
Saraland Civic Center, 11:45am-1:00pm
12-Planning Commission
26-Board Meeting
VP Community Development: Rita Wright
Saraland Municipal Annex, 6pm
Saraland Chamber of Commerce, Noon
VP Governmental Affairs: Bill Silver
14-Sunshine Club
26-Civic Forum
Senior Citizen Center, 11:00am
Saraland Civic Center, 7pm
14-Keep Saraland Beautiful
27-Broadway South Dance Ribbon Cutting
Saraland Chamber of Commerce, Noon
28-Sunshine Club
14-City Council Meeting
Senior Citizen Center, 11:00am
Saraland Municipal Annex, 6:30pm
28-City Council Meeting
19-Lion’s Club
Saraland Municipal Annex, 6:30pm
Chairman of the Board: Eddie Holmes
President: Rick Schaffer
President Elect: Ron Mitchell
Treasurer: Wayne Lyssy
VP Econ. Development: Jeff Kahn
VP Public Relations: George Burroughs
VP Special Projects: Maxine Jackson
Tremaine Martin, Greene Phillips
Tom Williams, Satsuma Council
Saraland United Methodist Church, Noon
Del Williamson, Quint’s Hardware
Ronnie Outlaw, Bama Auto Parts
Chris McFarland, Smoothie King
Evelyn Gibson, J&E Property
Jeff Harris, Shell Chemical
Eloise Frost, Individual Member
Dr. Aaron Milner, Superintendent
Bob Cowart, Aaron Oil
Juanita Chandler, Chandler Properties
Wanda Threadgill, Roberts Brothers
Brian Wilson, Walmart
Charles Simmons, Dupont
Nick Patel, LaQuinta Inn
Terri Pringle, SARPC
Paul Stanley, Catfish Junction
Scooter Thronson, Thronson Paint & Body
Anita Clarke, C Spire Wireless
Jeff Schmitz, Alabama Power Company
Chief J.C. West, City of Saraland
Veronica Hudson, Council Women
Donna Jones, Executive Director
Averie Trout, Administrative Assistant
If you would like to be taken off
of our newsletter list, or know
someone who would like to be
added, please email us at
[email protected]
If you would like to add or
update your club or organization
to our calendar, please email us
[email protected]
Saraland City
Schools, with
the help of Shell
Chemicals, is
proud to present
the Spartan
Truck Give
Away. They will
be giving away
this 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Z
71 Crew Cab
Truck in November to the
winner of our
The money
raised from this
fundraiser will
go to benefit the
athletic teams
and extracurricular programs
of Saraland City
Schools, which
is located in
South Alabama.
We will draw
two winners on
November 7th
and they will
compete for the
truck on November 17th at a Saraland Home Basketball game. You do not
need to be present at the drawing. The competition will be a bean bag
toss at the Spartan Gymnasium. Please help support our students at Saraland Schools. We look forward to making someone the new owner of this
fabulous new truck!
For more information about this fundraiser, please click directly on the
photo above.
Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce
Mission Statement
“To Promote economic expansion and enhance the quality of life in the
North Mobile Area, by supporting businesses, encouraging community
leadership and fostering communication.”