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What is College Hunks?
The country’s fastest-growing moving
franchise and junk-hauling franchise
With a name like “College Hunks Hauling Junk,”
it may surprise you to know that the essence of
our brand was best illustrated inside a senior living center. In Spring 2014, Cesar Larios, a College
Hunks mover and student at The Art Institute of
Florida, was inside an elevator with a 79-yearold resident when the elevator got stuck. The
resident started to worry — she didn’t think she
could stand long enough to be rescued. So Cesar
dropped to his hands and knees to turn himself
into a human bench.
A snapshot was put on Facebook and quickly
went viral, warming hearts around the world. We
were wowed by the response — but we weren’t
surprised by the event. Cesar is a great guy, and
when he dropped to his hands and knees to offer
support, he was doing the very thing that sets
College Hunks apart: making a situation that could
have been tense fun instead.
College Hunks Hauling Junk is the nation’s fast-
est-growing moving franchise and junk-hauling
franchise, and we serve both residential and commercial customers. Our business started in 2003,
and we began franchising in 2006. Our franchise
system has more than doubled in size since 2010,
and we continue to grow the brand nationwide.
The moving and junk-hauling industry is huge
— the American Moving & Storage Association estimates the industry generates $9.7 billion a year.
The industry also is highly fragmented, with many
small providers competing for business. College
Hunks Hauling Junk has been able to rapidly grow
by providing a complete, low-cost system that
helps franchisees win customers and generate
outstanding word of mouth.
The moving and hauling industry is a great
investment for someone who has good people
skills, who understands how to manage people
and who wants to scale a business with lots of demand for service. It’s stable, and customers often
trust franchised brands more than they do independent movers or haulers— for good reasons:
Franchise brands are often more consistent, and
they are backed by support and oversight.
Our core values help drive our franchisees success. We have 4 core values that have been critical
to the growth of this business. They are:
• Building leaders
• Always branding
• Creating a fun, enthusiastic team environment
• Listen fulfill and delight (the WOW effect)
The combination of our core values helps support our company mission and purpose which
is to “move the world” both literally as a moving
company, but also emotionally as a world-class
leader in the customer service industry. Our
franchise owners are working towards collectively
becoming the largest employer of a collegiate
workforce and a launching pad of entrepreneurship, bringing back the American dream.
A much-needed service
and a growing franchise
Consistency of service is important because
everyone has heard moving-day horror stories
about movers who weren’t careful with a customer’s property, who were late, who seemed sketchy
and, worse, who held the clients items hostage.
Trust and care is a big deal in the moving industry,
and our brand and our systems help put customers at ease. This also encourages customers to
share their experiences to create a repeat and
referral business cycle for our franchise owners.
That, coupled with the training and support that
we offer franchisees, has helped us grow into a
true national brand that has garnered national
ratings, top-level reviews and national media
attention. Average revenue for College Hunks
Hauling Junk franchisees grew 42.6% from 2011 to
2013, and we expect substantially more growth as
we continue to grow our national brand.
The brand itself is a major asset for our franchisees. “College Hunks Hauling Junk” is an immensely catchy name, and it does a great job of
getting you noticed. When Omar Soliman and
Nick Friedman first got the business going in the
Washington D.C. suburbs, the name even caught
the attention of The Washington Post and earned
the brand a write-up in one of the nation’s biggest newspapers. And our brand continues to
capture a lot of attention. We’ve been featured on
The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC’s Shark Tank, HGTV’s
House Hunters, AMC’s The Pitch, Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, as well as in The Wall Street
Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Time magazine, The Huffington Post and more. Our repeated
appearances on national television and in national
publications have built brand awareness even in
markets where we don’t yet have franchisees.
The College Hunks Story
A lesson plan in entrepreneurship
and team-building
College Hunks Hauling Junk was born in the
summer of 2003 when 21-year-old Omar Soliman spotted an opportunity to earn a little extra
money to spend on the summer break. His mom
owned a furniture store in the Washington, D.C.,
suburbs, and Omar had noticed that during deliveries, customers would often ask if they could
haul away the old furniture. They were willing to
pay $50 or more for the service. Recognizing a
need — and determined not to spend another
summer working a crummy job at the mall or as a
waiter — Omar asked his mom if he could borrow her beat-up old cargo van and use it to offer
junk hauling. Later that night, he sat down with
his best friend since high school, Nick Friedman,
and started coming up with names for the business. Omar tossed out “College Hunks Hauling
Junk,” and everyone got a good laugh. Then they
thought about it for a minute. You know, that’s
actually a pretty good name!
Omar used his computer to create some fliers, and the next day he started putting them up
in the neighborhood. That evening, his phone
started to ring, and they scheduled jobs from Day
1. The business took off, and the pair realized that
just about everyone had something they needed
help getting rid of. Without experience or much
of a plan, the business made more than $8,000
that summer. The taste of entrepreneurship was
exhilarating, but Nick and Omar weren’t yet thinking about College Hunks as a career. They had
always been told to study hard, do well in school
and get a nice job working for someone else. They
went back to school for their senior years — Nick
at Pomona College in California and Omar at the
University of Miami.
Winner of the Rothschild
Entrepreneurship Competition
After the wildly successful summer, fate intervened. The University of Miami had just started
the annual Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition, which awarded a $10,000 prize to the best
business plan and $500 to $5,000 for honorable
mentions. Omar figured he could win at least
$500 by writing a formal business plan for College Hunks Hauling Junk. He called Nick to tell him
about the contest, and together they laid out a
vision for a new type of junk-hauling company.
They knew what a ragtag junk-hauling operation looked like —
that’s what they
ran in the summer
of 2003 — and they
knew that most
junk haulers were
the same. But they
had a vision to
build something
much better: a
fully branded and
systematized operation for serving
customers, using
a customer call
center to boost efficiency. The centralized job scheduling would allow franchisees to handle more jobs more quickly,
resulting in more profits. Marketing, uniforms,
and an emphasis on “WOW” service would create
a great customer experience ensuring repeat and
referral business.
Omar spent six days putting the business plan
together, dropped it off at the entrepreneurship
office and headed to the airport to join Nick and
their buddies for Spring Break. When he returned,
he learned that out of 150 entries, College Hunks
Hauling Junk had been selected as one of 20
finalists. He was invited to give a presentation to
a group of alumni judges consisting of business
owners from all over the country. And he blew
them away.
When he received the first-prize check for
$10,000, he knew that “College Hunks” — an idea
born over a few beers with buddies — had become something special.
From award-winning plan
to national franchise
When Nick and Omar graduated from college,
they took the normal path at first.
They both landed
office jobs, where
they quickly became
unfulfilled. Nick spent
his days daydreaming about controlling
his own destiny and
owning his own business. He started surfing the internet to
look at franchises for
sale. Omar landed at
a health-care research company. He
had half a dozen bosses, no clear direction and no
path to high earning.
Is this really what they wanted to do for the
next 40 years?
No. No! College Hunks Hauling Junk had been
more fun, had offered more freedom and had
shown that it could generate much more money
than their corporate salaries. A few months after
starting the corporate grind, Nick emailed Omar
to ask what his timetable would be for launching
the business. Omar emailed back that his timetable was now.
The friends fleshed out their business plan, created a checklist, created an LLC, opened a bank
account and took out a small business loan to buy
their first real junk-hauling truck.
Since then, College Hunks Hauling Junk has
been growing exponentially. We have opened
locations nationwide and expect to quadruple in
size over the next several years.
What Do Customers Say
About College Hunks
Hauling Junk?
Great people and great systems
impress customers
The College Hunks brand and our awardwinning marketing gets us noticed, but our systems and service are why customers recommend
friends and family hire our junk hauling franchises
and moving franchises.
College Hunks Hauling Junk gives franchisees
the tools they need to succeed and to set their
employees up for success. Our franchises attract a completely different caliber
of employee than customers think of
when they think “moving guy.”
skills. Many of our Hunks are college students
who will eventually take the skills they learn at
College Hunks and apply them to other fields —
becoming doctors, lawyers or accountants. Others
will move up in the organization, becoming managers. Eventually, we hope to give your employees the business skills to become entrepreneurs
themselves, either as College Hunks franchisees
or by pursuing another passion.
One of the things they learn is the importance
of offering WOW service — which means doing
things that make customers eager to hire you and
share their positive stories. College Hunks franchises are not the cheapest option in town — we
are the best option, and our stress-free service is
why customers are happy to pay a little more.
What our customers say:
Check out what our customers had to say (and
how they rated us on a 10-point scale) one random day — June 29, 2014:
“Friendly service, movers were efficient and even
offered to re-assemble furniture, rates were very
fair”- 9/10 — Tvonne M., Indianapolis, Indiana
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchises are designed to attract great
clean-cut employees who are eager to
impress customers and learn what it
takes to become wildly successful. Every
employee starts out as an entry level
“crew member,” but we don’t look to
hire people who will stay crew members
forever — we hire future leaders, then
we help them advance. We look for
people with a great attitude and a great
work ethic, who are eager to learn and
master customer service and business
“The entire process was smooth and flawless.
Jason, Nick and Ashley were incredible to deal with,
and performed the move with expertise, enthusiasm
and friendliness. This was our first experience with
College Hunks Moving, and I will definitely recommend and look forward to using again.” - 10/10
— Deb L., Franklin, Tennessee
“they came, they went right to work and took the
hassle away.” - 10/10 — Dawn T., Stamford, Connecticut
“Easy to schedule - even the day before. The team
was on time and super polite. They did a very careful and excellent job moving some very big pieces of
furniture. The estimate they gave us was accurate.
They were great in all respects. So happy we used
them!” - 10/10 — Caroline B., Wellesley, Massachusetts
College Hunks in the News
TV, newspapers find the strong
College Hunks brand irresistible
College Hunks Hauling Junk has been featured
on The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC’s Shark Tank,
HGTV’s House Hunters, AMC’s The Pitch, Bravo’s
The Millionaire Matchmaker, TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive and Fox Business, as well as in The Wall
Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today,
Time magazine, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc.
and more.
Our national exposure helped build College
Hunks into a national brand even when we were
still relatively small. As we have grown, it has
helped our franchisees get noticed. National and
“Very friendly and knew what they were doing.” -10/10 — Margarette B., Franklin, Tennessee
“very professional service!” - 9/10 — Lisa G.,
Hutto, Texas
“Very nice, helpful guys. It was much appreciated.” -10/10 — Anne S., Austin, Texas
“I didn’t have to move my junk up from the basement; the hunks were able to go anywhere.” - 10/10
— Elaine W., Hillsborough, New Jersey
“Very Friendly on the phone.” - 9/10 — Mary Pat
S., Pasadena, California
“The two guys that came out were great” - 10/10
— Tony B., Los Angeles, California
That’s just a tiny sample of the feedback published to our consumer website on one day. Your
local website will feature similar feedback from
your customers. That’s because we make it easy
for customers to share their feedback and tell
everyone what a great experience they had! That
feedback helps build your business, because
when people look online for information about
junk haulers or movers, they’ll know they can trust
your business because of all the great reviews!
local media outlets have been eager to feature
the company thanks to our fun name, amazing
company culture and great service. That publicity
is invaluable as you work to grow your business.
Here are some examples of the coverage we’ve received in the national media and in local markets.
College Hunks Hauling Junk
makes national news
From a 2008 story in The New York Times:
“Value-added junk hauling may sound like a questionable product to sell: it assumes that people will
pay hundreds of dollars to get rid of ratty sofas and
assorted flotsam in professional and socially conscious ways.
Its biggest selling points are friendly employees
who presumably look more respectable than the
local odd jobber, and who will, unlike the far less
expensive city garbage collector, climb into that nasty
basement or garage to haul out your junk.
Yet to the bafflement of industry experts, quality
junk-hauling sells.
Take Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman, the
26-year-old founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk,
based in Tampa, Fla. The pair started the company
in Washington five years ago and now employ 25
people there; they also have franchises in 15 metropolitan areas.
From a 2011 story in The Wall Street Journal:
WSJ: It’s hard not to picture you having a staff full
of beefy, young men. Are these your typical recruits?
Mr. Friedman: We define hunks as honest, uniform, nice, knowledgeable scholars. We don’t take
the name too literally. We have five female franchise
owners, and we’ve had dozens of female employees
over the years. The majority of our haulers and movers are college students, but our management staff
and franchise owners are people of all ages.
College Hunks franchisees in the news
Our catchy brand helps our franchisees win
news coverage, too. The College Hunks brand is
perfect for local TV, and the community involvement of our franchisees amps up the exposure
even more.
How Big is the Industry?
College Hunks is part of a more than
$9.7 billion industry
College Hunks Hauling Junk offers moving, junkhauling and packaging services to its customers.
The moving and packaging industries alone generate $9.7 billion a year, according to the American
Moving & Storage Association. While there are
no reliable figures for the size of the junk-hauling
industry, we know from
experience that there is
tremendous demand for
the service. The first College
Hunks Hauling Junk business
in Washington, D.C., became
a million-dollar business in
two years on the strength of
junk hauling alone.
The American Moving &
Storage Association estimates that there are about
7,000 companies operating
at 14,000 locations and employing more than 120,000
people to provide services
similar to those offered by
College hunks Hauling Junk.
The demand is that huge. In addition to homeowners, businesses of all types — including offices, property managers, real estate agents and
building contractors — frequently need to move
or need to get rid of outdated computer equipment, files, furniture and even construction debris.
The good news for our franchisees is that the
market is also highly fragmented, which means
that a well-branded and professionally run company has an opportunity to quickly win market
College Hunks Hauling Junk has become one of
the fastest-rowing franchises in America because
of superior branding and superior service. Our
name is catchy, and our bright-orange trucks are
impossible not to notice. We also hire ambitious
young people who enjoy being part of a team that
serves customers — and who have what it takes
to become future leaders. That means that when
customers hire us, they are impressed, and they
start telling their friends.
People are impressed
because they don’t expect
much from movers and junk
haulers, and when we show
up with smiles, uniforms
and a great attitude, it puts
customers at ease.
Carl Carter, who owns the
College Hunks Hauling Junk
franchise in Jackson, Mississippi, says that the sense
of friendly professionalism
that permeates the business
makes the branding even
stronger. One of the company’s core principles is to
be “always branding.”
“That doesn’t mean always branding the company — it also means branding yourself in your
personal life and your professional life. With our
name, and what we wear and the trucks, people
watch you. I have people smiling and laughing
when we drive by. I don’t know if they are laughing at me because I am not a hunk,” jokes Carl,
who is 52. “The point is, people notice you. I work
hard to create a fun and enthusiastic team environment with a collegiate environment, and
customers see that and they like it. Our guys enjoy
what they are doing, and they take the extra step
to delight the customer. People remember it.”
What Makes Our
Culture Special?
Collegiate atmosphere of teamwork,
achievement and fun permeates
everything we do
Steven Roper, right, bought his College Hunks
Hauling Junk franchise in Raleigh, North Carolina,
in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, he tripled his revenue. Just as importantly, he’s had fun doing it.
“Fundamentally, what attracted me to College
Hunks Hauling Junk was the name — it’s a fun
marketing piece, and the marketing aspect was
very appealing to me,” Steven says. “Then, as I got
a little deeper, I learned the core values of what
the company really stands for.”
College Hunks Hauling Junk believes in building leaders; always branding; creating a fun and
enthusiastic team environment, and listening to,
fulfilling and delighting our team members, franchisees and customers.
Strong values and a strong culture lead to a
strong business. College Hunks Hauling Junk lives
its core values every day by taking the time to listen
to team members, share our knowledge and ex-
periences, celebrate successes, educate and train,
and have fun. Our course, you want to run a business, not a madhouse. The way we make the business fun is by “game-ifying” the day-to-day work of
doing our best. Who put the most prominent yard
sign out the previous day? Who can get the best
customer testimonial on Google+ that week? Contests and rewards make College Hunks a fun place
to work and help drives our values home.
Because one of our core values is to build
leaders, we want people to learn and grow and
become more valuable in the workplace, whether
they work for College Hunks forever or go out on
their own. We want them to be able to think back
fondly and realize they learned more about success at College Hunks Hauling Junk than anywhere
else. We aren’t hiring junk haulers, we’re hiring
future leaders.
Our guys and girls start out as crew members
and have a clear path to advance in the business,
becoming a wingman for a team captain, then a
team captain, then becoming a
crew member (at which point
they also receive a letter of recommendation attesting to their
skills managing a team and
handling business functions).
Our goal is to provide a launch
platform for hard-working
employees, encouraging them
to become managers in your
business, join the team at corporate HQ in Tampa, take what
they have learned and launch
a College Hunks franchise
elsewhere, or use the business
knowledge they have gained
to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.
“When you have an environment where people enjoy working, you build
a great culture that gives a team a focus,” says
Steven, who managed retail stores before buying
a College Hunks franchise. “Throughout my career
I developed a lot of assistants who became store
managers, and the chance to keep helping people
get to a higher level was very appealing. My title
is the ‘Director of WOW and Amaze,’ and if I WOW
and amaze my Hunks, they WOW and amaze my
What Do Business Gurus
and Celebrities Say About
College Hunks Hauling Junk’s
Business leaders share their thoughts
on the College Hunks co-founders and
their book “Effortless Entrepreneur”
An entrepreneurial culture is baked into everything we do at College Hunks Hauling Junk. One
of the secrets to our success
is the fact that we don’t hire
“junk haulers” or “movers” — we
hire leaders. Our systems are
designed to help great young
people take on growing levels
of responsibility and learn how
to be professionals. Ultimately,
we would love to see our crew
members become managers,
franchise owners, or even entrepreneurs in their chosen field.
Co-founders Omar Soliman
and Nick Friedman are so committed to helping more people
become entrepreneurs that
they wrote a book, “Effortless
Entrepreneur,” to demystify the
process of starting a business —
even a fast-growing multi-million dollar business
like College Hunks Hauling Junk.
Here’s what our reviewers had to say:
“The hunks in this book are hunks in more ways
than the obvious one.
They are hunks who, if you
have ever met them, would dazzle you with their enthusiasm, with their energy, with their desire to grow,
with their belief in what they do.
They are true entrepreneurs.” — Michael Gerber, author of the best-selling “The E-Myth,” and founder of E-Myth Worldwide
“Read this book, read, read. You want to be a
champion? Get a start from two of ‘the Greatest.’ ”
George Foreman
“This is THE book for anyone who has contemplated starting a business. An inspirational and insightful
about the 21st century entrepreneur.” — Fred DeLuca, Founder of Subway
“A book that any aspiring entrepreneur must read.
It should be distributed in business classes across the
country.” — Ted Leonsis, Chairman of AOL, Owner of
the Washington Capitols
“If you want to unlock the simple secrets of success and happiness, then Nick and Omar’s easy-tofollow principles are for you.”
— H. Wayne Huizenga,
owner, the Miami Dolphins; founder, Waste management Inc.; chairman, Huizenga Holdings, Inc.
“For anyone who has an interest in learning how
to build and develop a high-performing, fun, and
exciting culture, this is a requisite read! I laughed and
I learned at the same time …”
— Ann Rhoades, president, People Ink and cofounder, JetBlue Airways
“Irreverent, informative, and on target. If you’re
looking for the real deal on how bootstrap entrepreneurs make things happen, then Effortless Entrepreneur is a book for you.”
—Jim McCann, founder and
What Does a Franchise Cost?
Owning a College Hunks franchise
costs less than you think
College Hunks Hauling Junk is a low-cost franchise with tremendous growth potential. In fact,
average franchisee revenue grew 42.6% from
2011 to 2013 as our existing franchisees matured
and we continued to expand our market share in
the fragmented junk-hauling and moving industries. The cost to start a College Hunks Hauling
Junk franchise varies depending on whether you
intend to offer both junk removal and moving, or
just one service.
The total estimated initial investment to start
a College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise with one
truck is $95,000 to $207,950, which includes
$28,000 to $80,000 to cover expenses during the
first six months of operations. The cost may be
higher if you choose to launch the junk-hauling
and moving concepts simultaneously, since the
truck requirements are different, and if you
decide to purchase multiple zones. Most franchisees finance the startup costs. If you have at least
$30,000 in liquid capital (cash, home equity, 401(k)
or IRAs, sellable assets like extra vehicles, etc.) and
a net worth of $100,000, you can probably start a
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise.
Reason to be confident in the investment
Our systems and support are designed to help
franchisees succeed — and we are so confident in
the plan for your business that we offer franchisees the opportunity to opt out of their franchise
agreement if the business is not performing to
their expectations after 18 months in business.
If you own at least one full Zone and fail to reach
$150,000 in Gross Sales during your first 18
months of operations, and you have followed the
System with no material defaults, you may exit
the business and we will refund 50% of your initial
Type of Expenditure
Method of
When Due
To Whom
Payment Is To
Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee
$40,000 to $50,000
Lump sum
When you sign
the Franchise
Rent - 3 Months
$300 to $2,250
As arranged
As arranged
Lease, Utility and Security $100 to $700
As arranged
As arranged
Landlord, Utility Companies
Paint and Signage
$3,100 to $5,500
As arranged
As incurred
$6,000 to
As arranged
As incurred
$2,000 to $6,000
As arranged
As arranged
Office Equipment and
$2,000 to $6,000
As arranged
As incurred
Business Licenses &
$500 to $3,000
As arranged
As incurred
Local and other state
government agencies
Professional Fees
$1,000 to $2,500
As arranged
As arranged
Various service providers
and contractors
Insurance Deposit
$500 to $5,000
As arranged
As arranged
Insurance providers
Training Expenses
$1,500 to $5,000
As arranged
Payment terms
arranged with
suppliers and
your employees
Suppliers and your
Grand Opening
$10,000 to
As arranged
As arranged
Additional Funds (6
$28,000 to
As arranged
As needed
Us, suppliers, employees
and other creditors
$95,000 to
Service Vehicle - Deposit
on Lease or Finance
Equipment and Hand
franchise fee for your 1st Zone (i.e. $20,000 if you
purchased moving or junk removal, or $25,000 if
you purchased both services). The Performance
Refund is outlined in Item 5 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.
Item 5 also outlines a Performance Incentive: If
you own at least one full Zone and reach $500,000
in Gross Sales during your first 18 months of op-
erations, and you have followed the System with
no material defaults, we will pay you a marketing
incentive of $8,000.
The chart above outlines the startup costs for a
College Hunks Hauling Junk business. Our Franchise Disclosure Document, which we will share
with you as you study the franchise opportunity, includes additional detail.
How Much Can I Make?
Average revenues are on a steep
upward trajectory
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees enjoy
strong and growing revenues. From 2011 to 2013,
our average franchisee revenue increased 42.6%,
reaching $442,504. That average includes people
who are offering junk
hauling only, as well as
franchisees who are offering both junk-hauling
and moving services. If
you look only at the franchisees who offer both
services, the average
revenue for 2013 shoots
up to $543,244.
College Hunks, which
offers both a junk-hauling concept and a moving
company concept, encourages new franchisees to
offer both services because they dovetail so well.
Junk hauling often immediately precedes or follows a move, so people who need one service often need the other, too. By offering both services,
you can be more useful to customers, generate
higher levels of repeat business and discover additional work during the regular course of serving
Franchise Disclosure Document. A chart is also
provided outlining the performance of our two
corporate-owned locations — our original business in Washington, D.C., and our business in
Tampa. We believe these charts, taken together,
provide some insight into our franchisee performance, revenue growth, as well as what is possible within our business model. The franchisee
numbers, however, are averages and do not indicate how any individual
business will perform.
College Hunks Hauling
Junk provides this information and more to potential
franchisees because we
understand how important
it is to create a realistic
revenue projection for
a new business. We encourage you to talk with
individual franchisees for more insights about
revenues and ramp-up times.
Jim DelVecchio, who owns the College Hunks
franchise in Columbus, Ohio, says his sales have
more than met his expectations since he started
his franchise in 2011. Actually they have been “exceeding them in a pretty big way. April 2014 was
up 100% compared to a year ago, so we are pretty
A chart on the following page outlines the average financial performance of our franchisees,
and it is taken from the Item 19 section of our
Junk Removal Junk Removal DC Corporate Tampa
and Moving
Location (Actual)
# in Group
Annual Gross Revenues
$ 442,504
$ 249,418
$ 543,244
$ 2,201,725
$ 804,683
Annual Junk Revenues
$ 251,865
$ 222,586
$ 267,140
$ 1,630,765
$ 321,873
Annual Moving Revenues
$ 432,269
$ 570,960
$ 478,585
Annual Other Revenue (labor,
scrap, supplies, valuation)
$ 11,777
$ 7,503
$ 14,476
$ 15,000
$ 4,225
Average Job Size
$ 416
$ 340
$ 459
$ 678
$ 515
Average Job Size - Junk
$ 338
$ 340
$ 338
$ 653
$ 360
Average Job Size - Moving
$ 662
$ 773
$ 785
Average Job Conversion % (#
of estimates that resulted in
a job)
Average Number of
Completed Jobs per day
(assumes 300 operating days
in 2013)
Average Total Cost of Startup
(not including trucks or
working capital)
$ 88,876
$ 68,010
$ 98,856
$ 75,000
$ 75,000
Monthly Break-Even
$ 30,837
$ 15,350
$ 38,917
$ 100,000
$ 60,000
Who is Our Competition?
Moving and junk-hauling industries
are highly fragmented
Americans spend billions on moving and junk
hauling every year. They also share thousands of
horror stories every year about unprofessional
movers or slipshod operations. Moving and junk
hauling has a low cost of entry — basically, muscles and a truck — and that encourages a lot of
people to try to make a living offering the service.
We understand our competition. Heck, we were
those guys for a while. When Omar Soliman and
Nick Friedman started College Hunks Hauling Junk
in the summer of 2003, the entire business consisted of a beat-up cargo van, some fliers and a
few referrals. Still, demand was so great that the
business made thousands of dollars that summer,
which inspired Omar and Nick to think about what
the business could look like if it was professionally
Most of our competition still looks as polished
as a beat-up cargo van. There are a few other
franchises that have developed a more professional approach to moving and junk hauling, but
they’re older than College Hunks and don’t have
prime territories left that are available for a new
franchisee. They also do not offer the bundled
service of junk removal and moving like we do.
DC Corporate Location (Actual)
Tampa Corporate Location (Actual)
Annual Gross
Disposal Costs 6%
(% of Revenue)
Truck Labor
Costs (% of
Truck Fuel
Costs (% of
(% of Revenue) 3%
Credit Card
Fees (% of
Total Cost of
Total Gross
*Gross Profit
as % of
Our brand is more than strong enough to compete. In many cities, we are rapidly growing our
franchise near one of our older peers. The good
news? We doubt the competition will hurt either
one of us. The demand is gigantic, and the industry overall is still dominated by small, unprofessional outfits that have tiny slices of the market.
College Hunks Hauling Junk wants to make the
moving and junk-hauling industries better for customers. We want to reduce the stress of moving,
or of junk removal, and replace it with fun and a
sense of relief and relaxation. Our goal is to grow
while professionalizing the industry.
How College Hunks HQ
Delivers Work to Franchisees
Call center, award-winning website
deliver customers to franchisees
When Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman decided to make College Hunks Hauling Junk a national company, they made another big decision
— picking themselves up from their Washington,
D.C., roots and establishing the College Hunks
headquarters in Tampa, Florida. They made the
move because Tampa is a hotbed for call center
professionals, and they knew that an exceptional
call center would provide a slew of advantages for
They also knew that by pairing a strong call
center operation with a great website, they could
generate sales leads for franchisees and help
close deals. At the same time, they’d make the
business easier to run and develop an even stronger national brand.
The College Hunks Hauling Junk
Call Center
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees don’t
have to worry about fielding a constant stream of
calls from potential customers seeking estimates.
As a franchisee, you won’t have to worry about
missing a potential job because you were serving
a customer or your employees and weren’t available to take a call. The College Hunks Hauling Junk
Sales and Loyalty Center fields calls from customers nationwide, seven days a week, and schedules
jobs for franchisees.
Here are some of the advantages:
Professional customer service: Our Sales
and Loyalty Center is overseen by call center pros
with decades of telephone sales experience. They
coach our dozens of customer service representatives on how to build rapport with customers,
explain the College Hunks Hauling Junk value
and book jobs on behalf of our franchisees. Our
close rates far exceed industry norms. When a
customer calls 1-800-JUNK-USA, we immediately
determine the College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisee territory in which they are located, access
the schedule for that franchise, then book the job.
You don’t have to worry about sales — we handle
it for you.
Call Center saves money and time for fran-
chisees: Thanks to our call center, franchisees
don’t have to staff the phones on their own. When
you are first starting, that means you don’t have
to worry about missing calls when you are helping
on a job or are out marketing your business in the
community. It also means you don’t have to worry
about hiring someone to answer calls for you.
The Sales and Loyalty Center is staffed seven days
a week to book jobs for franchisees. The center
saves you time and money by eliminating the
need to staff phones at your business, and hire
and train a customer service representative. That
allows you to focus your energy on other avenues
for growth.
Building a national brand: Our call center also
makes our marketing more effective, All of our
trucks are emblazoned with 1-800-JUNK-USA. The
trucks are hard to miss, and the phone number
is easy to remember. The phone number sticks in
your brain, so when a customer is ready to hire a
mover or a junk removal company and they see
your truck drive past, they’ll remember who to
Flat fees set us apart: Some of our competitors also offer a call center for franchisees — but
they charge an ongoing percentage of revenue for
the service. For instance, one competitor charges
franchisees 7% of gross revenues for their call
center. That’s on top of 8% royalties. College
Hunks Hauling Junk’s call center fee is designed to
pay for an excellence service for franchisees, not
to be a profit center for us. Our flat fee allows you
to keep a larger percentage of your revenue as
you grow. You also do not pay the flat fee during
your first 6 months of business helping you manage your expenses at start-up and hit positive
cash flow faster.
Award-winning website helps
customers find you
College Hunks
Hauling Junk also has
an award-winning
website that is easy
for customers to find
when they search for
our services online —
and it keeps getting
better. Search engine
traffic — the result of
customers searching
for moving or junk-removal services — has
increased significantly
in 2014, as has the
number of jobs booked online.
This is a big, big deal, because a website that
is easy to find online is the key to connecting to
customers who want your service, but might not
be familiar with your company. When you’re starting your business, it’s a huge advantage, because
customers will want to learn more about you, and
they will discover a treasure trove.
eBooks that build customer trust and
generate sales
People who are moving a home or a business
often have a lot of questions, and to answer those
questions, we literally wrote the book on junk
hauling and moving. Visitors to can
download two
free eBooks:
“Your Ultimate
Guide to Spring
Cleaning” and
“Your Ultimate
Guide to Moving
and Junk Removal.” The books
contain a ton of
practical advice,
like “How to select
a reputable moving company,”
“How to decide
what items not to take to your new home or office,” and “Checklists to help you prepare for a
stress-free moving day.” The content lets potential
customers know that College Hunks Hauling Junk
is a professional brand that they can trust. Also,
since people who download the eBooks must first
fill out a contact form and indicates the service
they need, the eBooks empower our franchisees’
email marketing efforts.
Can I Scale a College Hunks
College Hunks franchises are
designed to scale up quickly
There’s a simple reason that College Hunks
Hauling Junk became a media darling, and it goes
beyond the catchy name for the business. Omar
Soliman discovered massive unmet demand for
junk-hauling services when he first started the
business in Washington, D.C., as a way to make
money in the summer of 2003 with help from his
best friend, Nick Friedman. They decided to pursue the business in earnest in 2005. Within two
years, they were generating seven-figure revenue.
When they started, they were only offering junk
hauling. They had one diesel truck and an 800
number that directed calls to their cell phones.
They were doing it all by themselves, with nobody to help and few systems to rely on. Nick
likes to tell this story: “We had a 1-800 number on
the truck that people could call to book a job or
complain about how the truck was being driven.
People would call the number, and we’d apologize
for our drivers’ bad driving while we were driving
the truck. I probably ‘fired’ myself three or four
times for my driving.”
He and Omar quickly learned that they couldn’t
do everything themselves if they wanted to grow
the business. They re-read The E-Myth, which
stresses the importance of creating systems to
help duplicate success within a business and
guide other people to help them work productively and help the business achieve scale.
Franchisees today benefit from the systems
that Omar and Nick created, which has powered
consistent growth. The original College Hunks
Hauling Junk operation in Washington, D.C., is still
in growth mode, and its success is being duplicated by operations nationwide, as demonstrated by
the 42.6% increase in average franchise revenue
from 2011 to 2013.
Among the many systems you receive as a College Hunks franchisee is a Truckonomics guide
that helps you gauge the numbers that drive your
business forward, and that also helps you determine when it’s the right time to add another truck
to your fleet.
Patrick Lombardi bought the Nashville franchise
of College Hunks Hauling Junks in November 2012
with help from cousin and co-owner Stephen
Bienko, who also owns locations in New Jersey
and Florida. Patrick notes that the Nashville business has been able to ramp up quickly, from just
two trucks when they first bought the franchise to
eight trucks in spring 2014. Each truck represents
revenue growth for the Nashville franchise.
Why is Our Marketing
Best in Class?
College Hunks marketing plans win
national awards, generate results
College Hunks Hauling Junk has a catchy and irresistible brand and has been repeatedly featured
on national television shows. That sort of expo-
sure is invaluable for our franchisees, because it
has introduced millions of potential customers to
our brand. But when it comes to our overall marketing strategy, national TV exposure is just the
icing on the cake.
College Hunks Hauling Junk has won three
national awards from the American Marketing Association for our
branding, website
and marketing
campaigns. We’re
recognized for
being excellent at
generating leads
for our franchisees, for providing
systems that turn
initial customers into fans who
will hire us again
and tell all their
friends to do the
This is important — businesses
that excel at lead
generation and
customer retention generate more revenue and are easier to
sustain over time. A College Hunks franchise has
a significant advantage in the marketplace compared to an independent operator, and we believe
we are even more advanced than other national
Everything about the brand is designed to help
you get noticed. It starts with the name — College
Hunks Hauling Junk — which sticks in your brain.
It continues with our trucks, which are bright
orange and impossible to miss, and with our professional uniforms and culture of teamwork. The
brand is strong, and it’s supported by an excep-
tional marketing plan.
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees receive
a detailed Marketing Gameplan when they join
the franchise. We show franchisees how to find
customers, how to make it easy for customers
to find you, the most effective ways to network
with people who can refer business your way, and
ways to build the
brand further in
your market.
We also provide
budget projections that give you
an idea of what
it might take to
effectively market
your business,
broken down into
different categories. For instance,
to find customers,
we recommend a
mix of paid advertising (direct mail,
email campaigns,
TV and radio, other
direct marketing),
guerrilla marketing
activities like parking a truck and waving at people
near a busy intersection, and outreach (such as
presentations to groups of people who can refer
Each of those categories of “find your customer”
marketing techniques is further broken down into
smaller categories. For instance, we have six specific suggestions for guerrilla marketing, and each
of those six has a recommended budget, tips for
the best way to use the technique and a projected
ROI. We consult with our franchise owners on
their marketing budget just like a financial advisor
consults on a stock portfolio.
How much does it matter?
None of the techniques is especially difficult
— if you have a plan to follow. The fact that we
have a sophisticated, detailed and proven plan
is what makes our marketing excel. It’s as if your
competition was a pee wee football team, and you
showed up with an NFL playbook.
More than 70% of our customers have said
that our name played a major role in their decision to call us rather than our competition. The
bright orange-and-green branded trucks elicit
smiles, double-takes and cheers. Our friendly,
trustworthy employees are so well-liked that kids
are known to ask them for autographs. When kids
start asking your employees for autographs, you
know you’ve got a great brand.
What Training and Support
Does College Hunks Hauling
Junk Offer?
Business coaching and resources
support franchisees’ growth
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees receive
training and coaching to help them make the
best use of all the advantages that are baked into
our business systems. Once you sign a franchise
agreement, you’ll be invited to attend a sevenday training session at our Tampa headquarters,
which is focused on the skills you will use every
day to run and grow your business.
There’s a lot to learn, because College Hunks
has built a wealth of systems to help you operate
your business effectively, build a fun workplace,
build employees into leaders, win customers and
make money.
lows College Hunks to provide continually updated resources for managing human resources,
marketing and operations.
You will receive manuals, access to videos, an
online knowledge library and webinars. You will
be introduced to the coaching support team that
can provide you guidance from Tampa, and you
will also start using the internal social media platform where franchisees communicate with one
another, share ideas and solve issues.
College Hunks Hauling Junk also uses a custom online scheduling tool that allows our call
center to book jobs for your business, filling up
the schedule for your team. You can also block
out times when you are not available. The tool
enables the call center and franchisees to work
together to serve customers and maximize revenues.
Here’s an overview of the resources you’ll receive:
Manuals to guide your business
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees receive a variety of operations manuals that help
build a strong team
and a strong business.
For instance, our New
Hire Manual provides
a checklist of topics to
cover with new employees to help them understand College Hunks
culture and expectations, as well as a list of
online resources that new Hunks should read and
training sessions to help them provide great customer service. Employees also learn about their
path for advancement, which moves from crew
member for new hires to wingman, team captain,
crew leader, to operations manager. We want to
help Hunks build the skills they need to become
successful business owners themselves. As employees advance, they receive new manuals that
outline new training exercises to help them grow.
Our operations manuals are online, which al-
Online internal communication
College Hunks franchisees share thoughts and
answer questions using an internal communication platform that is familiar to any user of social
College Hunks Hauling Junk provides ongoing
coaching to help you improve operations and
profitability. Monthly coaching calls will help you
analyze your business performance; field visits
will give you a chance to ask questions in person;
momentum groups will give you a chance to learn
from your fellow franchisees in a structured setting. Coaching is a huge part of our culture, and
we provide franchisees a lot of opportunities to
learn and grow as they master their business.
Is College Hunks a Good
Franchise for Veterans?
College Hunks Hauling Junk offers a
10% discount to veterans
College Hunks Hauling Junk is an ideal franchise for veterans. Our highly developed systems, careful attention to team building and
deep camaraderie are perfect for those who
have served our country and are ready to move
on to a new challenge.
Several of our franchisees are veterans, including Carl Carter, below, who owns the College
Hunks franchise in Jackson, Mississippi. The veteran of the first Iraq war launched his business in
2013. He was attracted by the market opportunity,
but he has grown to love the chance to instill leadership qualities in the young people he coaches
every day.
“One of our core values is building leaders, and
hopefully my guys will learn how to run a business,” he says. He teaches them about the importance of how they behave and the attitude they
project, and that impacts their career and their
lives. He also enjoys having a fun work environment. “We want people to enjoy themselves and
display that collegiate environment.”
College Hunks is great for veterans who want to
be business owners, and it’s also great for veterans who are returning home and are eager for
a job with a clear path for advancement. While
our name is “College Hunks Hauling Junk,” many
team members are young men who are in their
early to mid-20s, and we have a few Hunkettes,
too. HUNKS stands for Honest, Uniformed, Nice,
Knowledgeable Service. Nobody fits the HUNK
profile better than someone who has already
demonstrated their courage, professionalism and
commitment by serving our country.
College Hunks Hauling Junk provides a platform
for franchisees to help them build business skills
they need to advance as team members, the skills
they will need to launch new careers or the skills
and knowledge they need to become entrepreneurs.
Mentoring leaders is one of our core values.
Veterans are a perfect fit for us, and we hope that
they’ll see that we’re a perfect fit for them, too.
Co-founder Nick Friedman explained why he
loves partnering with veterans in a guest column
for The Huffington Post:
As a business owner, I firmly believe that a veteran’s worth stems far beyond the commitment
and sacrifice they made in the name of our country.
Serving in the military
provides citizens with
an unprecedented
advantage in the business world. I would even
argue that there are
intangible skills learned
in the military that a
college degree cannot
teach. The experience
gained during the enlistment period, from the
discipline learned at
boot camp to living in
a foreign environment,
is beyond invaluable. It
is experience that small
businesses can benefit
from tenfold if they un-
derstand how to harness this skillset effectively.
Working in a small business environment is a stark
contrast to traditional corporate positions. Particularly with start-ups, small businesses rely heavily
on the productivity of their employees, often having
them take on multiple roles and juggling multiple
tasks. In order to flourish in this kind of environment,
employees must be able to jump in feet first and
adapt to a constantly evolving environment.
There are several qualities that veterans possess
that are both attractive and vital for small businesses. First and foremost is leadership, the obvious
common thread tying together military veterans with
the business. The ability to navigate a team through
uncertainty in order to achieve success is a valuable
commodity in any business, and it’s a quality that
vets typically possess in abundance.
Second is veteran’s ability to adapt to an evolving
environment. Small businesses, especially start-ups,
are constantly changing. As the business grows, employees are often required to shift focus, take on new
projects and juggle multiple roles. Adaptability is key
to successful ventures. Veterans are trained to adapt
quickly to changing environments, often ones they
have no control over. This instinct to survive, or in the
case of small business thrive, is a valuable characteristic veteran’s offer.
In order to grow and thrive, small business owners must surround themselves with employees who
are willing to invest themselves emotionally in the
company vision and values and commit themselves
fully to their “mission.” This includes the day to day
“small” projects to larger firm wide initiatives- all
adding to the greater success of a business. Small
businesses often go through long periods of trialand-error. This is where veteran’s ability to jump
right in and get their hands dirty is most important.
Having a “learn as you go” mentality is essential
and a skill which many veterans gain through their
experience in the armed services. Furthermore, the
systematic approach to following process and pro-
cedures instilled by military training helps veterans
learn and perform within a structured environment
as well.
For these reasons, coupled with a deep respect for
the sacrifices of all current and former members of
the military, College Hunks Hauling Junk and College
Hunks Moving has focused on providing substantial
opportunities to military veterans through the VetFran Initiative.
College Hunks Hauling Junk’s efforts to
reach veterans have been featured by numerous
publications and sites, including Search & Employ,
Edmond Sun, The Clarion-Ledger, and VetFran.
How Do I Finance a College
Hunks Hauling Junk
Here are some common ways to
finance a College Hunks franchise
There are many ways to fund a franchise, and
College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees have
tapped a variety of sources to get their businesses
started. Generally, if you have $30,000 in liquid
assets and a net worth of $100,000, there’s a good
chance you will be able to finance a College Hunks
Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving franchise.
Keep in mind: Even if you have more than
enough cash to get started, it may make sense
to conserve some of your cash for the startup
phase of your business. In other words, rather
than plunk down 100% of your cash to start the
business, it’s better to finance a portion of it and
reserve some money for working capital.
Another thing to keep in mind: You may have
more liquid assets than you realize. In addition to
what you have in your checking and savings accounts, you may have an extra car in your driveway or a boat in your garage that can be sold to
help get your business started. We’re happy to
help you explore your options — just fill out the
form to download our free franchise report, and
we’ll set up a call.
Here are some of the common ways people
finance their businesses:
Home equity loans
If you have owned your home or other real
estate property for several years, you may have
a lot of built-up equity that can be easily tapped
to start a College Hunks franchise. Home equity
loans are generally the least expensive way to
finance a small business, and the loans can be
advantageous at tax time thanks to the ability to
deduct interest payments from your tax bill.
SBA loans
SBA loans are one of the most common tools
for financing a new business. The U.S. Small Business Administration will ask for extensive documentation about your proposed business, as well
as your financial information. The SBA will also
ask you to provide some collateral for the loan.
College Hunks Hauling Junk offers a big advantage
for people who are seeking an SBA loan — we are
part of the SBA Franchise Registry. The SBA created the registry in 1998 to streamline the process
banks use to determine franchisees’ eligibility for
SBA loans. Inclusion in the registry allows banks to
skip several steps in the approval process, which
makes the lending process faster.
Tap retirement funds without penalty
If you have a 401(k) or an IRA, you may not
need a loan at all. You can roll your savings over
into a self-directed IRA that can then be used to
start a business. The process can be tricky, but a
skilled financial advisor should be able to help you
tap into your retirement funds without incurring
any early withdrawal penalties.
Meet the Team
Omar Soliman
CEO and Co-Founder
Omar Soliman is the
CEO and Co-Founder of
College Hunks Hauling
Junk and College Hunks
Moving. As a business
management major, Omar
attended the University
of Miami in Coral Gables,
Florida. His senior year,
he enrolled in the school’s entrepreneurship
class and submitted his business plan for College Hunks Hauling Junk to the Leigh Rothschild
Entrepreneurship Competition. Omar won first
place and $10,000 in the competition for the College Hunks Hauling Junk business concept, which
included junk removal, moving labor services and
an online junk exchange. Since then Omar has
been named Top 30 Entrepreneurs in America
Under 30 by “Inc.” magazine, Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 by and was an Ernst
& Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, as well as a finalist for Tampa Bay CEO of the
Year. He has appeared as a guest on Fox Business
News, MSNBC, ABC’s Shark Tank and Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker. He is also a frequent guest
speaker whose goal is to motivate and excite the
younger generation about entrepreneurship so
that they, too, can carve their own fun and exciting path through life, just as he continues to do
each and every day with College Hunks.
Nick Friedman
President and
Nick Friedman is the
President and Co-Founder
of College Hunks Hauling
Junk and College Hunks
Moving. He received his
bachelor’s degree in economics from Pomona
College in California where
he competed for four years
on the basketball team, won the Pomona College
Coach’s Award, was named to the NABC Academic
Honor Roll and was designated a Pomona College
Scholar. He has been named to the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in America Under 30 by “Inc.” magazine,
the 30 Most Influential CEOs Under 30 by, the Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35
by, and was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist. He has been
featured on networks such as CNN, CBS, NBC,
Fox News, MSNBC and TV shows such as ABC’s
Shark Tank, Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, and
The Oprah Winfrey Show. Nick has also been interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine, Fortune magazine and The Wall Street Journal for his expertise
on franchising, branding and young entrepreneurship. He also co-authored the best-selling book,
Effortless Entrepreneur, with CEO and Co-Founder,
Omar Soliman.
Steven Nickels
Director of Franchise
Steven Nickels is the Director of Franchise Support for College Hunks Hauling Junk and College
Hunks Moving. He has a B.S. in business man-
agement with a focus in
entrepreneurship from
the University of Central Florida. Steven has
worked with several startup
companies, offering
consultations about the
business planning, funding and implementation
processes. In addition, Steven›s roles with previous
companies have developed his skills in the areas of
operational efficiency, sales management and strategic marketing. Since joining the College Hunks
Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving corporate
team in April 2008 as the Director of Franchise
Support, Steven has worked to build a world-class
team that will support all franchisees in terms of
daily operations, training tools and strategic direction in order to maximize franchisee profitability
and fulfillment. Steven also owns his own fastgrowing College Hunks franchise in Long Island.
Tim Heidemann
Director of the Client
Loyalty Center
Tim Heidemann is the
Director of the Client
Loyalty Center for College
Hunks Hauling Junk and
College Hunks Moving.
Prior to joining the College
Hunks team, Tim worked
for more than 30 years as
a call center director, 26 of
which were spent at AT&T. Since joining the College Hunks team, Tim has drastically overhauled
the company’s national Sales and Loyalty Center, using his wealth of call center experience to
increase efficiency while at the same time giving
our Client Loyalty Associates more freedom to
be themselves on the phones and connect with
clients in a real way.
Justin Waltz
Franchise Business
Justin Waltz is the Franchise Business Consultant
for College Hunks Hauling
Junk and College Hunks
Moving. He brings over 12
years of experience with
leadership, management,
small business ownership,
franchising, HR, marketing and P&L analysis. Prior to joining the College
Hunks team, Justin spent five years in the junkremoval industry for an outside, national system,
working his way up from truck team member to
lead generator to operations manager and, ultimately, general manager. He grew his franchise
location from $200,000 to $1.2 million amid the
recession. From there, he spent another three
years within the junk-removal industry, doubling
revenue year over year over year. Justin’s passion
is hands-on coaching, and he works with franchise
partners to drive their profitability.
Roman Cowan
Financial Controller
Roman Cowan is the
Financial Controller for
College Hunks Hauling
Junk and College Hunks
Moving. He began his
career at College Hunks in
December of 2013, bringing with him both an MBA
and also a Masters of Science in Accounting, and is currently pursuing his
CPA credentials. As a member of College Hunks’
corporate team, Roman is responsible for financial reporting, forecasting and decision-making.
Since joining the College Hunks team, Roman has
revolutionized the company’s payroll administration and financial reporting, implementing new
systems to allow for improved goal-setting and
decision-making. Going forward, Roman plans to
continue helping the company to transition during
its ongoing rapid-growth phase. He looks forward
to acting as a liaison for the brand’s franchisees
while also overseeing the franchisor’s accounting
and finances, helping the company from a reporting and standards standpoint to become the
$100M company that he and his colleagues envision.
Jason Kilough
Franchise Developer
Jason Killough is the
Director of Franchise
Development for College
Hunks Hauling Junk and
College Hunks Moving.
Prior to joining the College
Hunks team, he was VP of
Franchise Development for
HomeVestors of America
Inc., the “We Buy Ugly Houses” real estate investment franchise. Prior to HomeVestors, he sold
and supported franchises both domestically and
internationally for I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, JaniKing, ASI Sign Systems, Pizza Inn and 24seven Vending. He has awarded hundreds of individual and
master franchises in the USA and internationally
for these concepts and has conducted business in
20 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin
College Hunks FAQ
What are College Hunks Hauling Junk and
College Hunks Moving?
College Hunks Hauling
Junk and College Hunks Moving are two of the
fastest-growing franchises in the United States,
which may be run independently or together. The
businesses are using award-winning branding and
proven business systems to revolutionize the multibillion dollar moving and junk-hauling industries.
Do I have to be in college? Do I have to be
a hunk? Do I have to drive a truck or move
No! Our employees do the heavy lifting.
Our franchise owners are simply the executive
coaches or professors on the sidelines. Your
employees will be mostly college students and we
define hunks as honest, uniformed, nice, knowledgeable, students. Our franchise owners are
from many different age ranges and backgrounds.
Do you do lots of work on college campuses?
Actually, most of our clients are homeowners
and businesses. We do our employee recruiting
on college campuses, but the clients are typically
upper-middle class homeowners and/or commercial clients such as property managers, real estate
agents, contractors, and storage facilities.
What is the franchise fee? The franchise fee is
$40,000 for those who wish to operate one concept, or $50,000 for those who wish to operate
What is the term of the franchise agreement?
The initial term is of the franchise agreement is five years and is renewable for additional
five-year terms.
What is the royalty rate?
The royalty rate is
7% of gross sales.
How much does the call center cost?
There is
no fee for the first six months of operation unless
the franchise results from transfer or renewal.
That gives new franchisees time to establish operations and revenue. The call center support fee
is $727 per month for franchisees who offer only
junk hauling, or $857 per month for franchisees
who offer both junk hauling and moving. There
is also a $17 fee per appointment scheduled by
the call center. The fees cover the cost of software, service and support. By comparison, other
franchises may charge a percentage of royalties
for their call center, which is like paying an extra
royalty payment every single month. Our flat fee
allows us to cover the cost of a great call center
while allowing you to keep more of your money as
you grow.
What is the advertising contribution?
Hunks franchisees pay a 1% Brand Development
fee that supports marketing efforts coordinated at
the national level.
Does College Hunks provide financing?
limited cases, we will finance up to 70% of the
franchise fee. Most financing is handled through
third parties.
How much can I make as a College Hunks
The Item 19 section of our FDD
outlines historic financial performance for College Hunks businesses. For specific numbers, it is
advisable to contact existing franchisees to learn
of their first-hand experience. We will provide you
a list of our existing franchisees during the franchise opportunity evaluation process. While franchisees are not required to disclose information
to you, many will be happy to share information
about their performance, the nature of the business and their satisfaction with the business.
Next Steps
What happens once I ask
for more information?
Now that you’ve downloaded the report, you
should also expect a call from us within a couple
of business hours. It’s a quick call — usually about
five minutes — that gives us a chance to introduce
ourselves, learn a little about you and answer a
few questions. From there, we’ll schedule a time
to provide you with in-depth information about
the brand and to learn about you and see if College Hunks is a good fit.
Once you know more, we’ll ask you to fill out an
application for a franchise. It’s not a contract of
any kind — it simply allows us to do our due diligence to protect our existing franchisees and our
brand by ensuring you’re a great person to add to
the team.
You’ll then be invited to a Discovery Day at our
headquarters in Tampa, Florida, where you’ll get
to meet the management team, ask more questions, and eat great Cuban food in the historic
Latin district we call home.
If all goes well, we’ll offer you a franchise agreement to review. You’ll need to wait two weeks to
sign it, which should give you plenty of time to
review it with an advisor.
Once you sign an agreement, you will receive a
pre-opening checklist that is designed to help you
hit the ground running in your new business. You
will also receive access to training portals so you
can familiarize yourself with our systems before
your on-site training session in Tampa. Our franchise support team will work with you to order
trucks, obtain insurance and get any licensing that
is required in your area.
On-site training in Tampa lasts seven days and
includes a detailed oversight of the systems you
will use to manage and grow your business. Once
your business is ready to open, expect a visit at
your location to assist you. From that point forward, you will receive the ongoing support that
has helped our franchisees continue to grow!
Questions? Call us at 1-888-935-8659!