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Ambedkar-Periyar study circle
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Contemporary relevance of Dr. Ambedkar
Speaker: Dr. R. Vivekananda Gopal,Diravidian University
Venue: HSB 352; Date: 14-04-15;Time: 5.00 p.m
"CASTE" is a word which has no significancefor mostOf the urban elites in current
times. The
statement, "I don 't think caste and caste oppression existtoday" is popular among
academic fraternity.
Contrary to this, according to a recent survey, 21% uppercastepopulation occupy the
75% of power and
influential positions in govemment and private sectors in UP•Similar scenario exists
in other states and
even in central governmentorganizations. On the Otherhand' all lower grade
and manual jobs are
exclusively reserved(i.e 100% reservation) for Dalitspermanently!Though several
'reformers' have
fought and are fighting against this rotten stinkard castesystem' a scientific and
scholarly approach
towards caste was initially taken, and its sole authorityof brahmanical hegemony was
rigorously exposed
by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
Caste in contemporary times has becomea political tool for the ruling class to severe its
social oppressionover Dalits and also for economically
exploiting the working classes.
The Modi
is simultaneously
government, while carrying forward its Hindutva
assisting the multinational
corporatesto loot mother India. While implementingPtO-corporate
moves like Land Acquisition
InsuranceBill, Labour laws, corporate favorbudget'100%FDI in PSUs etc and
paving way for the
corporate to loot the livelihood of the
communally polarising
the common people
by the ban on cow slaughtering, gar vapsi programand PromotingVedas
etc.. In the name of
her children
they are selling mother India and dividing
they are revisionisingAmbedkar and
proposed to annihilate the caste by
Shrutis and the Smritis. Nothing else
die for caste to vanish". But in the
struggle against recolonization.
Contact info: apsc.iitm/@gmail.cqm
in the name
ofcommunalism. As part
of this, now
him as an icon
for their vote
politics. Ambedkar
He says, "You
must destroy the
Religion ofthe
is a
chamber ofhorrors
and it must
when caste
is supporting
the economic
simultaneously with