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Inspiring the Next Generation/Lighting the Spark of
Learning to Last a Lifetime
Teachers have the capacity to create meaningful impacts that go far beyond the classroom,
and the best teachers set our minds on fire with a love of learning, inspiring us to dream big
and achieve our goals. Sanford Inspire is based on the belief that every child should have not
one, but many inspiring teachers, and that inspiring teaching methodologies can be identified,
codified and shared to benefit even more students.
Developed initially by Arizona State University, Sanford Inspire provides PreK-12 teachers with
readily-accessible professional development tools and resources to create inspiring classroom
environments. Research-based online learning modules and other curriculum resources are
designed to inspire students to greater achievement through classroom activities, lessons and
instructional approaches. Through the leadership of National University and its Sanford
Education Center, Sanford Inspire also provides a national framework for ongoing assessment
of inspiring teaching, identification and development of inspiring teaching strategies, and the
sharing of research-based instructional practices and methodologies.
Key Strategies
Sanford Inspire is a multi-tiered approach connecting research, development, and practice
• Shares innovative approaches to preparing and strengthening inspirational educators
within higher education and PreK-12 schools.
• Provides targeted, customized professional development to support the growth of
inspirational educators needed to ensure that PreK-12 students have access to high
quality education.
• Integrates with School of Education standards through alignments with teaching
program principles and Sanford Inspire Principles.
Provides resources to assist teachers and all educators with integrating inspiring
practices into the classroom.
Facilitates collaboration and dissemination of research-based practices to expand
the “inspired education movement.”
Online Learning Modules
Written by faculty and teachers, the on-demand modules are available at no cost, are easy to
complete, and usually take less than one hour. They focus on the following themes:
• Learning Environment resources relating to the physical, emotional, and social space
of the classroom.
Planning & Delivery modules addressing how to prepare and facilitate instruction that
supports the success of all students in their classrooms.
Motivation resources that help teachers create a culture of achievement where
students are invested in their own learning.
Student Growth & Achievement modules to help teachers create aligned assessments
and monitor student progress.
Professional Practices, tools addressing critical elements of professional conduct and
reflective practice that help teachers learn to navigate challenging situations.
Using these tools and other curriculum resources, principals and school districts can supply
immediate and specific support and tools for their entire staff. Schools of Education can also
provide support for new teachers as part of a teacher preparation curriculum or as
professional development for experienced teachers.
Growing National Network
Sanford Inspire is being introduced nationally through a consortium of universities led by
National University, called the Sanford Education Collaborative. Four of the nine participating
universities – National University, University of Central Florida, Nova Southeastern University
and City University of Seattle – are building on Sanford Inspire’s initial foundations established
by ASU in the following ways:
Adoption and Dissemination. Aligning Sanford Inspire Principles with teacher
education programs, and introducing Sanford Inspire to PreK-12 schools and districts
through the coordination of participating Schools of Education.
Creating a nationwide exchange of inspiring “best practices”:
Identifying and
sharing inspiring teaching methodologies on a nationwide scale, building on existing
best practices for pre-service and in-service education for teachers
Continuous refinement on a national scale: Schools of Education work with their
region’s PreK-12 schools to expand on the initial foundations of Inspire. This includes
ongoing refinement, testing and research.
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