Planning for the future YMCa of MetroPolitan lansing

for the
YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing
2011 - 2015 Strategic Plan Goals
Future Focus
2011 - 2015 Goals
Looking to the Future
The YMCA’s future is built upon goals and objectives that position the organization to
better serve the community. They encompass an integrated network of services that
people need, making the YMCA even more vital to the cities, towns and neighborhoods
throughout the tri-county area.
The YMCA’s goals and objectives set a direction for the future as identified by community
stakeholders who care about every community in the region. They are your co-workers,
neighbors, friends and business associates who want to improve the quality of life for
The plans established by the YMCA are organized around six areas of emphasis:
Community, People, Membership, Programs, Fixed Assets and Financial Resources. The
goals and objectives are broad enough to allow flexibility within each YMCA branch as it
addresses the needs of the communities being served.
The YMCA’s goals and objectives drive the annual business plans that are developed by
the staff, shaped by each committee and approved by the Board of Directors. They are
the foundation for every program that is delivered and the basis for keeping the YMCA’s
mission at the core of every new initiative.
The YMCA, through its strategic planning process, has established these goals and
objectives to reinforce its commitment to the region. It has the talent, resources and
determination to continue its role as a leader in services to the community and a partner
in the success of every individual.
The YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing builds
strong kids, strong families and strong
communities. It always has and always will.
Future Focus
2011 - 2015 Goals
The YMCA will respond to changing demographics, seek opportunities to
enhance public awareness of its mission and programs, and strengthen its
community collaborations.
To achieve this goal, the YMCA's focus will be:
1. Build partnering relationships designed to make the YMCA more engaged and visible
in the community.
2. Improve the health and wellness of children, teens, older adults, and families in the
community by focusing on prevention.
3. Identify the needs of, and provide assistance to, underserved neighborhoods and
populations in the community.
for all
The YMCA will provide affordable access to programs that promote healthy
living to all people.
To achieve this goal, the YMCA's focus will be:
1. Reach out to other community service organizations to create collaborative programs
that improve community health and well-being.
2. Provide opportunities for youth to engage in activities that promote positive
behavior, responsible leadership and life-long health.
3. Enable older adults to live independently by providing them social opportunities,
healthy activities, and disease awareness and prevention.
4. Provide experiences that encourage an appreciation for the environment and
offer activities that take place in natural settings.
The YMCA will expand its membership throughout the community and
increase awareness of the social, spiritual, educational and health benefits of
YMCA membership.
To achieve this goal, the YMCA's focus will be:
1. Provide affordable access to facilities while offering the greatest value to
each member.
2. Build partnerships with community groups and organizations to promote the benefits
of YMCA membership to those they serve.
3. Promote the benefits of YMCA membership to diverse groups within the community
and adapt programs to meet their needs.
for Life
The YMCA will develop the skills of knowledgeable and compassionate staff
and volunteers who are committed to serving the community.
To achieve this goal, the YMCA's focus will be:
1. Provide educational opportunities for staff and volunteers that strengthen their
commitment to the YMCA’s mission.
2. Identify and recruit caring individuals who desire to work in a healthy environment
and serve a diverse community.
3. Retain staff and volunteers who are accepting of all people and embrace
the core values of the YMCA.
the community
The YMCA will provide facilities and equipment to people of all ages that are
safe, accessible, and relevant to the needs of the community.
To achieve this goal, the YMCA's focus will be:
1. Expand the reach of programs and services through facilities that extend beyond the
YMCA’s branches.
2. Apply current technology to serve youth, families and senior populations and promote
healthy living.
3. Develop and improve facilities in support of and in response to the needs of the
The YMCA will expand its financial resources to insure the organization’s
financial viability and create opportunities for the community to support its
charitable mission.
To achieve this goal, the YMCA's focus will be:
1. Increase the community’s awareness of the YMCA’s charitable programs, activities,
and campaigns by building relationships and communicating effectively with
2. Connect members and program participants
to the YMCA’s mission through education and
volunteer opportunities.
3. Build partnering relationships with businesses
and allied organizations to expand assistance to
all individuals in need throughout the community.
You are welcome
at all of these
13161 Schavey Rd., DeWitt, MI 48820
F 517.668.9670
Downtown YMCA Wellness Center
119 N. Washington Sq., Lansing, MI 48933
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Oak Park YMCA
900 Long Blvd., Lansing, MI 48911
F 517.694.2945
Parkwood YMCA
2306 Haslett Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823
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Westside Community YMCA
3700 Old Lansing Rd., Lansing, MI 48917
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YMCA Mission
To put Christian principles
into practice through
programs that build healthy
spirit, mind and body.
Mystic Lake YMCA Camp
P.O. Box 100, Lake, MI 48632
F 989.544.2722
119 N. Washington Sq.