our brochure about diaper need and what we`re doing

Diaper Needs
By the Numbers
1 in 3 American moms struggle with
diaper needs.
A normal infant uses up to 10-12
diapers a day. That’s 300-360 diapers a
A healthy change of diapers can cost
up to $150/month per baby.
Impact on Families
Emotional stress—Imagine if you
can’t soothe your crying baby because
you don’t have a clean diaper to use.
Financial stress—Families cut back on
other basics, such as food, heat, and
electricity to pay for diapers.
Caregivers leave the workforce
because disposable diapers can’t be
purchased for daycare.
We meet on the SECOND Saturday of
every month. Families are expected to
eat breakfast with us at 8:30 a.m. This is
followed by shopping for diapers, as well
as additional free baby items such as
gently-used clothing or toys.
How YOU Can Help
We have Free Diapers
Breakfast with Baby gave away
more than 50,000 diapers in
Impact on Babies
Increased disease risk—diaper rash,
staph infections, hepatitis. Because
families don’t have enough diapers, a
baby might only be changed once a
day, or rinsed and reused.
Increased child abuse, babies cry
more when wearing dirty diapers
which can result in shaken baby
Once a month Breakfast with Baby
distributes diapers to families who are
struggling financially. The mother must be
at least 7 months pregnant or have a baby
under 12 months of age to qualify.
Make a donation today to The
Salvation Army, 609 W. Dempster,
Des Plaines, IL. Be sure to specify that
you want the funds used for
Breakfast with Baby.
Deliver a diaper donation to the
address above.
Host a diaper drive—call or email us
for ideas:
[email protected]
Volunteer at Breakfast with Baby.
Add Breakfast with Baby to your
prayer list.
Who We Are
Myth #1: Government assistance
programs cover the cost of diapers
They do not. Food stamps
cannot be used for diapers and
WIC does not provide them.
Myth #2: Cloth diapers are an option.
Most childcare centers require
disposable diapers.
Cloth diapers require easy access
to washing facilities—many low
income families do not have this
Most laundromats will not allow
diapers to be washed in their
Free diapers
for every baby in need
and spiritual support to their parents
Breakfast with Baby
is a ministry of
The Salvation Army
609 W. Dempster
Des Plaines, IL 60016
The Salvation Army, an international
movement, is an evangelical part of the
universal Christian Church.
Its message is based on the Bible. Its
ministry is motivated by the love of God.
ts mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus
Christ and to meet human needs in His
name without discrimination.
Breakfast with Baby is a ministry of
The Salvation Army, 609 W. Dempster,
Des Plaines, IL 60016