Call for paper

Sino-Africa International Symposium on Textiles and
Apparel (SAISTA 2015)
May. 29-May. 30, 2015
Donghua University, Shanghai, China
Call for paper
Objective of the SAISTA
China has the largest and most advanced textile industry in the world while Africa used to
have a textile industry that has been marginalized over the years due to many factors. One of the
problems is that Africa overall is lack of well-trained technical personals due to a struggling and
weak textile and apparel industry, weak textile professional and high education system and poor
research facilities in textile science and engineering. In order to promote education and research to
revitalize the textile and apparel industry, the leaders of Donghua University and Moi University
have decided to organize Sino-Africa symposium on textiles and apparel annually and
alternatingly in Shanghai, China and Kenya. The objective of the first Sino-Africa International
Symposium on Textile and Apparel (SAISTA 2015) is to gather professionals from universities,
research institutions and industry to promote collaboration between China and Africa in textile and
apparel education and research as well as explore potential business opportunities. SAISTA 2015
will be held at Donghua University from May 29 - 30, 2015.
Conference title:
China-Africa Symposium on Textile and Apparel 2015 (SAISTA)
Donghua University, Shanghai, China
Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya
Conference time: May. 29th-May.30th 2015
Conference Location: Donghua University (Shanghai, China)
Scope of SAISTA 2015:
The fundamental and application researches on textile and apparel field will be
included. The following are the topics:
Functional and technical textiles
Advanced textile processing technology
Textile composites
Fibers for textile and apparels
Apparel technology and manufacturing
Textile and apparel marketing and management
Apparel design
Ancient textile and apparel technology
Textile and apparel industrial development and commerce.
Conference schedule:
May. 29th,
Conference registration and reception
May. 30th,
Keynote speech 1: Professor from China
Keynote speech 2: Professor from Africa
Keynote speech 3: Professor from China
Keynote speech 4: Professor from Africa
15general speeches
Speech time: Keynote speech 30 Min.; general speech 15 Min. (Including the time of question
and answer)
Language: Both conference paper and presentation should be in English
Application methods:
1. Application for attending the conference only
Please send the application email to: [email protected] before Mar. 31th,
Requirement of application email:
a. Titled as “Application for Attending the Sino-Africa International Symposium on Textiles
and Apparel (SAISTA 2015)”.
b. Including the information of the attendance name; affiliations; connect methods
2. Application for conference oral presentation
Please send to the paper abstract to: [email protected] before Mar. 31th,
Requirement of paper abstract:
a. Including paper title, authors, affiliations and authors connecting information
b. Mark the Presenting Author with underline
c. Write the paper abstract in 300 words in English.
In addition,
All the papers on this conference will be published in the conference proceedings.
Format of the full paper:
The manuscript should be typed in the following order: Title, Authors, Affiliations,
Abstract, Keywords, Main text, Acknowledgements and References. The Presenting Author
should be marked with underline.
The full paper should be in the format of MS-word or PDF document in English.
(MS-word is better)
The full paper of general speech should be in 2-3 pages; full paper of keynote speech
should be in 4-6 pages.
Please send the full paper to: [email protected] before Apr. 15th, 2015.
Contact information:
Professor.Yiping Qiu, College of Textiles, Donghua University
No 2999 North Renmin Road, Songjiang District of Shanghai, China 201620
Tel: 021-6779 2744
Email: [email protected]
Important Deadlines:
Submission of abstracts: Mar. 31th, 2015
Submission of full paper: Apr. 15th, 2015
Registration of attending: May. 1st, 2015