Bulletin March 22, 2015 - Saint Michael the Archangel Church

Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
The Catholic Community of:
St. Francis de Sales Church
St. Michael the Archangel
2929McCracken St. Muskegon, MI 49441
Office: 231-755-1953
1716 Sixth St. Muskegon, MI 49441
Office: 231-722-3071 Fax: 231-722-3243
Fax: 231-759-7074
“The image of Jesus inviting the removal of bandages
had great resonance with me…..Merton uses the very
image of bandages when talking about the false self in
his book “New Seeds of Contemplation.”
“Thus I use up my life in the desire for pleasures and
the thirst for experiences, for power, for honor,
knowledge and love, to clothe this false self and
construct its nothingness into something objectively
real. And I wind experiences round myself and cover
myself with pleasures and glory like bandages in order
to make myself perceptible to myself and to the world,
as if I were an invisible body that could only become
visible when something visible covered its surface.”
That day in Bethany, I peered into the dimly lit tomb and tentatively started my climb down the stairs.
When I imagine this pilgrimage, I had expected that the Tomb of Lazarus, the site of Jesus’s greatest
miracle, would be one of the most crowded of sites. But I was alone.
Even lit, the narrow stone stairwell was dim. As I descended, my footsteps echoed against the
damp walls. In a few seconds I was in a small chamber, where there was barely enough room to stand.
Perhaps, I thought, this was the tomb. But on one side of the room, cut into the wall was a smaller opening
near the ground, perhaps three feet wide by four feet high. This opening led into another chamber: the
tomb. To enter I had to get down on my hands and knees and crawl through the tight space.
Standing up in the small, dark, grayish-green stone tomb, I wondered what it was like for Lazarus to
hear Jesus’s voice. What must I have meant to decide to “come out”? Lazarus could have stayed behind.
And who could blame him? How frightening it must have been to die (after his illness, knowing he would
leave behind two unmarried sisters, crushed that his good friend Jesus had not visited). And frightening
to live again. Change of any kind can be frightening.
I knelt down again in the tomb and prayed out loud. No need to be embarrassed now. Who would
hear me except God? I asked God to take away everything that kept me from becoming the person God
wanted me to be. And I asked God for a new life.
My voice echoed in the dim stone chamber.
Then I left the tomb.
(Taken from “Jesus, A Pilgrimage” by James Martin, SJ)
Pastor: Fr. Phil Salmonowicz
Office: 755-1953 ext. 222 Rectory: 747-9949
Email: [email protected]
Assisting Priest: Fr. Julian Reginato ext. 228
Pastoral Associate: Sister Agnes Mary 726-2419
Office Hours & Administration:
St. Francis Parish:755-1953 ext.200 Fax:759-7074
[email protected]
Office Hours: M—F 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Parish Secretaries:Kim Brush & Marti Oosdyke ext. 227
Suzanne Miller, Compassion & Care Minister ext.233
Mark Robillard, Maintenance Director ext. 229
Jerry Mazurek, Maintenance Assistant
Business Manager: Karl Ibershoff ext. 234
[email protected]
Faith Formation:
Director of Religious Education:
Shannon Siuda 755-1307 ext. 225
[email protected]
Adult Faith Formation: Mary Wernet 755-1953 ext. 223
Monday, March 23—St.Turibius of Mogrovejo
7:00—8:00 p.m. Holy Hour St. Michael Divine Mercy Chapel
Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 Ps 23 Jn 8:1-11
Tuesday, March 24
8:30 a.m. St. Michael Mass—John Piotrowski by Piotrowski Family
Nm 21:4-9 Ps 102 Jn 8:21-30
Wednesday, March 25—The Annunciation of the Lord
7:00 a.m.—5:30 p.m. Eucharistic Adoration St. Francis Marian Chapel
6:00 p.m. St. Francis Mass—Jack Johnston by Mary Ellen Johnston and
Irene Zarimba by Giangacomo family
7:00 p.m. St. Francis Stations of the Cross
Is 7:10-14; 8:10 Ps 40 Heb 10:4-10 Lk 1:26-38
Thursday, March 26
8:30 a.m. St. Francis Mass—Gene Kendra by family and
Jon F. VanPaemel by Jean & John VanPaemel
Gn 17:3-9 Ps 105 Jn 8:51-59
Friday, March 27
12:10 p.m. St. Michael Mass—Irene Sanocki (Birthday) by John,
Michele, Johnny & Maria
Stations of the Cross & Confessions to follow
7:-00 p.m. Stations of the cross in Polish
Jer 20:10-13 Ps 18 Jn 10:31-42
[email protected]
Youth Ministry: Mandy Fort 755-1953 ext. 226
[email protected]
Music Ministry: Dan Hurst 755-1953 ext. 232
[email protected]
St. Michael Parish: 722-3071 Fax: 722-3243
[email protected]
Office Hours: M—W 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Thursday & Friday 9:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.
Parish Secretary: Michele Sanocki
Music Ministry: Dan Hurst 755-1953 ext.232
Maintenance: Mark Tascone
Saturday, March 28
9:30—10:30 a.m. Reconciliation at St. Francis
5:00 p.m. St. Francis Mass—John Moran by Carol and
Michael VanFossen by Margo VanFossen
Ez 37:21-28 Ps 17 Jn 11:45-56
Sunday, March 29—Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
9:00 a.m. St. Michael Mass— Genevieve Mastee by Marie Peterson and
Rita Czekuc by Rita & Ralph Horan and for the people of the parish
11:00 a.m. St. Francis Mass—Lou Mantovani and Helen Mantovani,
OP by Bob & Barb Mantovani and for the people of the parish
12:30 p.m. St. Michael Gorzkie Zale
Mk 11:1-10 Is 50:4-7 Phil 2:6-11 Mk 14:1—15:47
St. Francis
5:00 PM
St. Michael
9:00 AM
St. Francis
11:00 AM
Morgan & Sarah
Zaria Coleman
Maria Sanocki
Jackson, Anna & Elliot
B. Schaub (L)
Eucharistic Richard & Melanie S. Judy A.
B. Robinson & R. Robinson
Bob & Molly D.
Gayle L.
Cheri K.
Kristi N.
T. Helm & V. Welbes (Back)
Phil B.
Mary & Jim B.
Barbara B.
Richard R.
Dave & Peg A.
Sam & Char B.
Al L.
Eric S.
Marilyn Dion
Henry & Jan Salisz
Pat Bishop
Rose Wimpee
Rita Gibbs-Corradin Karen Szpeinski
Scott / Avila
Jennings / Scott / Avila
Jim Mastee
Kostrzewa / VanLente
Oosdyke / Kostrzewa / VanLente
Team # 8 and # 9
Dorothy & Bill Sklenar
Ushers Needed
St. Francis Calendar of Events
Monday, March 23
9:00 a.m MOMs Group/McCabe Center
6:30 p.m. TMIY/Shepherds Hall
Tuesday, March 24
9:00 a.m. Women’s Guild Craft Group/
McCabe Center
10:00 a.m. Symbolon/McCabe Center
6:15 p.m. Chant Choir rehearsal
6:45 p.m. Religious Formation Classes
Wednesday, March 25
6:15 p.m. Soups suppers/Shepherds Hall
7:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross/Chapel
7:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal
7:00 p.m. RCIA/McCabe Center
7:00 p.m. Edge Youth Group/McCabe Ctr
Saturday, March 28
10:00 a.m.. First Communion Student
Retreat/McCabe Center
Sunday, March 29
9:00 a.m. Religious Formation Classes
Holy Thursday, April 2
7:00 p.m. St. Francis Mass of the
Lord’s Supper
7:00 p.m. St. Michael Mass of the Lord’s
Supper with Adoration to follow until 10
PM closing with Compline
Good Friday, April 3
1:00 p.m. St. Francis Liturgy of the Lord’s
2:00 p.m. St. Michael Liturgy of the Lord’s
Passion, Stations of the Cross
3:00 p.m. St. Michael Chaplet of Divine
Holy Saturday, April 4
*No confession or 5:00 PM Mass*
12:00 p.m. Blessing of the Food
8:30 p.m. St. Michael Easter Vigil
9:00 p.m. St. Francis Vigil
Easter Sunday
9:00 a.m. St. Michael Mass
11:00 a.m. St. Francis Mass
Campaign Goal: $2,250,000
Current Support:(pledged): $2,126,840
Number of pledges/donors: 555
Preservation fund challenge: $500,000
For your convenience in making
your pledge commitment,
Journey of Faith envelopes can
be found in your contribution
packet as well in the pews.
St. Francis Weekly Offering
March 15, 2015
Sunday collection:
$ 8,310.00
St. Michael Calendar of Events
Monday, March 23
“…do you believe this?”
7-8 p.m. Holy Hour/Divine Mercy Chapel
On this Fifth Sunday of
Lent, we continue to encounter the
Lord Jesus in a powerful and healing
way. Our gospel reading from John
the Evangelist is, again, very
familiar to us. We hear it not only
during the Lenten season of year
“A”, but also in each of the other
liturgical years, and, occasionally, in
our weekday readings.
particular reading is also used
frequently at the Mass of Christian
Burial to render hope, faith, and
comfort to those who are grieving
the loss of someone dear.
It is good for us to know that
Jesus, the Word through whom all
things were created, was so human
that he wept for his friend. It is good
to realize this because it helps us to
know that Jesus relates to those
times of life when we are grief
I know that it helped me a
great deal at the loss of each of my
parents, grandmother, aunts, and
friends. I was comforted not solely
in Jesus’ sorrow, but more so in his
promise, “I am the resurrection and
the life; whoever believes in me,
even if he dies, will live…do you
believe this?”
I join Martha in saying
without reservation, “Yes, Lord. I
have come to believe that you are
the Christ, the Son of the living
As we move into the last
days of Lent let us ask ourselves if
our journey through these forty days
is bringing us closer join Martha in
her unequivocal pronouncement of
faith. Martha, who upon first
meeting Jesus was busy with many
things, must have finally learned to
take time to encounter Jesus on a
deep personal level, and that faith
which grew within her was not
Lent is our time to do the
same. God does not disappoint.
With love, your brother in
Christ, Fr. Phil
7:30 p.m. Choir Practice
Every day Adoration at Divine Mercy
Every Sunday at St. Michael School
2:00 p.m. Symbolon
Rosary to follow
We are looking forward to have
more of you attending.
Thank you to the Patton family for
their generous donation to our
parish in memory of Florence
Please send a card and pray for:
Karen Silva
The Cove at Lake Woods Assisted Living
1684 Vulcan Muskegon, MI 49442
She is unable to join us here at Church
and we want her to know we care.
St. Michael’s Prayer Line:
Audrey Adamczak 759-8164.
If Audrey is not available, please
try Marlene Evens 759-0022.
Greatly Appreciated
Thank you for your generous support of
the Catholic Relief Collection. Through
your generosity families will be reunited,
valuable skills will be taught to those
seeking a better life, and vital
humanitarian needs will be met. Please
visit www.usccb.org to learn how your
donations make a difference and help
Jesus in Disguise!
St. Michael Weekly Offering
March 15, 2015
Sunday collection:
Daily Novena
April 3 ~ April 11 @ 3:00 PM
April 12 @ 3:00 PM
Benediction & Novena
Arend Aldrich, Sgt Army, Colorado
Devan Allen, Airforce, Louisiana
Justin Brenner, Staff Sgt. Hawaii
McKenzie Calhoun, Spec, Army,
Zachary Crevier, Sergeant, Army,
Ft. Bliss, Texas
Daniel Deitrick, Lt. USN, Navy,
Stacy Dillon, S Sgt., Air Force, Korea
Scott Dillon, SRA, Air Force,Oklahoma
SSG, Jacob Frame, SF Green Beret
Michael Fusik, S Sgt, Air Force,Korea
Dakota Hess, US Navy, San
Clemente, CA
Cory Hitsman, Spec., Army National
Guard, Afghanistan
Cliff Hovis, Reserves, Muskegon
William Hovis, HN, Navy, Mississippi
Patrick Jones, Captain US Marines,
Amanda McKay, Sgt, Army, AZ
Enrique Pena, Lcpl US Marine Corps
Camp Pendleton, CA
Daniel Pendell, Sgt. US Army,
Fort Bliss, TX
Michael Pendell, Sgt. US Army,
Fort Riley, KS
Daniel Stoneburner, E7, Army,
Colorado Springs, CO
Stanley Walukonis, CPL Marine Corp,
You can access
Symbolon by
clicking on the
Symbolon picture on the parish website,
or to begin registration visit
symboloncatholic.org/registration and
enter access code 2cc60d
You will then be prompted to created a
user name (email address) and
Happy New Year Fr. Phil.
John and I want to thank you for your
gift of Symbolon...I just watched the
first segment. John is out of town, so
we will watch it together when he gets
We are very grateful for your
generous and loving gift.
God Bless you,
Therese and John Manchester
Religious Formation News
Youth Group News
Contact Shannon Siuda
[email protected]
Contact: Mandy Fort
[email protected]
the Cross will be Sunday, March 22 and
Tuesday, March 24. Please drop off and
pick up your students to their classrooms.
Last Antioch LifeNight of the school
year!!! We will be preparing for Holy
Week with 'Uum.' All 9th-12th graders
are invited to join us from
7-8:30 p.m. at the St. Philo room for a
great evening of reflection on the
ONLY RETREAT will be Saturday, March
28 from 10-11:30 a.m. at the McCabe Parish
Center. Suggested donation for the memory
plate they will make is $10. Thank you to
all of the parents who have volunteered to
help with this day!
NURSERY NEWS: The 11:00 a.m.
Nursery will not be available on Sunday,
April 5 so our volunteers may celebrate
Easter with their families.
class on Sunday, April 5 & 12 due to Easter
& Spring Break. Tuesday classes will not
meet on Tuesday, April 7 due to Spring
Moms Group News
Check out the MOMS GROUP for
fellowship and a hot cup of coffee,
interesting topics and great discussions.
Enjoy some "you time" while your kids are
supervised and playing in the church
nursery. All mothers of the parish are
On March 23 the topic is yoga and essential
oils. Upcoming meetings include
chiropractic and massage therapy, spiritual
gifts and talents, and "Love Languages" to
strengthen communication between
Moms Group meets the 2nd and 4th
Mondays from 9-10:30 in the McCabe
Center. Contact Becky Bingham
at [email protected] or find us on
Facebook under St. Francis Norton Shores
Moms Group.
St. Francis Mass of Anointing &
Dinner on Wednesday, April 29
Watch the bulletin for more details.
All 9th-12th graders are invited to
join us for Shine Next Level 'SNL' on
Sunday, March 29 from
2:30-8:30 p.m. The day will be full of
fun time at 3 Mile Project with
volleyball, basketball, movies, paint
ball, skate park and video games.
Then will conclude with a presentation
by Jackie Francois and 'The Thirsting'
and Adoration. The cost is $25 (checks
made out to 'St. Fran's Youth
Ministry') Please register (form found at
www.sfnortonshores.com under youth
ministry) by Monday, March 23 as we
can look into carpooling.
The Edge Middle School Youth
Group will meet on Wednesday, March
25 with 'Law Breaker'. All 6th-8th
graders are invited to attend in the St.
Philo room from 7-8:30 p.m. We only
have 1 more Edge night after
tonight! Don't miss it!
The Shine Middle School Youth
Conference is Saturday, March 28 at
West Catholic High School. There will
be great speakers, music and games for
all 6th-8th graders. The cost is $30 per
person (checks made out to St. Francis
Youth Ministry), and includes
transportation. The bus will leave
Muskegon Catholic High School at 1
p.m. and return by 9:30 p.m.
Registration (forms found at
www.sfnortonshores.com under youth
ministry) due by Wed, March 25.
Please pray for our 36 Confirmation
Candidates who have prepared all year
to receive the sacrament of
Confirmation on Wed, March 25 at 7:00
p.m. at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Grand
Rapids. Come Holy Spirit!
If you would like to be a part of the
Symbolon Part 1 DVD Series beginning
Thursday evenings, April 16 at the
McCabe Center, please contact John
McKendry 798-7031.
Sacramental Information
Sacrament of the Sick:
Phone the parish office when ill or
entering the hospital as we can’t know
unless we are informed.
Sacrament of Baptism:
Parents whose children are to be baptized
should call the parish office.
Sacrament of Matrimony:
Arrangements for marriage must be made
at least 6 months before the wedding.
New Parishioners: If you wish to join our
parish, please call the parish office. We are
always happy to welcome new parishioners
to our parish family. Our parish is made up
of many beautiful and interesting people,
trying their best to build the kingdom of
God on earth by responding to Jesus’ call
and following His way. We have a rich
heritage of sharing God’s good gifts at our
parish and beyond.
Girls and Women of
the parish
We invite you to wear
your beautiful &
special hats on Easter
Wednesday’s at St. Francis
6:00 p.m. Mass/Chapel
6:15 p.m. Soup Suppers/Shepherds Hall
7:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross/Chapel
Friday’s at St. Michael
12:10 p.m. Mass followed by
Stations of the Cross & Confessions
7:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross in Polish
Sunday at St. Michael
12:30 p.m. Gorzkie Zale
Deanery Reconciliation Service
St. Francis Sunday, March 22 at 3 PM
St. Francis Wednesday Soup Suppers
If you would like to help making a soup or
bread, please talk to the Ministry
coordinator or call the parish office.
March 25: Women’s Guild ~ Margaret
A free will offering will be welcomed
to help the parish Good Samaritan Fund
& other local agencies.
Meijer in Norton Shores has partnered
with Catholic Charities Loaves &
Fishes Food Pantry and on April 11/12
Meijer will double match your donation.
The last program, Catholic Charities
received $50,900 in gift cards to
purchase food for the pantry. In the last
three months they helped 4,340 people
with food. Because of your donations
they were able to buy cheese, milk,
cereal, eggs and major food items we
take for granted. Hennessy’s Pub &
The (new) Boar’s Belly Restaurant is
offering two $5 gift certificates for your
$10 donation. The money donated next
weekend will be taken to Meijer on the
double match days so that your $10
becomes a $30 donation to the food
pantry. This is a great opportunity to
give, get and multiply your giving.
St. Francis is helping those
in our parish and Catholic
Charities West Michigan this
year with Easter baskets for
the children and food basket
for their family.
If you would like to help, we are collecting
boxed scalloped or cheesy potatoes, canned
green beans or corn, canned sweet potatoes,
cake mike with frosting (any flavors), any
flavor of jell-o and individual wrapped
candy or snacks (suitable for children’s
Easter Baskets). Items may be returned by
the poster in the gathering area. Thank you.
MEETING will be held after Masses on
Saturday, March 21 & Sunday, March 22.
ONE meeting is mandatory for volunteers to
fill out required forms and learn about the
program. For more information, contact
Pat McKeown 755-4986.
Join us Monday evenings at
6:30 PM in Shepherds Hall
for “That Man is
Week 23: Find God in Yourself
You are God’s Adpoted Son
The Freedom to be Holy
God’s Dwelling within You
The Mystery of the Eucharist
The Revelation of the Father thru You
Christ’s Mercy through you
Hospital: Bob Kurant
We continue to pray for:
Marcia Ahearn, Elena Alvarez, Leah Bell,
Claudia Burkhart, Virginia Cooper,
Frances Debniak, Beverly Dobb, Dick
Dolack, Betty Emlaw, Al Flogge, Jeanne
Gerst, Dorothy Huddleston, Madeline
Joseph, Virginia Kuharevicz, Beverly
Lucken, Tom Maloy, Deacon Bill
McCabe, Phyllis Oza, Evelyn Raynor,
Agnes Rose, Francis Ruud, Loretta
Schultz, Jean Senecal, Helen Sohasky,
Eleanor Soltis, Virginia Strach, Betty
Tisch-Crancer, Jack Tribe, Mary Usmial,
Tony Winkler, Joe Zagaroli, Brent Zatzke,
Marie Ziegler, Jan Zok
Residents in Assisted Living:
Day Spring: Adeline Brozek, Bill
DeTorres, Joe Gouin, Kathy Hale, Gale
Hallead, Bill Hicks, Dick Jansen, Patricia
Flickema-Lipton, Ken Moberg, Bob
Pawlak, Evelyn Raynor, Marge Smith,
Roman Winkler
McAuley Place: John Mylenek,
Genevieve Rajewski
Seminole Shores: Frances Beck,
Margaret Boyer, George Bull, Betty
Cawein, Mary Lou Curik, Betty Donovan,
Marie DeMarco, Hazel Duff, Sally
Flejszar, Willie Mae Glenn, Betty Healey,
Gladys Kalchik, Bethlee Kordecki, Rose
Mahoney, Ed Nave, Frank Parsons,
Donna Mae Pelfresne, Shirley Pickle,
Shirley Potter, Mary Jean Rostar, Tony &
Kathy Sass, Claire Shunta, Robert Smith,
Gordon VanderTill
Roosevelt Park: Ruth Archer, Veda
Boyce, Paulette Davidson, Hope
Gonzales, Bea Labelle, Louise Lenar,
Keith Martin, Michael Porter, Rosalie
Vennie, Marvel Vig
Sanctuary at the Park:, Ed Panyrek,
Josephine Powers, Harry Ryznar, Loretta
The Cove at Lake Woods: Charlotte
Anderson, Karen Silva, Phil Tardani,
Dolores Vandak
To better prepare our parish budget, your
family vouchers are due in the parish
office by April 24, 2015.
Grant him eternal peace, O Lord
Raymond Carslake
Richard “Dick” Engle
Louise Miller
John Pietrowicz