Simplify your life with SPS Lifestyle and make free time a reality
You have been provided with one of the finest services available . . .
SPS Lifestyle. Our trained staff are ready to be of assistance to you with virtually any
sort of help you need anywhere you might need it. You no longer need to waste
time and energy trying to find things such as theatre tickets, restaurant reservations,
accommodation, special event planning or anything else. With SPS Lifestyle’s
concierge team, it gets done right and it’s done when you need it.
We will do everything to exceed your expectations. SPS Lifestyle are here
to assist you in any way we can.
SPS Objective
SPS LIFESTYLE incorporated in March 2004. Based in
Bromsgrove, SPS Lifestyle operates and provides a service to its
members within the West Midlands and Worcestershire area. We
have a team of personnel, on hand to deal with any request, in
and out of the office.
The aim of SPS Lifestyle is to promote a personal service to
provide people with more time to do what they want, relieving the
stress of today’s frantic lifestyle. We are a modern day solution to
the predicament of having too much to do and not enough time to
do it. Our services are specifically designed to help you achieve a
better work/life balance as well as provide you with more choices
and better solutions to everyday requirements and problems
whilst saving you time, inconvenience and expense. A Lifestyle
Manager is your dedicated personal assistant who manages and
organises your requests. As such, they become your personal
shopper, concierge and confidant; there to provide you with what
you want, when you need it.
Types of Membership
SPS Lifestyle has identified four main areas in which we believe you could benefit from using our service.
Individual Membership
Lifestyle Management as an Employee Benefit
This bespoke package caters for the individuals personal needs with
their own dedicated Lifestyle Manager. This monthly membership
environment, it is often necessary to reward employees within
provides access to their lifestyle manager seven days a week at
your company. We offer a lifestyle management package that your
any time, providing them with the ultimate in lifestyle management
employees can use on a daily basis. Statistics show that up to
and concierge services.
10% of a working day can be used on personal tasks. By offering
assistance this will further help productivity within your company,
Corporate Concierge Service For Partners & Senior Personnel
This unique service provides your business with the facility to
delegate time consuming tasks to a team of experienced personnel,
whilst giving your employees more quality time for themselves.
Concierge Services for both Commercial & Residential Property
on hand throughout the working day. This enables your staff to
Having a Concierge service as part of your reception or as a
concentrate on higher work related priorities, resulting in increased
telephone service that you are able to provide makes a statement
productivity. This service can be accessed via Telephone, email
like no other. A Concierge is a warm, friendly alternative to the
or fax.
“usual” security guard and provides a wealth of hospitality services
that residents truly value. It raises your property’s services to a new
level and it’s an amenity perfectly suited for luxury residences.
For all other types of membership please contact the office so we
can tailor make your perfect package.
Lifestyle Management Services
Our team of lifestyle managers and lifestyle consultants are here to
advise, guide and support our members.
Body and Soul
SPS Lifestyle can take the strain while you relax and re-energise.
We have the expertise to find the services they need to make their
Whether your interests are in holistic alternative therapies or regular
lives run smoothly. Lifestyle management allows our members to
mainstream medicine, we can offer you a range of practitioners to
complete practical chores effortlessly and to be ambitious about
stretch your mind and your body. If you are looking to improve your
how they spend their leisure time.
well-being we can help with gyms, personal trainers, nutritional
Home and Garden Services
SPS Lifestyle makes sure that your home is your sanctuary. We
enable you to look forward to going home knowing your household
chores have been taken care of.
We can dramatically simplify your home life by undertaking the
tedious (cleaning, lawn mowing, ironing), the time-consuming
(French polishing, washing windows), or the tricky (chimney
sweeping, gutter clearance). We offer comprehensive security for
the home.
Our property management service employs the services of our
extensive list of suppliers where we have the relationship and the
buying power to ensure you receive the optimum service and a
competitive price.
Moving home? We can assist you with the big decisions - relocating,
finding a new home, legal and financial advice - through to the
smaller ones: removal companies, storage, cleaning services and
experts or yoga classes wherever you are.
We can also provide you with top ‘maintenance and pampering’
hotspots such as hairdressers, day spas, beauty salons and
personal style consultants so that you can keep yourself looking
and feeling great without too much effort.
If you want to broaden your mind and your interests by taking up a
new hobby, learning a foreign language or discovering a different
sport, we can find the best tutors in any area.
Lifestyle Management Services
Life’s Special Events
Family & Pet Care
Getting married? We can ensure it goes without a hitch! Dress
We can help you find the highest standard of care for your children
designers, stationery suppliers, caterers, photographers, florists,
and have excellent relationships with nanny agencies, private
honeymoon arrangements, venues, wedding list services – we
day-care nurseries, after school clubs and many other child-care
can arrange it all.
services – use our knowledge, contacts and experience to make
Having a baby? SPS Lifestyle can share the load: maternity wear,
health and fitness, baby accessories, home help, family cars, preand post- natal care, family holidays, nanny agencies, education
… the list goes on.
New house? Let us get you moving. Estate agents, search agents,
solicitors, mortgage brokers, removal firms, architects, interior
designers, property management: our contacts can really work for
you. Whatever the event, we can help you make the most of it.
Shopping & Gift Delivery
Shopping is great when time is unlimited and self-indulgence is on
the agenda. Sadly that is not always the case. When you need
a new washing machine or computer and don’t want to spend
your weekend browsing and queuing, SPS Lifestyle can find what
you need and arrange delivery. Through the strong partnerships
we have built with top, well-respected brands and prestigious
retailers, we can often get a better deal as well. For presents, we
have endless ideas for something that little bit different to inspire
you. Informing us of important anniversaries or birthdays means
that you never miss an opportunity to impress with an appropriate
and timely gift.
the best decision. We can also help to look after your pets. We
can find you dog walkers, vets, kennels or catteries and can even
make arrangements for them to travel with you, if you can’t bear
to leave them behind.
We can act as your virtual “extended” family, a constant support
to you, your children and your pets. We provide expert advice
and the reassurance of carefully vetted suppliers to ensure your
family are cared for, from education and health to childcare and
fun leisure time.
Housekeeping Service
Our professional fully insured housekeepers will clean,
cook, run small errands, do your laundry and become
part of your household. Whether you
need help everyday or only once
a week, your dedicated
housekeeper will look
after all your domestic
household needs.
Lifestyle Management Services
Errand Running & Time Savers
Tradesmen and suppliers
Nothing is more important to busy people than having an extra
We find you the right person for the job. Our bespoke and unique
hand when you need it. Let us know when you require assistance
service, alongside our quality partnered-suppliers, encompasses
delivering office documents or picking up a package for safe
all trades, specialists and professionals within the industry, from a
delivery. You need to be able to depend on someone to handle
handyman, plumber or electrician to an architect, a small general
personal needs when travelling or working long hours or supervise
building company or an interior designer to major design-and-build
repair, delivery, and cleaning contractors at home. Perhaps you
construction companies.
want someone to care for your pets and plants; bring in your
shoes for repair; shop for gifts and groceries; pick up your dry
cleaning; or address and mail invitations or holiday cards. We’ll
take care of that for you. Our errand and messenger associates
are top-notch and will get the job done to your specifications so
you can concentrate on other matters.
Finding the perfect caterer is as easy as telephoning your
Concierge. You want to make sure you have absolutely everything
you need to make your guests comfortable and happy – so do we.
Our catering associates will produce everything from sparkling ice
sculptures, cakes, and wine-tasting evenings to the most elegant
gourmet meals. We will arrange for last-minute catering exactly the
way you want it. So whatever your catering needs, SPS Lifestyle is
ready to provide you with the highest level of service.
These suppliers are checked for Health and safety purposes as
well as for quality, service, flexibility and reliability of the services
and products that they provide.
Lifestyle Management Services
Travel Planning
When planning business or personal travel, you know how involved
At the heart of any special event is the entertainment for the evening.
and detailed it can be. If you are leaving town, your Concierge can
Excite your guests with inspiring first-rate entertainment. Let SPS
assist you with your travel plans. Whether you would like to plan a
Lifestyle arrange for special music that will suit the occasion and
honeymoon or a business trip; a safari to Africa or a fun-filled trip
your tastes or special theme. We book every conceivable type of
to Hawaii, we will make the arrangements. Our job is to handle the
local and national entertainment. At SPS Lifestyle we also recognise
details yours is to enjoy the trip.
that everyone needs a night out on the town. We at SPS Lifestyle
Yacht Charters
Nothing says “class” quite like an outing on a fine, well-stocked
comfortable yacht. Entertain clients, employees, and friends in style
aboard one of the many yachts available. Your Concierge will put
you in touch with a SPS Lifestyle Special Event Producer who will
arrange for the charter, catering, beverages, and entertainment. In
fact, we will arrange everything right down to the smallest detail.
Out and About
Recreation is important to the busy individual. How would you like
to spend the day? SPS Lifestyle can plan any sort of recreation
you may want. You can rent a hang glider or a surfboard. You can
visit a museum or go on a shopping spree. You can join a health
club, get a massage or learn to parachute. If you can imagine it,
we will provide you with information and arrangement assistance.
know that everyone is unique and enjoys different sorts of activities.
Some like quiet spots while others enjoy noise and crowds. Your
Concierge will assist you with ideas and reservations.
Concierge services
Transport Needs
A single telephone call, gives you access to a team of travel
Car Hire
specialists available to help you arrange your air travel, hotel
reservations and car hire, or provide travel advice and help in an
Reservations and Direct Ticketing
SPS Lifestyle can help with air travel and hotel reservations
by booking tickets and advising of availability. We will provide
the latest information and offer the best available solution to
your needs.
Travel and Health Care
Comprehensive travel and health advice is available to assist you
in the preparation for a trip as well as while travelling. We can
provide you with
Heath precautions and vaccination recommendations
Guidance on VISA requirements
Climate information
C urrency advice including exchange rates, banking hours
and note and coin denominations
Advice and assistance is to hand in obtaining care hire worldwide,
saving you time and administration. The information includes
location, collection and return details, hours of business of rental
outlets, tariffs and vehicle classes available. Once you have this
information and have made a selection, the reservation will be
made on your behalf, with the hire cost charged directly to your
company, or you as an individual.
Saving You Time
SPS Lifestyle can help you with advice on a wide range of everyday
leisure pursuits and delivery services
Hospitality and Event Ticketing
Tickets for sport, theatre, arts and cultural events across the
world can be arranged. We deal with approved ticketing agencies
- information on availability, collection and delivery of tickets can
be provided with a minimum of time and effort.
Flower Delivery
Flower arrangements or bouquets can be chosen from the
extensive selection and sent on your behalf, with a personalised
message. Delivery is available to most major towns and cities
worldwide. Prices are available on request.
Gift Delivery
Arrangements can be made to deliver a gift, from a wide range
of luxury goods to most major locations worldwide. If required,
advice can be given on gift selection, suitability for delivery, cost
and timescales.
Saving You Time
International Dining
SPS Lifestyle can provide general information on restaurants, their
cuisines, price, location and contact details. Reservations can
also be made on your behalf.
International Apartment Reservations
In addition to hotel reservations SPS lifestyle can provide information
and assistance in reserving accommodation from an international
portfolio of luxury fully serviced apartments. All are in exclusive
locations and superbly furnished
Golf Course Information Service
For major golf courses in many counties, specific details can be
made available to you. These details include
Indicative green fees
Handicap Requirements
Course Details, facilities and contact details
Individual tee policies
Where possible, details will be confirmed to you and, on your
instruction, subject to course rules, SPS Lifestyle will attempt to
reserve the tee on your behalf. Please note that you will need to
settle all costs directly with the golf course.
The booking service is available 9- 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Out
of hours, you make a provisional booking.
Examples Of The Services SPS Lifestyle Provide
House & Garden
Domestic Services
Window Cleaning
Ironing / Dry Cleaning
Repair Appliances
Housekeeper Services
Curtain Making
Antique Finding
Handy Man
Locksmith Glazing
Garden Services
Lawn Mowing
Landscape Gardening
Plant Finder
General Gardening
Tree Surgery
Garden Design
Building & Decorating
Interior Design
Property Maintenance
Damp Proofing
Family Care
Researching Schools
Elderly Care
Invalid / Injury Care
After School Care
Moving House
Estate Agent Liaison
Overseeing Un / Packing
Hiring Packing
Company Redirecting Post
Utilities Dis / Connect Hiring
Removal Van
House Sitting
Cancel / Resume Deliveries
Restocking Of Fridge
Flowers For Return
House Visiting
Anti Burglar Precautions
Time Savers
Grocery Shopping
Post Office
Foreign Currency
Key Cutting
Clothing / Shoe Repair
Personal Shopping Retrieve
Forgotten Items
Film Processing
Key Holding
Awaiting Deliveries
Appliance Repairs
Tradesmen Visits
Finding Special Items
Recommending Sources
Special Events
Personal Chefs
Dinner Parties
Wine Pairings
Initiate Dinners
Supper Delivery
VIP Events
Boxed Lunches
Corporate Events
Theme Events
Buy / Selling
Driving License
Tyre Services
Parking Permit
Cleaning / Valeting
Vehicle Hire
Wedding Cars
Private Aircraft
Sports Car Rental
Stretch Limousines
Removal Vans
Hot Air Balloon
Vintage Motor Car
Driver Services
Sight Seeing Tours
School Runs
Chauffeur Services
Airport Taxi / Limousines
Out and About
Tickets and Reservations
Restaurant Booking
Examples Of The Services SPS Lifestyle Provide
Out and About
Sight Seeing Tours
Themed Excursions
Children’s Outings
Weekend Breaks
Research Options
Airport Packing
Airport Parking
Airport Transport
Dance Clubs
Video Bars
Piano Bars
Jazz Clubs
Cocktail Lounges
Hot Sports
Comedy Clubs
Fitness and Wellbeing
Professional Speakers
Murder Mysteries
Soloists, Duo’s and Trio’s
Big Band and Swing
Wedding Planning
Children’s Parties
Corporate Events
In House Chef
New Year
Waitress Services
Birthday Parties
Gym Membership
Personal Training
Life Coaching
Special Occasions
Reminders Service
Special Date
Gift Buying
Card Writing / Sending
Gift Suggestions
Wine / Champagne
Gifts Buying
Health and Beauty
Doctors Appointments
Dental Appointments
Beauty Treatments
Bath / Spa
Day Spa’s
Corporate Concierge Services
Perhaps you already have every possible employee benefit and you
S pecial
use them efficiently to produce ever-increasing business for your
relationships with preferred local and national vendors, are
company. However, if you are like most of the Human Resource
passed on to our clientele.
executives we have met, chances are you are continually looking
for new ways to improve the output of your work force.
To retain good employees you must be competitive. An attractive
benefit package is the glue that holds employees to you. We offer
you and your employees a benefit so powerful that it will allow you
and them to be more productive. Furthermore, it will increase your
bottom line at the same time. Keep your employees productive
with the premier benefit of SPS Lifestyle’s Concierge Service.
Since no two companies are alike, SPS Lifestyle will implement
a customised corporate concierge program designed to suit
the needs of your corporate culture. SPS Lifestyle Concierge
Service, personally caters to the needs and desires of you and
your employees. As a full-service concierge service, we take great
pride in the elite care of our clients. No detail is ever overlooked.
O ur newsletter created especially for your company, highlights
exclusive special offers, dining options, a calendar of events
and much more.
It is easy for your associates to get used to the warm,
enthusiastic service they will receive since our concierge staff
brings experience from the hotel and hospitality industry.
You know how important productivity is to your business. You
also know that an employee who worries about personal matters,
often on company time, wastes a lot of valuable moments, which
can be translated into pounds lost to your business. You can
eliminate this all too common problem by including SPS Lifestyle
as one of your benefits. Employees will appreciate it and the
company will profit from it. You will also be surprised at the cost.
In fact, compared to the savings the company realises, the cost
By eliminating worries about making travel plans, finding tickets
is negligible. Take a moment to learn more about this exciting,
to that sold-out music or sporting event or finding that special
extremely valuable benefit.
gift, SPS Lifestyle is at your service… so your employees can
concentrate on work.
Whether you select on-site or off-site services, you and your
associates will receive the highest standards in customer service.
Your associates receive value for every service we offer.
Use this opportunity to get and keep excellent employees while
increasing productivity at the same time.
Call us today so we can analyse your needs and show you how
you can make your employees efficient and happy.
Property Concierge Services
Having a Concierge in your building on reception or even at the end
of a telephone line makes a statement like no other. A Concierge
is a warm, friendly alternative to the “usual” security guard and
provides a wealth of hospitality services that residents truly value.
It raises your property’s services to a new level and it’s an amenity
perfectly suited for luxury residences.
To understand that in order to retain good tenants you must
be competitive. An attractive tenant services package is what
sets your property apart from others. SPS Lifestyle offers you and
your tenants a benefit so appealing that its design is to improve
tenant retention.
Since 2003, SPS Lifestyle has provided professional services
to residential & commercial properties as well as to corporations
and hotel concierges. Offering concierge services to tenants
has become an exceptional benefit, whether attracting new or
maintaining valued tenants during a competitive real estate market.
SPS Lifestyle provides a professional Concierge at your property
who, like in a fine hotel, is able to handle practically any request
that comes their way. Our staff caters to the needs and desires of
you and your residents. As a full-service concierge firm, we take
great pride in the elite care of our clients.
A Personal Assistant for your home life
We are the West Midlands Premier Lifestyle Management and
O ur service is cost effective, if you think outside the
Concierge service.
box. For example, you need to be at your house to wait
Our dedicated team of professional organisers manage and
arrange our clients requests and lives. Our services are specifically
designed for those who need a helping hand help with their daily
hassles and own “to do” lists saving them time and inconvenience.
We provide our clients with what they want, when they need it
giving them the most important gift of all…. TIME.
for a tradesman to arrive. Firstly you have to look for the
tradesman in a directory, then you have to take time off work
and wait for service as well as wait with the tradesman to
make sure he does a good job so you can then lock up and
either take the rest of the day off or go back to work. If you
were to earn for example £30 an Hour and the task took 5
hours, you would of lost that day £150. If you were to use
The various types of services that we provide are everything from
your personal organiser, you would save £75 by delegating
the home and garden chores to errand running, house sitting,
the task to us.
special event planning and critical moments such as needing a
plumber or locksmith.
Why do you need our serviceBecause you do not have enough time or resources to get
everything done and need a helping hand with the normal
daily hassles.
O ur Service is cost effective for those who spend too much
on too little. Within our monthly invoice we can detail those
services provided making financial planning an easy task
A Personal Assistant for your home life
The average time we save our clients is 100 hours a year. This is
Our clients can use their personal assistant for as little or as much
equivalent to 3 weeks holiday.
as they need. Our clients receive a monthly invoice showing the
R educing Family Stress and Time – Our service means our
dedicated personal helpers can be there when you cannot be
– saving time and stress. Consequently when families visit they
hours used of their personal organiser, the cost of their personal
assistant per month and the external cost of suppliers used or
items brought on behalf of our client within that month.
can spend quality time together rather than doing the chores
and tasks that need completing every week.
O ur vetted suppliers – Means our clients receive quality
tradesmen to look after their home when they have a problem.
We take away the stress of having someone they don’t know
or trust in their home when there is a issue. After rigorous
evaluation of quality and health and safety, we actively recruit
the best suppliers from all fields. Our suppliers are chosen for
their service, flexibility and reliability as well as the price of the
product and services that they offer. Our clients can even have
their personal helper on site for extra assistance if need be.
O ur clients can access their personal helper via telephone / fax
/ email or text. Your dedicated helper will ring at least twice a
week or visit to see if anything needs to be taken care of.
F or many people who are relocating into the West Midlands and
Worcestershire area, by having our unique personal service
tailored to your own specific needs gives you peace of mind
and reduces the stresses and pressures of moving into an
unknown area.
This family only moved in Yesterday to find their new home waiting complete with
fresh flowers and essential groceries. The parents have tickets for Les Miserables
this weekend and the children have a babysitter. How? By their personal Organiser
sorting out all the arrangements on their behalf
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Lifestyle Management and Corporate Concierge services?
Why do I need this service?
Lifestyle Management is a team of professional managers who
Because you are a busy parent, professional or a person who has
are your dedicated professional helpers and personal assistants
little knowledge of their surroundings whose time is a premium.
who manage and organise your requests, saving you time and
You’d prefer to focus on your work and those things you love and
allowing you to pursue the things in life that really interest you. We
enjoy the most, like your family, friends and leisure time. Employing
are a modern day solution to the predicament of having too much
our services will allow you to get on with what’s important in life
to do and not enough time to do it. Our services are specifically
whilst we take care of everything else. We save our members on
designed to help you achieve a better work/life balance as well as
average over 100 hours a year, or in practical terms, nearly an
provide you with more choices and better solutions to everyday
extra three weeks holiday a year. We achieve this by removing the
requirements and problems whilst saving you time, inconvenience
need for our clients to search for and evaluate, suppliers, retailers
and expense. A Lifestyle Manager is your dedicated personal
or manufacturers when trying to find a particular product, service
assistant who manages and organises your requests. As such,
or solution to a problem. So if you can think of things to do in that
they become your personal shopper, concierge and confidant;
amount of spare time then SPS Lifestyle is for you
there to provide you with what you want, when you need it.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you insured?
How can using the service save me time?
Yes, we are insured with a maximum public liability of up to
Our exclusive membership means you don’t have to spend hours
on the net or hours scouring through the Yellow Pages to find
Are there any services that SPS Lifestyle won’t undertake?
No. We can manage almost anything. As long as your request is
legal and ethical we try our very best to make it happen. Just give
us a call. We can source, manage and deliver almost anything the only limitation is your imagination!
the right person for the job, getting quotes, finding out availability
and keeping track to make sure they turn up on time, because
we have already done it for you. Our experienced and proactive
Lifestyle Managers, working closely with our national network of
vetted suppliers means that almost every client request, however
obscure or elaborate can be sourced. By delegating the task to
What is the most common type of services you provide?
your life style manager reduces hassle, the task can be done on
Everything from the mundane home and garden chores to errand
the same day instead of having to be done a week later, and will
running, on going projects, special event planning and critical
mean you can get on with the other more important tasks that
moments to personal shopping, repairs / maintenance.
need completing while we can be there when you cannot be.
Will my personal details remain confidential?
Yes, as a client your personal details will remain confidential
at all times
The Cost Of Using SPS Lifestyle
Individual Membership
Employee Benefit
£48 membership subscription per month, within this membership
At the discretion of the company, the employee will be provided with
you receive an inclusive hour of “in office” requests.
a block of lifestyle management hours to be used within one month.
There is then an hourly charge of £15 “in office” and £20 “out
These blocks are in 5, 10 and 15 hour units.
of office” for completing the task. Each member has their own
dedicated lifestyle manager that will work in and out of the office
5 Hours £87.50
depending on the type of request.
10 Hours £170.00
We invoice our clients every month on the day that they sign up
15 Hours £250.00
for subscription.
This time can be used by your employee for both “in” and “out”
This is charged per quarter hour. Anything paid for on behalf of the
of office requests. This service is accessible 7 days a week at
individual will receive a 5% handling fee.
Your invoice will also summarise the work carried out specifically
detailing the date and time of the request the caller id, and the
suppliers used. It will also show time taken to complete the request.
any time with each employee having their own dedicated lifestyle
Payment is a month in advance for this service.
Area Coverage
Payment is a month in advance for this service all prices exclude VAT.
SPS Lifestyle cover the whole of country and can offer services
Corporate Concierge Service for Partners & Senior Personnel
in all major cities. Our head quarters are based in the Midlands
This membership enables access to the service by any employee
covering Birmingham, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.
on behalf of the company.
We do a 20 mile radius from the centre of Bromsgrove.
For more details on this bespoke service please contact the office.
Travelling is included within the hourly rate unless the request is
out of the 20 mile radius.
All prices exclude VAT.
Contact Details
We hope you enjoyed exploring our brochure identifying how we
could help relieve the stresses and strains of every day living.
If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of the
team, please contact us on the details below.
OFFICE 01527 559123
FAX 01527 559945
E-MAIL [email protected]
We look forward to hearing from you…
“B alancing your lifestyle with creativity
and efficiency. Managing your day to day
activities to best suit your busy schedule.
Reducing the stress levels of life, delivering
the benefits you desire.”
SPS LIFESTYLE LTD OFFICE: Regency House 48 Birmingham Road Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 0DD
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EMAIL: [email protected] WEB:
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