Tri-Cities Investment District EB-5 Regional Center A Foreign Investor Program

Tri-Cities Investment District
EB-5 Regional Center
A Foreign Investor Program
In the States of Washington and Oregon
EB-5 “Job Creation” Program
How does it work?
Tri-Cities - Project
Foreign Investor
Green Card
Where has it been successful?
Currently there are
100+ approved
Regional Centers
in 32 States.
All EB-5 funding
and/or projects must
be administered by
an approved
regional center.
Who has done this?
(Other Regional Centers Across America)
!   The State of Pennsylvania was one of the first states to embrace the EB-­‐5 investment program 30+ projects since 2003. Projects Investors Approved Funds Raised Jobs New Jobs PIDC (Philadelphia) Regional Center $343,000,000 6,860 Pennsylvania Regional Center $169,000,000 3,380 TOTAL $500,000,000 invested & 10,000+ new jobs
PIDC Regional Center
PIDC Regional Center
Tri-Cities And Our
Expedited USCIS Approval
Execute Service Agreement 1st Installment Client Completes [email protected] [email protected] Legal Agreements Completed by [email protected] ANorney and Executed by all [email protected] Client Completes Economist [email protected] Economist Completes Econometric Study for SubmiNal to USCIS Client meet with Blender [email protected] to begin [email protected] Study/Website Development Blender creates and produces website and project brochures CFP completes all required manuals, forms and USCIS [email protected] [email protected] ANorney Reviews USCIS SubmiNal Package [email protected] submiNed to USCIS, Final Installment of Service Agreement Receive USCIS Approval, Engage Foreign Brokers [email protected] ANorney Completes Private Placement Memorandum USCIS Requirements
  PreparaUon of Business Plan in CIS format   ImmigraUon/Investor Manual   Offering Memorandum •  SubscripUon Agreement •  OperaUng Agreement •  Escrow InstrucUon (if required)   Economic Study   Job CreaUon Model & Investment Criteria for C.I.S.   InternaUonal MarkeUng Plan   Quarterly/Annual C.I.S ReporUng Tri-Cities Investment District
What makes us different?
  Total EB-5 Solution
•  Business Development Consultants for both
US and International
•  Regional Center Management
•  International Marketing
  Innovative Entrepreneurs
•  Concierge Service
•  EB-5 Tracking Software
•  Tri-Cities Research District
Our Home and Initial Project
Development Area
The Tri-Cities - Communities of KennewickPasco-Richland and Neighbor - The
Tri-Cities Research District
•  Area to be Developed
Tri-Cities – Projects
Economic Development Project 1
Embassy Suites Hotel LocaUon:
Tri-­‐CiUes (Richland) Project Amount: $35,000,000 DescripUon: Embassy Suites is an upscale hotel brand
designed to suit the needs of the well-seasoned
business traveler who knows what he/she wants
in accommodations. The brand also caters to
the pleasure traveler, tourists and families. This
upscale, all-suite hotel offers extravagant
amenities, such as a full, cooked-to-order
complimentary breakfasts in the morning and
a complimentary reception with food and wine
service in the evening.
Tri-Cities – Projects
Economic Development Project 2
Homewood Suites LocaUon:
Tri-­‐CiUes (Richland) Project Amount:
$17,500,000 DescripUon: Homewood Suites is a mid-level hotel brand that caters to the extended-stay
traveler; one who still wants quality and comfort, but at a lower price-point and
without the additional amenities found in Embassy Suites. The extended-stay
traveler is one who generally stays at a hotel for 4 to 5 days at a time and can
rebook multiple times a year. Many of the travelers that are connected to the
Tri-Cities economic growth projects, both private and public, meet the profile
of the extended-stay traveler.
Tri-Cities – Projects
Economic Development Project 3
Apartments at Title:
Horn Rapids LocaUon:
Tri-­‐CiUes (Richland) Project Amount:
$37,000,000 DescripUon: The 318 unit Apartments at Horn Rapids complex will help supply the high
demand for housing that has been created due to the increase in jobs and
lack of new housing starts due to the reduction of conventional lending for
new construction projects since the beginning of the economic downturn in
2008. The garden style apartments located within the master planned golf
community consist of 1, 2, & 3 bedroom units with garages--a highly desired
benefit for professionals, students and families.
Tri-Cities - Projects
Economic Development Project 4
Title: Paragon Corporate Housing LocaUon:
Tri-­‐CiUes (Richland) Project Amount:
$35,000,000 DescripUon: The Paragon Corporate Villas development consists of 135 corporate-stay lodging
units for executives who desire more than a hotel room for extended stay business
travel. The units will be designed and constructed by Parastone, LLC and then
leased to Paragon Corporate Housing. The development will provide an advantage
to all business travelers in a common setting designed for their specific use, with the
added benefit of booking options at the nearby hotel facilities being developed by
TCID. In addition, this project will have complete onsite management, maintenance,
supervision and amenities associated with corporate executive travel, creating the
ultimate extended stay option in the region.
Tri-Cities And Our Future:
In addiUon to the iniUal 4 projects outlined, TCID plans to develop new projects in the future and has created a “future projects group” and is soliciUng proposals in all areas of industry. TCID seeks to partner with local entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses. TCID is working closely with the Tri-­‐CiUes Research District and wants to assist it in providing financing to current and future businesses seeking to re-­‐locate there. TCID seeks to be a premier partner to the Tri-­‐
CiUes communiUes of Kennewick-­‐Pasco-­‐
Richland and its future needs. Tri-Cities - Keys to success
Experienced Strategic Partners
•  Economic & Policy Resources, Inc. -­‐ Top EB-­‐5 Economist •  Arnstein & Lehr, LLP. Top SecuriUes Law Firm •  Baker Donelson, PC Top EB-­‐5 Agorney Law Firm, having assisted in mulUple Regional Center approvals •  Global Law Group – 100% success in I-­‐526 and I-­‐829 (over 1000 applicants processed) •  Investor MarkeUng   In house direct sales in China, the Middle East, South Korea, South
America and Russia   Wailian Group Immigrant Consultants with established branches in over 20 countries Expedited Timeline
Start Process Service Agreement Dral Documents • 
Economic Study Offering Documents USCIS Business Plan 14 Days Final Documents • 
Economic Study Offering Documents USCIS Business Plan MarkeUng Manual Investor Manual InternaUonal MarkeUng USCIS Approval Funds in Escrow 30 Days 60 Days 60 Days 60 -­‐ 120 Days Pathway to United States
Select Project
Complete Application
4 months
May enter US
at any time
Approval Process
21-30 months
Base on
successful job
Green Card
Based on PPM
exit strategy
Investment Return
  Submit I-­‐526 form   Deposit $560,000 USD and applicaUon fee in escrow   I-­‐526 approval process   Veong Investors   Receive “condiUonal” green card   $500,000 USD released for investment   Submit I-­‐829 form   “CondiUonal” status removed   4-­‐7 years aler entering the U.S.   Investment returned to investor   OpUon for ciUzenship or keep the green card 移民的合法程序(The EB-5 Process)
您的投资条件也合格:   我们有按步就班的程序一步步帮您申请 提出1-­‐526 表格申请,如果核准了,就可以获得有条件
的绿卡,2年之后再提出1-­‐829 表格申请,即可免除有条
件绿卡的限制,再3年后可提出公民资格的申请。 Regional Center Contact Information
Tri-Cities Investment District, LLC
P.O. Box 13957
Salem, Oregon 97309
Attention: Mr. Stew Stone
Toll Free Telephone: (888) 672-9288
Facsimile: (503) 364-1453
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Jorge A. Cordova
Cell (928) 380-3969
Investor Relations
Email: [email protected]