The following is a transcript of Market America President &... JR Ridinger, presenting the UnFranchise Business Plan.

The following is a transcript of Market America President & CEO,
JR Ridinger, presenting the UnFranchise Business Plan.
*The income levels mentioned in the following presentation are for illustration purposes only. They are not intended
to represent the income of a typical Market America Distributor, nor are they intended to represent that any given
Distributor will earn income in that amount. The success of any Market America Distributor will depend upon the
amount of hard work, talent and dedication he or she devotes to building his or her Market America business.
You know, my favorite saying is in
order to be successful you have to find a trend
— a paradigm-shifting trend and position
yourself to lead the parade rather than to get
in at the tail end of the parade; and you know,
I’ve been at the tail end of a lot of parades!
What about you? We’ve all been, haven’t we?
You ever get caught at the tail end of a parade;
you get in too late? Well, today we’re going
to show you a revolutionary concept where
you can beat the system and be ahead of the
parade. You’re definitely leading the parade
with Market America; isn’t that true? You don’t
need to understand and remember everything
today, so don’t worry about getting every
detail. I just want you to relax and enjoy it.
You know, I know everybody’s always looking
for guarantees; would you agree with that?
Everybody’s looking for the shortcut, the
guarantee or the sure deal. So I say I got three
guarantees for you tonight. Number one, if
you don’t look at anything, you’ll never find
anything. So I want to congratulate you for
looking. Secondly, if you don’t try anything,
nothing’s ever going to change; you’ll stay
right where you are. And finally, I guarantee
you, if you can’t do this one, give up. You
can’t do any of the rest. You can’t do real
estate. You can’t do insurance. You can’t do
a biz op. You can’t do a franchise, and God
forbid, don’t do a brick and mortar, regular,
traditional business. You’ll kill yourself. This
is your best chance with the lowest risk to ever
really make it, okay, and that concept’s called
One-to-One Marketing. We’re going to change
the way people shop. It’s a story of a company
and an opportunity called Market America —
a revolutionary new concept, so buckle your
seatbelts. In the next 45 minutes I’m going
to take you from zero to a six-figure ongoing
I want to dispel a myth before we begin.
You don’t have to be smart to make a lot of
money. A lot of people think you have to be
really smart. In fact, it’s been my experience
that the smart people have the most difficulty
making money because they spend all their
time figuring out how everything won’t work.
Have you ever met anybody like that? We all
know a few, right? You’re going to have to see
this thing three times before you really get it.
You’ll get the gist today, but you’ll have to
agree with me; if you’re interested, you have
to see it two more times for the light bulbs to
really go off.
market america
Now, what’s ongoing income? Ongoing
income is the greatest thing in the world. It’s
when you do something once, build something
once, make something once, but you get paid
over and over and over again once it’s built,
made or developed, okay — and we are an
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
ongoing income machine. Now, you’ll never
be financially independent or free unless you
get an ongoing income. The motto of our
company is, “Built on product, powered by
people.” It’s more than a motto; it’s what we’re
about. It’s an incredible opportunity to be an
entrepreneur. Have you ever thought about
being an entrepreneur? Because that’s the
highest career that one can have, and it gives
them freedom. Well, ma’s mission addresses
these problems and offers these types of
solutions. Market America’s mission is to
provide a system for entrepreneurs to create an
ongoing income, while providing consumers
worldwide with a better way to shop. Through
revolutionary technology and the power of
people, we’re creating the economy of the
accumulated retail sales. Individuals have
earned over $1.6 billion in commissions and
retail profits. Through One-to-One Marketing,
Market American combines the Internet with
the power of people, creating the ultimate
online destination.
So when I talk about this definition of Market
America — it’s a product broker and an
Internet marketing company that specializes
in One-to-One Marketing, people don’t
understand it. So let me break it down for you.
We’re a product brokerage company because
we don’t make a thing. We’re kind of like
QVC or Home Shopping Network. They don’t
manufacture anything — what they do is they
have thousands of products presented to them,
and they find market-driven products, and they
don’t go through stores; they go directly to the
consumer, and they explain them to people. We
do exactly the same thing. We have thousands
of products come to us. We don’t make a thing.
We choose the very, very best market-driven
products that people want so that you don’t
have to sell them. We put them on the Internet,
and we have an UnFranchise Owner assist in
explaining them to the individual, and it works
better than TV.
So what is this thing, Market America? Market
America is a product brokerage and Internet
marketing company that specializes in Oneto-One Marketing. Do you understand that?
Now, I know you guys do, but the new person
looks up at me with a blank stare. I say, you
know, most people, you know, give me a blank
stare. Most people have never heard of it, but
that’s a good thing. It’s good because it’s like
being with McDonald’s in 1950 when nobody
heard about it. It’s like being with Microsoft in
1978 or Wal-Mart in 1980 or Google in 1995.
Timing’s everything, and opportunity is now.
You’re at the right place at the right time.
We’re an Internet marketing company because
we have the ultimate online destination and
shopping site. We have a Portal where you
have everything that you would want at one
URL, and every UnFranchise Owner has a
storefront that’s basically their Portal. Rather
than having a store, a brick and mortar store,
they have a website which is a Portal that
we built for them. It’s kind of like Amazon.
You’re going to have a shopping experience.
We provide a shopping experience with Market
America brands and revolutionary scientific
breakthroughs; these products aren’t found in
stores. Then we have 35 million name brand
products, okay; everything that you ever heard
of, kind of like Amazon, but it’s better than
Amazon because we have people power.
Market America was founded in 1992 as a
product brokerage and Internet marketing
company specializing in One-to-One
Marketing. We’re financially strong, have
experienced leadership, a proven record of
success, and we’re positioned for explosive
growth. The company employs over 500
people globally with international operations
in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong
and Taiwan. With more than 3 million
customers and 165,000 Customer Managers
and UnFranchise Owners worldwide, Market
America has generated over $2.5 billion in
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
Now, we specialize in One-to-One Marketing.
What is that? Well, we combine the Internet
and digital marketing with the power of
people to match product to people and people
to product. Let me give you the definition
of digital marketing. It’s the process where
we match products to people’s profiles, and
in turn, people to the product that they’re
shopping for based on digital correlations in a
database. It’s almost invisible. We customize
the display, the presentation, the medium based
on the customer. We may send it to handheld.
We may put it on their computer. We may tell
it to them personally. We match products to
people and people to products.
dream, and they work for 45 years in hopes of
achieving it and hoping to be able to retire. Yet,
statistically, out of every hundred people who
reach the age of 65 who have worked for 45
years, one becomes wealthy, and most of them
inherited it, so you can’t really count them.
Four percent are financially fit. That means
they can stop work and continue living the way
they did while they were working. Five are still
working, okay, probably because they have
to. Twenty-eight are dead, probably because
they worked themselves to death, right? And
the remaining 62 are flat broke. They don’t
have enough income to get by at the end of the
Now, people hate to be sold and love to buy;
isn’t that true? Now, think about the last time
you went into a store, and a salesman came
up and asked, “Can I help you?” What do you
say? “Oh, yes, sell me something.” No, you
say, “Just looking. I’m just here waiting for my
wife. Just browsing.” Okay. Now, think about
the other part of that story — that line. People
hate to be sold, but they love to buy. When you
want something, you can’t wait to find it. You
can’t wait to go on the Internet or see a catalog
or go to a store and shop for it and get it and
have it delivered. So we simply concentrate
on what people want to buy. We find out what
they want to buy, and we find it for them, and
that way we never have to sell. How many
people understand that? So we have a brandnew revolutionary industry setting a standard
by which other businesses will be measured.
It’s built on product, powered by people.
Now, what happens with most people is they
get a job, and they have high hopes, and
they think that the job is going to give them
what they want in life. So they go back and
forth to work. Before you know it, they don’t
even need another tread mark from the day
before — I mean, they can follow the tread
marks from the day before. They don’t even
know their way to work; they just go. They’re
answering bells, and you know, pretty soon
those dreams start to fade. They get blamed for
everything that goes wrong, credit for nothing
that goes right, and pretty soon they realize
that it’s really not going to happen, okay, and at
the end of the journey, 5 percent have made it
and 95 percent don’t. In the greatest land in the
world, the land of great opportunity, the land
that foreigners come to stake their claim, yet
after 45 years in the American work system, 5
percent have made it, and 95 percent don’t.
So why are people attracted to this? Why
do people want to become involved? What
sets us apart from other things? What makes
us different? Well, most people want the
American dream; would you agree with that?
The person who tells you no will lie to you
about other things, won’t they? Well, let me
give you an amazing fact. Most people want
a better life. Most people start out in their
20s working for a better life or the American
And I’ll tell you what’s even more confusing;
nobody ever stops to ask why. Throughout
their whole life, they don’t stop to ask why.
I’m going to give you the answer right now.
Here’s why it happens. Now listen to this.
Ninety-five percent of the people spend 45
years of their life working to make the other
5 percent make it because they’re working
a plan for somebody else’s financial success
rather than their own financial success. Now,
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
most people don’t plan to be in the 95 percent,
do they? Do you plan, when you start out on
a job, to be in the 95 percent? Of course not,
but by the time they realize it’s not going to
happen on their job, they have a mortgage,
they have a car payment, they got kids to
feed, they got credit card bills. What are they
going to do, quit their job and go out and buy a
McDonald’s for a half million dollars? I mean,
what are they going to do, start a business? It
usually takes six figures, 500 grand to make
100 grand, and all you end up with anyway is
an expensive job, and when you think about it,
a job is really simply trading time for money.
You have a fixed income, boredom, repetition
and growth limitations.
system that combines many marketing systems
to facilitate the duplication of independent
business success, and it combines the
advantages of direct sales, franchising, home
shopping, discount buying, Internet sales and
commerce, and One-to-One Marketing.
So what’s it like? People ask, “Well, what’s
it like?” People like to relate something to
what they’re already familiar with; would
you agree with that? We always like to say,
“Well, what’s it like? Is it like this, or is it
like that?” Well, it’s really not like anything
because it’s a revolutionary new concept, but
if I was to compare it to anything, I think I
would compare it to franchising because it
has certain similarities of franchising, but
it’s much better than a franchise. If you think
about a franchise, how does it really work?
Well, what you do is the average franchise
costs $147,000 to get into. So you pay the
franchisor $147,000 for the right and privilege
to pay them 5 to 10 percent of your sales every
month. Now, in case that went under your
feet because I know it wouldn’t go over your
head — if it went under your feet, let me say it
again. You pay the franchisor $147,000 for the
right and privilege to pay them 5 to 10 percent
of your sales every month because that’s
fundamentally how franchising works.
So what are your options? Well, you could
work more hours, you can get a second job,
you can own your own business and lose your
job security, you can get a franchise, you can
invest money, you can hope to inherit it and
go back to school, or go to medical school or
something. What are you going to do, quit your
job, go to eight years of medical school now all
of a sudden? Oh, I know, you’re going to win
the lottery, right? The bottom line is simply
this — 95 percent of the people spend up to 45
years of their lives making the other 5 percent
successful because they’re working a plan for
somebody else’s financial success. Tonight
we’re going to show you an alternative — the
Market America Two- to Three-Year Plan, a
plan for your own financial success.
Now, why would somebody do that? Well,
there is a reason. It’s because they give them a
business plan and a proven system. The better
the franchise, the better the plan and the better
it works. A lot of them don’t work. And the
probability of individual success goes way up
rather than you trying to figure it out yourself.
But at the end of the day, what the franchise is
really doing is providing you training, visibility,
a standardized system, uniformity, tools, and
products and services at the lowest possible price.
Now, we do exactly, exactly, exactly the same
thing, but we don’t charge you $147,000. Instead
of you paying us a royalty, we pay you an ongoing
income on a weekly basis on the business that’s
developed. So it’s much better than a franchise.
So what’s this thing all about tonight that I’m
going over with you? Is it about an incredible
company pioneering a new industry with
thousands of incredible success stories of
UnFranchise Owners? Not really, it’s really
about an alternative, a way out of that 45-year
plan, a plan for your own financial success
with Market America’s UnFranchise Business
Development System whereby following our
blueprint for success you can put yourself in
that esteemed 5 percent over the next three
years. It’s a perfected, standardized, uniform
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
So like a franchise, there’s systemization,
standardization, uniformity, state-of-theart management tools, merchandizing and
marketing tools, growing visibility and
standardized training. And your storefront is
this Portal that we’re talking about. Unlike a
franchise, there’s no franchise fees, no monthly
royalties, no territorial restrictions. You start
part time with flexible hours, minimal startup expense, plus potential tax advantages and
little risk. An UnFranchise does One-to-One
Marketing. We set up a One-to-One Marketing
business on the Internet with a Portal. You
know, at the turn of the century — I want you
to think about this — every main street in
every town in every city had Main Street with
all the little shops. You had the apothecary,
you know, the grocery store, the general store,
the shoe shop, and all the proprietors knew
every single customer by name. They knew
their families. They knew their birth dates.
They knew if they didn’t come in for a while.
They knew if they were away. And when the
customer wanted something, they always got
it for them. If they couldn’t find it in the store,
they’d go in the back and get it, or they would
order it. That was One-to-One Marketing.
not saying the same thing to everybody. We
only want to talk to them about what they’re
interested in. When we match products to
people, and then once they have some products
and we have a relationship, we find out what
they’re shopping for, and we guide them on the
Internet to get everything that they want.
So we teach people how to merchandise and
market. We teach you how to do that. We
provide you with a customized Web Portal
as an UnFranchise Owner, and it’s really
your business. It’s your storefront. We teach
you how to merchandise and market on the
Internet. We provide you all the products. We
do the shipping and the administration, and
you become a Customer Manager. You’re
the guide on the Internet for that customer, a
personal shopper and a product broker — just
like a real estate broker, insurance broker or
a stock broker — and you promote the site
and recruit customers, and customers lead to
customers, and you handle the referrals.
It’s kind of like when you go to a movie. You
just picked one. You didn’t know what to go
to, so you went to a movie, and you had a
great experience, and while you were there it
was really a lot of fun. But think about what
happens when you leave. The best part of
the experience is that you can’t wait to tell
people about it. You spend more time telling
people about it than the movie lasted. Now,
they don’t act too impressed when you tell
them, “Oh, okay,” but next time or next week
when they want to go out to a movie, they
remember what you told them, and they end
up going to the same movie. They have the
same great experience, but again, the best
part of the experience isn’t while they’re in
the movie theater. They can’t wait to go out
and tell their friends at work and people at
home. That process repeats itself over and
over and over again. At the end of the month,
300 people went to that movie. The movie
house made a lot of money, and you didn’t
make a dime. Now, what is this all about? We
Now, with computerization, today we can do
the same thing. You know, what happened
after that, you had chain stores? You had the
super stores, and our identities kind of got
lost. You became a number, mass marketing,
pushing everything to the same people. Now,
we have come full circle. With our program,
we have a personal relationship, but we can
aggregate millions of people and treat each
one individually, but use those numbers to
give them better deals, better products, better
service and better prices. Does that sound like
a smart idea? That’s what it is, and we use
computers to do digital marketing where we
build a profile on a customer without them
even knowing it by what they buy, by what
they tell us, by how they design their Portal,
by what they order. And we can modify the
presentation to each person’s interest, so we’re
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
have a sophisticated software that tracks all
those little threads of who told who, okay, and
accumulate it and then pay you an ongoing
income for having created all that business. It’s
fundamentally what we do. Does that make
sense to you? Makes a lot of sense.
a referral system where unlimited people are
going to get credit for referring business, and
if we try to do it down one line, if you look
at this — if I start it with Elizabeth and went
all the way down to Tony, and I had $10 to
pay out, I’d run out of money before I got to
Tony. Does everybody see that? So two is the
smallest multiplier in life, and it’s basically
the law of the universe. Everything’s based on
it. Everything from computerization to reality,
you know, duality, you got two. So you have
to have a multiplier in order to pay unlimited
people. So the smallest multiplier is two, so we
vertically pay down two lines, each one having
one additional but getting credit for everything.
It’s a work of genius.
So we call this the Two- to Three-Year Plan
for your financial success, because following
our blueprint for success, if you do it the way
we show you, within three years you can have
a very substantial income. So there’s two
ways to earn money. We began by identifying
10-15 Preferred Customers. What we do
is we identify a need, a problem or a want,
something that they will benefit from, and we
share it with them. We don’t try to sell them
something that they don’t need or want. If you
use a product and share your experience, you’ll
be like your own Home Shopping Network,
just telling people about something that you
had a great experience with. We also have
videos that demonstrate it on the Portal. You
can just put them on the Portal, and you can
see a nice commercial or demonstration, and
if they are shopping now for something, you
show them a better way of getting it, how they
can compare everything out in the marketplace
instead of having to go to 20 stores and simply
have it shipped to them.
Now, often customers become interested. Fifty
percent of our UnFranchise Owners were
customers first, and they led to other people.
So the process is almost automatic. What we’re
doing is leveraging time. We’re duplicating
our efforts. We develop and manage only two
sales and distribution organizations, and that’ll
start producing from the sales ongoing checks
each week, $300 to $3,600 in ongoing income.
It builds up over a period of time. Maybe over
the first couple of months you’re going to start
to see $100 to $300 in retail profits. By the end
of those couple of months, you start seeing
a $300 check. After 90 days of following the
blueprint for success, many people are earning
$300 to $1,500 per month, if they do it our
way. Now, if they go out and do it some other
way, it may take longer.
Now, after 10 customers are registered, you’re
going to get cyberspace customers too from
people searching on the Internet. We do search
engine optimization, and we have a lot of traffic
coming to the site. So you’re going to earn 30 to
1,000 percent gross retail profit on all these orders
that come in, and that’s cash right in your pocket.
Now customers end up referring customers, and
we need to expand distribution and customer
support because we’re getting more and more
customers, so we need other people to help handle
it. So we’d end up with two others who want the
Two- to Three-Year Plan.
Ongoing income sneaks up month by month,
and there’s a compounding effect. Because
it’s vertical everything — nobody’s going into
competition with you. It’s all being built down
those two lines. There’s a compounding effect
until it builds to $2,100 to $3,600 a week.
You’ll get those checks maybe once a month
in the beginning. Then they’ll start two times a
month, then three times a month, until you’re
getting it every week. Now, that’s $187,000
per year, and if you stop or take a rest, it keeps
Now, why two? I didn’t say six or twenty or
thirty. It’s because in this system it’s basically
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
coming in because it’s an ongoing income.
Now, I always have somebody that says,
“Well, that’s not that much.” I guess you’re
making that, right? That’s not that much. Okay,
fine. It’s not that much in this day and age
maybe, okay, but if that’s not enough we can
then open a second UnFranchise, and a second
UnFranchise will double your income, and
then we can open up a third one, and it can
triple your income, so on and so forth, up to
millions of dollars.
one product or service. Market America’s
Mall Without Walls has 2,500 exclusive
products and services, and you have access to
multibillion-dollar markets such as health and
nutrition. All these are billion-dollar industries
— anti-aging, cosmetics, personal care, weight
management, home and garden, pet care,
telecommunications, Internet, and auto care.
You can choose any one of them or all of them.
You have access to all so that you can provide
customers anything that they want.
But if you don’t mind, I’m just going to start
out with one so you can understand it; is
that okay? We have people that are earning
millions, but we have thousands that are
earning extra income and thousands of dollars
per month, which makes a big, big difference.
Which would you prefer then? We all know
the 45-year plan. Would you prefer the 45-year
plan? You know, everyone already has a
45-year plan, right? So they should know what
that is; you know how that works. But if you
had your druthers, if you had a choice between
the Two- to Three-Year Plan or the 45-year
plan, which would you prefer? They’d choose
the Two- to Three-Year Plan. I don’t want
to do to you what’s been done to me many
times, Frank, and that’s to have to sit through
something that I’m not interested in. So do
you want me to show you how we develop an
UnFranchise Business and make this happen
and make the Two- to Three-Year Plan happen;
I asked him?
These are market-driven products. What do I
mean by market-driven? Market-driven means
people are already buying them; they’re driven
by the marketplace. People are looking for
them so you don’t have to sell. You simply
share the store that you specialize in with
people, tell them the story, and they’re going to
be interested.
So why is this stuff not in stores? Well, first
of all, we have exclusive formulas. We have
scientific breakthrough products, okay, and
we want to protect our UFOs, or UnFranchise
Owners’ interests. We want them to be the
exclusive outlet, not stores. We don’t have any
house accounts. We don’t want to compete for
shelf space. We don’t want to play the massmarketing game where we have to do certain
things in order to get in there and compromise
ourselves. We don’t want to spend millions
or hundreds of millions on advertising and
inventory. We want to give a better product for
a better price and get at the market quickly. So
that’s why we don’t do it in stores; does that
make sense? Our UFOs are our stores. Our
Portal’s our store.
Okay. Well, it all begins with Market America
as a product brokerage company. As a product
brokerage company, we identify the latest
market-driven products. We eliminate the
burden of manufacturing because we don’t
want to be stuck in a line, especially if, say, it
was typewriters. Who would’ve ever thought
typewriters would disappear? If it were
cassette tapes, who would ever think they
would disappear? We want to be going with
the market. So we move with the marketplace.
It doesn’t rely solely on the sales of any
market america
And we’re also able to do surveys where the
product is actually sold before it arrives. We
can do a survey of our customer base of 3
million. We see there are 300,000 people that
want VoIP. Now we know that we can offer
voice over Internet protocol. We know that we
need to go out and make the deal, but before
we even make the deal, we know exactly who
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
it was that wanted it so we can go back to
them. The product is already sold before we
come out with it; now that’s smart. So Market
America’s an Internet marketing company.
The Portal combined with Market America’s
people power provides the most efficient and
friendliest experience found anywhere on
the Internet, and a UFO, really, in this model
serves as a personal shopper, product broker or
guide on the Portal or Internet. Imagine going
on the Internet and having a personal shopper
who knows where everything is that can help
you with everything.
transparently pick products for them? So it’s
the ultimate online destination. What you need
to do when you get in the business is make
it your home page, and get your Preferred
Customers to do the same because of the
convenience. Once they experience it, they’ll
want to stay on it.
So our Web Portal provides unlimited shopping
with 35 million units, 2,500 exclusive ma
brands and products, a customer rewards
program where you can earn free products,
e-mail blogs, video, maTV, news, weather,
sports, entertainment, social networking,
custom nutritional services, travel, gift cards
and certificates, 2,500 Partner Stores which
gives you 35 million products, and it will grow
soon to 50 million. We’re bigger and better
than Amazon. We’re Amazon on steroids, okay,
and we allow you to compare across every
brand, store, color, design of product — all to
see which is the best one.
Isn’t that the big problem with the Internet
today? People don’t know where to go. They
have doubts. They’re a little fearful. They
can’t get any help. They don’t know where to
find things. You walk them through it, so no
one else has this in the world. Revolutionary
products, breakthrough products and 35
million SKUs of branded products, anything
that you can think of, plus people power with
an UnFranchise Owner to guide them, and
the ultimate Internet destination with addictive
functionality. I mean this thing will get you
more addicted than a BlackBerry when it
becomes a CrackBerry. It’s the ultimate online
destination, everything at one URL. You
don’t have to surf anymore. We bring it all in.
Whatever you want in news, sports, whatever,
the ultimate shopping experience, an addictive
shopping experience.
Well, approximately every 10-20 years, a new
marketing system emerges as a better way of
distributing products to the consumer. You
remember in the ‘30s, you had direct selling
emerge — the Avons, the Tupperwares, the
Fuller Brushes of the world. And then you had
franchising that started in the ‘40s, network
marketing in the ‘50s, catalogs in the ‘60s,
direct mail in the ‘70s, infomercials in the ‘80s,
Internet and ecommerce in the ‘90s, and it’s
still continuing on into the 2000s, but One-toOne Marketing is the wave of the future and
we are leading that parade, folks. One-to-One
Marketing is creating the economy of the
future, using our collective buying power to
make better deals and serve customers better.
It’s a new paradigm.
Your Portal’s customized, everything you
could want — news, weather, sports, special
interests, magazines, papers, digital magazines
— you’ll see it today. When you click on an
ad, it goes right to the Portal on the landing
page so that they can actually order it. ma
world with a digital dashboard for ordering
music, entertainment, games, content about
artists, movies, chatterboxes, social networks.
We actually get paid for being online, and all
of this process defines the customer. Can you
see when somebody’s using this that they’re
telling us everything about them so that we can
market america
People hate to be sold, but they love to buy,
so we find out what they want to buy. We’re
building share of customer providing a greater
variety of products to the small portfolio of
customers. We match people to products,
in other words, finding something that they
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
need and matching the product to them. And
then products to people, once we see what
they’re shopping for we help them find it. High
tech and high touch, we’re the epitome of it.
We’re giving customers exactly what they
want. Market America will be to One-to-One
Marketing what McDonald’s is to franchising
and Microsoft is to computerization. We are
the Google of merchandising.
Plan, and get the ongoing income. They can
set up other UFOs and accumulate BV and
IBV to earn ongoing checks. They have to get
a subscription kit, and the reason they have
to do that is you’re going to be managing
other UFOs, and you don’t want to mess their
businesses up. You need to know what’s going
on because you’re responsible to manage
others. So there’s a Career Manual, which is
like a franchise manual. It’s over 300 pages.
It tells you everything you need to know from
A to Z about the business. This allows us to
track group sales within your two sales and
distribution organizations in order to pay you
ongoing checks.
Now there’s never been a better time to be in
business for yourself. Here’s how it works —
if you want to be a UFO, we do everything that
I’m about to show you, with you. So let me
show you there are five steps to setting up an
UnFranchise or building an UnFranchise. First
we apply to start one. Then we create BV. Then
we qualify, and then we activate, and then we
teach, manage and support others. Let’s see
what each one of those means.
Now, a UFO — I keep using that term. What
is a UFO? It’s a trained Distributor who has
completed a trial run, and is equipped with
the tools of the trade and committed to basic
weekly result-producing activities. They’re on
a program, which is a shortcut to success, and
it takes about eight to fifteen hours per week to
be a UFO, and if you really want to make this
thing work, that’s what I recommend.
When we say apply, you can put an
Independent Distributor Application and
Agreement to get in the game. You want to get
in the game, you want to start making money
and benefiting from this, so you fill out an
application agreement that spells out what we
do for you and our obligations to each other. It
also says that once we set up your UnFranchise
and train you, you won’t go into competition or
take our trade secrets, just like McDonald’s or
Wendy’s, and that protects everybody. So you
should review the policies and procedures.
Here’s what is in the Subscription Kit that a
Distributor or a UFO gets. They get a custom
Web Portal. Now, don’t take that lightly. That’s
like having your own Amazon. It would cost
hundreds of millions of dollars for you to
build one of these things on your own and
to have all these products available. We’re
putting that into your business. It’s incredible.
It’s not about the money. You get an online
UnFranchise Business Account — like having
a back office where everything that you need
to do, everything you need to order, everything
that you need to watch, everything that you
want to know is at your fingertips. You get a
Getting Started Guide, Getting Started audios,
a Powerline magazine which is a monthly
magazine that gives you all the updates, tells
you what’s hot, who’s growing, new products,
keeps you up to date…and then you have a
training and seminar system with thousands
of meetings all across the country so you can
So when you apply, there’s two ways to go. You
can be a sales rep or an UnFranchise Owner.
A sales rep has no cost. It costs absolutely
nothing to get in. They can buy the product at
Distributor Cost and earn gross retail profits.
The UnFranchise Owner has a subscription fee,
and they buy product at Distributor Cost, and
they earn gross retail profit, and they’re able to
return ongoing checks when setting up other
UnFranchises. So what’s the difference?
A Distributor or a UFO can participate in the
Management Performance Compensation
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
expand your business. So if you have to leave
your own town, there’s a support system there.
If you go away, it’ll keep your business going.
Now, we start with BV. BV is around $0.85 on
a dollar. A $10 item would be, like, $8.50 BV,
and there’s retail profit on it. So we basically
start there because it pays your way. It gets you
in the black the first month, okay, and it creates
economic threads between people because
now if you’re getting paid, and your people
are getting paid, or they’re getting credit, and
they’re close to getting paid, it keeps them
together. Then IBV happens simultaneously.
Now that there’s economic threads, everyone’s
on the Portal. There are the Partner Stores and
shopping for any name brand, anything that
they’re already buying, instead of buying it
from the store, buy it on the Portal.
But most important, we have a UFO partner
team, and I’m going to be part of that team
working with you. I’m your coach and guide.
We do it with you, and I know what I’m doing.
We have an economic interest in your success,
so it’s important to us that you’re coachable
and that you’ll do it our way, or it’s not worth
doing. We don’t want UnFranchise Owners
not succeeding so you have to do it our way.
So, you’re in business for yourself but not by
Now, what’s this IBV and BV stuff? What’s
BV and IBV? Well, it’s called Business
Volume (BV) and Incentive Business Volume
(IBV). Basically, Business Volume, BV, is the
unit value or points assigned to exclusive mabranded products. Incentive Business Volume,
IBV, is the unit value or points assigned to any
of our Partner Store brands — anything on the
Internet, basically, except the Mall Without
Walls. BV and IBV are used to calculate
commissions. So why do we have it? Let me
give you the short answer. In order to pay you
ongoing income is why we have it. In order to
be able to measure and count everything that
everybody buys that you lead to in order to be
able to pay you ongoing income. You’re going
to become enamored by BV and IBV.
So how does this all happen? First you use a
product. Remember you’re getting BV, and
now you’ve had a good experience with a
product, and you share it with somebody else
when you identify products that people want,
need or would benefit from. Don’t try to bring
them something that they have no need for.
Match the product with the people. Now, the
biggest way we move product is a very simple
concept called — listen to this. This is bigger
than Madison Avenue. It’s called, “What’s
that?” More product is sold from what’s
that than any other marketing program that
I’ve ever seen, and what they do is they see
you — they’re over at your house, and they
see you at the kitchen counter, and you take
out this purple bottle, and you have this little
glass, and you throw some capfuls in it, and it
effervesces like Alka-Seltzer, and you slam it
down like shot of red eye, and they go — what
do they go, “What’s that?” “Oh, man, you
won’t believe this stuff. Man, I used to run all
the time. I hurt my leg and couldn’t run. Now
I can run again. I don’t know what’s in it, but
it sure works.” “Well, where can I get some of
that stuff?” “Oh, I just might be able to help
you out. I have an UnFranchise…” And that’s
how it happens, and then they lead to people,
and they lead to people. So it’s bigger than
Madison Avenue, “What’s that?”
Now, why do we have to have it? Because we
have so many different product markets, so
many different products, they have different
margins, and instead of paying you separately
with every supplier, we want to combine
it or compound it all into one pay plan to
increase your earnings and your chance of
earning more money. So it’s kind of like being
a manufacturer’s rep but combining all the
different manufacturers you represent into one
program, and that’s pretty phenomenal because
it’s going to give you the ability to earn more
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
My point is this — if you use and experience
products and have them, people will ask
you, “What’s that?” So in doing this we’re
building 10-15 Preferred Customers. BV is
created when you or a customer places an
order for a product from the Mall Without
Walls, and we’re going to train you on methods
and techniques to market and sell and get
customers on your Portal. We can also do
surveys. We survey people, and we find what
people want. Then we go find the product
and bring it back to them, and the question is
this — how many things can I provide each
customer? Instead of finding new customers,
we want to take existing customers and find
more things that they need and they want. We
can virtually supply somebody with everything
that they need and want, okay, and it’s a
smarter way of doing things.
go to the — you don’t see Sam Walton going
to K-Mart when he was alive, right? So does
that make sense to everybody?
So we’re building share of customer. We
start out with people that you know finding
a product that they would really benefit from
and letting them try it or show it to them,
and as that happens, once you are servicing
customers, we have a program with your Portal
that will be pushing cyberspace customers to
you for you to handle. So BV is accruing, and
retail profit is going into your pocket every
time there’s a sale. We find out what they want
or need. We have something for everyone.
Sometimes people are shopping, and you can
say, “Hey, let me help you out.” You turn on
the Portal, and you show them how to find it.
Then the relationship starts to develop. Then
you find a BV product for them. They started
with an IBV product on the Portal, but then
you find a BV product for them. So we’re
building share of customers, 10-15 customers
shopping regularly. We offer existing
customers more products and services through
the Mall Without Walls and the Web Portal,
and we match products to people and then
people to products. Once we have them on a
BV product, we find what they’re shopping for
and help them out.
We can also use digital marketing and
transparent profiles to help identify what they
could want. Digital marketing is simply if
somebody is ordering and defining themselves,
we record it, and we find a correlation between
a product and what they’re all about — what
that person’s all about, and we match them
up. So we’ll constantly be matching products
to your customers for you to increase that
share of customer. So here’s the ways to
create BV and IBV — remember they’re both
happening at the same time — personal use,
retail sales, merchandising systems, using the
search engines and whatnot on the Web Portal,
catalogs, product cards, transfer buying.
And then there’s the ma Rewards program,
which allows a customer to get paid for
shopping. Don’t people love free products?
They love those offers. So we could also do
suggestive selling. Every time somebody buys
something, we have a database of everybody
else who bought that, what else they like, and
we suggest it to them, and so customers end up
leading to customers because they’re having
a good experience. They give you referrals.
That’s more money and more BV. IBV and
BV are accumulating at the same time. You’ve
already developed Distributors and customers.
Now the customers are using the Web Portal.
All your partner UFOs should make it their
home page instead of shopping in stores
Once somebody likes a product, and once
you’re in, you should be on transfer buying
because it automatically takes care of some
little requirements that you have to keep
earning. Makes it a no-brainer, but you know,
if you ought not — transfer buying sends a
product to you automatically that you’re using
every month so you don’t run out of it. When
we do transfer of buying, you’re actually
saving money because you’re getting the
product at wholesale rather than retail. So why
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
because we’re banding together and combining
our economic buying power for us to make
the money rather than Target. Does this make
sense to you?
So, an example — I get Keith in. This month
he does 200, and I get Elizabeth in; she does
200, or I get Bruce in, and he does 200.
Elizabeth’s not here right now. And I didn’t do
200 this week. So when the computer searches
and sees I didn’t do 200, I still have credit for
them but not their volume, and next week I
wake up and say, “Whoa, man, they got two
more people and each are doing 200 each. I’m
going to get my 200 done this week so that I’m
qualified to receive credit for that 600 and that
600” — 200, 200 and 200, right — 600. Does
that make sense? So it’s important to do it as
soon as possible. Then you only have to do it
once and remain active which means you do
$150 in volume every 90 days or so, and you
will continue accruing volume for a whole year
to get paid.
We provide an endless shopping experience
through the Web Portals. You should make it
your homepage. They make it their homepage.
They love the experience. It’s addictive. We
push hot deals to people. Now, think about
this; in this economy people are concerned
about prices. We aggregate all the hot deals
on the Internet. Have you ever heard of a
free shipping deal or a two-for-one or a deep
discount? We push them all to the customer.
We provide customized products that they’re
going to order every month because once you
customize a product for somebody, they don’t
want to get off of it. We have a program from
advertising where customers are going to get
paid to shop and get ma dollars to continue
shopping with your Portal and with Market
America. It’s going to be incredible. It’s going
to rock the Internet world.
The next step is to activate. We now have more
customers than we can handle. We’re going to
expand distribution. We personally sponsor and
place two qualified Distributors in your left
and right organization. So it looks something
like this. Select two people that want to make
money, and once you’re activated, you become
eligible to actually get checks. Once you
qualify, you’re eligible to accrue and collect
the volume towards checks. Now why do we
do two? I already explained it, right? It’s the
smallest multiplier for a vertical marketing
system where everybody gets credit. And
there’s two others out there, probably, that
want the Two- to Three-Year Plan. Can you
think of anybody else that would like to make
$187,000 per year? You become a partner with
them, and you need them to help manage the
customers. So we want to select good people
and then we teach others how to do the same
thing. Those two people, we teach them how
to apply, create, qualify and activate — and we
teach each person how to be a teacher.
So everything we just discussed is tracked
and credited in your BDC, in your Business
Development Center. The computer is tracking
it all. All of this stuff I just talked about — Mr.
Prospect, do you understand this — is being
tracked in your BDC for you to qualify. All
products ordered through the BDC accumulate
so that you qualify with 200 BV in your
Business Development Center. So you do it
one time, and why do we do it with BV instead
of IBV? Well, we do it with BV because it’s
higher, and it’s quicker to qualify, and you get
paid quicker the first time, and once people
get paid, there’s economic threads, and they’re
going to stay. So that’s the economic glue that
holds the bricks together. So you accumulate
200 BV. You qualify. Once your Business
Development Center has been qualified, you
begin accruing Business Volume on other
people. The sooner you qualify, the sooner you
can be on your way to earning checks.
market america
Now, I personally sponsor more than two
people — more than one in each one of those
vertical lines. Why? It’s just like a football
team. I want more than one quarterback. If I
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
have a baseball team, I want more than one
pitcher. If I have a good pitching roster, I’m
going to probably win the games, right? So I
want backups. I want to be better. So I don’t
wait just on one. I put an extra one in, and
one benefits from the other, and it gets them
excited, and now they have some synergy and
some teamwork. It accelerates the process. You
know, if you think about McDonald’s, it’s not
what one McDonald’s can do that makes them
a successful enterprise; it’s what thousands of
McDonald’s can do collectively that makes it a
successful enterprise. It’s the multiplier effect.
It’s duplication. James Paul Getty said, “I’d
rather have 1 percent of what 100 people do
than 100 percent of what I do myself.” And it’s
simply using that multiplication or duplication
was an open spot, they would put him down
under Frank, but everybody got credit for that,
and it helped everyone; does that make sense
to everyone? Now, we’re simply duplicating
by now teaching people how to teach, how to
teach people how to apply, create, qualify and
aggravate. It’s all about teamwork. We develop
little teams. You don’t have to do it alone, so
it’s not just you but many. Everybody’s using
the product, transfer of buying, 10-15 Preferred
Customers, new people are qualifying,
there’s repeat orders and referrals, and you’re
getting business coming to your Portal from
cyberspace, from all the programs and traffic
that we’re driving. So now the computer
searches to infinity down each vertical line to
add up all the volume that’s being accrued, and
BV and IBV grow exponentially.
So people lead to people, and it doesn’t
matter how it unfolds. You can’t stop it from
happening though. So I tell them right there;
you should be thinking of some people right
now. If you’re the right type of person for this,
your mind’s going. I know mine was. I was
thinking of the type of people that might be
right for this. So people lead to more people
because anybody that becomes involved is
going to have people say three things to them,
even if they don’t think of somebody. Social
networking or virtual communities are proof
of this. We have one that’s monetizing; you
actually make money for being involved in.
You know, it’s like the movie example I used
earlier. People lead to people. We’re able to
track that. So it doesn’t matter how this whole
thing unfolds, how fast people go, or how slow
people go. It doesn’t adversely affect anyone if
somebody gets in under you that goes slower
and then somebody under them that goes faster
and gives more. It doesn’t hurt anybody, and
nobody loses anything.
Now, remember there’s two banks in each
BDC that the computer is tracking. It’s
tracking BV into one and IBV into the
other. They’re accumulating separately but
simultaneously. Do you understand that; both
simultaneously but BV in one and IBV in
the other? The computer searches to infinity.
It looks for BV and IBV in every center in
every store. It accumulates the volume into
two banks for your BDC, and every UFO
partner in your organization has the same thing
going on, and there’s just two vertical lines of
distribution. We never expand horizontally.
Let me touch on that for a minute. Here’s what
happens in business. I think this addresses a
lot of issues. Traditional business utilizes a
horizontal marketing model. Think about this.
Real estate companies, insurance companies,
chain stores, franchises, direct-sales things
like Amway or things like IBM with sales
territories — let’s take a look at what they do.
They have to have multiple units horizontally
in order to be profitable, and nobody gets
credit for the other person, and they spread
themselves thin, and it’s a self-defeating
process. It’s very, very difficult to make it
work. It’s inherent with all types of problems.
Now, additional people that come in get placed
in an open slot below, and everyone gets credit
in a vertical marketing system. So if one of
the people above brought in Ron, and there
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
Everybody is in competition. There’s no
synergy. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. You’re
spread thin. There’s diffusion. There’s no
cooperation. You ever work in a real estate
office and see how people steal each other’s
prospects and fight over the commissions? I
mean, it’s like drama.
program ever created because we have
devised a sophisticated tracking method, more
complicated than going to the moon, that
tracks what each person does vertically, and we
put them in vertical synergy with each other
and everybody gets credit for every sale. So
if somebody 10 down sells 100, everybody
gets credit for it. It’s kind of like a real estate
agent selling a house, and everybody getting
credit for it, and this person here or this person
here can make more money than that person
there, but it doesn’t hurt that person. Now,
that’s brilliant, and whatever that person
does everybody gets credit for all the way up
creating a synergy and a common economic
purpose that’s never been seen before.
Now, and the same thing in MLMs, they have
to multiply the horizontal factor on every level
making it even more difficult. So a real estate
company has to have many real estate brokers,
doesn’t it, and each broker then horizontally
has to have many agents all competing. If
somebody sells something, the other ones
don’t get any credit for it and they hate them.
Insurance companies, same thing. The big
insurance company has to have insurance
brokers. Then under them they have insurance
sales people, and it usually stops on that level.
Chain stores, they have to have many different
locations, different hardware stores or different
pharmacies, and they’re all in competition with
each other. They kind of eat into each other’s
What’s this for? I have this up here for a
reason. I want you to read it, please. I don’t
want to hide it; I’ll tell you why. It’s there
so no one can claim that we misrepresented
anything or misled you. There is no guarantee
or promise in this program except the one you
make. Only you can guarantee that this works.
Now, it amazes me how someone proclaims
their whole life if only they had a chance, if
only I had a chance, if only I could find an
opportunity that was right and revolutionary,
then it stares them square in the eyes, and
they’re full of excuses and just won’t make
the commitment. Well, for once in their life,
it’s not dependent on the size of their bankroll,
connections or education. So take that one out
of your excuse pile, friends.
A franchise, you have a master franchise and a
local franchisee. They allow somebody to have
more than one franchise or to set up franchises,
but they have to have more franchises, so it’s
the same horizontal process. Something in
direct sales is even worse because a company
has to have so many distributors, horizontally.
Then each one of them has to have the same
horizontal growth over and over and over
again, and what they do is they multiply the
horizontal problem. Sales like IBM or some
Fortune 500 company with sales territories
— you have the regional sales manager, and
then they have the local sales territories. They
have to have several of them, and then the new
salespeople that they bring in and train under
them, they’re all in competition with each
If you can’t do this one, I assure you that you
can’t do real estate, insurance, biz ops, MLM,
and God forbid, don’t do a traditional brick
and mortar business. You’ll kill yourself. I
mean, they’re much harder. They require more
money, more people and more volume, and
excuse me for getting riled up about this, but it
just riles me up that people want to get ahead,
and then when they’re given the chance to do
it they don’t do anything, and that’s why that’s
there. So now that I said that, I can tell you
how we make money.
Now, Market America has solved this problem.
We have the most revolutionary marketing
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
have to start over, and that’s why people get
discouraged. But there’s a compounding or
multiplying effect on a vertical program. You
see, nobody’s going in horizontal competition
with you. So everybody’s building with you
or under you, and they only have one other
leg. So they’re going to be spending a lot of
attention helping you solidify that leg. It began
with you and two, right? You got two, but now
you’re getting momentum. How many people
do you have now? About 14 or 8 or whatever
there, so there’s a compounding effect.
How commissions are earned; BV and IBV
commissions are paid weekly. The computer
searches infinitely down those vertical lines.
It does it on each line on a weekly cycle. It
accumulates all the BV and IBV for every
center, and it looks for thresholds. If you hit
the threshold, it pays you an ongoing check.
Then, it searches for the next threshold to see if
you hit two of them, and if you hit it, it doubles
the check. So if you reach multiple thresholds,
you get paid for all of them. So seeing how this
works, the computer searches down every line.
It finds a volume, and vertically everybody
gets credit for it. When it finds 1,200 and
1,200 in each leg, you get a check for $300,
the smallest check we pay. Remember, you’re
already making hundreds of dollars in retail
So what happens is when you do 1,200 more
volume — because it’s not just you doing it;
there’s other people doing it with you, and
everybody gets credit for the volume — you’re
at 2,400 and 2,400, so you get another $300
check. If you hit them both, you get $600. And
then when there’s 1,200 more, yeah, you’re
going to get $900. Finally, when you get 1,400
more to 5,000 and 5,000, you get $600 more or
$1,500 total.
So if you fall short in one week, one
commission cycle, let’s suppose you only get
to 800, not 1,200. Well, in any other system,
you lose the volume if you don’t make the
threshold, and somebody at the top makes all
the money. Real encouraging, right? But here
it’s stored in the bank for you until the next
week, the next commission cycle, and so on
and so forth, week after week until you do
hit it. So it’s not a matter of if you’re going
to get paid; it’s just a matter of when you’re
going to get paid. The only way you won’t
get paid is to stop; does that make sense? So
it accrues for up to one year as long as you
remain active. To remain active you only have
to have $150 worth of action over 90 days. You
know, there’s specific little things in the career
manual that will teach you, but we’re going
to set you up so there’s no way that it can’t
happen because we’re going to make it happen
automatically through transfer of buying.
Now, I want you to think about this process
and this diagram for a minute. What actually
happens is at the same time you’re getting that
BV climb, the second bank is climbing too.
They climb at the same time. It might be just
a little bit behind the first bank. So if you start
people out with the Portal and IBV at the same
time that they’re getting the BV, the BV creates
the economic threads, but the IBV is coming
right up behind it, and when it hits 5,000 and
5,000, you have another $1,500 for $3,000
total coming in.
Now, these things can happen in different
weeks, but it doesn’t matter. You might get
one IBV check in one week and a BV check
in another week. It doesn’t matter. They
accumulate separately, but it doesn’t affect
each other. One doesn’t affect the other.
Eventually the compounding effect of vertical
marketing will cause them both to hit weekly,
so you’re getting $1,500 and $1,500. It’s
inevitable if you stay with it long enough.
Okay, so at any rate, what if you’re at 1,600
on one side and 1,200 on the other, what
happens to the extra 400? Well, it goes to the
next week toward the next bracket. Now, in
other programs you lose the volume and you
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
So each UFO’s sales times how many UFOs
you have is the volume accumulation. Now,
remember, everyone has a working Portal.
Everyone has repeat customers. Everyone is
expanding share of customer, and we have
One-to-One Marketing finding other things
that they want to buy from you. People in the
previous month — now think about this —
the people that you got in the first month are
going to do a little more in the second month,
aren’t they, because they have more customers.
They’re buying more. There’s processes going
on that side, and you’re doing 5,000, doesn’t
somebody here have to be about halfway;
doesn’t the logic follow that? In fact, if you’re
earning $1,500 from 5,000 and 5,000, some of
them are probably earning $300, $600 or $900
as a result of that volume. Does everybody
understand that? So they’re halfway there. It
might be this person, or it might be this person,
or it could be that person. It’s going to be
pretty soon before they hit $1,500. So when
they get 5,000 and 5,000 they’re going to earn
a $1,500 check.
Now, let’s say Sue gets started and leads to
Ann and Ben. Well, Sue goes on vacation,
and when she comes back, she finds that Ben
and Ann went berserk with it. They said,
“Get out of my way; I’m going to tear this
up.” And they ended up becoming Executive
Coordinators before Sue. Well, they earn
a $1,500 check. That counts for you, but it
doesn’t hurt Sue because when she comes up,
she has it half done. She just has to get busy on
this side; does everybody see that? So nobody
loses out.
Plus if they just go out and get one more
person — if you had 14 in this diagram, the
next month there’d be 28 in — and the people
from the first month are doing more than they
were during the second month. So doesn’t it
make sense that you would cycle through that,
just common sense tells you twice rather than
once. Well, by the third month, the people
in the first two months are doing a little bit
more volume from the customers that they’re
getting in and the repeat sales and the add-on
sales, and now you have 28 or 56 people in.
So you probably would cycle three or four
times a month, and this continues from the
people in earlier doing more, and each time
one or two is added, it’s easier and easier to hit
those thresholds. So by the end of the fourth
or fifth month, it’s likely that you’ll be cycling
every single week, but the system works in
such a way — in vertical marketing there’s a
compounding effect that eventually every week
you’ll be cycling with a $1,500 BV check and
IBV check; does that make sense to you?
So when one earns on the left side, and one
earns on the right side, you’re going to get
an additional $600 bonus each week — we
call it a leadership bonus — because you’ve
led to one person earning on the left side, and
one person earning on the right side. It has to
happen in the same week for you. If they’re
both earning, you’re automatically at 5,000
and 5,000 earning the $1,500 by virtue of their
volume. So that would add up to $2,100 in
BV commissions and another $1,500 in IBV
commissions eventually. So that’s $3,600
potential for that center. So you’re now earning
$3,600 a week or $187,000 per year working in
your underwear at home — not bad part time,
Now, the next thing that happens is someone
else becomes an Executive Coordinator.
By the way, we call a person earning that
$1,500 an Executive Coordinator. It’s the first
management level in the system. Someone
else becomes an Executive Coordinator and
earns $1,500. Now, think about this. If onehalf of your volume is on this side, and you’re
doing 5,000, and one-half of your volume’s
market america
Now, at that point you have maxed out. You
have maxed out on your first UnFranchise, on
one Business Development Center. You cannot
make any more money on that one center.
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
Someone says, “Aw, that’s not fair. It’s capped,
why?” Well, you know, you max at $2,100 and
$1,500 for a total of $3,600. Let me tell you
about an experience I had in 1985. I thought
I was the hottest thing that ever hit sales, and
in 90 days I was in a marketing program and
making $50,000 a month. Young guy, $50,000
a month, man, I was stylin’. And I thought it
would last forever, and that I was so great until
it disappeared 90 days later.
It’s because you know that you don’t need the
boss anymore. You’re just going in there for
fun to irritate him, you know?
You probably have 10-20 people waiting in
line. They say, “Frank, how come you didn’t
let me in that thing?” “Listen, I tried to talk
to you about it a year ago, and you know,
you said you were too busy or whatever.”
“Aw, man, it’s not fair. I’ve been your friend
my whole life.” “Well, look, I can’t open up
another UnFranchise until next month. I got
one about ready to be opened, and I got 10-20
people on the waiting list though, but I’ll tell
you. You know, Bruce, I’ve known you my
whole life, and I’ll do you the favor of giving
you an interview and give you a shot at it, but
I can’t promise you anything because I got 10
other people waiting in line.”
It all fell apart. It was the greatest lesson I ever
learned. You know why, even though I was
making $50,000 a month, why it fell apart?
Nobody else was making any money, see?
Now, I’d much rather be in a program where
I’m making $8,000 a month because I got
two guys making $6,000 a month, and they
got two making $4,000. They got two making
$2,000, and they got two making — all the
way down to that guy, and it lasts forever. So
it lasts forever, and you can even pass it on to
your grandkids or your children. So how do
you earn more, if you’re capped; is that the
end of this game, the end of this story? No. We
do the same thing that you do in franchising.
You can open another franchise. You can open
additional Business Development Centers.
So this becomes your 002, your number two
franchise. That was your number one. You
place it in an open position, and now we’re
going to find two more people that we’re going
to qualify or select to benefit from our help in
the UnFranchise System, and we do the same
thing that we did there again here, but we have
all of these people in between that are going
to benefit from it too, so they’re helping you.
You have a team working with you, and what
do you think happens when they get to 5,000
and 5,000? Well, you get another $1,500. And
what happens when the IBV climbs to 5,000
and 5,000? You get another $1,500. And what
happens when two people start earning? You
get another $600 or $3,600 a week coming in.
So you’re at a point now where you can get
what we call a free Business Development
Center or a re-entry. When you qualify at the
Executive Coordinator level for $1,500, you
get a re-entry certificate to open up another
UnFranchise, but we don’t open it up in
competition; we open it up vertically below
your first BDC. Now, this is genius. When
one franchise opens up another unit, tell me
that new McDonald’s two minutes down the
road doesn’t cut into the business of the first
one, and then we open a third one; tell me that
you’re not being spread thin. Here we open
up a second one, and hey, if you were making
$3,600 a week extra, do you think anybody
might notice? Might they notice your new car,
your vacation? And you’re just walking out to
work. They understand why you’re so happy.
market america
Then I can go to the other side. I can repeat the
whole process on the right side if I want. And
I would probably put it on this side because
I want to balance this out, and I’ll show you
why in a minute. But now I probably have 40
people waiting in line. I pick the two best. You
know, when you’re running a sports team, you
don’t pick the first people to walk on the field.
You have tryouts, right? I’m going to test them
out, see who’s going to be the best. And so
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
when I get to there on my 003, and that goes
to 5,000 and 5,000 by working it just like I did
here, that qualifies and I triple my income. So
I doubled my income. I tripled my income, but
watch this. The volume goes all the way up,
and everybody gets credit for it.
income because you’re going to help more
people. You become a UFO right away, and
you’re going to make a bigger commitment.
So what happens is we give you your 002
and 003 in position from the beginning. You
have to do it in the beginning because we
couldn’t stick them back in the structure once
it’s started. It’s all in the computer, and these
clocks are ticking and accumulating volume
for people. You can’t put someone in between.
So, what do we do? We begin by building the
outside legs just like we did if we had one
center, and that allows you to earn, just like
before, just like I showed you on your 001.
So you have both the outside legs, and that
qualifies the 001. Well, then by doing that, half
the volume was in the bank in the 002 and the
003. It collected the volume, both BV and IBV
for you, and it held it there. Now I could come
back in and build the inside legs two at a time
or one at a time, depending on how strong they
are on the outside.
Now, you always get somebody that says,
“Well, what happens if those people disappear?
I don’t like to depend on people.” Well,
first of all, they wouldn’t disappear because
they’re getting credit for the volume too, and
it’s making them earn. They’re not going to
give up the check, but even if it did happen
somehow, you’re still going to be qualified on
your 001 by virtue of what was done in your
002 and your 003. So, see, you don’t have
to depend on people; depend on yourself.
So, you’re now making three $3,600 checks
or $10,800 per month, which is $66,000 or
something per year part time, and here’s the
amazing thing. You have self-vested the 001.
By virtue of what’s being done in 002 and
the 003, the 001 is vested. It automatically
earns by virtue of these two centers that
you’ve got. So it’s an incredibly ingenious
plan for expansion and multiplication of
success. Creating a common economic bond
allowing you to multiply your profits without
ever spreading yourself thin or having the
horizontal marketing problem, it’s a work of
genius, folks. That’s the bottom line.
So now if I build this one, one more leg, I get
another $3,600 once it maxes out. And then
when I build this inside leg, I get another
$3,600. So I’m getting three times the pay
for twice the volume; everybody see that? So
that would add up to $10,800 a month. So to
do that, you have to qualify the three centers
with $600 and sell through $600 worth of
product, but you have time to do it. You’re
still building that 001, and while you’re doing
that, you’re going to build up enough sales
to qualify the other two. So it’s an ingenious
concept if you’re really going to go out and
build, because you can leverage more income.
You earn two more $3,600 checks for just
building two more legs, three times the income
for twice the work. Rather than having to reenter twice and build six lines, you only have
to build four lines; does that make sense to
So, now, that leads me to the final dimension
that I need to tell you about. And the reason
I need to tell you about it is I forgot one time
and was accused of withholding information.
The person punished me for the rest of my
life. It’s called early re-entry where if from the
beginning, if you are going to make a greater
commitment and you’re willing to do certain
things to become a UFO in the first month, you
can establish when you come in what we call
a Master UnFranchise or a supervisory entry
just like having multiple McDonald’s. We’re
going to allow you to do this re-entry thing in
the beginning so that you can leverage more
market america
Now, I want to close with this thought.
There’s the marketing plan that I just showed
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
you. Most companies, you have to go out and
find the people, develop the sales, handle the
customers and make it happen all on your own,
but with Market America the things that I’ve
been telling you about tonight, the first half
of the meeting, all of those things that we’re
doing on the Internet, all those programs driving
traffic are driving business into your center. So
the system explained in this presentation works
together as a marketing engine to drive traffic
into your business and into your UnFranchise
BDC. The great thing about Market America is
that we not only provide a plan, an opportunity
and products, but we provide the engines and
systems to drive traffic, customers, sales and
orders into your UnFranchise to help you earn
ongoing income.
each customer — all so you can earn more
of these checks. No one else does that, folks.
Now, it creates and feeds sales, customers, BV
and IBV, which is ongoing income to you, and
that’s about it. So no other company does this.
It differentiates us. It’s your best chance to
make it with the least risk. The question is will
you make the necessary commitment?
Now, you’re probably thinking, “Can Market
America work for me?” But I’m telling you
what I’m thinking. I’m thinking, “Are you
right for Market America?” Because if we
allow you to become involved, I’m the one
who goes to work because you don’t know
what to do. One thing’s for certain, if you don’t
try anything, then everything’s going to stay
the same. So before you decide, ask yourself,
“Am I happy in my current financial situation?
Do I have enough free time to spend with my
family? How prepared am I for retirement?”
But I want to tell you something, Keith, there’s
no decision to make tonight. Don’t worry
about understanding all this. If you understood
the whole thing, God bless you. You’re the
smartest person I ever met. I created the thing,
and I didn’t figure it out in the first night. How
are you going to understand it?
Now, all you have to do is be willing to
commit and try. There’s nothing else out
there that provides a higher probability of
success. So if you understand this, what I’m
saying is it’s not just you. You’re in business
for yourself but not by yourself. Unlike any
other business out there, Market America
works around the clock to create programs,
media, traffic, branding, Internet search engine
optimization — everything that we can to
drive business into your center. So it’s not
only the Mall Without Walls that’s doing it.
It’s the Portal, the Internet presence that may
provide you Web Portal ecommerce. Just think
about this; how many businesses can get a web
presence that’s as sophisticated as this, plus get
ecommerce, plus get credit card processing?
Most of them can’t even qualify for it. You
get it right with your UnFranchise when you
become a Market America Distributor.
But, you know, there’s too much here. It’s
mind boggling, too many diagrams, too many
terms, and we don’t expect that. The important
thing though is, Keith, you chose the Two- to
Three-Year Plan over the 45-year plan at the
beginning of the night. The real question is will
it work for you? Now, if you knew this was
going to work, and you were going to make
$2,100 a week definitely, there’d be nothing to
think about, would there? Now, I know how
to do it, and I know that can happen if you
cooperate, but the question in my mind is, “Are
you right for the business? Are you right for
me? Will you cooperate? Are you coachable?
Will you do the things necessary?”
We provide the ultimate online shopping
experience, cyberspace traffic, then we have
the UnFranchise system, support, training,
marketing, events, tools, publicity, advertising,
personal coaching to support your business,
and then we have One-to-One Marketing with
digital marketing programs matching products
to customers and finding more products for
market america
So I have a way that we can both get the
answer without any risk, and I call it a test
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript
market or a tryout. And all you have to do is
listen and let me coach you and do it with me,
and for 90 days — 30 to 90 days depending on
how fast you want to go; I don’t want to upset
your lifestyle — I’ll work with you, and we’ll
expose this idea and products to some people
to see if they know the right people. Not to
get them in, but to see if they know the right
people because I found out a long time ago
the best way to find the right people is through
people who know people rather than running
ads and things like that and networking. And
we don’t want to impose on that person, but
you want to think of people that might know
the right people.
can expose it to some people, but Keith, I gotta
tell you, if you leave tonight without booking
a time or getting any materials — I say this to
the group too — you just chose the 45-year
plan because you have that anyway, and I hope
that you care enough about your future and
yourself and your family that you’ll give this
thing a try. You chose the Two- to Three-Year
Plan at the beginning of the night, and I think
that we have the type of relationship where we
can make it work. Even though I have other
people who are asking me to do it, since you
chose the Two- to Three-Year Plan, I’ll give
you my time to see if we can make it work.
And that’s it, folks. That’s the plan. Thank you.
Now, why would you want to bring anybody in
anyway that doesn’t know anybody or can’t get
any customers or can’t lead to anybody? It’s
not going to work. So I want to find out if they
know the right people first. If they do, well,
they might be right for it, but we’re not going
to pressure anybody, and we’re just going to
tell them that they’re looking at this to see if
they know the right people, and I’ll do that
with you. I’ll even call them with you, Keith,
but you have to be coachable and cooperative.
So we test it out for 30 to 90 days, and we have
customers clamoring to buy the products and
two to four good people that want to get in the
game, that want to be UnFranchise Owners.
It’s already worked. You never had to make a
decision. I mean, who’s going to sponsor them
to collect the check, you or me? You want to
give me the check? Thank you.
[End of Audio]
So there’s no decision tonight. Once you
choose, the rest is easy. Get your questions
answered. Try ma-branded products. I have
some here tonight if you want to look at them
afterwards. Visit my Web Portal. I’ll go online
and show it to you and give it a trial run, and
we’ll work together and get started on the
Two- to Three-Year Plan. Get some materials
and book a follow-up with me tonight. Get
your questions answered, review the plan.
We’ll discuss how to do a trial run and how we
market america
UnFranchise Business Plan Transcript