The Outreach of Sahome

O of
Bringing Everyone to Sahome!
he spirit of Sahome unfolds within each of us as we appreciate each life to
be of infinite value. Sahome is that idiom we use, which speaks of love and
compassion for one another.
Sahome is sanctity of heart, goodness of heart, and mutual gentle helpfulness
within the heart. Sahome is character building because it directs us toward mutual
love, mutual honor and mutual mercy. Sahome increases our humanity with a healthy
socialization that works for everyone’s best good and benefit. Sahome becomes a
practice in fulfilling life’s fullness for all. By creating a social climate that gives everyone
a way forward, Sahome honors everyone no matter one’s race, ethnicity, religion or
creed. Sahome unites us all together as a common denominator towards the common
good through the pursuit of the greater good for all. Sahome is our collective pursuit
towards moral maturity. Sahome celebrates the Divine Nature within every person and
undergirds it.
The object of our hope is the fullest realization of human potential. We wish
everyone to fulfill the measure of their creation and have joy therein. Therein lies
all best tomorrows on the radiant-level of life. Mastering this radiance-level of life
is what Sahome is all about. As we improve together, we prosper and flourish in a
commiseration which buoys us up for each new challenge and leads us ever closer to
expressing our fullest potential to receive happiness. Building upon that combined
virtue of nurturing kindness and love, found potentially within every human heart, we
can ride into the sunset together forever.
We invite everyone everywhere to join with us all in Sahome ~
Coming together to move forward together!
Sahome wishes us, all,
to replenish one another!
is intended to be a multi hemispheric
interfaith charity, opportunity and
service organization open to all!
he Outreach of Sahome, via the internet, is to be used to foster discussion
groups, holding classes and get-togethers, communiques, mentoring and
witnessing through service projects.
the Twelve Pointed Star
The Twelve Pointed Star
May We, All, Live
The Meaning of the Twelve Pointed Star of Sahome
• Point one equals the Sahome motto,
“End Harm, Mend Hearts, Lend a Helping Hand”
• Point two equals the Sahome credo,
“With all due Kindness, do Kindness!”
• Point three equals the Approach of Sahome, “Honoring and safeguarding
human rights, individual prerogative and moral agency, personal choice, and
every person’s right of self-determination!”
• Points four through nine equals the Diadicturn of Equilibrium,
– No Tyranny
– Full Participation
– Profound Reverence and Respect
– The Democratic Ideal
– Human Rights
– The Free Enterprise System
• Point ten equals, “Mutual Love.”
• Point eleven equals, “Mutual Honor.”
• Point twelve equals, “Mutual Mercy.”
Diplomacy, non-violence and the spirit
of goodwill holds the spirit of peace.
oday we need to reimagine America and it’s future as paramount to leading the
community of nations to a prosperous, healthy, safe future, respecting all and their
diversity with flexibility. Few things of this magnitude ‘self-order’ in this world
without many a hard earned victories along the way initiated by the individual good deeds
we can do.
Because we want every goodness to be realized in our lives and in the lives of those
around us, we contribute our part by obliging the good intentions, good deeds, good habits,
and good heartedness within us all. We are all co-workers in creating and sustaining
goodness. If we have departed from having that stream of consciousness, then we are called
upon, by the grace of the nobleness of spirit we were fostered to express, to gain in striving,
resourcefulness, readiness, resilience so we revitalize, reconcile, replenish and reimagine
our future for the reemergence of goodness.
Following the Clues
u Lifting one another up with tender approval, reassurance, moral comprehension,
u By Emanating Emancipation to end dissention, dissipation, desperation,
u By overcoming complacence
u By Fostering Diligence
u Which will Build
spiritual witness, forbearance, and courtesy!
violation, humiliation, degradation, incarceration, and debilitation. To build
the truce of truth. To assure everyone of their sovereign worth to the whole.
• Obstinence
• Impudence
• Patience
• Tolerance
• Impetulance
• Insolence
• Forbearance
• Vigilance
• Belligerence
• Arrogance
• Compliance
• Reverence
• Self-Reliance • Mutual Confidence
• Gracious Generosity
to live the 12 Pointed Star of Sahome
How Can We Apply
Sahome’s 12 Radiant
Points of Light to Become
Sustainable Solutions?
All virtuous things have a rhythm
to them, which can proceed from
supporting great relationships that
inspire love, courage, commitment and
connection, to surmount life’s challenges
in a way that puts us in sync with
strength, enlightenment and joy.
We Learn by Developing
Great Relationships
Each Life is of Infinite Value!
e are to compliment the value each of us represents to others. The more we
give hope, joy, praise, honor, helpfulness, reassurance and delight, unto others,
the more we like and value ourselves, and the more we qualify ourselves to
be valuable to all of our Kindred Kind around us. This growth of spirit, this generosity of
disposition is a craft, like any other craft, whether fixing a car, repairing a faucet, developing
some skill and expertise to create a product or render a service, generosity and the outreach
of goodness is a craft, is a skill which we can develop. It requires the best decision making
process of a lifetime. It requires hope in the future, compassion with passion for others wellbeing, willingness to protect others and willingness to serve their vital interests to fulfill the
power of full personhood in each life
We want to honor the delight and joy in everyone realizing their optimal purpose for
their life. It is about choosing awareness. It comes from our enterprise, ambition, observation
and initiative. It relies upon the accentuation for mutual respect and generosity.
Everyone’s support in this crucial effort to lift and serve our fellow being in goodness
is greatly appreciated. We give thanks for you! Thank you for all the good you do!
j 10 i
reat j
Living the
Practice of
j 11 i
May the Spirit of
The Twelve Pointed Star of Sahome
Bless Every Life
1. The Sahome Motto: ‘End Harm, Mend Hearts, Lend a Helping Hand’
2. The Sahome Credo: ‘With all due kindness, do Kindness’
3. The approach of Sahome is to Safeguard: By honoring the self-determination,
moral agency, individual dignity, rights and prerogatives of the others worldwide.
4-9. The Diadem of Equilibrium: No tyranny. Full participation. Profound
Reverence and Respect. The democratic ideal. Human rights. The freeenterprise system.
10. Mutual Love
11. Mutual Honor
12. Mutual Mercy
This is the Vanguard of
j 12 i
The Spirit of
1. Sahome teaches the craft of higher consciousness, life liberation and mutual
optimization. Sahome represents the Divine Gift intrinsic and inborn in all of us
which enables mankind to reach higher consciousness. Sahome is the study of,
the pursuit of, the acquisition of, and the sharing of a higher order of being that
is more kind, sweet, helpful, dignifying, encouraging, advantaging and good.
2. Sahome embodies the confirmation that we are all of one aspiration and of one
love and with heart, might, mind, and strength we belong to one another forever
3. Sahome is the yearning after one another’s soul; to fulfill the Divine Plan which
is to complete ourselves after the Image and likeness of God… with our “calling
and election made sure” …and have abundant everlasting eternal life.
4.Sahome is confirmation of our divinity and eternal destiny representing the
pursuit of, the acquisition of, and the sharing of “the Divine Nature.”
5. Through service, Sahome is about love and sense of family and humanity.
A path to consummate
Enjoy the Vanguard of Sahome. From Heaven, Sahome is a gift that keeps on
giving. You are herewith given the Gift of Sahome. Any Celestial Gift brings with it
it’s own permission… and because Sahome was given as a Celestial Heavenly Gift, use
it wisely to your own and to others most good advantage. This Gift is yours to enjoy,
and to share as you wish. Gifts are magnified in the sharing… and in your hearts, hold,
that God wants deeds.
j 13 i
The Twelve Pointed Star of Sahome
Works Best When it is Accompanied
The Twelve
Sanctities of Sahome
Made up of
The three priorities of Sahome
The four gains of the gift of Sahome
The five adaptations by living Sahome
The 12 Implementations
of Sahome
j 14 i
The Three
of Sahome
Mutual Love!
Mutual Honor!
Mutual Mercy!
j 15 i
The Four Gains of
The Gift of Sahome
Passion with compassion: Thereby we belong to one another
in the moment. May we live the virtue, caring and kind
consideration to be found in each moment, to build a better
life for everyone.
Protection: By building energy around one another’s best good
and benefit our outlook of home and good intentions can
apply the spirit of generosity, security and sanctity, to guard
others with our powers, so that all goodness can prevail and
our potential can be realized.
Power of Personhood: With the uniqueness of each and
everyone held hallowed, the diversity and severalness of
humanity will add joy to the tapestry of human aspiration.
We will help it to be realized and responded to, with radiance,
to best determine our future’s fullness.
Purpose: Each life has a magnificent mission to fulfill and is of
infinite value and worth. May we support the unfolding of the
creative forces in each one of us to compliment mortality so
that all of us can receive gentleness, satisfaction, and goodwill.
j 16 i
Five Critical Adaptations
From Sahome
1. We are best able to fortify the peace and plenty of our
communities and world if we share the hope of freedom
and the sanctity of all life with mutual respect.
2. Life has so much promise and there is so much to be
gained from the promise in every life which can be
magnified by the achievement of moral maturity.
3. None of the virtues precede common courtesy and
honor for the religion, culture, heritage, civil rights and
nationality or race of other persons and peoples which
are to be safeguarded with honor, appreciation and
4. Spiritual knowledge is to accompany academic and
civil knowledge to provide the practical basis for sound
health of body, mind, and soul.
5. A global society, in the spirit of Sahome, will foster
compassion, empathy, goodwill, patience, and a
generosity of sharing and caring, and nurturing with
gratitude. What all have contributed to the wellbeing
of us all, is to be prized by us all.
j 17 i
now that we recognize and accept the Divine Plan for our life, which is already
the reality of us, it becomes active in our consciousness. We feel its power, its
strength, and its dynamic urge to manifest through us into our world. It brings
unity between the inner world of spirit and the outer world of form. The Divine Plan
for our lives inspires, develops, and cultivates all fine tuned sympathies, joys, tastes,
kindred feelings and affections of our nature. It inspires virtue, kindness, goodness,
tenderness, gentleness and chastity. It develops beauty of person, form and features. It
tends to health, vigor, animation and social wellbeing. It invigorates all the faculties
of the physical and intellectual man. In short, it is marrow to the bone, joy to the
heart, light to the eyes, music to the ears and life to the whole being.
In the presence of our kindred souls, who are fulfilling the Divine plan, we feel the
light of their countenances as genial rays of sunshine. Their very atmosphere diffuses
a thrill, a warm glow of pure gladness, sympathy, and delight into the heart. Mutual
respect comes through them with wisdom, strength and knowledge. They shape the
care of the Divine Nature. They are at one with the nature of God and His purposes.
Home is the destination of the heart. Love is the road that leads to hope. Courage
is the impetus that drives us. We travel by faith. The road of love is lit by the light of
good conscience which increases the intensity and momentum of faith, hope, love,
and courage. The Road of love and faith reflects The Divine Nature within each of us.
Through God’s Divine Plan we open to all openings within The Divine Nature.
Once we have found what is good and true and beautiful in our lives, right now…
this troubled moment becomes an opportunity. Once we have found meaning within
our life, we don’t want to go back, we want to go forward. We want to see more and
do more. Once we have experienced love and compassion we only want to share in it
and share it with others forever more.
j 18 i
do we
We proceed by incorporating
into our lives:
The 12 Implementations of
the 12 Pointed Star of Sahome
j 19 i
The 12 Implementations
of the 12 Pointed Star of Sahome
1. Our first job: We have got to guard against evil by overcoming the brutality of extreme
fanaticism by creating an anti-terrorism offensive.
2.Overcoming learned helplessness and learned despair that cripples ingenuity, by helping
people embrace the truth of the beauty within themselves for achieving goodness. There are
many sanctuaries of beauty across the world, and we need to help people fit in to belong and be
incorporated into them, wherever they are found. We need to help each of us to ask, ‘What
is true for me?’ What can I do to bring my truth to benefit others? Your truth matters, you can
matter. Your truth is important to be. Your truth will always feel like freedom for all of us.
3.Overcoming a low yield world in which some people degrade, desecrate, or demean those
whom they deem unworthy, unadept, or undesirable. Our job is empowering people. Our
job is to build a cultural confidence and competence, around optimism, cheerfulness, delight
and satisfaction, so we include all of society in working for one another’s benefit.
4.Overcoming illiteracy and ignorance which can be reduced by expanding global communication,
education, and positive validation. This will do a lot to end the chaos in the world, that conflict
breeds. Pessimism sells, we must not let it have the last word, that is our job!
5.Overcoming abuse, which is surmounted by accentuating total clarity, transparency, and
purity. We can be self-deflating by over pathologizing of our symptoms and not getting
down to the root of causes of intolerance, mental illness, dysfunction and violence. We need
transformational cooperation to confront child abuse, domestic violence, bullying and gang
aggression, war and intolerance. Inspiring tolerance is our job. Transformation, by rooting
out the common denominators of pathologies, begins by giving people back their dignity,
by giving them back their dreams. Trauma causes trances, trauma causes spells. Dispel the
abuse, loose the spell. Inflict not! Infringe not! That is our job to do!
6.Overcoming poor self-discipline by doing the fearless moral inventory. If we don’t discipline
ourselves, other people are going to have to do that for us. That’s a pathetic situation to be
in. We all face the over arching questions:
• What should I discard?
• What should I move forward with?
• What should I reward?
• Over what should I better manage?
• What should I move toward in my Faith Path?
We don’t want to break stride, back slide or cause someone else to break stride with their
glory, or self fulfillment. When we take on a habit, our habit will be our master. Our job is
to achieve greater self discipline!
j 20 i
7.Overcoming ill temper by living an attitude of gratitude. Our lack of fortitude by our lack of
gratitude causes ineptitude. May our wish for one another be that we, all, cherish kindness
in word and deed. This is our job! May we set people up for honor rather than setting
people off. May we be grateful for the goodness in every life!
8.Overcoming imprudence by living judiciously and using thrift and self prudence. Let us
not be lax or relax our conservation of resources. To our credit, if we waste not, we likely
will want not. Haste can sometimes make waste. As we strive to live with ingenuity and
integrity, our moral intelligence grows which safeguards and undergirds our independence.
May we overcome a ‘throw-away society.’ That is our job!
9.Overcoming misplaced values. We benefit by emphasizing human rights, not self-entitlement
at others ill-expense. Stifling material gain, and acquisitiveness can stamp out stalwartness.
People are generally in the business of making money. Too often wealth has morphed into
stuff hoarding. May we share the benefits of what we have purchased. By appreciating the
simple pleasure in life, smelling the roses that flower, basking in good health, and using our
time wisely, we increase life’s joy. As we learn and explore, we become educated to realworld keen living so we live in harmony with nature with good judgement. Time is our
ultimate currency. Discreet, judicious, wise use of our day-to-day opportunities to help and
serve the greater good makes the most long-term sense. That is our job!
10. Overcoming the shackles of self-limitation, apprehension, fear, oppression, and the bondage
of low self-expectation. The sentence of self-contempt is the fraud of self-diminishment and
is countered by being willing to achieve our potential for doing our best, by contributing to
the goodness in others. That liberation is our job!
11. Overcoming the ‘Gall of Bitterness’ from holding grudges, prejudice, mean-spiritedness,
hatreds by forgiveness, fairness, and forbearance. Forgiveness is our job!
12. Overcoming haste and impatience by living the 7 markers for increasing prosperity:
• Elevate • Innovate • Allocate • Invigorate • Initiate • Liberate • Appropriate
Creating ampleness is our job!
Sahome wishes everyone prowess, bravery, personal superior ability,
ingenuity, gallantry to master these cautions and techniques of skill and
valor that can bring us usefulness and ultimate happiness. The promise is
reassurance that our life really matters to all under heaven. That is our job!
This hope forms Sahome’s ultimate promise:
That as long as Sahome flourishes widespread,
throughout the world for everyone, there will be peace on earth!
j 21 i
Collective Ingenuity and Integrity
In order to reorder human life and end the ravages upon humankind; Sahome helps us think
through these fundamentals:
• We cannot lead by pessimism
• We cannot lead by disparaging others or mismanaging ourselves.
• We cannot lead by disdain or disgruntlement.
• We cannot lead by petulance or belligerence.
• We cannot lead by casting dispersions or causing dissensions.
We can only lead by love and the homage of appreciation.
We can only lead with the sanctity of the heart.
MayWe lead by absolving, solving and resolving all the issues that confound the human family
by reaching out to one another on the level of mutual love, mutual mercy and mutual
As We live these fundamentals —
We counteract beligerance and deception by not denying ourself love.
We outgrow contemptuousness and the “entitlement of arrogance” by accountability.
We renounce provocations and vengeance by life-supporting benevolence.
We overcome godless sophistry and debauchery by the adventure of compassion.
We surmount inequities and insufficiencies by equitable justice and kindness.
We foster fairness so that fraud and foibles don’t fester to a fury that fuels feuds. It is up to
us — by nurturing big heartedness and empathy.
We avoid the deaths, dreads, and dregs imbedded in any ideology of fear and false security
by giving credit where credit is due and giving everyone their just due.
We release from the bondage of past indiscretions by repentance, restitution, reconciliations
and resilience. Any personal regeneration comes through feeling anguish.
The practice of Sahome helps us end denigrating, deluded, deceptive behavior by thinking with
all the vision, imagination and majesty that is Sahome.
We want Sahome to be allowed into every human heart . . .
Our Grand Strategy is: Sanctity of Heart!
j 22 i
The Practice of Sahome
•Helping people develop for the better, especially by helping the underdeveloped*,
undervalued and underprivileged.
•Underguarding the advance of spiritual gestation and rejuvenation for everyone,
•Building upon hope and love and joy as the outcome of mercy and honor.
Sahome brings hope to every soul. Hope comes from being valued.
Sahome brings love to every heart. Love comes from being believed in.
Sahome preserves and upholds joy. Sahome embodies joy because . . .
Sahome embodies the saving graces of kindness, honesty, gentleness, fidelity, diligence, and
patience — all to protect humanity . . . and to do so through service that fosters everyone’s best
good and benefit the genesis of joy.
*The object of Sahome is to tackle underdevelopment through the virtues of understanding,
mentoring and nurturing. Sahome works in homes and churches; in shelters, detox, and
convalescent centers. Sahome serves in prisons, halfway houses, treatment, correction and
detention facilities. Sahome works in hospitals, clinics, schools, offices and business settings.
Sahome protects wholesome civic life; and serves neighborhoods and communities world wide
with witness as to the worth of each individual. Each person is of infinite value!
Our job is to serve the common Good and the Greater Good . . .
This is the Practice of Sahome!
Sharing Great Wishes
Our wish is that everyone will be loved.
We become deranged or diminished when we deny ourselves love.
with generosity of intent. We were all meant to prosper.
Our wish is to establish a world at peace living in prosperity
Our wish is that everyone, everywhere will become morally mature.
We were all meant to share in the vision, imagination and majesty of a better future based
upon honor and virtue.
Our wish is that we will all learn wisdom and compassion from our mistakes.
We want to become the sum total of our best choices.
We want to support self determination, self supervision and self reliance.
We want everyone to fulfill the measure of their creation and have joy therein.
Our wish is that Sahome will cover the Earth!
j 23 i
International Precepts
Intended to help all governments and public institutions worldwide, to use Sahome as a Format for
Peace; to form a robust community of nations; resulting in a majesty of helpfulness fitting to forge:
O Comprehensive Citizenship . . . by
•Respecting and elevating each citizen through education, training, employment opportunity
and career development for building a community of high self esteem through . . .
• Resourcefulness — fostering a climate and culture that will work for and lead to self
improvement, self reliance, and self sufficiency.
• Recreation — initiating places and amenities that can increase the quality, vitality, and
caliber of life beyond work.
O Affinity Through Prosperity . . . by
•Recognition — ensuring a strong free enterprise system which will protect entrepreneurial
and personal initiative.
•Resulting in an economy that can helpfully adapt to global needs in a competitive global
•Removing impediments to individual incentives to achieve dignity and prosperity.
O Apprizing and Recognizing Human Rights . . . by
•Remedy — providing for due process, redress of grievances, and fair and equal representation
within the rule of law as a basis for good governance.
•Relationships of faith are defended by religious freedom; also to include all perogatives to
worship, assemble and practice one’s doctrine, faith, and religion, including the freedom
for public dialogue and the free expression of ideas.
•Regarding and safeguarding private property and personal possessions; renouncing
O Moral Dynamic Imagination . . . by
•Reconciliation — Suring up individual perogative for rectifying and refining choice and
•Realizing the Democratic Ideal by abiding change and the will of the people through
their voices and vote in an open political process for selecting and electing candidates for
leadership — allowing for the full scrutiny, criticism and assessment of suitability.
•Revering freedom of conscience.
O Elevating Public Service through the Pursuit of Sahome . . . by
•Rejoicing in the renewing spirit of “full participation” to realize our fullest human potential
by upholding generosity which allows everyone to help everyone fulfill one’s hopes, dreams
and aspirations. Society should always be building up good even if it takes . . .
•Repeated reoccurring effort. • Reconfiguring after mistakes • Replenishing vision.
“The good we do today becomes the bridge of hope we build into our tomorrows.”
j 24 i