Financial Advisor Compensation and Benefit Fact Sheet THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR OPPORTUNITY Bonuses

Financial Advisor Compensation and Benefit Fact Sheet
Competitive Compensation1
We know what drives you – we’ve tailored an awardwinning career experience around it. Compensation
is a huge part of your professional satisfaction,
and we’re proud to say that at Edward Jones, your
earning potential is without limit. Our performancebased compensation program is designed to support
Financial Advisors as they transition careers and build
their professional practices.
You have the potential to receive several bonuses
throughout the first few years while you build your
professional practice, including:
Compensation may include:
ew asset bonuses paid monthly, based on the
accumulation of new assets.
• Trainee pay
• Salary
• Commissions
• Bonuses
• Profit sharing
• Travel program
Trainee Pay and Salary
While studying for your licenses and training, you will
be paid on an hourly basis. As you begin building your
professional practice, Edward Jones provides a salary
to help create stable earnings in the early stages of
your career.
Your starting salary as a new Financial Advisor is
determined by your experience and income prior
to joining the firm. Your salary amount will adjust
as you move toward compensation based more on
commissions and bonuses.
Salaries are adjusted based on performance standards
for the first two years. By the third year, you typically
have built a steady book of business and will transition
away from a salary.2
During your first three years as a Financial Advisor,
commission payouts will vary based on years of
experience, the state in which your branch is located
and the type of product. Commission payout ranges
are generally as follows:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
and beyond
• Bonuses for obtaining licenses and completing training.
ilestone bonuses paid every four months to Financial
Advisors whose performance is 75% or more of
standard. Financial Advisors who are at 100% or more
of standard may receive an enhanced milestone bonus.
eferred bonuses earned and paid every four months
in years four, five and six, based on new assets
gathered in the first three years.
rofitability cash bonuses earned and paid by
trimester, based on branch and firm profitability.
Profit Sharing
Each year, the firm shares a portion of net profits in
the form of profit-sharing contributions to your
retirement account. Once a contribution has been
posted to your account, it is immediately 100% vested.
Travel Program
At Edward Jones, you have the distinct opportunity
to participate in business diversification trips. This
popular program recognizes and rewards those who
build a strong book of business. These programs
promote knowledge-sharing in an atmosphere where
Financial Advisors can relax and recharge. In recent
years, approximately half of our nearly 12,000 Financial
Advisors have qualified for our diversification trips.
1 The details of a new Financial Advisor’s specific compensation may vary based on his or her individual circumstances.
2 Edward Jones ensures that each Financial Advisor’s compensation meets or exceeds the required minimum guarantee under federal and state law.
The Partnership Opportunity
Edward Jones provides access to a comprehensive
package of benefits. Standard benefits, which are
provided by the firm at no cost to you, include basic life
insurance, basic accidental death and dismemberment
insurance, income continuation plan for short-term
disability, profit sharing and tuition reimbursement.
Optional benefits include medical coverage (with an
opportunity to fund out-of-pocket medical costs via a
Health Savings Account), as well as:
In addition to your compensation package,
Financial Advisors in the past have had the
opportunity to invest in Edward Jones’ parent
company, The Jones Financial Companies, L.L.L.P.,
a partnership. Historically, limited partnership
offer selection has been based on the minimum
requirements of running a profitable and ethical
branch. After meeting these basic criteria, other
considerations are leadership and your assistance
to others in your region and the firm. Today,
nearly 15,000 Edward Jones associates are limited
or general partners.
• Dental plans
• Long-term care insurance
• A vision plan
• Health care
reimbursement account
• Long-term disability
• Supplemental
accidental death
and dismemberment
• Dependent life insurance
• Dependent day care
reimbursement account
For more compensation details, visit
• 401(k) plan
• After-tax plan and
investment savings plan
The Financial Advisor bears a portion or all of the costs of
optional benefits.
Sample Compensation Schedules (based on previous annual income of $90,000)
Based on historical production of top 33% of new Financial Advisors
New Asset
Cash Compensation (earned
& paid in years 1, 2 & 3)
Deferred Bonus (calculated
based on years 1, 2 & 3)
1st Year
(earned & paid in year 4)
2nd Year
(earned & paid in year 5)
3rd Year
(earned & paid in year 6)
Based on historical production of middle 33% of new Financial Advisors
New Asset
Cash Compensation (earned
& paid in years 1, 2 & 3)
Deferred Bonus (calculated
based on years 1, 2 & 3)
1st Year
(earned & paid in year 4)
2nd Year
(earned & paid in year 5)
3rd Year
(earned & paid in year 6)
*Schedules are based on a previous annual income of $90,000. Earnings do not take into account profit-sharing contribution and FICA contribution.
Notes on calculations: Net commissions for each Financial Advisor are for the end of each year as a licensed Financial Advisor. For instance, in year 1, Financial Advisor net commissions are from the first 12 months as a licensed Financial Advisor. In year 2, net commissions are from months 13–24 as a licensed Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones is an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing an inclusive culture. We believe that diverse ideas, opinions and perspectives are essential to building
a strong business.