2006 Year in Review Enterprising Non-Profits Program planning | focus | strategy

2006 Year in Review
Enterprising Non-Profits Program
planning | focus | strategy
The objectives of enp are to:
Support Enterprise Development
Provide grants and resources to non-profits organizations for technical assistance along the entire of
business development path
Create a Supportive Public Policy Environment for Social Enterprise
Contribute to public policy initiatives and dialogue that will enhance and strengthen the social enterprise
sector and opportunities
Enhance Market Opportunities for Social Enterprise
Provide leadership and support that will enhance the market opportunities and the purchasing of social
enterprise goods and services
Increase Access to Capital for Social Enterprises
Participate in efforts to strengthen the capital investment infrastructure and expand accessibility of
appropriate capital resources for social enterprises
Supporting Enterprise Development
2006 was largest granting year in enp program history! In the past year enp provided grants to 35 non-profit
groups totaling over $216,000 around the province to support their social enterprise planning and growth. The
following organizations received grants from enp in rounds 7.1 and 7.2 (2006):
Aboriginal Mother Centre Society | Aboriginal Mothers' Knitting Factory /
Mama's Wall St. Studio. To prepare a business expansion plan for an existing
Aboriginal knitting and sewing studio.
Britannia Community Services Centre| Britannia Art Gallery shop and a
Britannia Catering Business. A grant to conduct a feasibility study to explore
revenue-generating streams including an art gallery shop & catering business at
our new facilities.
Community Futures Development Corporation- Boundary | CFCDC
Boundary. To conduct various planning activities for establishing a consignment
shop / eBay business to employ clients with disabilities and youth at risk.
Fraserside Community Services | Moving On Business Company. To finalize a
business plan for a moving company that employs persons who have experienced a
mental illness.
Greater Trail Community Skills Centre | Home Care Plus. To prepare a business
plan for an indoor and outdoor maintenance service that employs marginalized workers
Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre (GVCEC) | One Stop Compost Shop. A
grant for a feasibility study and organizational development to support the expansion of
sales of composting and organic gardening supplies by the GVCEC.
Justwork Economic Initiative | JustGarden. To develop a business plan for an
organic gardening and landscaping business employing individuals with multiple
barriers to employment
Career Link - Powell River Employment Program| Staff Recruitment Services.
A grant to conduct a feasibility study for a human resources services company
Langley Environmental Partners Society | Riparian Revenue Program Delivery
serving Powell River businesses.
Agent Service. A grant to undertake a feasibility study for a business which involves
restoring fish and wildlife habitat.
Cirkids School of Circus Arts | Cirkids Performing Troupe. To conduct a
feasibility study for a professional performing circus arts troupe to support CirKids Mission Community Services Society | Creative Gardeners/ Home Maintenance
school and provide employment and training for young people in the circus arts.
Specialists. To conduct a feasibility study for a landscaping/ handyman service in
DRS Earthwise Society | Tilbury Eco-Industrial Partnership Coordinating
Centre. A grant to conduct a feasibility study for marketable services provided by
the proposed Tlibury Eco-Industrial Partnership Coordinating Centre.
Ecotrust Canada | Ecotrust Canada Capital. A grant to produce a strategic
marketing plan for a conservation economy lending institution service
conservation economy entreprenuers on BCs coast.
Elder Citizens' Recreation Association | Information Workshop. To hold
workshops to inform members, directors, and business and community members
about social enterprises and brain storm ideas.
Naniamo Foodshare Society | Vancouver Island Group Food Value Chain. A grant to
create business & organizational development plans for a business to broker products
and services within and from a value chain linking farmers, producers, and key market
channels on Vancouver Island, providing employment to equity groups.
Network Two Services Society | Computers To Go. To conduct a feasibility study for
a computer redistribution and recycling business employing at-risk youth.
North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society | Hummingbird Home Help. To
conduct a feasibility study on expanding a house cleaning business into a property
management and handy-hands services for seniors and seasonal travelers.
O.U.R. Eco Village / O.U.R. Community Association | O.U.R. EcoAgricultural Educational Tourism. A grant to provide for planning and
training related to next steps in Enterprise Development for O.U.R. nonprofit.
Enp Grant Recipients by Type of Social Enterprise
Rounds 7.1 & 7.2 (2006)
Total = $216,750
Em ploym ent/
PAL Vancouver | Theatre in the Sky. To prepare a branding and marketing
plan for the use of PAL's theatre within the professional community and the
Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment and Training
Association | Aboriginal Commercial Driving School of North Central BC. A
grant to conduct a feasibility study and to prepare a business plan to create
and develop a certified commercial vehicle driving school combined with
Test of Workplace Essential Skills targeting Aboriginal people and creating
interest with the youth.
Prince George Native Friendship Centre | Smokehouse Hospitality
Services. A grant to conduct a feasibility study to expand restaurant /
culinary training program, and also to conduct site visits to similar
operations in the lower mainland.
Richmond Youth Services | RYSA Learning Games Inc. A grant to
conduct a feasibility study for a social enterprise which will develop and
market creative learning games and assessment tools.
Sage Centre/ Hollyhock Leadership Institute | Hollyhock Leadership
Institute. To conduct a feasibility study to expand training programs for nonprofit leaders and consulting services.
Service/ Product
Tourism Campbell River | As Wild as You Like Adventures Ltd, in bound travel agency. A
grant to undertake Board of Directors and Regional Stakeholder development to refocus the
common vision and to refine and finalize the business plan.
Vancouver Folk Music Festival | Income Opportunities for VFMF. To conduct a feasibility
study for a series of opportunities including a sound recording service and the online sale of
VFMF concert recordings and interviews.
Vancouver Native Health Society | Shine A Light on Literacy.A grant to fund targeted
market research for our schools and community partners distribution network for Shine A
Light on Literacy.
Semiahmoo Family Place | Semiahmoo Family Place Fun Zone. A grant to
conduct a feasibility study and marketing plan for the SFP Fun Zone.
Vancouver Women's Health Collective | A pharmacy for women in the DTES. A grant to
pay for professional fees for a consultant to assist the VWHC in developing a business plan
for our pharmacy over a 3-month period between February and April.
Seniors Outreach Services Society | Used Medical Equipment Store.To
conduct a feasibility study for a thrift/consignment store that sells used
medical supplies and employs seniors.
VANDU | VANDU Empowerment Consulting develops a board and business plan. A grant
to develop a business plan with our main initial initiative being a bedbug buster business in
the DTES of Vancouver.
Share Family and Community Services | Il Mercante Food Services. To
conduct a feasibility study for the use of an existing food services business
as a training opportunity for hard-to-employ residents of the Tri-Cities.
Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre Society | Life Skills Business Venture. A grant to
conduct a market analysis and develop a business plan to offer fee-for-service life skills
courses and workshops to the broad community.
Sustainable Building Centre | SBC HomeSpa Eco-Friendly Home
Advisory Service. To conduct a feasibility study for the delivery of an ecofriendly home improvement advisory service.
Western Canada Wilderness Committee | Wilderness Committee Educational Product
Sales. To re-align development, sales and distribution of Wilderness Committee
Educational Products to current and future market realities.
Increasing Access to Capital for
Social Enterprises
Enp welcomed a new funding partner in December,
Bell Canada! Bell becomes the seventh member of the
enp funding collaboration and will add funds to the
grant pool targeting communities outside the Lower
Two rural enp orientation sessions were held to test
the extending of access to the enp grants program.
Orientation sessions were held in Trail and Prince
George. The response was so great, between the two
over 30 organizations attended!
This year in
collaboration with the Centre for Community Enterprise
(CCE) we will continue to provide enp orientation
sessions in rural areas and will have at least 11
orientation sessions dispersed around the province.
Enp Grant Recipients by Business Sector
Rounds 7.1 & 7.2 (2006)
Total = $216,750
The Islands
Vancouver/ GVRD
Creating a Supportive Public Policy
Environment & Enhancing Market
Opportunities for Social Enterprise
The Canadian Guide to Social Enterprise was published in February, and by June we
were ordering a re-print as the interest in the book surpassed our expectations. The
‘guide’ is a comprehensive over view of social enterprise development including case
studies, organizational readiness, and business planning.
www.enterprisingnonprofits.ca was launched in June! The website adds a significant
component to enp’s ability to provide information for individual social enterprise
development and also supports much broader access to resources and information for
the sector. The site includes: the social enterprise marketplace, a searchable database
being populated with social enterprise profiles from across the country; information and
registration forms for the enp orientation sessions; updates on the Demonstrating Value
Project; a resource centre and a calendar of related activities.
photo credit: Jaime Kowal
Enp was excited to be the secretariat and host of the 2nd Canadian
Conference on Social Enterprise in Vancouver from January 28 to 31,
2007. Over 500 participants, 60% from British Columbia, participated.
With over 50 workshops, plenary sessions and an array of speakers the
conference was a great success.
(Clockwise L to R) Ken Spencer, former CEO of Creo Products, BC Technology Social
Venture Partner, and conference Keynote speaker; Jason Mogus, president of
Communicopia and BC Technology Social Venture Partner; and the packed crowd at
Tuesday’s conference luncheon.
enp Contributes to Successful Social Enterprises
enp has supported over 143 organizations with $908,732 in grants for technical assistance towards
planning and development of their enterprises. While not all organizations move forward with their
business ideas, many are now operating and growing successful enterprises. Here are 3 examples of
successful enterprises supported by enp in their early days:
The Cleaning Solution
A project of the Canadian Mental Health Association.
The Cleaning Solution is a janitorial service managed by and
employing people living with mental illness. CMHA received its
first enp grant for market research for this project in round 4.2
“ Before, I would just watch TV. That was my life, watching TV.
Now, I’m busy all the time, and I feel so much better. I just
needed that push and someone to give me direction, and that’s
where Canadian Mental Health Association really helped out. I
like the idea of running a profitable company that does quality
work and helps out a number of people living with mental illness including myself”.
-Jack Issak, the general manager of
The Cleaning Solution.
Above: GM Jack Issak with
John Letain, one of their 17
janitorial employees.
photo credit: Jaime Kowal
Potluck Cafe and Catering
Potluck Cafe and Catering is a social enterprise catering company operating in
Vancouver’s DTES. Potluck Cafe Society received an enp grant in round 2.1
and 2.2 (spring/fall 2001) to assist with planning for this social enterprise.
“People imagine social enterprise as cuddly and soft, but we’re not. We made a
clear decision to behave as a business and we’re incredibly aggressive in our
marketing. We’ve learned that no matter what, you have to create the right
environment to produce a product that competes in the marketplace because
there is no critical mass for a substandard product with honest social values.
Our experience is that social goals are value added - not usually a purchasing
-Liz Lougheed Green, General Manager at Potluck Cafe and Catering.
Photo (left): Potluck Cafe & Catering co-General Managers, Liz Lougheed Green and Heather
O’Hara, on site at the bustling DTES Cafe.
A project of the Development Disabilities Association (DDA).
Starworks is a social enterprise created to employ people with
developmental disabilities to perform light labour and assembly work. Enp
provided a grant to DDA in round 1.2 (2000) to assist with developing a
business plan for this enterprise.
Photo (right): These Starworks employees are busy in the assembly line. From left to
right are Sandra Brown, Lyle Lexier, Lawrence Lai, and Taavi Radage.
photo credits: Jaime Kowal
The work of the Enterprising Non-Profits program is made possible
through the generosity and commitment of our seven funders:
Visit www.enterprisingnonprofits.ca for more stories and information.
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