The San Antonio Fire and Police Pensioners` Association

The San Antonio Fire and Police Pensioners’ Association requests that you read the below statement.
We also request that you pay attention to the SIX COUNCIL MEMBERS who voted AGAINST the
Legislative Bill! Most of those who voted against the bill will run for public office again. Then it is our
turn in the voting booth!
The below statement is published with the permission of the Pension Fund! The above statement is not
the statement of the Pension Fund but the statement of the Fire and Police Pensioners’ Association!
“During a Special Board Meeting this past Tuesday, the Board of Trustees reluctantly voted to ask the
Bexar County Legislative Delegation (including Rep. Rodriguez and Sen. Menendez, sponsors of the
Pension Fund legislative package) to not advance HB 3349 and the Senate counterpart, SB 1772. This
action was taken in light of City Council’s decision to oppose the package, and to preserve the Pension
Fund’s excellent relationship with our Legislative Delegation by eliminating an untenable position of
having to choose between supporting the Pension Fund or the City Council. The members of the
Pension Fund Board of Trustees still believe the legislative package was good for all stakeholders, but
unfortunately the City Council agreed with City Staff's recommendation to oppose the changes. The
Pension Fund Board of Trustees and staff will continue to serve the membership and manage the fund in
a manner that preserves its best-in-class status. The next opportunity for amendments to the pension
law will be the 85th Legislature in 2017. For the record, the Council voted 6-5 to oppose the proposed
changes with the following vote: Ray Lopez, Cris Medina, Shirley Gonzales, Rebecca Viagran, and Alan
Warrick supported the changes while Ivy Taylor, Roberto Trevino, Rey Saldana, Ron Nirenberg, Joe Krier,
and Mike Gallagher opposed the changes. We now have a good idea of the council members who
support public safety and those that do not."