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ISSUE: 9, DATE: 09/06/2014
Maternity Services Liaison Committee
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Advice Projects
Good moves
Forthcoming event
On the 13th May, SAfH, alongside MSLC, hosted the One Stop Shop parents session, in partnership with the Tower Hamlets CCG and Barts.
The event was well attended by more than 65 people and among them were professionals and local mothers some of whom were pregnant and others who had babies
in the last year or so. We also invited a number of maternity health organisations
which held information stalls. The work shops were very engaging and the mothers
had a lot to say, offering rich conversation and some of them didn’t even want to
leave despite the fact that lunch was being served.
“Thank you so much for inviting me. I really benefited from coming today. Well done
to you”. Halima
Social Action for Health (SAfH) is a dynamic community development organisation, based in East London, working with
marginalised communities. We engage with
up to 15,000 people a year through our
locally based projects.
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SAfH is a community development charity,
which works alongside marginalised local
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Advice Projects
The Advice Team (Carly/James/Soumojit/Ruzina) has been working on simplifying the monitoring form used by advisors. This has now been finalised and distributed. We delivered 2
training sessions in Hackney which were attended by 14 Advisors across all three advice projects, THHAL (Tower Hamlets project in GP Surgeries) HIAC (Hackney project in GP Surgeries) and the new HAP Project (Hackney project in community centres/own base).
Issues that Advisors are currently dealing with are problems surrounding Job Seekers Allowance, Sanctions, ESA appeals, people failing medical tests, language barriers and issues regarding the medical impacts to people’s wellbeing, such as stress, depression, anxiety and
The Limehouse project firmly believes that the local community are being badly impacted by
the implementation of Universal Credit Benefit.
Homelessness has increased by 105%, in Tower Hamlets, in social housing, due to rent arrears, benefit caps, bedroom tax and eviction.
“Body, love like a mountain, heart like the ocean, mind like the sky”
Forthcoming Event
ISSUE: 9, DATE: 09/06/2014, PAGE:
ISSUE:2 9, DATE: 09/06/2014, PAGE: 2
Good Moves
Shahjalal , Brayford and Hardford surgeries Network Team had a meeting
last month and they invited me to give a brief talk about our Good Moves project.
Talking Therapies: The Importance of being heard, to
help us heal
Guest Speakers
Question and Answers session
Free dinner
Workshops to share
I explained what Good Moves is, how we work in the community and what our
targets are. They also asked me lots of questions about how we can help their
patients and what we expect from them.
All that attended agreed to work with the Good Moves team by referring their
patients to our courses. In particular, they thought that we would be able to
provide the extra support, needed for their Diabetic patients, to control their
sugar levels and empowering them to take control of their own health.
Shahida, Good Moves Project
Youth and Philanthropy Initiative
Thursday 12 June 2014
The Brady Arts Centre
192-192 Hanbury Street
London E1 5HU
For further information :
Tel: 0207 377 9353
[email protected]
Thursday 12th June 2014
Mile End Ecology Pavilion
Grove Road
London E3 5TW
Free Health Checks
Information Stalls
Fun activities & Workshops
Awards Ceremony
Sign up to Local Services
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As some of you may be aware, we
have recently had 2 visits from students
of Frederick Bremer Secondary School
in Walthamstow. The girls were researching SAfH and the work we do
and had to put forward their ideas about
what we would be able to spend the
winning prize of £3,000 on. The girls
were very passionate about raising
awareness of Mental Health and the
issues it raises with teenagers.
On Thursday evening they performed their presentation in front of
over 100 parents, student, teachers
and Community Group members.
Lucy, China, Dilan and Casella did a
fantastic job and were awarded 2nd
place. They were commended for
the film they showed about People’s
Network and its members. We hope
to be able to screen the presentation
to SAfH staff and the PN members
Over the course of My Weigh (20 cohorts over 4 years)
we have had 3,043 participants join the programme with
a collective weight loss of 5,665.68kg!