AT&T Mobile Share Value Plans for Business No roaming or long distance

AT&T Mobile Share Value Plans for Business
With unlimited talk and text with shared data on eligible devices.
NOW INCLUDES: Unlimited International messaging from the U.S. to the world.
Plus, with AT&T Locker get 50GB of free storage for your photos, videos and documents.
STEP 1: Choose data to share
(Plan Charges).
Mobile Share Value with
Unlimited Talk & Text
300MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 6GB 10GB 15GB 20GB 30GB 40GB 50GB 60GB 80GB 100GB
per month
STEP 2: Add smartphones to your
plan (Access Charges).1
$25 $40 $70 $80 $100 $130 $150 $225 $300 $375 $450 $600 $750
with 10GB – 100GB plans
with 300MB – 6GB plans
No Annual Service Contract2
2-year Agreement
Up to 10 devices per Mobile Share Value plan with 20GB or less, up to 25 devices per 30GB, 40GB and 50GB plans, and up to 50 devices per plan with 60GB or more.
No Annual Service Contract options include AT&T NextSM, bring your own, purchase at full price or month-to-month.
For plans 10GB or higher, AT&T customers w/ smartphones on 2-yr agmts prior to 2/2/14 are eligible for the $15/mo. access charge. For plans 2GB to 6GB, customers w/ smartphones
on 2-yr agmts prior to 3/9/14 are eligible for the $25/mo. access charge. Upgrade: Discounted pricing continues when upgrading only if purchasing a new phone via AT&T NextSM or
at full price, or bringing your own phone. If you upgrade to a new 2-yr agreement, the No Annual Service Contract discount will be lost.
STEP 3: Add more devices to your plan.1
Basic & Messaging
Tablets &
Connected Devices
Laptops, LaptopConnect,
Mobile Hotspot Devices
& Netbooks
Unlimited Talk & Text
and Shared Data
Shared Data
Shared Data
300MB – 6GB
10GB – 100GB
AT&T Wireless
Home Phone
AT&T Wireless
Home Phone &
(no text or data)
Nationwide Calling
and Shared Data
Nationwide Calling
Only available to be added to 10GB or higher plans.
No roaming or long distance
charges nationwide.
AT&T Coverage Area
No Service Area
Map approximates coverage. Coverage and service not available everywhere.
Mobile Share Value Plans Pricing: Prices include monthly plan charge & monthly access charge per device. AT&T NextSM installment charges extra. For plans 10GB or higher, customers w/ smartphones on 2-yr wireless
agmts prior to 2/2/14 are eligible for the $15/mo. access charge. For plans 2GB to 6GB, customers w/ smartphones on 2-yr agmts prior to 3/9/14 are eligible for the $25/mo. access charge. This discounted pricing is
avail. as long as you keep your phone. If upgrading to a new phone the discount is only avail. via AT&T NextSM or when you bring your own phone or buy a new phone at full price. If you upgrade to a new 2-yr agreement,
the discount will be lost. Data: If usage exceeds data allowance during your billing period, you will be automatically provided 300MB for $20 on the 300MB plan, 500MB for $20 on the 1GB plan, or 1GB for $15 on all
other plans. All data allowances, including overages, must be used in the billing period they are provided. All prices are billed monthly and are valid for use in the U.S. only. Activation fee may apply. An activation fee will be
charged if convert from a prepaid or session-based plan or when activate an additional device. Other Monthly Charges/Line: May include taxes & federal & state universal svc charges, Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge
(up to $1.25), gross receipts surcharge, an Administrative Fee & other gov’t assessments (including without limitation a Property Tax Allotment surcharge of $0.20 - $0.45 applied per CRU’s assigned number), which are not
gov’t req’d charges. A deposit and other restrictions may apply. Pricing & charges subject to change. Eligibility: Available only to business and government customers with a qualified AT&T wireless service agreement and
only for Corporate Responsibility Users (CRUs). For full service terms and conditions, please see your organization’s wireless service agreement, including without limitation the additional service- and equipment-related
terms found at (the “Business Agreement”). Tethering and Mobile Hotspot use for up to five (5) simultaneous devices. Device Limits: Up to 10, 25, or 50 devices for CRUs, depending on plan. Limit
10 financed devices per wireless account may apply. Unlimited Talk & Text: For phones only. Includes domestic calls & messaging. Unlimited International Messaging: Includes messaging from the U.S., Puerto Rico
and the U.S. Virgin Islands to more than 190 countries for text messages and 120 countries for picture & video messages. Capabilities vary by country. AT&T may change countries at its discretion. Visit
for details. Messaging: applies only to AT&T’s Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and not to any other messaging services or applications. Messages are for direct communication
between phones and must originate from your phone. Messages sent to tablets, laptops, or other connected devices are excluded. Messages sent through applications may incur data charges. Service may be terminated or
restricted for tethered messaging or misuse. Wireless Home Phone (“WHP”): is a wireless voice svc (CMRS) & includes nationwide calling. Wireless Home Phone and Internet (“WHPI”): is a CMRS & mobile broadband
Internet access service. Ltd avail. in select markets. Includes nationwide calling & shared data. Plan 10GB or higher req’d. WHP & WHPI General: Messaging excluded. For emergency calls, provide location to 911 operator.
Devices have a backup battery but landline equip. w/ separate power will not place/receive calls (including 911) during outage. Compatibility limitations apply. For WHP details visit and AT&T Locker: Requires compatible device or a computer with internet access. Data rates apply for wireless use. Service intended for U.S. based customers only. Storage limits are subject to change
or may be discontinued at any time. For terms, see Business Agreement discounts: The CRU service discount described in your organization’s Business Agreement is available only
for qualified Mobile Share Value Plans of 1GB or higher, and the service discount applies only to the monthly service charge for the data allotment (Plan Charge), not to any monthly device Access Charges.
Coverage: Check coverage in your area at Your phone’s display does not indicate the rate you will be charged. Please review your coverage map for areas included in and
out of plan. Gen. Wireless Svc Terms: Subject to applicable Business Agreement Credit approval req’d. Geographic, usage & other restrictions apply & may result in svc termination. For questions or more
details please ask a store representative or visit © 2014 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved.
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