Chamber names Shadow Ops Laser Tag as 2013 Business Plan Challenge Winner

June 2013, Vol. 43, Iss. 6
Chamber names
Shadow Ops Laser Tag as 2013
Business Plan Challenge Winner
CASPER — The Casper Area
Chamber of Commerce announced in May Shadow Ops
Laser Tag as the winner of
the 2013 Business Plan Challenge.
Shadow Ops Laser Tag will
be a new local business founded by Josh Wheeler.
Shadow Ops Laser Tag is an
advanced game of tag, that offers the ability to exercise and
have fun all at the same time
Photo courtesy of Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
Tom Crull (left), Casper Area Chamber of Commerce Board President
announces Josh Wheeler as the 2013 Business Plan Challenege winner.
Thank you to our Business Challenge Sponsors
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CAEDA announces Bill Edwards as
new President and CEO
Investor Relations &
Communications Manager, CAEDA
CASPER - The Casper
Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA)
is pleased to announce
that it has retained Bill
Edwards to serve as its
President and CEO. Mr.
Edwards has worked for
CAEDA as its Economic
Developer for the past 18
months. “We’re very excited Bill is willing to take
on this challenge. Bill is
well known throughout
Wyoming and the economic development community. Bill has a strong
history of successful economic development leadership over the past 30
years,” says Tom Brauer,
CAEDA’s Board Chairman.
Bill began his career in
economic development in
the mid 80’s while with
Pacific Power, working
with commercial and industrial customers and
communities throughout
Pacific’s service area in
the Wyoming and Montana region. Bill managed
an economic development program that included community assessment
cruitment efforts centered
around the “Hat’s Off
to Wyoming” campaign
that Bill managed from
the late 80’s through the
Bill joined CAEDA as
Vice President and served
in that position until November 1999. Bill again
returned to CAEDA in
August of 2011 serving as
an Economic Developer
until his present position
as President and CEO.
“CAEDA is really in an
exciting position,” says
Brauer. “Bill’s leadership will be instrumental
in moving a number of
very important projects
forward for CAEDA that
will enhance the economic future in the Casper
should be directed to Bill
Edwards at 577-7011 or
Tom Brauer at 266-4346
Bill Edwards, the new President and CEO of CAEDA.
and development planning, existing business expansion services, and active recruitment efforts in
conjunction with communities and economic development entities within
the region. Industrial re-
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
mid 90’s which resulted
in new businesses relocating to Wyoming. In 1998
Casper, Wy 82601
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Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
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Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
BBB Advises Donors To Check Charities Out Before
Giving To Tornado Relief Efforts
President/CEO of BBB
Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming
In the wake of a disaster,
the BBB Wise Giving Alliance offers the following
tips to help donors decide
where to direct donations
to assist victims:
Be cautious when giving
Be cautious about online
giving, especially in response to unsolicited spam
messages, and emails and
social media posts that
claim to link to a relief organization. If you want to
give to a charity involved
in relief efforts, go directly to the charity’s website.
In response to hurricanes
Katrina and, Rita, and the
Asian tsunamis, the FBI
and others raised concerns
about websites and new
organizations that were
created overnight, allegedly to help victims.
Rely on expert opinion
when it comes to evaluating a charity.
Be cautious when relying on third-party recommendations such as bloggers or other websites, as
they may not have fully
researched the relief organizations they list. The
public can go to
charity to research charities and relief organizations and verify that they
are accredited by the BBB
and meet the 20 Standards
for Charity Accountability.
Be wary of claims that
100 percent of donations
will assist relief victims.
Despite what an organization might claim, charities
have fund raising and administrative costs. Even a
credit card donation will
involve, at a minimum, a
processing fee. If a charity claims 100 percent of
collected funds will be
assisting disaster victims,
the truth is that the organization is still probably
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
incurring fund raising and
administrative expenses.
It may use some of its other funds to pay these costs,
but the expenses will still
be incurred.
a presence in the region.
Or, at a minimum, check
out the ultimate recipients
of these donations to see
whether they are equipped
to provide aid effectively.
Find out if the charity has an on-the-ground
presence in the impacted
Gifts of clothing, food or
other in-kind donations.
Unless the charity already
has staff in the affected
areas, it may be difficult
to bring in new aid workers to provide assistance
quickly. See if the charity’s website clearly describes what the charity
can do to address immediate needs.
Find out if the charity is
providing direct aid or
raising money for other
In-kind drives for food
and clothing, while well
intentioned, may not necessarily be the quickest
way to help those in need
– unless the organization
has the staff and infrastructure to distribute such
aid properly. Ask the charity about its transportation
and distribution plans. Be
wary of those who are not
experienced in disaster relief assistance.
Some charities may be
raising money to pass
along to relief organizations. If so, you may want
to consider “avoiding the
middleman” and giving
directly to those that have
Casper, Wy 82601
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April 2013
Relocation Packet Requests: 131
Downloaded Relocation Guides: 80
Business Information Packets: 1
Student Packet Requests: 2
Hunter Packet Requests: 0
Visitors to the Visitors Center: 322
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
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Looking beyond the unemployment line.
Adecco can help you connect with the most
valuable workers of all — those that are currently
Despite persistently high unemployment numbers
and the fact that millions of Americans are
looking for jobs, many businesses are struggling
to find skilled workers for their critical positions.
At Adecco, we think it’s because they’re not
looking in the right place.
7.9% unemployed
Most staffing companies and internal recruiting
programs focus only on those who are actively
in the job market — typically, those who are
unemployed. However, unemployed Americans
make up only 7.9 percent of the workforce,
meaning that these efforts fail to reach 92.1
percent of the population and that businesses
are losing out on more than 127 million talented,
skilled and highly employable workers.
Why limit your search, your company and your
potential? When you use Adecco for your direct
hire needs, you don’t have to.
92.1% employed
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
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Casper, Wy 82601
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TUESDAY ~ JULY 9, 2013
Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Parade
This Year’s Theme:
“Trails to a Healthy State”
The Mayor’s Proclamation to Senior Olympics
Divisions and Entry Fees: (Check One)
Decorated Float
Antique/Classic Auto $10.00
Decorated Vehicle $30.00
Equestrian**(per Horse) $ 5.00
No Fee
These fees are per Float, Vehicle or Grouping ~ i.e. … ABC Company has 3 Decorated Vehicles in their group their fee =
$30.00 ($10.00 for each Vehicle). The staging area spaces are set up for one vehicle per entry number if you will have
more than one vehicle we need to now this information before Parade Day!
**We need to establish a fee this year for Equestrians – due to the need for clean-up. We will have a 4-H team in place
for clean-up and will be donating the Equestrian fees collected to their club.
PLEASE Read & Complete All sections of this entry form. Your entry form could be rejected or declined if the
form is not completed.
To Avoid Injury: NO THROWING…Candy or Other Favors. These items MUST be
distributed at the curb, so please plan accordingly! Also NO distribution of Helium
Balloons Please … they were extremely hazardous during the Parade in past years.
Parade Map and Entry Number will be mailed to you near entry deadline ~ and mailed to the address on this
entry form.
Entry Fees MUST accompany each entry form. Make checks payable to: Casper Lion’s Club.
Parade Position will be Influenced by When Entry Form is Received … Send Early!
We Thank you for your entry and wish you every success in your endeavor. The Parade Committee reserves
the right to make any and all last minute changes at its discretion and with recourse, and to reject any entry.
Organization / Individual Name:
Mailing Address:
Contact Name:
Mail Entry Form & Fee to:
Contact Phone #:
PO BOX 2076
CASPER WY 82602-2076
For Parade information call: 307-472-4926 or message ph.#: 307-234-7316
Parade Date = Tuesday, July 9, 2013 …………...…..Entry Deadline Date = June 25, 2013
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
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Casper, Wy 82601
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Business Card Directory
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
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Celebrate National Small Business Week
spirit of America is what
drives our economy. Our
small businesses are responsible for creating
two out of every three
new jobs and account
for 99 percent of all employer firms across the
nation. June 17-21 will
be the 50th anniversary
of National Small Business Week and I ask that
you join me in celebrating and acknowledging
the accomplishments of
over 27 million small
businesses all across
This year I am proud
that five Wyoming businesses have been designated 2013 Small Business Week honorees by
the U.S. Small Business
Administration (SBA),
the sponsor of National
Small Business Week.
According to the SBA,
the winners were selected on a variety of criteria, including staying
power, growth in number
of employees, increase in
sales, financial condition,
response to adversity,
community service and
assistance to small busi-
The Wyoming Small
Business Person of the
Year Award went to
Aaron Rodolph of Rodolph Brothers Inc., a
in Casper. The Wyoming Small Business
Exporter of the Year and
SBA Region VIII Small
Business Exporter of
the Year Award went to
L&H Industrial Inc., a
Gillette-based manufacturer that designs aftermarket parts for mining
equipment. The Spirit of
Wyoming Award went to
Sign Boss LLC, another
Gillette business that
focuses on ecofriendly
signage. The Wyoming
Small Business Advocate “Downtown Development” Award went to
Dan Brecht, Executive
Director of Platte County
Economic Development.
The Wyoming Small
Business Advocate of the
Year Award went to Sandra Newsome of Cody.
National Small Business Week provides me
with an another opportunity to recognize the
important impact that
small businesses have
in Wyoming. The five
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
companies honored by
the SBA are only a small
representation of over
60,000 Wyoming small
businesses. In Wyoming,
almost 97 percent of all
employers are small businesses, a fact that shows
how much we rely on the
services they provide and
the jobs they create.
Unfortunately, recent
research has shown that
rates of new business
startups are at record
lows, despite our reliance on small businesses
to boost our economy.
I recognize growing a
business can be tough in
the current regulatory climate and uncertain economic times. As a former
small business owner in
Wyoming, and senior
member of the Senate
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, I will continue my
efforts to promote small
businesses and represent
their interests. Wyoming
is a great example of a
that promotes development for small business-
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
es, and now is the time
to empower our nation’s
entrepreneurs who have
the expertise, energy, and
initiative to lead us on the
path to recovery.
National Small Business Week unites owners and employers across
America through seminars and forums, which
are accessible by the Internet, to answer questions regarding confusing
regulatory language and
labor law compliance,
among many other concerns. This is a week that
focuses on small business
issues and allows for networking and education.
It also affords small business owners the opportunity to meet with other
small businesses, learn
from their experiences
and share their own.
about National Small
Business Week, including
the agenda and how to remotely access events, can
be found at: http://www.
Greenline Equipment is moving even closer to
completing our name change to STOTZ EQUIPMENT
which will unify our company to one entity. We are changing in name only and are still
the same company that you have been doing business with for years. We still have the
same family ownership, employess and values. Nothing is changing but our name. We
recognize that change can be hard without understanding why, so here is a brief article
on why we are undergoing a name change.
Who is Arizona Machinery,
AA Equipment and Greenline
Equipment? They are all part
of one company and provide
support to our customers in
three different geographic
territories. We recently decided
that these companies should
be recognized as they actually
exist; as one unified company.
In our opinion, the clearest
way to reflect this is to have
them operate under one name
which lead us to undergoing
a name change. This was an
agonizing decision because
of the excellent reputation
each of these groups has
established over many years
and the concern that this
change would be perceived as
a new ownership group. Rest
assured, it is not.
After we decided on the concept
of having one name, our next
challenge was deciding what that
name should be. We started the
process by soliciting suggestions
from our employees. From those
suggestions, our management
team chose one name that utilized
the following criteria:
• A name that was not limiting as
far as region, geography or type
of business (for example, no
‘Arizona’ in the name.)
• A name that would help us create
a brand of our own, not directly
tied to John Deere (for example,
no ‘Green’ in the name.)
The name that clearly met all
of the criteria was
The Stotz name originated
back in 1980 when our
company built a new dairy.
The President at the time,
Ference Rosztoczy, named
it Stotz Dairy. He got the
name Stotz from our current
President, Tom Rosztoczy and
Vice President, Rob Rosztoczy
– a nickname given to them by
their childhood friends which
was an abbreviation of their
last name.
• A name that would connect to our
history and values.
• A name that would be simple,
unique, easy to remember and
find in internet searches.
Greenline Equipment would like to thank you for your business
and look forward to continue working with you as STOTZ!
Casper, WY
4920 Lathrop Rd, Casper, WY 82601
307-265-1870 • 800-359-0250
Riverton, WY
801 West Main, Riverton, WY 82520
307-856-4831 • 800-359-0229
Winter Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat. Closed
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
New merchant surcharges on credit purchases
President/CEO of BBB
Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming
Media Relations Manager
for BBB serving Northern
Colorado and Wyoming
CASPER — Most of us
have gotten used to charging purchases, large and
small, on a debit or credit
card. Just swipe the card
and avoid the hassle of carrying cash. Look carefully;
you may notice a new fee
on your receipt. Retailers
are now allowed to pass
along to consumers the cost
of processing credit cards.
It’s called “merchant
surcharging” and it’s permitted in most states. You
can be charged up to four
percent on each transaction
and, similar to sale taxes,
merchant surcharging can
be automatically added to
your bill. After a while,
these charges can add up,
so consumers may want to
reconsider how they pay for
goods and services.
Why now? Well, merchants have long been
charged a processing fee by
the credit card companies
when consumers chose to
charge their purchases. Previously, the fee could not
be passed along to customers. However, as a result of
litigation, merchants in the
U.S. and its territories can
pass that fee along directly
to customers using credit
cards (but not debit or prepaid cards).
What can consumers do?
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
· Use cash for smaller
purchases; some retailers
may offer you a discount if
you pay with cash
· Look for notices about
merchant surcharges; retailers are required to let you
know so you can decide beforehand if you want to pay
with a credit card
· If you know and trust
the merchant, you might
want to consider using a
debit card with “bricks and
mortar” establishments
· Use a credit card for
online purchases when you
need the greater protections
that credit cards offer
· Get into the habit of
monitoring your bank account and credit cards accounts online
banned merchant surcharg-
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
es: California, Colorado,
Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts,
New York, Oklahoma and
Texas. In other states, it’s
optional, and will vary from
store to store.
For more information
on managing your credit,
check out BBB’s “Managing Credit – Made Simple”
Please note this article
only applies to U.S. residents only.
Wyoming Business Tips
Tips is a weekly look at
Wyoming business questions from the Wyoming
Small Business Development Center (WSBDC),
part of WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz, a collection
of business assistance
programs at the University of Wyoming.
Both of our questions
are answered by Leonard
Holler, Wyoming Entrepreneur WSBDC regional
“Do you have any advice for buying an existing business to grow
mine?” Glenn, Gillette
Some statistics say that
nearly two-thirds of purchased businesses fail.
Here are some strategies
that might assist you in
making your business acquisition more successful.
-- Have a plan for acquiring the business. Understand why you want to
buy a particular business
so that plans will help
guide decisions during the
process, which can also
help you better communicate with employees and
vendors, as well as measure your progress. There
should be a solid strategic
reason for your purchase.
-- Develop criteria for
your selection of a target
business or company. You
should include revenue
and cash flow parameters (size of business),
preferred industry sector,
location and investment
preference. Then seek
out your preferred targets
at different venues such
as trade shows, industry association meetings,
searchable databases or
with contacts in the industry.
-- With your plan in
place, and your search
criteria identified, take a
close look at yourself and
your team to assess the
talent within the organization. You will need their
leadership to assist in the
negotiation, integration
and management of the
new acquisition. Outside
professionals should be
considered, such as your
accountant, attorney, insurance broker, banker
and valuation specialist,
to assist with advising
you in this decision. They
help make up part of an
acquisition team, besides
you and your key staff.
-- After you have identified a target company by
gathering sufficient information and evaluating
it among other possible
candidates, you need to
determine that they are
willing to sell. If they are,
show them that you have
an interest in the form of
a non-binding offer. Once
the offer has been accepted, complete some due
diligence on the company
to verify the information
they provided in order to
make your offer, and then
evaluate return potential.
This would include
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
developing projections
based on your research
of the industry and local
market. Additional inquiries should be made
regarding legal issues
property, contracts, agreements, leases, employee
status and anything else
that might impact the performance of the new acquisition.
-- If you are satisfied
with the due diligence,
a binding letter of intent
to purchase the company should be made with
some funds changing
hands. Once it’s accepted,
a purchase agreement will
be drawn up which includes issues, both large
and small, that have been
negotiated along the way.
Negotiation of the purchase agreement is like
a balancing act between
you and the target company.
Even though each deal
is different, and following these points is no predictor of success, your
chances of a successful
business acquisition can
be enhanced by considering them.
“What are my tax obligations when running
my own business?” Jim,
Here is a summary
based on a recent article
from the IRS.
typically means you work
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
for yourself as an independent contractor owning your own independent
business. Listed are key
points about self-employment and self-employment taxes:
income can include pay that
you receive for full- or
part-time work for a variety of customers. This
could include income
earned in addition to a
regular job from your
home or from a separate
Self-employed individuals must file a Schedule
C, Profit or Loss from
Business, or a Schedule
C-EZ, Net Profit from
Business, with a Form
1040. These forms are
used to calculate net earnings from the business.
forms, deduct the business expenses or costs
paid to run your trade or
business. You can deduct
most business expenses in
full, but some costs may
need to be allocated between personal and business use. They might even
need to be “capitalized,”
which means deducting
only a portion of the expense each year over a
period of years. Expenses
can only be deducted for
costs that are both ordinary and necessary. An
ordinary expense is common and accepted in your
industry. A necessary expense is helpful and ap-
Wyoming Business Tips continued from page 14
propriate for your particular trade or business.
means having to pay selfemployment tax and also
income tax on earnings
from the business. Selfemployment taxes include
both Social Security and
Medicare taxes. Computing the tax is based on net
income or profits from a
business using a Schedule SE, Self-Employment
Tax form.
A small business owner also may be required
to make estimated tax
payments. Some owners make estimated tax
payments to pre-pay the
taxes on income that has
not been subject to employer withholding, such
as wages.
If no estimated tax payments are made, you may
be required to pay an underpayment penalty when
filing an income tax return. This is only if you
underestimated potential
tax liability by too much
and did not pay enough
taxes during the year. Estimated tax payments are
made with Form 1040ES, Estimated Tax Payment voucher.
For more information,
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
visit the Small Business
and Self-Employed Tax
Center on the IRS website
at Several IRS publications are
available online, but help
also is available by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM
The WSBDC is a partnership of the U.S. Small
Business Administration,
the Wyoming Business
Council and the University of Wyoming. To ask
a question, call 1-800348-5194, email [email protected] or write 1000
E. University Ave., Dept.
3922, Laramie, WY,
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
A blog version of this
article and an opportunity to post comments is
available at http://www.
The WSBDC is a partnership of the U.S. Small
Business Administration,
the Wyoming Business
Council and the University of Wyoming. To ask
a question, call 1-800348-5194, email [email protected] or write 1000
E. University Ave., Dept.
3922, Laramie, WY,
Congratulations to the 2013
Jefferson Awards
Wyoming Representatives,
Jerry & Joyce Ostrom
of Powell!
The Ostroms won an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. and will
represent Wyoming at the national Jefferson Awards ceremonies and
a Congressional Reception this June.
Blue Sky helps fund local project
President/CEO of BBB
Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming
CASPER — Blue Sky
helps fund local project
A new rooftop solar project
on National Outdoor Leadership School’s international headquarters in Lander,
Wyoming is closer to reality thanks to Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue SkySM
program customers.
NOLS received a 2012
Blue Sky fund award to
construct a 23.5-kilowatt
solar array – phase one of
a 47-kw project to power
its building. Students and
visitors will be able to view
data from the array and the
school’s two earlier Blue
Sky-funded solar projects
via a real-time monitoring
Rocky Mountain Power
customers who participate
in Blue Sky, a Green-e
Energy Certified program,
support the development
of renewable energy in the
region, including smallerscale projects like this. The
program has helped support
156 community-based projects since 2006.
To learn more, visit
Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky customers
help support community-based renewable
energy projects, such as this solar array at
the National Outdoor Leadership School in
Lander, Wyo.
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Welcome New Members
Prairie Pella Wyoming/Rex
Robertson Co.
Jay Nelson
1240 Burlington Ave
Casper, WY 82601
[email protected]
Sonic Drive In
Kay Willis
6793 Bonanza
Evansville, WY 82636
[email protected]
We are an authorized Pella Window Store. We also sell and service
commercial doors and Hardware.
We have been in Casper since 1950!
We are a fast food restaurant offering a full menu all day. Sonic is
your Ultimate Drink Stop. We serve
burgers, coneys, chicken, full line
of breakfast items including toaster
and crosonic sandwiches and burritos. We also serve a full line of real
ice cream.
Casper Housing Authority
Kim Summerall-Wright
1514 East 12th, Ste 105
Casper, WY 82601
[email protected]
The Casper Housing Authority
provides decent, safe, affordable
housing for Casper’s low-income
citizens through programs that are
funded and regulated by the Federal
Department of Housing and Urban
Rocky Mountain Electric
Scott Malson
5150 Reserve
Evansville, WY 82626
[email protected]
Rocky Mountain is a full service
electrical company specializing in
residential and commercial projects. Over 15 years of experience
in the electrical industry. Our Master Electrician is Scott Malson. We
have a highly trained and qualified
staff serving Casper and the surrounding area.
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
Axia Payments
Michael D Johnson
3300 East 15th
Casper, WY 82609
877-875-6114 x200
[email protected]
For over 20 years we’ve helped our
clients get more from their credit
card and electronic payment programs.
Scooter’s Coffee & Yogurt
Marci Schaper Covington
6824 J Street
Omaha, NE 68117
[email protected]
Garden Square Assisted
Liz Krise-Thompson
1950 S Beverly
Casper, WY 82609
[email protected]
Garden Square Assisted Living offers assistance with: medication
management, meal preparation,
activities of daily living, activities
and social events coordinated by
out fun and enthusiastic live enrichment team. We provide 24 hour
on-site Certified Nursing Assistant
and have Licensed Nurses on staff.
You and your family members will
have peace of mind knowing that
the resident’s needs are met: physically, socially and emotionally. We
are more than just an assisted living
community, we are a family.
CollectionCenter, Inc
Heidi D Rood
159 N Wolcott, Ste 125
Casper, WY 82601
[email protected]
CollectionCenter, Inc. under the
same family ownership for over 94
years, offers a full range of services
for the credit grantor. Our mission
is to recover a maximum number of
dollars for our clients, respect the
Scooter’s Coffee & Yogurt is a speconsumer’s rights and dignity, and
cialty coffee and self-serve frozen
maintain our client’s good public
yogurt franchise with 100+ stores
in 7 states. We are seeking business owners and area developers in
Casper and greater WY.
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Ribbon Cuttings
Broker One
The Knowledge Nook
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
Shoe Carnival
Intermountain Record Center
Wyoming Food for Thought
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Ribbon Cuttings
Children’s Advocacy Project
Golden Corral
Wyoming Veterans’ Memorial Museum
Joye Kading Gallery Dedication
Carpet One
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Congratulations Leadership Casper
Class of 2012-2013
Cheryl Alexander - Stateline No. 7 Architects
Christopher Anderson - First Interstate Bank
Kelly Cooper - Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions
Sabrina Gibson - Mountain View Regional Hospital
Tara Greiner - Wyoming Community Development Authority
Angie Hallsted - Lenhart Mason & Associates, LLC
Nelson Giese - Mountain View Regional Hospital
Lisa Hulshizer - Mountain View Regional Hospital
Wendy Kindel - Wyoming Community Development Authority
Marilyn Lojo - Casper Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center
Sarah Olson - Casper College
Noelle Reed - Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA)
Bryce Row - First Interstate Bank
Tamara Walsh - Killmer & Associates, PC
2012-2013 Co-Chairs
Traci Aguilar – American Red Cross
Raelene Allen – Bank of the West
2013-2014 Leaders
Sabrina Gibson - Event Leader
Tara Greiner - Program Leader
Lisa Hulshizer - Outreach Leader
Chamber Congratulates Leadership Casper Class of
2012-2013 Graduates
Casper, WY – The
Casper Area Chamber of
Commerce and Visitors
Center recently honored
its Leadership Casper
Class of 2013. Fourteen
(14) young business persons completed the nine
month program that began last September. Under the tutelage of Melissa Noah of Peregrine
Leadership Institute, par-
ticipants expanded their
leadership skills; skills
that will help them with
professional and personal growth. The group
spend a portion of their
time gaining a better understanding of community needs and resources
in areas such as agriculture, education, government and legal systems,
public safety, hospitality
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
industry, energy, health
and human services. For
Military Day, they flew
in a C130 to Guernsey to
visit a premier joint military training center.
The Chamber would
like to thank the businesses that see the value
in leadership development and giving their
employees this great opportunity. Your invest-
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
ment will come back to
you in many many ways.
Leadership Casper is
a program of the Casper
Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. Applications for the
2013-2014 class will be
accepted through August
8, 2013. Contact Pam
Jones at the Chamber,
234-5311 for more information.
Business Card Directory
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311
Business Card Directory
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce
500 N. Center St.
Casper, Wy 82601
(307) 234-5311