10-04-2015 Now - Sacred Heart North Albury

Second Sunday of Easter
11th / 12th April 2015
Parish Clergy
Fr Kevin Flanagan PP
Parish Office
Fran Kernaghan
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9.00 am – 2.00 pm
Phone: 60251516
Fax: 60404016
Web: http://sacredheartnorthalbury.com/
Mass Times
SUNDAY: 9.30 am
WEEKDAYS: 9.30 am Monday,
Wednesday, Friday (in the church)
First Tuesday of the month: 11.00 am
Mass at Mercy Place.
SATURDAY: 4.45 PM-5.45 PM
WEDDINGS—By appointment.
Preparation course: 6051 0222
BAPTISMS—By appointment.
Preparation Course: 0411 883 661
The gospel invites us to share the experience of
the disciples, finding faith through the coming
of the Lord into their midst on the evening of his
Resurrection Day. What a dramatic situation –
they are to meet the one whom they have
deserted and abandoned to his fate. There is no
word of reproach, no reference to what has
taken place, only ‘Peace be with you’ and again
‘Peace be with you’ – you are forgiven come
once more into my friendship. Their finding
faith is a meeting with God's generous and
reconciling love. And he sends them forth with
the good news of the forgiveness of sins.
For many faith does not come easy and they are
helped by the testimony that echoes down
through the centuries of hard headed Thomas as he owns that it is indeed the crucified one the one who shared the deepest darkness of the
world we have made – to whom we can entrust
ourselves, as our ‘Lord’ and our ‘God’
We pray for those who have gone before us marked with the sign of
faith especially:
RECENTLY DECEASED: Bill McNamee, Dr John Stoney, Errol Edmunds.
ANNIVERSARIES: Ronald Murray, Bridget Hudson, Mary Anderson, Jessie Whelton, James
Leo Doolan, James Patrick Doolan, Leo Doolan, Erin Corboy, Rose Weaver, Patricia Fisher,
Catherine Thompson, Catherine Campbell, Joan Godde, Wal Tozer, Kerry Faul, Rose
Dynan, Steven Campbell, Harry Hore, Fr Mel Roach, Elio Corte, Les Stewart, David Miller,
Colleen O’Reilly, Anna Yea, Kath Doyle, Ronald Mitsch, Otto Sproule, Ellen Phibbs, Larry
Foley, Sylvia King, Betty Grealy, Bob Hamblin.
Gather our loved ones into your arms. Quiet our doubt and anger and send us your
healing grace. Through Christ our Lord.
Sat / Sun: 11th / 12th April
Lector 1
Lector 2
Cassandra Jones
Pat Hickman
Stephen O’Connor
Richard Parkinson
Michael Byrnes
Colleen Day
Eucharistic Ministers
Judy Lindsay
Pauline Mulquiney
Kevin Kennedy
Trish Parkinson
John Van Lint
Mary Minchin
Simon Goss
Val Hayes
Counters: Brian & Carmel Butts
Cleaning Group: Group 5
Sat /Sun: 18th / 19th April
Lector 1
Lector 2
Justin Clancy
Nano Clancy
Tony Smit
Roy Thompson
Anne Duck
Michael Stephenson
Eucharistic Ministers
Pat Hopkins
Geoff Jervois
Robert Brown
Pamela McIntosh
Judy Lindsay
Judy Foley
Anne McIntyre
Val Hayes
Counters: Anna Loughry & Michael Byrnes
Cleaning Group: Group 5
Parish Council News
Working Bee In The Church
On Thursday 23 April at 9.30am we will be
holding a working bee to clean the seats, windows and sills in the Church. Please come
along with your cleaning materials and lend a
hand. Many hands make light work!
Volunteers—Past and Present—Of Our Parish
On Sunday 17 May 2015 after 9.30am Mass
we will have a morning tea to acknowledge all
who volunteer within our Parish. Please bring
a plate to share. Everyone most welcome.
Bonsai Under Lights
Come and enjoy a beautiful display of Bonsai
under lights on Friday 17 April 7pm onwards.
Valibo nurseries 534 Urana Rd Lavington. $10
entry includes wine and cheese.
Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers
The new roster for May, June & July is being
drawn up. Please advise of your unavailability and the Mass time you are available for.
First Communion Classes
Classes for children not attending Catholic
Schools will be commencing next term.
Please call 6025 1516 if you wish your child
to begin these classes.
Parish Mission at Immaculate Heart of Mary Thurgoona
‘Why Do We Do What We Do? Renewal in the Covenant
Sun 26 April, Mon 27 April & Tues 28 April from 7pm
each night. Reconciliation after each session.
Easter Water
Some containers of Easter Water are
available near the Commentator’s
Stand if you missed out last weekend.
You are invited to our
Sacred Heart Parish
60th Anniversary Luncheon
Commercial Club
Stanley Room
Sunday 14th June 2015
at 12.30pm
Complimentary drink on arrival
Two course meal
Adults $40 per head
Children 5-12 years $20
Under 5 years Free
Please come and celebrate our amazing Parish milestone
Tickets on sale at the Presbytery
The Sacred Heart Book will be
launched at this function
Feastday of the Week
Monday 13th April—St Martin—Pope and Martyr
“When Martin I became Pope in 649AD, Constantinople was
the capital of the Byzantine empire and the patriarch of
Constantinople was the most influential Church leader in the
eastern Christian world. The struggles that existed within the
Church at that time were magnified by the close cooperation
of emperor and patriarch.
2nd Sunday of Easter —Year B
Readings: Acts 4: 32-35; 1 John 5: 1-6; John 20: 19-31
Responsorial Psalm
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love is everlasting.
Alleluia Verse: Alleluia, alleluia!
You believe in me Thomas, because you have seen me;
Happy those who have not seen me, but still believe!
Reflection on the Readings:
We can see with our other senses
“The timely recollection of the ‘eight days after,’ which is the Sunday after the Resurrection,
permits us to tie our reflection to one of the most significant Eucharistic hymns composed by
another Thomas, St Thomas Aquinas. In the Adore Te Devote, which refers to the Eucharist, we
read: ‘Sight, touch, taste are all deceived in their judgement of you. But hearing suffices firmly
to believe’. Combining these words with today’s Gospel we can justly affirm that the
experience ‘to see’ was not denied to us, but it is in contrast with the Apostle Thomas’ physical
experience, who was able to put his own finger into the holes in Christ’s hands and side,
whilst we can only comprehend it in the faith which is guarded and transmitted by the
Church, our Mother and Teacher.
“That which we ‘have not seen’ is therefore the glorious Body of the Risen One. However,
today we have the ability to ‘listen’ to the Word of God and the Magisterium of the Church
and so we can ‘see’ the real Body of Christ which is the Eucharist. We can ‘see’ His Mystical
Body which is the Church. We can ‘see’ Him in our lives and in the lives of our many brothers
who, after meeting the Lord in a real but mysterious way, are united to Him in His Spirit!
“Like Thomas, Christ calls us to fill the holes left by the instruments of the passion in His
Body with our own hands so that our lives and the verbal witness that we give proclaim His
Resurrection. Our senses could betray us, but we know that we have met the Risen One and
we have recognized Him!”
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North Albury, is used with permission.
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