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SAP BusinessObjects
Planning and Consolidation
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SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation
What is SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation?
BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Training
BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is an important solution of the SAP Enterprise Performance
Management (EPM) suite and can help your organization to capitalize on the value of your existing data assets. BPC gives
you access to reliable corporate data and streamlines planning and consolidation processes. It lets you align operational
plans with corporate goals, initiatives, and metrics defined using the SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management application. You execute to plan, understand risk factors, and have the financial resources budgeted to support all initiatives.
This comprehensive approach helps you maximize business profitability and effectively manage risk and compliance –
while optimizing corporate systems, people, and processes
EPM Workshops
Our education program is focused on the main EPM applications including SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and based on our experience and best practices. We offer workshops for financial professionals, project managers
and administrators. Our qualified trainers will give an update of best practices and new features of the application.
Together with your peers, you will broaden your knowledge and share experiences.
SAP BPC improves productivity by streamlining and aligning bottom-up and top-down planning processes. It can
accelerate the financial close, shorten budget cycles, and improve compliance by automating manual processes and
enabling complete visibility from budgets to actuals. It provides a unified solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting,
and consolidation that is designed to be owned and maintained by finance managers and can fit into any IT landscape.
End User Course
Centre has a unique methodology for developing SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation end-user trainings.
Our methodology is based on the process perspective; the actual reporting process is the starting point how to make
better use of the application. The material and documentation can be delivered fully custom-made.
Figure 2. SAP BPC:
A strategic component of
the EPM software suite
Business Benefits
• Reduce cycle time in creating and approving budgets by enabling finance and line-of business managers to collaborate to align budgets.
• Improve planning and forecasting accuracy via a unified, agile solution that supports rapid re-forecasting and standard business processes.
• Empower business users to own and modify common business processes without IT assistance via a solution they
can maintain themselves.
• Increase business user productivity with native access to familiar tools such as Microsoft Office.
• Minimize business and compliance risk by enabling transparent financial reporting with a fully documented audit
trail from a single data repository.
Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance
Management Suites
What does Gartner say?
According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Corporate
Performance Management Suites, SAP now has a broad
portfolio of applications through acquisition, and its
overall vision is very strong. The key strategic components of SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management,
SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, SAP
BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management,
and SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation deliver
a good breadth and depth of functionality in all areas of
Source: Gartner (March 2011)
SAP has an aggressive road map to deliver integration
among the various acquired CPM applications in its portfolio and integration with SAP BW and BusinessObjects
BI. SAP has already delivered on the initial phases of this
road map, with Business Planning and Consolidation
(BPC) 7.0 on NetWeaver, the ramp-up release of EPM 7.5
in 2009, bringing functional parity BPC capabilities onto
NetWeaver. In keeping with BusinessObjects’ traditionally heterogeneous strategy, the CPM products can be
purchased and deployed without the need for the SAP
NetWeaver/BI/BW stack.
Why Centre Consulting?
Centre Consulting is the SAP Special Expertise partner to help you customize your SAP BusinessObjects Planning and
Consolidation applications based on many years of working experience with the SAP EPM Suite.
Centre Consulting is a professional services provider of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Group
Finance. Centre Consulting collaborates with its clients to optimize financial reporting processes and advises on the
associated software solutions.
What do we offer?
Centre Consulting has a broad experience in many industries for many years and delivers
high quality services that include:
• Package selection: support on selection of group reporting solutions.
• Project management.
• Process improvement: ‘Fast close’, IFRS, XBRL, Sustainability, Risk Reporting.
• Implementation services: ‘delivering solutions’ from analysis to implementation.
• Training and rollout.