Ottawa’s New Street Food Vending Program 2013 Information Package

Ottawa’s New Street Food Vending Program
2013 Information Package
What you need to know...
Application Deadline: Friday, January 4, 2013 at 4:30pm
Application may be submitted by:
o Email: [email protected]
o Mail: The Business License Centre, 2nd floor, 735 Industrial Ave, Ottawa,
ON, K1G 5J1
o In person: The Business License Centre
Successful applicants will be offered spaces between January 14 – February 15,
1. New Street Food Vending Initiative
City Council has approved that up to 20 new food cart or truck spaces be established
for 2013. The goal of this initiative is to increase the diversity of food offered on City
2. Selection Process
An impartial Street Food Selection Panel made up of volunteer representatives from
The Ontario Restaurant, Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA), The Ottawa Branch of
the Canadian Culinary Federation, Savour Ottawa, Just Food and Ottawa Public Health
will evaluate applications. The selection criteria are based on the proposed menu,
business plan, level of vendor experience and overall contribution to Ottawa’s street
food scene. For more information about the selection criteria, see page 5.
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Business License Centre
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3. Approved Food Items
Beyond Public Health regulations related to food handling and storage, there are
currently no restrictions on the types of food that may be sold on the street. However,
the New Street Food Initiative is encouraging ethnically diverse and innovative menu
offerings. As such, be creative and consider using a variety of healthy, fresh and local
4. Vending Locations
A list of available designated spaces will be available on or before December 7, 2012.
Only one space will be allocated to a successful applicant. Please review the locations
and identify your ‘top 5’ preferred vending locations on your application. Offers of a
space will be made based on the availability of space and the score the application
receives from the Selection Panel.
5. Fees
On-street food vendors require a mobile refreshment vehicle or cart business license
and designated space permit issued by the City.
The total annual fee for a cart ranges from $1,372 to $ 2,178 and from $4,703 to
$6,748 for a truck. The breakdown of these fees is as follows:
Annual Business License Fee
Carts: $564 Trucks: $2,981
6 Month Business License Fee
Carts: $393 Trucks: $1,945
Annual Designated Space Permit Fee
Cart (Downtown Core):
Cart (Outside Core):
Truck (Downtown Core):
Truck (Outside Core):
6. General Requirements
It is recommended that Applicants not purchase refreshment vehicles or carts or
insurance for the purposes of vending on City streets before receiving approval
from the Selection Panel and receive the offer of a designated space. Any
purchase of these items prior to receiving approval from the City for vending on
City streets is at the applicant’s sole and complete risk.
After receiving approval from the Selection Panel, new food truck and cart vendors will
require a mobile refreshment vehicle or cart business license and an annual
designated space permit to operate on designated space issued by the City of
Permits and business licenses are issued annually and expire on May 15th. After the
initial issuance of your permit and license you are required to renew your permit and
business license within the renewal period of April 15th to May 15th each year.
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7. What is a Sidewalk Refreshment Cart?
A sidewalk refreshment cart is a hand-powered vehicle that is no greater than 3 metres
in length (10 feet), by 1.2 metres in width (4 feet), by 2.5 metres in height (8 feet).
8. What is a Roadway Refreshment Truck?
A roadway refreshment truck is a motor-powered vehicle, not a trailer, which is no
greater than 10 metres in length (33 feet), by 2.6 metres in width (8.5 feet), by 4.3
metres in height (14 feet).
9. Refreshment Carts and Trucks must:
be clean and sanitary at all times
be in compliance with size regulations
be in safe and stable condition and state of good repair
have recycling and trash receptacles outside of the unit
have a trade name written on both sides of vehicle/cart with letters no smaller
than 7cm in height
be removed from City streets during non operating hours (11PM-5:30AM)
not be left unattended for longer than 30 minutes during operating hours
In addition, all licensees and permit holders must:
dispose of grease and water in accordance with all laws & regulations; and,
ensure trash/recyclables resulting from the vending activity are collected and
removed from the vending area before leaving for the day.
11. Street Vending Insurance Information
As a condition of being issued a mobile refreshment vehicle or cart license, you are
required to obtain and maintain General Commercial Liability Insurance coverage which
meets the following requirements:
insurance for Public Liability and Property Damage for vehicles with a limit of not
less than $2,000,000 per occurrence
insurance for Public Liability and Property Damage for carts with a limit of not
less than $1,000,000 per occurrence
the City of Ottawa is named as an additional insured
the policy must contain an endorsement to provide the City with 30 days prior
notice of cancellation or change that would diminish coverage
A mobile refreshment vehicle or cart license will not be issued until sufficient proof of
insurance has been received and approved.
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New Street Food Vending Application Instructions
Step 1. Submit the following by 4:30PM on January 4, 2013:
 Completed New Street Food Application Form
 The required information as specified on page 5 and any additional information
as described on page 6 (clearing labelling each page with your name)
Submit all documents by email to [email protected], by mail or in-person
to the Business License Centre, 2nd floor, 735 Industrial Ave, Ottawa ON K1G 5J1
The Selection Panel will review applications and allocate a vending space based on the
availability of the space and on the applicant’s score as assigned by the Street Food
Selection Panel. The review of applications and allocation process will occur from
January 7 to February 15, 2013. Successful applicants will be invited to proceed to
Step 2 on or before February 15, 2013.
Step 2. Upon approval from the Selection Panel, submit the following:
 Proof of age (at least 18 years of age)
 A recent colour photograph of the refreshment vehicle or cart
 The maximum dimensions of the mobile refreshment vehicle or cart
 Current vehicle registration, if operating a food truck
 The type of heating and cooking equipment used
 All other equipment to be used in the business
 The make, model, style and serial number of the vehicle or cart
 Proof of insurance (page 3)
 Proof of Food Handler Certification
 Proof of Health Inspection Certificate. Please contact Public Health at 311 to
arrange for an inspection
 Copy of propane inspection certificate, where applicable
 License and permit fees payable to the City of Ottawa
Step 3. Arrange for a vehicle or cart inspection:
Once you have been informed that you have successfully met the requirements of Step
2 please schedule your final inspection through By-law and Regulatory Services Branch
by contacting Officer Jacqueline Mundy at 613 580 2424 EXT 33340 or by e-mail at
[email protected] to arrange your on-site inspection. If approved, your
license and permit will be issued and you are ready to open for business!
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New Street Food Vending Selection Criteria
The Street Food Selection Panel will use the criterion below to evaluate applications.
Please provide information and supporting documentation (as required).
Required Information
1. Business Plan & Experience
Business plan
Provide a business plan including information on the following:
business profile and the marketing, operational (including
staffing) and financial plan.
Applicant’s qualification &
Provide a resume or description of previous business
experience, experience in food service industry, street vending
or related. Provide evidence of Food Handler certification or
future intention to attend this training.
Unit design & commissary
Describe the proposed cart or truck and the commissary
(where food will be prepared if not just in truck or on cart)
including photos, layouts and design of the unit.
* It is not recommended that you purchase a vending unit
and/or enter into an agreement with a commissary until you
have been assigned a designated space.
2. Menu and Contribution to Ottawa’s Food Scene
Menu Diversity &
Provide the menu with item descriptions and price. Explain
how the menu/concept reflects the diversity of our City and will
contribute to Ottawa’s street food scene. Also provide details
on environmental impact and the use of healthy, fresh and
local ingredients.
* Please note that significant changes to the menu must be reapproved by the Selection Panel.
Describe how quickly the operation can be up and running and
the proposed months, days and hours of operation.
Note: A total score of at least 70 points is required to pass the evaluation
process. Applicants will be offered one of 20 designated spaces being allocated
for 2013 based on highest score and the availability of spaces.
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Additional Information
The more information you provide, the better the Street Food Selection Panel will be
able to assess your application. Consider providing recipes, images of your menu and
nutritional information. Do you plan on using social media? Include whatever relevant
information you think may persuade the selection panel to choose you!
Keep in mind that starting a mobile food vending business can be expensive. Given the
costs, do some research into what other vendors in other cities are doing. Try to
determine what has made them successful. For example, big windows make food trucks
more approachable and a clean working station attracts customers to food carts.
Consumer trends also indicate a growing appetite for more nutritious, local and
ethnically diverse fare.
Remember that the purpose of this initiative is to increase the diversity of food on City
streets and raise the profile of Ottawa’s food scene. So let your imagination run wild and
have fun formulating your menu! We wish you success with regards to your application.
Contact Information
Licensing, Permits & Markets
Initiative Details &
General Enquiries
Public Health
Invest Ottawa
Business Planning
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Contact Information
Phone: 613 580 2424 EXT 12735
Email: [email protected]
In person: 2nd floor at 735 Industrial Ave.
Phone: 311
Christine Evans
613-828-6274 ext: 253
[email protected]