ABK`s Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card

ABK’s Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card
A single prepaid card with multiple currencies, ABK offers you the freedom to choose from 10
currencies. The card is available to both ABK and Non - ABK customers.
The ABK Freedom Prepaid Card is a multi currency cash passport solution for frequent
travelers, offering you security, convenience and total freedom, with the ability to carry up to
10 currencies in one single card.
Below are some of the benefits offered by the ABK Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card:
Availability of multiple currencies in one card account
Available Currencies include: Kuwaiti Dinar, US Dollar , British Pound, EURO,
Emirati Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Bahraini Dinar, Qatari Riyal, Swiss Francs and the
Canadian Dollar
Locks-in Exchange Rates protecting against any fluctuations in future rates
Free Travel Insurance of up to USD 250,000
Instant discounts with ABK Advantage at participating outlets
Various offers and promotions from Priceless Arabia by MasterCard
Cash withdrawal facilities at ATM’s abroad and at ABK ATM’s locally.
Dedicated Online Portal that offers secure access to card account details
Available to Both ABK and Non - ABK customers
Purchase Protection
Fraud Protection
MasterCard Global Assistance Services
Accepted Worldwide
Travel smart with ABK’s Freedom Card, and gain access to your funds from anywhere in the
world with MasterCard®, accepted at over 2 million ATM machines and 35 million other
Frequently Asked Questions
ABK’s Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card
1. Am I eligible to apply for the card?
To apply for the card you must be 18 years old or above.
You must also be a citizen or resident of the State of Kuwait.
2. What if I do not have a banking relationship with Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait?
Can I still apply for the card?
Yes you can apply for the card as long as you have an existing banking
relationship with any other bank in Kuwait. You will be able to load/reload funds
on your card only by using a KNET debit card issued by any bank in Kuwait.
3. How can I apply for the Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card?
You can apply by visiting any one of our ABK Branches and filling out the
Application Form. You must also bring along your Civil ID and for Non-ABK
customers you must provide us with a copy of your existing Bank’s KNET ATM
Card. You will receive your Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card and PIN from
ABK after 4 business days.
4. What is the cards validity?
The ABK Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card is valid for 2 years.
5. Do I have to activate my Prepaid Card before I can start using it?
The card will be activated by your ABK branch when you collect your Prepaid
Freedom card.
6. What currencies can I load on my ABK Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom
At present the 10 currencies that you can load on the card are: Kuwaiti Dinar, US
Dollar, British Pounds, Euro, Emirati Dirham, Qatari Riyal, Saudi Riyal, Bahraini
Dinar, Swiss Francs and Canadian Dollars.
7. What type of transactions can I use my card for?
The card is a Prepaid card in which you load funds and use it for purchases and
cash withdrawals.
You can use your card for POS Purchases, Online Purchases, Local Cash
withdrawals at ABK ATMs and Overseas Cash withdrawals worldwide.
8. How can I load funds and view my transaction statement?
You can easily load funds and view your transactions by visiting the dedicated
ABK Online Prepaid Portal on eahli.com
To login and access the Portal, you simply enter your 16 digit Prepaid Card
number and 4 digit PIN. Once you login successfully, you can easily load funds
and view your card transaction details.
You can load funds online by using a KNET debit card issued by any bank in
9. Are there any IVR functions available on the card?
Yes there are. Call 1899899 and enter your 16 digit Prepaid Card number
and 4 digit PIN.
Once you gain access to your card account via our IVR services, you can
proceed to checking the last 5 transactions made on your card, in addition to
listening to the available balance for each currency loaded on the ABK’s
Freedom Card.
10. Are there any minimum or maximum reload limits applied to the Multi
Currency Prepaid Freedom Card?
Minimum amount per load/reload is KD 20
Maximum amount for load/reload in 1 day is KD 3,000
11. How soon can I use the card once I load/reload funds?
Once your load/reload is successful, you can use the card immediately for any
POS or Online Purchases. You can use the card for Cash withdrawals after 24
hours of loading funds.
12. Can I bring in cash to the ABK Branch to load/reload funds on the card?
Cash will not be accepted at ABK branches for loading/reloading funds on the
13. How does the Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card work?
First, you must load funds onto the card in Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD). And then you
utilize funds from your KWD wallet balance on the card to load up to 9 additional
foreign currency wallets on the card.
For example if you want USD 100 wallet Balance on the card, then you transfer
approx KD 28.764 from your KWD wallet to USD wallet.
The exchange rate for KWD & USD at the day of the balance transfer will be
applied, in addition to any applicable rate. The exchange amount will be clearly
displayed to you before you confirm the wallet balance transfer.
As you lock-in the exchange rate for KWD & USD, any future fluctuations in the
currency exchange rate will not affect your USD wallet balance.
After you load USD 100 wallet Balance and you use your card for USD 10 for
any purchase, this transaction amount will be deducted from your USD wallet
Balance and the new USD wallet Balance will be USD 90.
The above applies to all the other currencies available on the card.
14. What if I do not have sufficient funds in a Currency wallet to complete a
For example if you are making a purchase of USD 200 and you only have USD
199 in your USD wallet balance on the card, then the transaction will be
completed using your KWD wallet available balance for the whole amount of the
transaction (e.g. approx. KWD 57 for USD 200).
In case the KWD wallet available balance is insufficient to complete the
transaction, then the transaction will be declined.
Please note that in such scenarios only your KWD wallets will be used to
complete the transaction.
Continuing the above example, even if you have
EURO 1,000 wallet balance on your card, only your KWD wallet balance will be
used to complete for the insufficient USD transaction.
The above applies to all the other currencies available on the card.
All Freedom Prepaid cardholders are expected to be aware of the available
wallet balances on their card.
15. What if I make transactions in a currency for which I have no wallet
balance on the Card?
All transactions which are made in the currency not available on the wallet
balances of the card will be completed utilizing the card’s KWD wallet balance
16. Can I transfer balances from a Non-KWD wallet to another Non-KWD
wallet on the card?
This is not allowed. For example if you have USD 200 in your USD wallet on the
card, you cannot transfer this balance to EURO wallet of the card.
In case you want to make such transfer, then you must first transfer the USD 200
wallet to your KWD wallet. And then from the KWD wallet to the EURO wallet.
17. What if I want to transfer all my wallet balances on the card to my Bank
If you want to the transfer the wallet balances on the card to your Bank account,
it will be done so in Kuwaiti Dinars only.
All Non-KWD wallet balances will be converted to KWD as per the day’s
exchange rate. And the total KWD balance of the card will be credited to the
customer’s Bank account. Bank charges will apply.
18. Who is covered by the Free Travel Insurance and is there an eligibility
To be eligible for complimentary Travel Insurance, customers must purchase
their flight ticket using their ABK Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card and pay
for the airline tickets in full. The country of origin for the travel itinerary must be
Kuwait. ABK Multi Currency Prepaid Freedom Card cardholders can also
request Travel Insurance Certificate to be issued for their Spouse and children
(under 18 years) if they are part of the travel itinerary. If you would like the travel
insurance certificated issued you must contact ABK’s Call Center “Ahlan Ahli”
and request your Travel Insurance Certificate.
19. How can I report my Stolen/Lost or Damaged Card?
By calling ABK’s Call Center “Ahlan Ahli” at the following numbers:
1899899 / 22442211 / 22442255
*The features and benefits listed in this booklet are subject to changes without prior notice. All ABK Terms and Conditions Apply. Last Updated June 2015