HAZS Company Profile / Business Plan Corporation

Company Profile / Business Plan
HAZS Corporation
Management Principle
We aim to be a risk management company
capable of providing original solutions to new
risks. In areas requiring active risk-taking
challenges, we will utilize our consultation
skills and help companies develop a robust
business structure.
Management Vision
HAZS was established to provide solutions to issues confronted
by B-to-C companies, based on its expertise in the credit
industry, accumulated through long years of experience by the
president of HAZS.
Risk management regarding personal information protection and
information security
Risk management of small-scale credits
Development of systems for payment/credit management and
customer management
HAZS will promote trusting market transactions by utilizing the
above expertise, and thereby contribute to society and develop
into a public-serving company.
“FY2007 Survey on IT Utilization in Japan”
General image of Internet businesses surrounding the consumer
Source: METI materials
Consultation Services
Privacy consultation
Preparation of in-house manuals
TRUSTe certification examination agent
Privacy mark acquisition consultation
Small-scale credit risk management
Know-how on the recovery of small-scale credits, for online
Systems consultation
Know-how on payment systems and customer management systems
Privacy Consultation
(Support Services for Personal Information Protection and
Information Security)
Assistance for preparation of in-house personal information
protection manuals
We produce and sell in-house manual templates containing the essential points of
METI’s “Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Laws Concerning Fields of
Economy and Industry.”
TRUSTe examination and consultation
TRUSTe is a privacy certification organization established in 1997 in the United States.
It operates the “Third-party Privacy Seal Program,” which aims to foster trust and
confidence between online businesses that handle personal information and individual
users, through third-party privacy examination and certification. HAZS is one of 50
designated TRUSTe certification examination agents in Japan. Our services include
TRUSTe Seal Program examinations and certification consultations.
Privacy mark acquisition consultation
We provide consultations on building and operating personal information protection
systems that conform to the Japan Industrial Standard JIS Q 15001 (personal information
protection management systems – requirements).
Size of the Information Security Market
Information security market (total: 693.8 billion yen)
Information security tools market (345.3 billion yen)
Information security services market (348.5 billion yen)
HAZS operates in the information security services market.
Security consultation
Security system construction services
Security operations/management services
Security training
Information security insurance
(77.4 billion yen)
(140.8 billion yen)
(96.8 billion yen)
(24.0 billion yen)
(9.5 billion yen)
*HAZS provides services in the red markets.
Small-scale Credit Risk Management
Internal controls for online businesses
Adopting a deferred payment system increases sales.
* The deferred payment system itself gives the impression that the company is trustworthy.
There is a general trend in society to offer deferred payment as an option.
* A revision of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions was discussed by the Industrial Structure
Policy Council (an advisory council to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 2007.
Existing credit management (recovery) manuals do not provide sufficient
information on processing small-scale credits.
* There are only manuals related to securities.
Large credits = preservation of securities Small credits = quality management
Improve the rate of credit losses and aim to optimize costs.
* This can be achieved by integrating credit exposure management, credit monitoring, and depreciation
Size of the Small-scale Credit Market
Online business market 46.7 trillion yen
(FY2010 JADMA statistics)
If, supposing the credit-loss ratio of online
businesses is 1%,
credit losses in the market would
amount to 46.7 billion yen.
in credit
link with
controls for
Expertise in
Knowledge of
in systems
Sales Channels
Expansion of business opportunities through tie-ups
Selection of a partner in anticipation of synergistic effects
Advertising agency: Partnership with an advertising
agency that does business with online businesses
Payment services company
Sales through introductions and intermediations
Sales through the personal network of the corporate
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Utilization of the achievements of 80,000 member
Mail order advertising agency
Company Profile
Description of business
Hiroki Azuma, President
6-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
October 23, 2007
5,700,000 yen (scheduled to be increased in October 2010)
Information security consultation
Small-scale credit risk management
System development contract service
Analysis and solutions
Sales agent of various software programs
Clearance systems consultation
Planning, production and maintenance of websites and
e-commerce (EC) sites