Business Enterprise Institute, Inc. WHAT IS EXIT PLANNING?

Exit Planning is a deliberate,
adaptable and customized
process that business owners
use so they can leave their
businesses on their own terms
and on their schedule.
Business Enterprise Institute, Inc.
(BEI) Launches a National Survey
of Business Owners
• What do owners of privately held businesses
care about? What do they worry about? What
do they feel confident about?
W H AT I S B E I ?
• How can Exit Planning advisors best serve
BEI is the preeminent Exit
their business-owner clients in planning for the
Planning Resource for
business advisors in North
• Are owners aware of their exit path options?
America. BEI trains and
supports business advisors
• How are owners handling these issues?
to be the preeminent Exit
Planning Resource to business
- Goals (timing, value, successor choice)
owners in their communities.
- Lifetime transfer events
- Possibility of death or disability
BEI ultimately helps business
BEI has designed a first of its kind,
owners and their families
comprehensive national survey of owner-
benefit from their life’s work.
managed businesses with 10–250 employees,
• What plans have owners made for their sale
or roughly $500,000–$50M in annual revenue,
BEI provides the marketing
that will significantly advance the level of
tools, support services, Exit
information that is currently available today.
• What are buyer/seller identification
Plan creation software and
training to help professionals
Owner-managed businesses constitute a
in a variety of disciplines
well-documented and dynamic source of
• What are the circumstances of acquisition/
(accounting, law, business
economic activity, generating the majority of
consulting, valuation, banking,
new jobs in the United States. The majority
insurance and financial
of these business owners are Baby Boomers
• What evidence exists of entrepreneurial
planning) leverage Exit
who are expected to sell or transfer trillions
Planning to attract and keep
of dollars of business value in the next few
high-caliber business owners
years. The successful or unsuccessful transfer
• Are owners aware of, and working on value
in their practices.
of these companies will affect not only the
departing owners, but their employees, their
BEI’s focus, in all that
communities and the U.S. economy.
we do and in this survey,
is on the last phases
What we Expect to Learn :
of the business cycle;
namely, issues facing
• What have owners of privately held
owners of owner-managed
businesses done to plan for the future of their
businesses before, during
and after business exit.
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