Product Name: Battery Pack for Wii Fit Balance Board Brief

Product Name: Battery Pack for Wii Fit Balance Board
Brief Introduction:
This Battery Pack is specifically designed tor the Wii Fit Balance Board. It contains a built-in rechargeable
lithium-ion battery. LED indicators on the battery indicate the status of a charge.
Charging Method:
1) Insert the DC end of the cable into the DC jack of the pack.
2) Insert the USB plug into the USB port on the back of the Wii console, Computer or other USB power source
3) The LED indicator light turns red when it is charging.
4) The LED in'dicator light turns green when it is completely charged.
5) When the charge has finished, pull the USB charging cable out of the Wii console or computer before the
DC end.
• Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board
• Eliminates the need of frequent alkaline battery replacements
• auto cut-off, when completely charged this battery pack will shut itself off, preventing overcharging and
• Charging Current: 500 MA
• Charging Voltage: 5V
• Capacity: 700mAh 1.5hs (depends on the capacity left of the battery pack)
• Charge upon initial usage
Careless use ot this battery will cause acid leakage, which can be'very harmful upon skin contact. Please use
caution. If battery acid leakage touches your skin then rinse with water and seek medical attention immediately.
• violently shaking the battery
• Forcing the battery open in an attempt to fix the battery
• Throwing the battery in fire
• Touching battery's anode and cathode, causing the risk of being short circuited
• Placing it under sunlight, high temperatures nor dampness.
• Dry it by using heating facilities such as a microwave oven
• Connect the battery pack into the Balance Board in the correct manner
• Clean it with dry cloth without chemicalsolvent
• Avoid connecting and disconnecting frequently as much as possible
• Keep it away from metal