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Issue #20, May 25, 2015
The changing landscape
In this week’s industry player profile interview we speak
to Dean Economou, Technology Strategist at NICTA.
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Speaking at the opening address of the recent Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Data Centre Summit in Sydney, Gartner Managing Vice President Michele Camino said that the Len Rust
Nexus of Forces (cloud, social, mobile and information) and the Internet of Things together are creating a whole new business world that requires a new approach to both demand and management.
The IT world today is rapidly moving from legacy application software to SOA, SaaS integration and APls all driven by the power of convention over conMiguration and the promise of agility and better operational efMiciency. Many organisations are now facing a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demands by emerging business needs and the infrastructure that they’ve built up often over many generations.
To stay competitive today organisations must continually reinvent themselves in a business landscape that is continually being disrupted by new technologies. A profound change is occurring in the IT world; the power of technology has been discovered! After years of relegating computers and information technology to the back ofMice as a cost cutting productivity tool, the community has discovered that technology has an exciting potential as a force in the marketplace.
Leading companies have gained signiMicant competitive advantage through greater use of information resources. How companies are turning technology to a competitive advantage has become an issue of considerable interest to business and information managers alike. But in many organisations a huge gap between corporate strategy and information technology strategy prevents the vision of competitive digital technology from being realized.
Companies of all sizes today are grappling with aging complex systems that are costly to maintain and too inMlexible to support new business initiatives. In today’s current economy, with IT budgets likely to stay Mlat or grow only modestly with many organisations currently being forced to use an ever-­‐increasing share of their budgets just to maintain existing legacy systems.
The rules of IT are also being rewritten, as CIOs/CMOs/CFOs are being asked to accommodate major new trends such as big data, mobility, BYOD, cloud computing and software deMined everything. Due to the meteoric rise of these movements, CIOs have to support new applications and usage models while also running traditional workloads more efMiciently and cost-­‐effectively. The pressure facing IT teams to not only deliver superior performance on a daily basis but also to be able to rapidly respond to changes in the business environment is now greater than before.
Innovation today is no stranger to the information technology function. Armed with increasingly sophisticated tools and applications, IT-­‐led teams are looking for new ways to streamline business processes, vastly improving operating efMiciency and at the same time reducing costs, Many corporate leaders though are now raising the bar: they expect IT’s core mission to expand from cost-­‐
cutting to enabling revenue generation all within a short period of time.
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Holden or Tesla?
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New report shows NZ ICT sector strength
New report reveals NZ's vibrant
ICT sector
A new report highlighting the growing ICT sector in New Zealand has been released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The 2015 ICT Sector Report reveals great opportunities for talent and business, with a vibrant tech community whose innovation and strength was just recently acknowledged at the 2015 NZ Hi-­‐
Tech Awards. Key highlights from the report include:
• New Zealand's IT services and software sector is rapidly growing, with the number of domestic IT businesses topping 10,000 for the Mirst time in 2014.
• Employment in the sector is on the rise with the number of people employed in IT services and software Mirms up 2,800 in the year to June 2014.
• More ICT businesses are expanding internationally, with the report showing exports of IT services and software have doubled since 2008.
• Computer services account for 25 per cent of all business expenditure on research and development in New Zealand.
• IT stocks currently total around 10 per cent of the value of all listings on the NZX main board, whereas Mive years ago this Migure was only 1 per cent.
Australia ranked number 2 for
Australia has been unveiled as the world's equal second-­‐
ranked nation for ransomware attacks – though it remains a long way behind the No 1 target, the USA. The US recorded 34 percent of all ransomware infections in Q1, while Australia and Japan each copped 6 percent, according to Trend Micro. Other nations in the top Mive were Turkey and Italy (5pc each).
Total number of global ransomware infections in Q1 of 2015 was 15,532,. This was down from 16,433 in Q4 2014.
Chemical pathologist wins science
measurement award
Two Australian scientists working in health and nanoelectronics have been recognised for excellence in metrology, the science of measurement. Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital chemical pathologist, Dr Graham Jones, was awarded the Barry Inglis Medal. Dr Jones was recognised for his work to improve the accuracy and reliability of chemical pathology testing, via better measurement standards, techniques and clinical reference ranges. The NMI Prize, awarded to an individual under 35 years of age, went to University of New South Wales research fellow Dr Alessandro Rossi. Dr Rossi’s work in nanoelectronics is helping to realise an improved deMinition of the ampere—a unit of measurement of electric current.
IBM Research and Aussie
Universities reveal new insight on
the molecular structure of plants
Scientists from IBM Research, the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland have moved a step closer to identifying the nanostructure of cellulose – the basic structural component of plant cell walls. Tapping into the IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer at the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI), researchers have been able to model the structure and dynamics of cellulose at the molecular level. The insights could pave the way for more disease resistant varieties of crops and increase the sustainability of the pulp, paper and Mibre industry – one of the main users of cellulose. The work, which was described in a recent scientiMic paper published in Plant Physiology, represents a signiMicant step towards our understanding of cellulose biosynthesis and how plant cell walls assemble and function. The research is part of a longer-­‐term program to develop a 3D computer simulated model of the entire plant wall. Globally, IBM is a leader in the Mield of computational biology -­‐ the interface of information technology and biology through which scientists are exploring ways to improve crop yields, increase food traceability and secure supply chains.
200 Queensland schools benefit
from improved blended learning
and collaboration with
D2L, the EdTech company that created Brightspace, has announced that Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is using the Brightspace learning platform to power its new learning management system, Connect&Learn, designed to deliver ongoing professional development for educators state-­‐wide and enable schools to achieve better education outcomes for their students. Connect&Learn was formally launched at the 2015 ISQ State Forum being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. ISQ represents 193 independent member schools employing more than 8,500 teachers and provides a range of services and resources spanning education and training programs, strategic brieMings and discussion forums. ISQ cited blended learning as the catalyst for its implementation. Faced with the reality of geographically-­‐dispersed member schools, it needed a means of unifying disparate institutions to ensure equal access to learning and collaboration opportunities. By delivering Connect&Learn through Brightspace, more teachers and staff can stay connected with ISQ’s services at any time and regardless of location, particularly beneMiting regional institutions which are no longer constrained by distance.
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Gartner says Australian organisations to spend $2.5
billion on data centre systems in 2015
Australian organisations are forecast to spend A$2.5 billion on data centre systems in 2015, an increase from A$2.3 billion in 2014, according to Gartner, Inc. This includes spending on enterprise communications applications, enterprise network equipment, servers and external controller-­‐based (disk) storage. This is in line with Gartner's annual CIO survey, which has cloud and infrastructure/data centres in the top four technology priorities of Australian CIOs in 2015.
Despite this spending increase, the number of data centres in Australia continues to decline as Australian businesses are focused on improving data centre economics, coupled with agility and management. Of the 62,314 data centres in Australia in 2015, only 11 are classiMied as large data centres, deMined by Gartner as having at least 1,000 racks of equipment and/or at least 20,000 square feet, while 78 are enterprise data centres with at least 250 racks of equipment and/or at least 5,000 square feet. The vast majority are classed as single deployments or small racks in "computer rooms" in smaller companies.
Speaking in the opening keynote of the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Data Centre Summit, Gartner managing vice president Michele Caminos said that the Nexus of Forces (cloud, social, mobile and information) and the Internet of Things together are creating a new digital business world that requires a new approach to data centre demand and management.
"The future data centre is moving toward a more Mluid architecture, focusing on workMlow relative to how it interoperates and collaborates with other systems and cloud components to support digital business, rather than workload”, said Ms. Caminos. "It is also focused on what the work is doing and supporting, rather than where it is located. Organisations have to look at their data centre environment at a much higher level today”.
Gartner says an integrated data centre will help organisations support the transformation to digital business capabilities and models. It deMines an integrated data centre as a combined software and hardware entity, which is becoming more logical in function, in addition to its traditional physical nature. According to Gartner, there are six key technology and process foundations that taken holistically make up the integrated data centre: software-­‐
deMined, optimised resources, new infrastructure models, new operational models, hybrid alternatives and nonstop operations.
1) Software-­‐de.ined
A software-­‐deMined data centre is a layer of abstraction above multiple other software-­‐deMined layers (network, virtualisation, storage), whereby data centres are controlled/
automated from a single control plane using a common set of APIs, wherever they are located. According to Gartner, the idea is that data centre resources would be placed where they made the most economic sense, and the allocation and use of those resources could be controlled by rules and analytics, allowing both workMlows and workloads to be moved/directed where they best served the business at any particular point in time.
2) Optimised resources
One of the key dimensions of the integrated data centre is optimised resources to help organisations understand what the data centre infrastructure needs to look like and how power needs to be managed. There are many approaches and technologies that can be used to extend the life of an existing data centre for a number of years or provide the basis for an effective decision on the rollout or build out of the next generation data centre. According to Gartner, the ultimate aim is to deliver a data centre operation that is cost-­‐effective and really delivers the level of service quality organisations expect.
3) Hybrid alternatives
One of the big drivers for the use of hybrid data centres today is for disaster recovery management and IT service continuity management. Gartner analysts have seen a signiMicant increase in interest in cloud-­‐based disaster recovery and IT service delivery continuity services over the last 12 to 18 months. In a true software-­‐deMined data centre environment, the physical data centre location becomes irrelevant, which means that true hybrid data centres will emerge that could enable critical work to be managed on-­‐
premises, noncritical work off-­‐premises, and load or time-­‐
sensitive work in the cloud.
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4) New infrastructure models
Gartner is starting to see signiMicant differences in data centre technology in terms of what vendors are pushing and what will drive decision making within IT organisations. There is a trend toward integrated systems that have complete integration of hardware, software, networking and storage infrastructure in one solution. Many vendors are also now selling further up the food chain in terms of leveraging best-­‐of-­‐
brand rather than best-­‐of-­‐breed. At the same time, large public cloud service providers are focusing on disaggregation of data centre components, such as standard building blocks, direct attached storage and scale out infrastructure. Price, choice and ease of use are key in the need to drive strategy for systems of records, competition and differentiation.
5) Operations management
Gartner is also seeing new operational models evolving to handle the increased velocity of change. Digital business is forcing a split between traditional and more agile IT, which Gartner has termed bimodal IT. To achieve this, technology departments are adopting two distinct approaches to meet enterprise demand -­‐ one focused on being agile and Mlexible, the other centred on the longer-­‐term, efMiciency, security, predictability and a step-­‐by-­‐step approach. For systems innovation and differentiation, the level of change, new functionality, being able to be location agnostic and the ability to broaden an organisation's reach in a very rapid way will drive a whole new level of support, leveraging a DevOps model.
6) Nonstop IT
According to Gartner, the concept of nonstop IT really represents a signiMicant break from the traditional notion of disaster recovery. One of the key changes in recent years is that many organisations are building infrastructure, as well as leveraging virtualisation and orchestration automation software, to facilitate a scenario that is closer to a managed or continuous availability model, rather than the notion of having to recover an entire data centre after a major disaster has occurred. This approach takes into account what organisations are planning for, what they are looking at, what they need to do and why they need to do it, in an effort to achieve nonstop IT or very close to continuous availability.
"A key focus for Australian businesses this year is service delivery to improve the performance of IT operations for digital business”, added Ms. Caminos. "As businesses move toward an integrated data centre, it is crucial they stay on top of the latest technology developments, how to implement and keep their digital business environment available, as well as how this new way of operating will affect the way that they purchase, the vendors they look at, and the process and skills that are needed”.
Power outages increase in frequency in 2014 due to severe
weather and human error
The frequency, severity and human impact of power outages in Australia and New Zealand increased signiMicantly in 2014 compared to previous years. The number of outages across the region grew from 162 in 2013 to 201 in 2014. The combined duration of blackouts increased from slightly more than four days to Mive-­‐and-­‐one-­‐half days, and the number of people affected by outages grew from 1.2 million to an estimated 1.6 million. These are among the Mindings contained in the Australian and New Zealand Blackout Tracker Annual Report 2015, a yearly compilation of reported power outages prepared by diversiMied industrial manufacturer, Eaton Industries. Trees and severe weather, such as wind, storms and heatwaves, were the primary cause of blackouts, accounting for 89 incidents last year. Human error and/or faulty equipment came in at second place with 45 incidents. Vehicle accidents were responsible for 21 outages, including one at Longburn on the North Island of New Zealand where a rubbish truck accidentally pulled down power lines, leaving 25 homes in the dark, and another at Myrtle Bank in South Australia when 2,000 people lost power when an ambulance crashed into a pole. Animals Migure highly among the more unusual causes of blackouts, providing proof that wildlife and energy infrastructure are a poor combination. In Kingaroy, Queensland, a bat caused a 33-­‐minute outage affecting 1,700 people when it landed on one power line and reached across to another. In Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, up to 600 customers lost power for two hours after a rat came into contact with equipment, creating a fault on the high voltage network, while in Merivale on the South Island of New Zealand, a black swan cut power to 80 properties for four-­‐and-­‐one-­‐half hours after it Mlew into power lines. Other factors leading to outages include planned outages, over-­‐demand and theft or vandalism due to “pot shots” at poles and cabling. http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/apac/business-process/ http://
www.gartner.com/technology/summits/apac/business-process/ http://www.gartner.com/
technology/summits/apac/business-process/ http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/
apac/business-process/ http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/apac/businessprocess/ http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/apac/business-process/ http://
1 – 2 June | Sydney, Australia
technology/summits/apac/business-process/ http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/
apac/business-process/ http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/apac/businessRegister
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BPMAD1 and save $400
Gartner Business Process
Management Summit 2015
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Michael Mallia, General Manager, Power Quality & Telecoms, ANZ, Eaton said: “There's always a lot of interest in the lighter side of the Blackout Tracker, in the animals and unusual accidents that lead to outages. What we shouldn't lose sight of is the impact of these events on individuals, businesses and the broader economy. Whatever their cause, blackouts, surges and spikes can cause irreparable damage and irretrievable loss of revenue in minutes. There's a very real likelihood that as our weather becomes more unpredictable and storms more severe, the potential for power interruptions will increase. Protecting your supply and taking steps to minimise downtime should be an essential part of risk management for any business today”.
About the report
The Australian and New Zealand Blackout Tracker Annual Report 2014 brings together information from new services, newspapers, websites (including those of newspapers and TV stations) and personal accounts regarding the occurrence, cause and duration of power outages across the region.
Leslie Tarnacki, VP and GM, ANZ, WFS
Please provide a brief overview of the company? WFS: A WorkForce Software Company (WFS Australia) delivers cloud-­‐based workforce management solutions for Australian and New Zealand employers. Our core competencies lie with the improvement of processes linked to recording employee time, managing staff schedules, handling leave and absence requests. Our software integrates seamlessly with the major Australian payroll platform providers to deliver accuracy and compliance. Leslie Tarnacki
Founded in 2006 as RosterLive, the company became part of the WorkForce Software family in May 2013. The company now serves as the Australian and New Zealand branch of the leading global workforce management solutions provider under the name WFS: A WorkForce Software Company. The company’s has two products available in Australia: EmpCenter for enterprise size customers, and EmpLive, which is excellently suited to small and medium size businesses. Every day over 250 Australian and New Zealand companies rely on a WFS Australia solution.
What sets the company apart from your competitors? WFS Australia helps Australian businesses unlock the skills and knowledge of their employees. Implementing the right workforce management solution can signiMicantly increase productivity and ultimately improve a company’s bottom line. From an operational perspective, scheduling and payroll processes run smoother because manual effort is largely removed. From a compliance and risk management standpoint, clients can be conMident that rules are consistently and objectively applied, and gains the added beneMit of an automated audit trail, making it easy to furnish proof of compliance if they are ever questions. The most profound impact, however, is strategic. Clients that use either of our workforce management suites have a more complete and detailed view of labour utilisation, cost, and performance, which helps pinpoint which stafMing strategies, pay premiums, and absence policies are delivering the best results. Ultimately, we give employers the tools to improve productivity in every division and every region where they operate. That’s an immensely powerful edge.
So a company with an Australian heritage is now part of a global leader in workforce management software solutions. Who are typical prospects/customers? Our clients come from a range of industries and verticals – from aged care, healthcare through to security, construction and aviation. Our focus is on recognising the time and attendance complexities in their environment and working with the customer to simplify, and automate that environment to ensure workforce coverage but also compliance. WFS Australia’s provides workforce management solutions to companies like Melbourne Racing Club, Baker’s Delight, Anglican Care, Armourguard and Priceline Pharmacies. EmpCenter® is our enterprise-­‐grade software suite that provides total workforce coverage and simpliMies labour compliance for larger, multinational employers. It has a more sophisticated suite of tools that can manage absences, government compliance & legislation change, labour analytics, and employee scheduling and fatigue management. When talking to customers/prospects what things are top of their agenda’s today? An overwhelming number of our customers are keen to catch up with the digital revolution and in particular the move to the cloud. They see the beneMits of cloud technology in terms of reduced cost, technology exposure, increased workforce productivity and opportunities to innovate. They know that these things bring bottom line business beneMits but the reality is they are struggling to Mill the skills gap, or the gap between legacy systems that they have inherited and newer cloud-­‐based systems. This is where we believe we can help. Our EmpLive solution has grown up with many of the evolving Australian organisations that have sought to automate and rid themselves of inefMicient paper-­‐based timesheet and rostering systems. They’ve found that EmpLive which is very easily implemented and integrated (usually within 12 weeks) delivers anywhere between a 1 per cent -­‐8 per cent annual saving on total payroll costs. For larger customers our EmpCenter solution provides powerful functionality that simpliMies labour compliance and delivers © Dialog Marketing Services 2015 | www.rustreport.com.au | [email protected] Page 5 | May 25, 2015
total workforce coverage. We have teams on the ground here in Australia, and in the US who provide full support in implementing the appropriate workforce management solution. For two of our key vertical markets, Disability Care and the Security industry legislation changes are driving the need for rapid technology adoption, as additional requirements to be accountable come to bear. For instance, many disability organisations will receive funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme in 2016 but they have a need to organise and manage more efMiciently than they currently are, that’s where our technology comes in. Similarly, the security industry is being impacted by the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED) which is driving greater accountability. For all of these verticals workforce management solutions provide a way forward. What do you see as the key aspects to building a vibrant IT industry in Australia?
Pronto Software empowers
mining companies to extract best
business practices
Pronto Software, Australian technology company and provider of next generation ERP, mobile and analytics software, is drilling deeper into the mining sector, announcing a series of new mining organisations that have selected Pronto Xi as its preferred business management platform. Mining companies, Tribune Resources, K92 Mining, Carey Mining and Zara Mining Share Company represent new customers embracing the latest iteration of Pronto Software’s Mlagship business management platform, Pronto Xi 720. Zara Mining Share Company, owns and operates a gold mining property in Eritrea, Asmara, Africa. With a key business focus on increasing business outcomes and management of risk, the mining company has chosen to deploy Pronto Xi 720. Mike Kelly, General manager at Zara Mining said, “It was decided to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning system in order to take advantage of the technologies available to integrate our business processes. Pronto Xi was chosen, as it has become widely accepted throughout the mining Industry. A mining business has a somewhat different focus than other industries and Pronto’s experience within the industry as a leading ERP provider, sets them apart from the other vendors.” David Jackman, Managing Director, Pronto Software, said: “The mining industry continues to be an area of growth for Pronto, in particular, Australia, PNG, Africa and Asia where Pronto Xi has strong footprint. Our value-­‐add for mining is cost control, Pronto Xi offers Minancials, project costing and integrated plant maintenance components so companies can maintain Mixed assets and keep track of projects and costs.”
Bountye, CarAdvice, and Credit
Savvy signed by Progressiva
Progressiva have announced they have been selected to manage PR for three new clients -­‐ peer-­‐to-­‐peer commerce start-­‐up, Bountye; Australia’s go-­‐to independent car editorial advisor, CarAdvice.com.au and credit score digital initiative Credit Savvy. Bountye is a refreshing new mobile-­‐only community commerce app in the second hand economy space – a category that is already netting Aussies an estimated $29 billion against a whopping potential market size of $80 billion. This is compared to new goods sales online at $27 billion in Ongoing innovation and education, which will in turn lead to greater productivity, and that is linked to people development. As a highly experienced HR professional, people development is at the core of my own personal values. Lots of people who look out over the technology landscape and see the radical changes over the past 5 years are either daunted by it or intimidated by it. For me, technology and in particular our workforce management solutions, unlock the true potential of employees. They optimise their full skill-­‐set and enable their higher levels of productivity. The heartening thing is that Australian organisations are quickly recognising the need to implement workforce management solutions and implement them with proven providers such as ourselves. DEAL MAKERS
2010. CarAdvice was started as a blog project by Alborz Fallah in 2006 to share his passion and opinions of new vehicles coming onto the market. Through a combination of authentic, compelling content, owner reviews, videos and independent advice, CarAdvice has now grown to a team of 30 experts at its ofMices and test labs in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Credit Savvy aims to help Australians make savvy Minancial decisions by understanding their credit status and how credit works, especially ahead of changes to Comprehensive Credit Reporting. Working with global credit provider, Experian, it provides Australians with free access to their credit score, credit Mile information, credit monitoring & practical tools.
Bigcommerce and PayPal
Collaborate to Introduce Seamless
Payment Processing
Bigcommerce has announced it has teamed up with Braintree and PayPal to offer an end-­‐to-­‐end ecommerce solution that makes it even easier to launch and grow an online store. As part of the collaboration, Bigcommerce merchants will also get access to PayPal’s One Touch for web and mobile, enabling shoppers to pay across more than 90,000 online stores in a single touch, without needing to enter user IDs or passwords after their Mirst login. The newly-­‐released payment option will be made available to all Bigcommerce merchants in the United States in the coming weeks, with international rollout expected later this year. The joint integration gives Bigcommerce merchants one of the most seamless ways to access the broad capabilities of PayPal and Braintree. The integration connects Bigcommerce’s ecommerce platform with a comprehensive suite of payment services and tools from PayPal, including support for digital wallet payments both online and on mobile, consolidated business management tools and automated fraud protections. Additionally, merchants using One Touch for web and mobile will beneMit from expedited transfers on sales through their online stores, a potential increase in conversions and average order values, as well as early access to all new payment methods supported by PayPal, across all devices, through a single integration. “This collaboration reMlects our shared vision to deliver seamless experiences that help merchants grow their businesses and sell more,” said Eddie Machaalani, co-­‐founder and CEO for Bigcommerce.
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Launchpad: Latest products, services and ventures
The Rust Report has created a new section announcing just-­‐
released products, services and initiatives new to the marketplace. For information regarding possible listings please email [email protected]
ClearView Opts for Financial
Synergy Acurity Specialist Platform
Industry leading superannuation and investment software provider, Financial Synergy announces another successful implementation of its specialist platform, Acurity, with new client ClearView Wealth Limited (ClearView, ASX: CVW). Seeking to deliver a solution that is fully managed and easy to use for both members and advisers, ClearView has gone live with the new wealth management Financial Synergy Acurity platform to deliver WealthFoundations, an innovative product that is entirely transparent for its members and their advisers.
Members can now safely and securely access and manage their accounts online in real-­‐time as well as view important correspondence relating to their account. Advisers have the ability to instantly manage Minancial transactions and monitor and control client portfolios online as well as being able to access the information required to effectively review and service their clients. The use of implemented model portfolios provides members and advisers transparency of portfolios whilst still enabling efMicient and experienced investment management.
This new Straight Through Processing-­‐based system will also support ClearView’s wealth product team to better manage the administration needs of contributions, accounting, Minancial reporting as well as compliance reporting to agencies including the Australian Taxation OfMice and Centrelink.
Nutanix unveils free Community
Edition of its full software stack
Nutanix has announced the public beta of its new Community Edition software, a limited-­‐scale version of the company’s full software stack. Available at no cost, the Community Edition removes economic and organisational constraints to adopting the industry’s most advanced enterprise computing platform. Open access eliminates cost and hardware procurement and compatibility barriers, enabling rapid deployment into existing development and staging environments. From June 8, 2015, the public beta will give enterprise IT professionals, application developers, channel partners, enthusiasts, and students the ability to implement a complete hyperconverged infrastructure deployment in 60 minutes or less. The milestone release demonstrates that the future of hyperconverged infrastructures is about software. As a 100 per cent software-­‐based solution, Community Edition runs on standard x86-­‐based servers from nearly any vendor, including Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Supermicro and others.
IronKey adds Key Functionality to
Windows To Go offering
Imation has announced that its IronKey secure workspace devices are now fully Windows 10 ready. In addition, Imation’s new IronKey Workspace Command Line Utility provides the industry’s only solution for including hardware-­‐ and software-­‐
encrypted Windows To Go devices in regular desktop and laptop provisioning workMlows. Enterprises can now leverage Batch and PowerShell script samples, thus simplifying integration into their device preparation and Microsoft System Center ConMiguration Manager (SCCM) workMlows. This capability, when combined with the devices' small, light form factor, makes deployment of Windows To Go drives signiMicantly easier and faster than regular desktop or laptop deployments. IT can prepare hundreds of workspace devices at a time, install a Windows image and perform common post-­‐provisioning tasks such as domain joins and OS updates. In addition, IronKey S/D250 and S1000 Mlash drives, H300 hard drives, and W500, W700 and W700SC workspace devices are now Citrix-­‐Ready certiMied, allowing IronKey products to meet the high demand for a safe platform to run Citrix, OfMice Online, VPN, Microsoft VDI and other cloud http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://
acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/
http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://
acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/
http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/
http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/
http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://
http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/
http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://
acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/ http://acsfoundation.com.au/
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clients. This certiMication enables IT to securely manage the OS and hardware that access business applications in the cloud.
Nimble storage delivers smartstack
integrated infrastructure for
enterprise IT environments running
Nimble Storage, the Mlash storage solutions company, has announced that its Adaptive Flash CS-­‐Series arrays, the CS500 and CS700, are now certiMied by SAP as enterprise storage solutions for the SAP HANA platform. By leveraging the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash CS-­‐Series arrays with SAP HANA, enterprise IT organisations can quickly deploy and optimise the performance of workloads running on SAP HANA while maintaining high levels of capacity, data protection, and availability in alignment with their changing business requirements. Leveraging its product certiMication, Nimble has developed a SmartStack integrated infrastructure platform built on Cisco UCS for SAP HANA that delivers high levels of performance as well as the ability to easily scale storage. SmartStack for SAP HANA provides an end-­‐to-­‐end tested and validated solution so that customers can accelerate deployment and eliminate risks associated with their datacenter infrastructure. Through this integrated offering, Nimble SmartStack becomes an integral part of a mission-­‐critical technology platform. www.nimblestorage.com
Jabra Introduces new intelligent call
transfer functionality for Skype for
Jabra, a leading manufacturer of innovative audio solutions, has announced an upgrade to its Jabra Evolve product series, the industry’s Mirst series of professional noise-­‐cancellation headsets supporting both the collaboration and concentration needs of knowledge workers in open ofMice environments. In use with Skype for Business Jabra Evolve can support call transfer from a Skype for Business desktop-­‐based softphone call to a smartphone. To transfer a call using the Evolve 40 and 80, users can simply un-­‐
plug the 3.5mm stereo jack stick from its control unit and the call will transfer to the user’s mobile phone. Users can then insert the 3.5mm jack into the smartphone to continue the conversation or even continue the conversation using a Jabra Bluetooth headset. The global success of the Jabra Evolve series stems from providing a clear sound for every call made and received, with busy light and noise cancelling functions to support a personal concentration zone within today’s busy and crowded ofMice spaces. http://
Allied Telesis launches x930 series
of high-performance distribution
Allied Telesis has launched its x930 Series of high-­‐performance distribution switches. With Mive models in the Series, offering a variety of port conMigurations with support for 10 Gigabit uplinks and the power of Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™), the x930 Series has the Mlexibility and performance for demanding aggregation and distributed core applications.
The x930 Series supports Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF), an exclusive Allied Telesis technology that enables organisations to reduce operational expenditures and helps IT administrators reduce their daily workloads. By automating many common management tasks such as replacing failed units, modifying conMigurations, upgrading Mirmware, or extending the network, AMF provides IT administrators with a uniMied management interface and zero-­‐touch device installation and recovery, which saves substantial time and money—a major advantage where large numbers of access switches are deployed. Key features include: 160G stacking links and stackable to eight units for a high-­‐speed resilient backbone; dual hotswappable PSUs allow for easy maintenance and nonstop service, but also Mlexibility of power sources and PoE+ PSU options to allow PoE+ power to be increased as network demands grow; and a future-­‐
proof platform that is SDN-­‐ready and software upgradeable to 40G Ethernet. www.alliedtelesis.com/switches/x930
Brocade announces LAN switch
Brocade has announced new innovations to its campus Local Area Network (LAN) switch family to help organisations easily scale to address increasing campus bandwidth demands. The new Brocade® ICX® 7250 switch delivers the industry’s highest 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port density for any switch in its class to address the onslaught of user video and wireless trafMic that is taxing campus networks. Brocade also unveiled Switch Port Extender, a new HyperEdge® Architecture technology, designed http://www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
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www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
www.novatechventures.com http://www.novatechventures.com http://
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to simplify network deployment and ongoing maintenance. Through added automation, this technology enables shared network services and management between Brocade ICX 7250, 7450, and 7750 switches distributed across the campus. A leader in software deMined networking (SDN), Brocade also extended OpenFlow 1.3 support to Brocade ICX 7450 and 7750 switches to enable SDN solutions in LAN architectures. Combined with the Brocade Vyatta® Controller, these switches give customers a way to begin realizing the possibilities of SDN automation. http://
EMITE Services intelligence Platform combines Analytics, Correlation, Capacity, Performance Availability and SLA Management into a single, out of the box solution. The company provides a self-­‐service dashboard solution for Big Data analytics, BI, capacity planning, predictive analytics, service desk reporting, ITIL reporting, SLA & KPI reporting and performance management solutions. The main focus and value emite delivers to customers varies based on their majority and business objectives. Many organisations are struggling today to integrate metrics, tickets, relationships and transactions across disparate solutions to meeting the reporting needs of both business and IT. http://www.emite.com/
MICROMINE is a provider of intuitive software solutions in the mining and exploration industry. From capturing, managing, visualising and understanding data to controlling and reporting on mine production. The company has 18 ofMices in the world’s mining capitals. Micromine’s specialists have the local knowledge to provide solutions that are relevant to geographic locations and operational, thereby maximising clients return on investment. Micromine’s signiMicant investment into R&D also allows the company to empower clients through software that offers a positive user experience via intuitive, feature-­‐rich functionalities and interpretive capabilities. www.micromine.com
MST GLOBAL designs, manufactures, deploys and supports communication networks and operational productivity solutions in the mining, resources and industrial sectors. The company specialises in the design, deployment and support of critical technologies for communications, automation – enablement, production optimisation, vehicle and personnel tracking and safety in hazardous underground and surface environments. The company has over 500 deployments at mine sites worldwide. Working on six continents, MST’s ofMices and support centres are strategically located in the world’s primary mining regions and continue to expand. www.mstglobal.com
SRA provides expertise and solutions in the Environment & Sustainability, Natural Resources, Health and Welfare and Compliance and Approvals areas. SRA undertakes projects in all states and territories of Australia as well as Singapore, USA, South Africa and New Zealand. Clients include BHP Billiton, Mitsubishi Alliance, (BMA Coal), Port Hedland Industries Council, Port of Melbourne Corporation, Dept. of Environment, National Employment Agency (Singapore) and many government agencies. The company’s EnviroSys product is regarded as the most complete enterprise Environmental Data Management solution of its type in the world. www.sra.com.au
MINVU is a mining technology company that transforms raw mine operational data into reliable and timely Mining Performance Management and Production Information. The company provides a single integrated reporting system which underpins all mining production reporting and directly supports operational decisions making and business improvement initiatives. MinVu systems are installed at surface and underground mines worldwide in coal and mineral’s operations. The MinVu system utilises data from all major Mleet management and data acquisition systems and integrates with the major mining enterprise and corporate planning systems so information is shared quickly between all business units. www.minvu.com
REVOLUTION IT accelerates application delivery, reduces IT costs and builds business value. The company’s products and services focus on Application Lifecycle Management and they span from project governance and planning right through to testing and application monitoring. By keeping partnerships strong, Revolution helps clients acquire and sustain the right deal with vendors. With many software testing services overlapping, the company has broken down their offerings into four major categories: performance testing, test automation, security testing and test management. The company delivers via onsite, offsite, offshore, managed services or total outsourcing. www.revolutionit.com.au
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Blue Coat appoints Littleproud as VP
of APAC Sales and Operations
Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in enterprise security, has announced it has further strengthened its organisation with the appointment of Andrew Littleproud as vice president of Asia PaciMic, responsible for its sales and business operations. Reporting to Marc Andrews, Blue Coat senior vice president of worldwide Mield operations, Littleproud will also focus on enhancing channel relationships. Littleproud brings strong security industry experience and is tasked with extending Blue Coat’s Asia PaciMic market penetration and leveraging Blue Coat’s dominance in the secure web gateway segment to adjacent security markets. During the last three years, Blue Coat has experienced strong growth in the enterprise security market, fuelled by its expanded offerings for advanced threat defence. Prior to joining Blue Coat, Littleproud worked for McAfee, where he was responsible for leading business operations across Asia PaciMic. Under his leadership, the McAfee corporate business in the Asia PaciMic region grew at a double digit growth rate in excess of $200 Million USD, becoming McAfee’s highest performing region in 2014. Littleproud joined McAfee from EMC Corporation, where he spent over seven years as managing director of the EMC Software Group in responsible for Australia and New Zealand. During his tenure with EMC, Littleproud was instrumental in driving the integration of newly acquired software businesses into the group and grew the business four fold. Promapp appoints WA BDM
Promapp Solutions, an industry leading provider of cloud-­‐based process management software for creating and storing business processes online, has announced the appointment of Troy Sweeney as Business Development Manager for Western Australia. Based in Perth, Sweeney is charged with continuing to develop growth and new business momentum in Western Australia for Promapp’s range of solutions which enable business teams to turn complex process maps, Visio charts and lengthy procedure documents into clean, simple process maps that everyone can access and follow. Sweeney joins Promapp Solutions with eight years’ experience in business and project management. Most recently, he worked as Project Manager at WesTrac where he was responsible for complex project planning in support of a range of business improvement strategies utilising Six Sigma DMAIC methodologies. During this time he designed the process architecture and document management framework to help deMine the structure as well as set the foundation for future process, document development and improvement. Prior to his latest role at WesTrac, Sweeney held national responsibility for managing strategy and executing all WesTrac marketing and communications requirements.
AIM Group appoints David Pich as
Chief Executive
David Pich has been appointed as the new chief executive of AIM Group, which oversees membership for AIM (Australian Institute of Management). Mr Pich has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate and not-­‐for-­‐proMit roles. After 12 years working in senior human resources and market development roles for organisations such as Cadbury, Hewlett-­‐Packard and PwC, Mr Pich moved into the not-­‐for-­‐proMit sector where he has worked for over a decade. His roles have included national head of fundraising, marketing and communication for CanTeen and the inaugural chief executive of the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation. Most recently he has been head of the Association of Chartered CertiMied Accountants for Australia and New Zealand. AIM Group chair Ann Messenger said Mr Pich was an ideal leader to deliver on the AIM Group strategy of providing increased value for members.
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